Jan 2 2010 4:00pm

12 Days of Cthulhumas: Day 9

On the ninth day of Cthulhumas gave to me...
Tentacle sigils squirming,
Looting and a-leveling,
Cuties for a-cuddling,
Silver and jewels a-shining,
A dark, eldritch seal,
Strange aeons past,
Grim tales told,
Yule horror spawned,
And Old Ones wrought in effigy.

Tentacles: Octo Chalcedony pendant
Made by OctopusMe: “This stunningly beautiful and oooky octopus pendant is cast in Sterling silver. A deep ocean briolette has been added for extra intensity and drama. It’s natural, beautiful, organic and light for wear. The finish is hand-textured, dark-oxidized with a bright finish on the high spots! I hope it brings love and energy to the wearer who receives it!

Stone: Chalcedony Teardrop approx 11mm x 9mm
Pendant: Aprox ¾ inch length (22mm) x 9/16 inch width (15mm) with 3mm thickness at thickest point.
Chain: High polished Sterling silver cable chain 1.4mm wide and 18” long

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Monday, January 11th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail in the following days—if you do not respond we select a new winner.

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Caroline Reisinger
2. Caroline Reisinger
SO cute!
Michelle Mulford
3. DervishJ
I don't know about cute; it strikes me more as haunting. Very nice picture of it, too.
Caroline Reisinger
4. angrystarlyt
Ooh, beautiful.
Caroline Reisinger
12. techtigger
love the detail in the piece!
Caroline Reisinger
15. wickerman
That is outstanding!
Caroline Reisinger
17. A.R.
looks quite interesting
Caroline Reisinger
18. Kabukiman
Tentacular goodness :)
Caroline Reisinger
20. squidlegs
That is amazing!! I use to be into collecting gems, I may have to start back up and design jewelry as well. This piece has inspired me!!!
Patrick Regan
21. tazo85
Can I just say how happy I am that Cthulumas extends into January because of the twelve days of Cthulumas? There's never enough Cthulu in our lives outside of Cthulumas
Caroline Reisinger
22. T. Rohl Underbridge
Now I'm just feeling greedy.
Caroline Reisinger
23. Krisbjork
Serpenty scaly, no?
Caroline Reisinger
24. danscale
Caroline Reisinger
25. patmcc19
Some thing for the GF
Caroline Reisinger
26. esmeraldus
Very nice indeed!
Caroline Reisinger
28. amobogio
Cephalapodian swag supreme!!!
Caroline Reisinger
38. Daniel3141
Where do they find all this amazing Cthulhumas stuff?
Caroline Reisinger
40. bclerks
love love love the dark-oxidized finish.
Caroline Reisinger
41. SnowDemon
There is some amazing art and jewelry to be found on Etsy. This is a lovely piece.
Caroline Reisinger
44. NotMyselfToday
very nice
Caroline Reisinger
45. nother mike
dance more...
Gary Young
48. Gary
This is really nice. How do you find suppliers of on-topic items?
Caroline Reisinger
49. jere7my
I comment tentacularly.
T Pliska
50. Whomever1
I just bought my daughter some Cthulhu perfume (from Black Phoenix) for Solstice--this would be nice as a follow-up for her birthday!
Caroline Reisinger
51. Brit Mandelo
Wow, that's lovely!
Elizabeth Bear
53. matociquala
That is absolutely stunning. I see some Etsy wandering in my future.
Caroline Reisinger
55. Ashtalet
Oh, that's adorable!
Caroline Reisinger
56. Stuck0
The perfect gift for octo-mom.
Caroline Reisinger
57. Sihaya
That's a pretty piece of stone.
Chris Calabrese
58. CRCalabrese
I'd love to see if my distinctly straight laced wife would wear it.
Caroline Reisinger
59. TeenaKP
That. Is. Awesome.
Caroline Reisinger
61. Matt Carpenter
I'm running out of useful stuff to post. Next I'll have to add a list of books to avoid!

Here is my list of worthwhile Lovecraftian art and comics.

A Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft - ed by Jerad Walters and Joseph Wrzos – this massive book by Centipede Press is almost $300 after discounts, but it is magnificent and likely never to be equaled as a collection of Lovecraftian art.

Fall of Cthulhu from Boom Studios is one of the best Lovecraftian comics to come along in quite some time. Most individual issues are now collected into graphic novels, for ease of reading. Alas I did not care as much for the conclusion as the start of the series. Cthulhu Tales from the same source has some good images as well.

Haunt of Horror collects three issues from Marvel Comics, adaptations of Lovecraft by Richard Corben. This is quite worthwhile.

Arkham Woods by Christopher Rowley is the first English language mythos manga ad is a pretty good read with excellent art.

Alam Moore’s Yuggoth Cultures is collected by Avatar Press into a graphic novel. The reason to get this issue, however, is not the title story, but rather the collected issues of Yuggoth Creatures, a much more successful series.

Alan Moore’s The Courtyard is the finest adaptation of Lovecraftian themes into a comic. It is pretty brutal and catches all the sensibilities of Red Hook. I like the color issue.

