Jan 31 2010 9:10pm

Kage Baker, 1952-2010

Short story writer, novelist, blogger. A luminous intelligence, a real loss. SFWA obituary here.  

Marty Halpern's heartfelt tribute here.

Read Kage's books.

1. ldraxx
Kage Baker was one of my favorite authors, I am deeply saddened by her loss. Her stories were brilliant and I enjoyed all of them so much. I am so sorry cancer took her from us all so early.
2. Bluejay
What a truly great talent, and what a great loss. I'm grateful that she graced us with her stories, and I'll honor her memory.
Pablo Defendini
3. pablodefendini
I never met her IRL, but she's one of the kindest and most intelligent people I've had the privilege to meet in my role here on Thank you for showing us glimpses of your worlds, here on this site and elsewhere, Kage. Good speed on your journey.
Ian Tregillis
4. ITregillis
What a terrible shame. I'd always hoped to meet her in person. I've been a fan of Kage Baker since the day I heard the idea behind In the Garden of Iden-- even before I read it.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Kage, I raise a bar of Theobromos in your honor.
Arachne Jericho
5. arachnejericho
The news saddens me terribly.

Godspeed, Kage Baker.
David Goldfarb
6. David_Goldfarb
Wow, that was fast. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that they were saying "less than six months"?

I enjoyed a lot of things she wrote -- I just bought The House of the Stag and haven't read it yet. It's a great loss to the field.
Linden Wolfe
7. Lilith
My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

She has been one of my favourite writers ever since I stumbled over Sky Coyote, years ago.

She will be greatly missed and frequently re-read.
Marcus W
8. toryx
Such a loss. I never had the chance to meet her, but I'm grateful that gave me the opportunity to tell her how much I enjoyed her writing.

Rest in peace, Kage.
Torie Atkinson
9. Torie
A profound loss to anyone who knew her. She was an absolute delight--one of the sharpest, funniest people I ever corresponded with. I will miss her.
Allison Lockwood Hansen
10. Talisyn
Somewhere in time, on a sea of stars...fair winds, Kage.
alessandro montagner
11. black_swan
What a sad news.
I was one of the lucky winner of The Women of Nell Gwynne's (giveaway during steampunk month here at Tor)and I find her death a great loss.
The good thing is, people keeps coming up with different titles of books she wrote, apparently there are many... we're lucky to have them!
Cera Shields
12. diony
I am so sad about this. Her Company books have meant a lot to me both intellectually & emotionally, and she's one of those authors I always hoped I'd have the good fortune not only to meet but to really talk to about her work.

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