Jan 1 2010 4:00pm

12 Days of Cthulhumas: Day 8

On the eighth day of Cthulhumas gave to me...
Looting and a-leveling,
Cuties for a-cuddling,
Silver and jewels a-shining,
A dark, eldritch seal,
Strange aeons past,
Grim tales told,
Yule horror spawned,
And Old Ones wrought in effigy.

Dungeon: Muchkin Cthulhu, plus both expansions (Call of Cowthulhu and The Unspeakable Vault)
Munchkin Cthuhlu is a stand-alone game in the Munchkin line, this time lampooning Lovecraft’s Mythos and the horror gaming that surrounds it. Brought to you by Steve Jackson and John Kovalic, this set features four new Classes—including the Cultist—and a lot of classic monsters from outside reality. And they all have Stuff you can take from their twitching bodies.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Wednesday, January 6th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail in the following days—if you do not respond we select a new winner.

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Michelle Mulford
2. DervishJ
Oh, my god. I had no idea this even existed! If I don't win it, I may just have to go out and buy it.
T. Rohl Underbridge
3. T. Rohl Underbridge
T. Rohl Underbridge
4. esmeraldus
Hope springs eternal!
Joel Salomon
6. JCSalomon
No, no, they got it wrong: it’s shoot your buddy—but you know you didn’t kill him because someone else was living in his body—then go mad.

Of course my nitpicking means “I want it”!
T. Rohl Underbridge
8. critter42
I've got to have me some Munchkins. Yes, I'm the one with TWO Munchkin T-Shirts and at least one of every BookMark...
T. Rohl Underbridge
9. John Hattan
want muchly
T. Rohl Underbridge
10. INCyr
Yay Munchkin! Been a while since I've played - seen this set out, been interested in checking it out.
Clifton Royston
11. CliftonR
Sounds like the perfect alternative between games of Arkham Horror!
T. Rohl Underbridge
13. Krisbjork
T. Rohl Underbridge
15. banesong
me too! I am in
T. Rohl Underbridge
16. Alain Ducharme
Wish I had something insightful to say.
T. Rohl Underbridge
17. LouWW
Shoots and Tenticle Ladders, anyone?
T. Rohl Underbridge
21. Brit Mandelo
Munchkin! Yes! This would be so cool.
T. Rohl Underbridge
22. Matt Carpenter
I'm running out of funny videos to link, but here is a link to A Colder War by Charlie Stross, perhaps the best mythos story in the modern era.
Peter Killinger
25. Marshal_Kilgore
Cthully gives "Munch-Kin" a totally different meaning... >:-)
T. Rohl Underbridge
29. Matthew Cody
My the dark goat of the woods with a thousand young swallow me whole if I don't win this! (not really. Here me eldritch horrors? It was a JOKE!)
T. Rohl Underbridge
30. cSuelhu
Radcliffe Cutshaw
31. rcutshaw
Having played Call of Cthulhu, this should be a blast to play.
Heather Chambers
33. Saxicide
This set is a lot of fun, and extremely punny. Not as entertaining for people who aren't into the mythos though.
T. Rohl Underbridge
35. ninshark
Just what I need!
T. Rohl Underbridge
36. danscale
This is a fun game, i'd love to give it a try!
T. Rohl Underbridge
37. patmcc19
Muchkin games are so much fun
T. Rohl Underbridge
39. Pilmun
I've heard good things about Munchkins. It would be really cool to win this.
T. Rohl Underbridge
40. Heurone
I agree with DervishJ @ 2. Never heard but may have to buy, barring a win.
Jason Holdeman
41. jasonholdeman
I LOVE this game. All the Munchkin variations are a ton of fun!
T. Rohl Underbridge
42. Sihaya
Please please.
emily miller
44. agridulce
Munchkin is awesome, Cthulhu is awesome so is this set awesomeness squared?
T. Rohl Underbridge
48. Ashtalet
Oddly, this is the only genre of Munchkin that I don't have, as a friend bought them and provides them for gaming when necessary. And yet, it's most obviously the one I should have. Clearly, this contest is designed for me.
Steven desJardins
50. stevendj
L'il baby Cthuluu,
Up from sunken R'lyeh,
Seeking out the gamers,
And sucking out their brains.
T. Rohl Underbridge
51. ochre24
Awfully civilized of you lot to be doing this. Thanks!
Mitchell Downs
53. Beamish
I want one before the government raids SJG again for being cultists.
Dave Miller
54. Borogove
Ditto the "will buy if I don't win" comments. Pretty sure nobody in my gaming group has this yet, I must be eaten first!
T. Rohl Underbridge
56. chris McConnell
awesome time to get our game on!!
T. Rohl Underbridge
62. The_Halibut
Looting and a-levelling FTW!
T. Rohl Underbridge
64. NotMyselfToday
The awesome continues.
John Riggs
65. jmvreality
I would love to get my hands on a copy of munchkins!
T. Rohl Underbridge
67. JamesCW
Munchkin Cthulhu sounds delicious!