Only the End of the World Again is Neil Gaiman’s clever story Lovecraft and lycanthropy adapted into a comic. Alas for me the art was only so so.

Kolchak the Nightstalker: The Lovecraftian Horror by CJ Henderson has some good mythos images by Jaime Calderon.

The Art of HP Lovecraft’s Mythos by Fantasy Flight Games has some top quality pictures, but the images also include a lot of less interesting stuff from the collectible card game these images come from. Sample before you buy.

Where the Deep Ones Are is a parody of Maurice Sendak by Ken Hite (not for the kids!). The art by Andy Hopp is very attractive.

The Antarctic Express by Ken Hite is a similar, if less successful, send up of The Polar Express. This time the attractive art is by Christina Rodriguez.

A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny has art by Gahan Wilson and is not to be missed.
Caroline Reisinger
62. mirana
That is a fantastic piece!
Caroline Reisinger
63. The_Halibut
This brings new meaning to the word 'oooky'.
Phaedra Collins
65. phaerie
oh my, that is quite pretty. do want.
Caroline Reisinger
67. nina0205
That necklace is so striking, I want it!
Tina A
69. Tinaa
That's a stunning piece! Comment...
Caroline Reisinger
72. tontowilliams
I know just the person for that
Celine Bout
73. Cehlina
It's very pretty for a giant octopus :)
Caroline Reisinger
76. Moon Ranger Laura
This is absolutely gorgeous! I think even my mother would agree!
Caroline Reisinger
78. Cmaaarrr
Oooh, slimy! Er, shiny!
John Riggs
79. jmvreality
Hmmm. I love getting jewelry for my lady...
Caroline Reisinger
81. rubydog
Another great piece.
Please enter me.
Bruce Baugh
84. BruceB
My gosh, Torie, that's gorgeous. I know someone whose life would be enriched by it. Color me interested.
Caroline Reisinger
86. Chet Twarog
20,000 leagues under the sea
kathlyn smith
87. castiel
it looks beautifully made, if a little tentacular! oooooh, gribbles!
Caroline Reisinger
88. Fredric_L
Wow, that's a really tasteful piece. I wish they'd make more jewelry in exciting styles like that. If I win it, I'll be sure to give if to my dear girlfriend/roommate. She deserves a few more gifts from me.
Caroline Reisinger
92. cSuelhu
lovely, simply lovely.
Caroline Reisinger
93. savvyt
Maybe the best piece of conversation jewelry ever.. but so much more than that too!
Caroline Reisinger
94. summerdown
I feel it calling me. Is that wrong?
Caroline Reisinger
99. Derrickc
please enter me . . .
Caroline Reisinger
100. SkinnyLeaf
That piece looks like it can do wonders.
Caroline Reisinger
101. Story Cottage
Can one have too many tentacles?
Caroline Reisinger
102. instantiatethis
YouDont NeedToKnow
103. necrosage2005
I'd be proud to both wear this and to give this as a gift.
Clifton Royston
107. CliftonR
I doubt I'd wear it, yet I want it anyway?
Caroline Reisinger
108. pandementia
amazing stuff.
Lisa Grabenstetter
109. magneticcrow
So many amazing tentacled jewelries out there! Who'd have thought?
Caroline Reisinger
115. rcutshaw
Jewelery to show your where your feeling lie (not dead).
Caroline Reisinger
116. fireweaver
super pretty sparklies!
Caroline Reisinger
120. roseaeron
Kate Baker
122. Kate_Baker
If Gucci at 111 wins, I'll be really depressed. ;)

Hahaha. Yay for spam.

