Dec 7 2009 2:00pm

I Speak Fluent Giraffe: The Other Other Gods

The Other Other Gods, art: Brian Elig

The Other Other Gods

You know all of the Other Gods
the Old Ones and their avatars
from creatures made of bubble soap
to things that lurk beyond the stars.

But what of Other Other Gods?
less famous than ol’ squid-face head?
For where you dare not dare to dare
the fearsome Rhonda licks the dead!

Part dish, part rat, part magic lamp
Part cuttlefish, part soup, part slug
The arcane Trevor, while you sleep
pours buttermilk upon your rug.

There’s Pam, whose gums stink of the sea
And Stephanie the bloated sun
And Omar, called the Goat and Wheel
And what’s-her-name, the nameless one

And Ferdinand, the Leaping Glare!
And Butterscotch the Brutal Snore!
And Ethan Jones of Wichita.
(I don’t know what he’s in here for.)

More terrors gibber in the mist
than penetrate the mind’s facades
So when your rug smells of the dead
Recall the Other Other Gods.

Illustration by Brian Elig.
(Click on image above to see at full scale.)

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1. Stevefah
"less famous than," not "less famous then"...
Are there no editors (specifically copyeditors) any more?
Lannis .
2. Lannis
I've really enjoyed the whimsy in these two posts... looking forward to the rest of the series! Thanks!
Torie Atkinson
3. Torie
@ 1 Stevefah

Yes, well, corrected errors are invisible. We try our best--thanks for pointing this one out, it's fixed now.
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
Be sure to click on Brian's drawing to see full scale sliminess...and great lines.
mm Season
5. mmSeason
Love it! Especially the 'Brutal Snore'.

We all need a little childish fun now n then. :0)

(@1 Stevefah – you could at least have said something pleasant about the rhyme before making the pedantic putdown. Speaking as a pedant myself, i know it can be done.)
6. rcutshaw
These minor are acting just like cats. Could they be treated like cats and more or tamed?
Kate Woolard
7. maika
I love this!
I must definitely keep reasing.

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