Also, you'd think the spell checker here, of all places, would be able to deal.
T. Rohl Underbridge
69. RunawayRunaway
Pick me!
Dru O'Higgins
70. bellman
Sounds like a fun game - why have I never heard of it?
Ian Hannan
71. moobeep
This would be fun to mix with Super Munchkin.
T. Rohl Underbridge
73. Joe09876543
nice - i love munchkin
T. Rohl Underbridge
74. wickerman
Munchkin is so excellent! Awesome choice for a prize!
T. Rohl Underbridge
75. Kabukiman
This looks awesome!
Paul Eisenberg
83. HelmHammerhand
I'll throw my proverbial hat in the ring. A proverbial hat is inlaid with pages from that book of the bible, by the way.
T. Rohl Underbridge
84. Herewiss13
That looks really cool!
T. Rohl Underbridge
85. Daniel3141
Never seen this before, but probably will have to get it if I don't win.
T. Rohl Underbridge
86. SnowDemon
We just learned about the Munchkin games. They're great fun!
T. Rohl Underbridge
87. NegativeQ
T. Rohl Underbridge
89. jere7my
I comment on behalf of the sleeping horrors.
T. Rohl Underbridge
90. Rosesand T
Hooooray for SJ and Munchkins... Oh. Only once.
T. Rohl Underbridge
91. Stuck0
Word to Cthulhu.
Scott Raun
94. sraun
This is a Munchkin I haven't played - sounds like fun!
T. Rohl Underbridge
95. Cmaaarrr
Awesome! 'Tis a fun game for the right group!
kathlyn smith
97. castiel
yay, munchkin cthulhu...i knew it must exist somewhere in the many dimensions =)
Doug Browne
99. dejaffa
T. Rohl Underbridge
100. summerdown
I can only hope
T. Rohl Underbridge
102. SkinnyLeaf
I really want to combine Cthulu Munchkin with Space Munchkin to get Space Cthulu! Because what else makes you feel as empty and insignificant as the void of space? Cthulu!
T. Rohl Underbridge
103. instantiatethis
yyyaaayyyy more fun playing ridiculous games!
T. Rohl Underbridge
104. Story Cottage
I have wanted to try out Munchkins...
Rob Klingenberger
110. rsklinge
Awesome. I love the Munchkin series, but I don't have the Cthulhu set. :)
Jacob Silvia
111. aethercowboy
There aren't enough card games in my life...
T. Rohl Underbridge
114. aetherical
Oh, Munchkin is awesome! My 5 year old loves the chibithulu card.
T. Rohl Underbridge
119. E Michael K
Very cool. John Kovalic's art is loads of fun for the Mythos.
T. Rohl Underbridge
120. broundy
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu ftaghn!
T. Rohl Underbridge
121. Swanpoint
Cowthulhu will provide many hours of entertainment from his suken pasture as he moos at us from his aeons-old milking stool...
Marshall Vandegrift
122. llasram
Two Cthulhus enter... three Cthulhus leave?
Shay D.
125. shaydchara
I like the final step on the cover: "go mad!" ^_^
T. Rohl Underbridge
126. Kevin Faulk
I love Munchkin!
T. Rohl Underbridge
128. HrmmmIndeed
I wonder if munchkins are best served on the half-shell or sliced into rings and fried?
T. Rohl Underbridge
129. Th'erUckus
comment plz....
T. Rohl Underbridge
134. seth e.
Please, sir, may I have some eldritch horror?
David Siegel
135. bigscary
Gaze upon my commentation and grant to me this gift of Munchkin!
T. Rohl Underbridge
142. ShanaR
Kill them and take their stuff!
T. Rohl Underbridge
143. boogedyboo
Opening the door to find out what horror awaits...
Joe Johaneman
144. dogboi
Oooh, this would go so good with the Munchkin cards I already have!
Erika A.
147. brownjawa
The Munchkin games are loads of fun! This one looks just great as the rest, if not better. :D
T. Rohl Underbridge
148. jefff
I would love to add this to my game collection
T. Rohl Underbridge
149. redFloyd
Ooooh! Munchkin!
T. Rohl Underbridge
151. McLate
Noo! If only I had a time machine to skip back a few short hours. :(
152. scepter
I, Cthulhu welcome you to Munchkin Land!
T. Rohl Underbridge
153. Olof the Viking
Ooooooh, this is for me! Please, please, please let me be the winner!
T. Rohl Underbridge
154. mister slim
You guys are going all out!
T. Rohl Underbridge
155. spedwin1
Munchkin! first I heard of it. With H.P.L. has to be great.
Todd Rathier
156. trathier
I have most of the other Munchkin games EXCEPT this one!

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