Jan 16 2010 1:31pm

Kage Baker is very ill

Kage Baker is very ill, and would like cards, emails, prayers, and good thoughts. 

Email to: materkb [at] gmail [dot] com—it’ll be printed out and read to her.

Cards to: Kage Baker 331 Stimson, Apt. B, Pismo Beach CA 93449.

Kage is the author of the brilliant Company series about time travel, history and the effects the past and present have on each other—they start with In the Garden of Iden. Ellen Kushner said about them this morning for people starting them now: “how I envy you not having to wait a year or two or seven to find out how it all comes out!” She also wrote the unusual fantasies The Anvil of the World and The House of the Stag and YA The Hotel Under the Sand, as well as some of the best short stories in the genre in the last ten years. Full bibliography here.

I’ve never met her. I always felt she was someone who might do something amazing at any moment, and even if I didn’t enjoy a particular novel or story I could admire it, and admire her range and originality and ambition. Her career was full of award nominations and it’s painful to see it cut short this way.

They’re saying it’s time to say goodbye and it’ll be a miracle if she lasts another six months—so if you’ve enjoyed her books and stories, send a card or an email, and if you haven’t been lucky enough to discover her thus far, this is a great time to buy one of her books and send a message that way.

Nina R.
2. Nina R.
I'll send a card.

I enjoyed her series on silent movies very much. She will be missed.
Madeline Ferwerda
3. MadelineF
Thanks for the info. I didn't know that brain cancer could fell someone so quickly. I'm deeply sorry for her, and all her friends and family.
Sandi Kallas
4. Sandikal
How awful. I lost my father to brain cancer. It's really a horrible disease. I love her books and wish her all the best.
Ankush Trakru
5. Quinty
much saddened by this news

I have immensely loved reading her books and the periodic posts here on B&W era movies. Wish there was some theobromos to share :(
Nina R.
6. seth e.
I've also been enjoying her Ancient Rockets series here; I was just wondering yesterday when the next installment would be along. What terrible news. I wish that wishing her the best weren't so inadequate.
Nina R.
7. Foxessa
This is very sad news, in a week of terrible news.
Leilani Cantu
8. spanishviolet
I sent an e-mail just now - such sad news to hear ... I've read the first few Company books & really enjoyed them. I've been meaning to get caught up - wish I hadn't been reminded in this fashion though.
Allison Lockwood Hansen
9. Talisyn
I have been a fan of Kage's wonderful books and stories from the very first. There isn't an author I look more forward to reading. Her characters are the embodiment of grace, humor, courage, and bravery... and her mostly southern and coastal California locals are completely vivid and captivating. I had the good fortune to meet her at a con in Austin some years back, my first, I'm afraid, and I went a little fanboy on her, nevertheless she was exceedingly gracious and accommodating. Tor has been such a good site for me to keep up with Kage's work - not only for the interesting and funny Ancient Rockets articles she's written but it is also one of the best resources offering her catalog of books. My life has been enriched by her writing, and I am so terribly sad to learn that she is so ill. My strongest good energies go out to her in her battle, and much love and kindness too.
Arachne Jericho
11. arachnejericho
I love her Company books, and was horrified to hear of the news earlier (and still am horrified now). I hope that she can pull through this, as bad as the diagnosis is, but will be sending a card.
Angela Korra'ti
12. annathepiper
How awful. :( My mother died of brain cancer, after it caused her nasty epileptic seizures for the last decade of her life. I'll send in an email and I think now will be a good time for me to add her books to my To Read list.
Marcus W
13. toryx
It's so sad to hear about Kage. I'm a recent fan of her work and was lucky enough to read through the entire Company series in a matter of weeks (and have been raving about them ever since).

I had just been thinking it'd been a while since I'd seen a post from her when I found out. A tragedy without bounds.
Kat Hooper
14. Kat_at_Fantasy_Literature
My father-in-law has been fighting an aggressive, malignant, inoperable brain tumor for 2 years. It's tough to watch a loved one go through this.

Kage Baker is a favorite at FanLit -- we were so sad to hear about her illness.
seth johnson
15. seth
I'm writing a card. Thanks for the heads-up, Ms. Walton.

Ian Tregillis
16. ITregillis
What terrible news. I'm deeply saddened by this. I've been a huge fan of Kage Baker for many years, and had always hoped for a chance to tell her so in person. I'll be sending a card and my very best wishes for her and the people close to her.
Cera Shields
17. diony
Oh, that's awful. I love Baker's work; I read 6 of the Company novels in two days last August, and ever since then have been meaning to send fan mail. I'll do that now, and send a card too.

Thanks for posting about it.
Nina R.
18. Gardner Dozois
How very, very, very sad. Kage was perhaps the best natural storyteller to enter the field in decades, and a very sweet person besides. She's leaving behind a considerable body of very good work, but damnit, it's too soon for her to go.

My wife's sister died of brain cancer. It's not a nice way to go. What a tragedy.
Nina R.
19. Beth Singer
We wish a full and speedy recovery.
Nina R.
20. Vicki Phillips
I was just heart-sick to learn that Kage Baker had passed away. I just picked up the new Company (Not Less Than Gods) novel and I loved it so much and was wondering how long it would be before I could read something else in this wonderful series, so I did a search and saw the news. I discovered her about two years ago and devoured everything she had written in the Company series...Just so tragic...I only learned about this last evening and was just sad..We have indeed lost a treasure..How I wish she could have been saved.

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