Jan 6 2010 11:54am Story Podcast 004 - “Bugs in the Arroyo” by Steven Gould

Bugs in the Arroyo by Steven Gould

This week we bring a story to you from our archives: “Bugs in the Arroyo” by Steven Gould. Gould blogs at Eat Our Brains. Read the story here.

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Theme music is “Clockworks” by Beatnik Turtle, used with permission. Visit for more of their music. Podcast copyright 2010, Story copyright 2009, Steven Gould. Produced by Mur Lafferty.

King Rat
1. kingrat
Again, not showing up in the Story podcast feed. It is in the master feed.
Sandi Kallas
2. Sandikal
I just updated my podcasts and the third one downloaded, but not this one.
Amir Yoeli
3. Betterthenyouknew
12:30 in the AM here, and also not finding this in iTunes yet.
I figured after a full day it must be there...

Loved reading this story, and would love to hear it read aloud. hope to find this on iTunes soon. :)


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