Feb 25 2010 2:49pm

A Cupola with a Tranquil View

If you have not tracked the installation of the Cupola—an observatory module attached to the Tranquility module (Node 3) of the International Space Station—earlier this month, more and better pix are popping up almost daily, courtesy of NASA.

And ain’t it great? As taxpayers these pix are yours and mine!


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John Riggs
1. jmvreality
Wow. Talk about reality imitating fiction... with just a few more modules and some laser turrets the ISS could wind up looking just like the Millenium Falcon!
Alex Brown
2. AlexBrown
I'm still (mildly) pissed that they refused to call it "Serenity" even though it won the most votes.
Per Beltoft Madsen
3. Herr_Flick
It should have been called Colbert.

But great pictures, I'm fairly certain I will never have a chance to see that for my self.
James C. Wallace II
4. James C. Wallace II
I think they should have called it "Bob." Anyways, I watched the entire installation and it was awesome! NASA rules!!!
James C. Wallace II
5. Retrograde
Why use the oldest pictures of the overall ISS mixed in with some of the newer photos of the cupola? The station is almost twice as big these days...

Here are some nice ISS pictures from the most recent mission:

Aft, looking forward

Nadir, looking zenith (top is aft)

Great post otherwise.
Dr. Kirtland C Peterson
8. catsongs
Thanks for the links to the more up-to-date pics!


(I was just looking for the "dramatic" shots.)


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