Dec 15 2009 9:47am

Tor.com Story Podcast 001 - “After the Coup” by John Scalzi

After the Coup, by John Scalzi

For over a year, Tor.com has brought you excellent short fiction on our site, but now we’re making the audio of these stories available to you in podcast form. We’ll be bringing you both new fiction and our archived stories, so don’t worry if you’ve missed anything archived on the site. The podcast will also include mention of the recent topics on the Tor.com blog, convention reports, and interviews from time to time. We hope you enjoy it and we welcome your comments.

We’re starting out with one of our classics, John Scalzi’s “After the Coup.” Read the original story here.

[Podcast beyond the cut]

Promo for Finch, by Jeff VanderMeer.

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Theme music is “Clockworks” by Beatnik Turtle, used with permission. Visit TheSongOfTheDay.com for more of their music. Podcast copyright 2009, Tor.com. Story copyright 2008, John Scalzi. Produced by Mur Lafferty.

1. alphanitrate
Awesome sauce! I'm listening now.
2. Matt Wallace
The advent of this podcast is long overdue, and it's no surprise to me Mur Lafferty is the one to deliver it to us. With APLOMB, no less. Thanks, Mur! Great job, and keep it coming.
Tara Mitchell
3. Jaxicat
I love all your podcasts, Mur! Good to see you here.
Fred Kiesche
5. FredKiesche
For those of us who only have fast connections at, say, work, but no speakers...how about a download ability. I generally download stuff at work, bring it home, and then listen at home.
6. jafoca

This is cool. I will be waiting for the iTunes link, unfortunately :/
7. Michell Plested
Great reading from John. I've actually read this story and it was great to hear it directly from the author.
Brian Kaul
8. bkaul
Since there's no DRM on this, I hope it's OK to share this info: the DownloadHelper extension for Firefox can save audio/video streams like this one.
Dave Thompson
9. DKT
I agree with Mr. Wallace. Long overdue for Tor.com to have a podcast, but I'm thrilled as can be you're running it, Mur!
Rapid Eye
11. RapidEye
Jafoca - just copy the URL for the feed and then go to iTunes and under the Advance tab, click "Subscribe to Podcast". Then past the URL you copied.
Done and Done!
I just did it 30 seconds ago and it worked great =-)

Glad to have Mur back sharn' stories over the interwebs again!!!
Kate Baker
12. Kate_Baker
This podcast is a combination of talents made from pure win. Definitely adding it to my list!
13. sehlat
So what do those of us who don't talk "iTunes" do?
14. kelvin23
Sehlat, There is a RSS Feed just above the iTunes link.
Heather Johnson
15. HeatherJ
very enjoyable! looking forward to more of these in the coming weeks :)
16. Wilson Fowlie
Nicely done. I can't wait for the sequel (Tor Story 2)!
Sandi Kallas
17. Sandikal
Wonderful! I love podcast short stories and have several subscriptions going. I rarely read the stories here because I can't handle reading anything that long on the computer; I don't have and e-reader; and they're usually too long to print out. This is an ideal way for me to get these stories.
18. slacy
Why is the audio quality of the actual story so bad? The introduction by Mur sounds great, but then the story itself sounds HORRIBLE. I tried to listen to this in my car, and as soon as the story started, I found it nearly unlistenable. The story seemed good, but the audio quality really gets in the way.

Is there anything you can do to fix this?
20. Rob Mammone
You can hear more of Mur's stuff on Pseudopod,a weekly short horror fiction podcast. You can also check my story out, The Copse, which is #165
Geoffrey Petrie
21. geopet
Great story and a wonderful presentation by Mr. Scalzi. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together.

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