Count me in for this beautiful piece.
Josie Griffin-Roosth
123. Moribund
Gorgeous... I've been eying her Etsy page for a while, now.
Benjamin Larson
124. Radioheads6
Etsy is like the best thing since sliced bread so much great stuff
Caroline Reisinger
125. Xanon
Cthu-yule continues!
Caroline Reisinger
126. Swanpoint
This artifact belongs to my ancestors! I demand it back at once!
Caroline Reisinger
127. GalMontag
Lovely. Want.
Caroline Reisinger
128. Aimeek
Another poker chip thrown in the largest Choose One bowl in the universe, but wth. WANT.
Shay D.
130. shaydchara
That would make a lovely Cthulhumas gift.
Donald Clarke
134. trevayne
Those who look into the abyss see munchkins looking out.
Katie Mercurio
137. Jasminepearls
Gorgeous, Otherworldly...Serious talent right here...I covet this! *crosses tentacles*
Caroline Reisinger
138. aids
Come to the dark waters
Caroline Reisinger
139. CassR
that's gorgeous. yes, please.
Caroline Reisinger
140. OctoPaige
Oh this is so beautiful! It would go great with my other cephalopod themed jewelery. I love the blue!!
Caroline Reisinger
141. P.D.Hansen
During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.
David Siegel
143. bigscary
Is a briolette more like a mimolette or more like BRIO?
Jessica Reisman
145. jwynne
Oooky--and freakin' awesome. Nice work!
Caroline Reisinger
151. Khyarete
Please and thank you!
Caroline Reisinger
154. fishbreakfast
Who wouldn't want a tentacle around their neck?
Caroline Reisinger
157. Jonesy
A perfect gift for any unholy occasion.
Caroline Reisinger
159. necronom
Yes, I want it!
Caroline Reisinger
162. Pilmun
That's really neat.
Caroline Reisinger
166. Drewwulf
That's some nice tentacle.
Joseph Soler
167. travellinguist
this is such a cool and beautiful piece of jewelry. I know my fiance would love to wear it.
Caroline Reisinger
168. kimwah
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
171. scepter
Ohh, I love the tentacle with the ocean stone!
Caroline Reisinger
172. Maroonic
Awww, so cute!
Caroline Reisinger
173. LorrieAnne Miller
How creative. Thanks.
Caroline Reisinger
174. P-Dub
Mmm. Delicious.
Caroline Reisinger
175. mistressallen
Shiny. Pretty. Me want.
Caroline Reisinger
176. Linda A Lindsey
Very cool.
Caroline Reisinger
177. vlc
I am not worthy!
Caroline Reisinger
179. Susan A. Navidad
Breathtakingly beautiful.
Caroline Reisinger
180. teddydave
Chalcedony - love that it is rumored to dissipate negative energies...with the tentacle wrapped around...interesting juxtaposition
Caroline Reisinger
183. JakobP
I want a chance to win!
tatiana deCarillion
185. decarillion
I love's a gorgeous stone :)
Brian Farmer
188. NinjaDebugger
Hot dog, this is awesome beyond words. Give me tentacles or give me death!
Caroline Reisinger
190. John Schmidt
Caroline Reisinger
191. Mickie T
A recent burglary left me without jewelry. I think this piece would be more tenacious...
Mandy Heuermann
192. manderay
Lovely. There should be more jewelry involving tentacles in the world.
Caroline Reisinger
193. nemesis777
Love the Craftsmanship
Caroline Reisinger
195. Seatle Refugee
what a beautiful piece
Caroline Reisinger
196. Asylum Girl
I lurve it!
Caroline Reisinger
197. KillaSmurf
deep sea licious
Caroline Reisinger
198. JAPartridge
I can't wait to give it to my wife and see the look of surprise/joy/horror at the site of it!
Caroline Reisinger
200. LeslieSmith
Let his squirmy appendage touch you! Cthulhu bless.
Daljit of NORN
202. Enforcer
With this, one can be touched by a noodly appendage that doesn't belong to the FSM.
Caroline Reisinger
204. 1derwhy
Mmmmm Calamari Necklace...
Caroline Reisinger
205. Ahsitan
Very nice and unique.
Caroline Reisinger
206. orionova
This would look fantastic with one of my friend Nick's octopus chapeaux. And it would make him jealous. Hehehe.
Caroline Reisinger
207. pupdog
Pretty cool, I'd wear it just for the stares.
Caroline Reisinger
208. Olof the Viking
I just love Chthulmas gifts, this would be perfect for my wife!
Caroline Reisinger
211. Jamiekswriter
I love it!
Karolína Košťáková
212. Awaris
That's soo beautiful! And original:)
Caroline Reisinger
213. J. Gibbons
So pretty! So sea-worthy!
Caroline Reisinger
214. Debbie54321
very nice!
Caroline Reisinger
218. kittyhawk
The proportions and colours are perfect. Wow.
Caroline Reisinger
219. ShaninC
Ooooh! Sparkly......
Caroline Reisinger
220. SarahPrincess
Beautiful, mysterious, I would love to have it!
Caroline Reisinger
221. matthew Loewen
Ooooh pritty.
Caroline Reisinger
222. wayne mc.
Sparkly and tentacly. 2 very nice adjectives.
Caroline Reisinger
223. sporksoma
That's very lovely!
Caroline Reisinger
224. nmakely
Looks like a great conversation starter!
David An
226. andavidl
That's ... pretty hot! I almost just bought some tentacle jewelry but decided against it ... maybe it's fate.
Caroline Reisinger
227. chromiumman
too sweet
Caroline Reisinger
228. azmodean
That's a nice squiggly squiddy pendant.
Caroline Reisinger
229. roswellgray
surprisingly pretty
Caroline Reisinger
231. JohnC
Looks awesome. Will go perfectly with my dried turkey claw fetish.
Caroline Reisinger
232. time_to_read
love the finish and detail
so, so unique!
Caroline Reisinger
233. Kitsune_SD
Caroline Reisinger
235. dogshouse
Very cool, though I'm not sure who I'd gift it to...
Caroline Reisinger
236. Diane Turnshek
This is outrageous--I want to wear it!
Caroline Reisinger
237. spedwin1
What will they think of next. This is an awesome piece of jewrley.
Caroline Reisinger
240. Wenchbabe
What a gorgeous pendant.
Caroline Reisinger
242. AdrianConquest
An excellent gift for my daughter's birthday...
Caroline Reisinger
243. pirateslife
Pretty shiny thing! Wants, precious!
Caroline Reisinger
246. superpenguin
Very nifty.

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