Feb 27 2010 2:57pm

Dreams of Decadence to Re-launch

It was almost a year ago when Warren Lapine and his Tir Na Nog Press bought Realms of Fantasy and saved it from ceasing publication. Now comes word that he’s re-launching Dreams of Decadence, the vampire-themed magazine that was published under Lapine’s DNA Publications. This current incarnation of the magazine will shift the focus from vampire fiction to urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

The website currently only has the guidelines on it, and I hope that it gets redesigned before they launch the magazine. I’m assuming right now they’re focusing on getting stories in to build a backstock so they can begin publishing issues. There’s no mention of when the magazine is coming out, so I don’t know if we can look forward to reading it this year or not.

Part of what initially excited me when I saw this announcement was that they were going to try out taking e-mail submissions. I know that very few print genre magazines take e-mail submissions, and I think it’s a big drawback/hurdle for a lot of writers. I also know that most of the editors of those magazines disagree with me on this subject. Still, I thought it was great that Warren and editor Angela Kessler were going to open the magazine to e-mail submissions.

The re-launch was announced on February 20. They’re taking e-mail submissions until the end of February. By the time this post is online, they’ll likely have stopped taking e-mail submissions.  Every time I post about some thing that Tir Na Nog is doing on a limited basis, I’m coming in at the tail end and my announcement is too late. I sincerely hope that they decide to keep e-mail submissions.

Part of me says, why bother opening for essentially a week? But I suppose you need to start somewhere. For me, once I started taking e-mail submissions, the whole process of submissions became easier. I don’t know the volume they received in the past, or what they expect for volume in the future, but I know of a few markets that I think would have similar numbers that only accept electronic submissions.

Maybe it’s the submission engine that Neil Clarke and that we (Clarkesworld Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, Electric Velocipede, and Lightspeed Magazine) all use that makes it easier, but even when I was using Gmail for submissions we handled essentially the same volume with no real difficulty. Time will tell what they decide to do with regards to e-mail submissions. Time will also tell when we can expect to see the first issue on the re-launch.

John Klima is the editor of the Hugo Award winning magazine Electric Velocipede.

James Goetsch
1. Jedikalos
Heads up: word in title (decadence) misspelled.

On another note (just curious): why don't editors like e-mail submissions?
N. Mamatas
2. N. Mamatas

On another note (just curious): why don't editors like e-mail submissions?

Plenty of editors like them just fine.

Those that don't generally have internal systems or personal work habits they don't feel the need to change.
N. Mamatas
3. Warren Lapine
The first issue of Dreams is slated for July. We received more than 100 submissions in a week, so we're assuming that that number will go up as more people find out about Dreams being back. We're trying to find some way to deal with the level of submissions we now expect. Neil's system sounds good, and I've exchanged e-mails with him. I'm hoping we'll be able to continue reading e-mail subs. We should know shortly.
Warren Lapine
John Klima
8. john_klima
@Jedikalos thanks for the catch; my fingers wanted to put that extra 'n' in there

@Warren thanks for the info, I look forward to seeing what you guys do with the change in content/theme. Do you see any potential conflict with Realms of Fantasy?

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