Dec 18 2009 3:00pm

So Long, and Thanks for All the Giveaways!

It is with a deep and Marvin-like blackness of spirit that I report we are at the end of our series of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy giveaways, but it is with unrestrained glee that I announce the last prize pack! It consists of of the new UK editions of Douglas Adams’ original five-book Hitchhiker trilogy; a signed copy of Eoin Colfer’s new Hitchhiker book, And Another Thing...; a copy of Colfer’s Artemis Fowl; your very own DON’T PANIC tea-towel; and a pack of Hitchhiker postcards.

The cover of the first book is practically blank because it comes with a sheet of stickers with which you can customize your copy! One more big thank you to Colleen Lindsay for providing us with such lovely things to give away.

Also, for the first time in our our illustrious history of Hitchhiker giveaways, there will be several runner-up prizes. Everyone could use a DON’T PANIC tea-towel at this stressful time of year, right? All you need to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment on this post before noon EST on Monday, December 21st—but only one! Duplicates will not count. Check your email on Tuesday; our randomly-chosen winners have 24 hours to respond or others will take their place.

Megan Messinger is a production assistant at, and just today, she has spelled “hitchhiker” about nine different ways.

7. robbadler
Yey! Thanks again Megan!
Sarah H
10. gryphyn
Much hoping for the towel to come my way!
11. MRR
Hitch me up to the stars.
15. AielAdam
I'll be just as disappointed if I win the prize or not, what's the point in entering a competition like this, it will probably just make me more depressed anyway...
16. alreadymadwithtowelie
Don't forget to bring a towel.
18. Fordy
This is an awesome prize-pack!
Chris H-C
22. scriptedfate
Definitely a want... Why are the UK covers of books, in general, nicer-looking than their North-American brethren?
Gary Schaper
23. Garyfury
Unfortunately, I have run out of semi-witty Hitchhiker's comments to leave.
Ross Newberry
24. rossnewberry
I'd love this for a Christmas present.

Thanks, Tor!
Bobby Berry
26. bvberry
Stickers to customize the book cover. Awesome concept.
Drew Urmey
27. urmey1
I don't think I'd be here if I were the sort to object to a few free books.
29. aimeek
My old copies are falling apart, and since my wallet is full of holes and moths ...
30. Confusador
I think urmey said it best @27...
31. natejt
One should never be without their trusty towel!
Jason Paragon
32. paragon1981
I would love more books...the towel would be nice as well. I could use that towel's friendly reminder while my wife and I are in the process of potty-training my son.
John Riggs
33. jmvreality
That would be fantastic. My copy ran off a while back :(
34. skinnyiain
This would be a hoopy prize to win, and if I did I would be a really happy frood, you know?
36. dreamysusan
Please? Me?
Tranylle Simmons
37. tranylle
Oh please! I need some stress relief....
39. jsmith54
Panic or don't panic?
Brian Cavanaugh
43. jagahanas
I watched the movie of the first Hitchhikers on TV the other day. Zooey Dascheal is hot and a good Trillion. Woot!
44. DRickard
Once more unto the breach, dear friends!
Sam Mickel
50. Samadai
I'm in
52. WhoamI
I love the smell of paperbacks in the morning.
54. teirza
Oo I need a tea-towel.
Ben O'Connell
55. benjamin_oc
Of course I'm putting in for this one. Who isn't?
Angel Banchev
56. Tiranas
Towel it is. I just hope i win something this year at all...
59. Mary Arrrr
That tea towel belongs in my cube!
60. Paul N Liadis
I like books! *crosses fingers*
61. Timberakita
Yes please
65. ninefly
I've been wanting to try this series out for a while now!
70. shirls
Count me in.

A tea towel encouraging you not to panic, seems more appropriate somehow than a big beach towel.
71. Sarah Davis
I'm just gonna keep on trying!
72. Meghann
What do you get if you multiply six by nine?
76. Amanda M.
Me me me!
Please please please!
Dan Sparks
77. RedHanded
nothing beats Alan Rickman's voice as Marvin.
William Uniac
80. Billiac
I suppose if we win the tea towel we have to start drinking tea?
81. WinespringBrother
Time is an illusion...
One more try
83. Susan at Stony River
Merry Christmas! And thank you for all the giveaways!
Luke M
84. lmelior

I am writing to inform you that you have made a minor clerical error in your previous Douglas Adams' giveaways, specifically the fact my name was entered in the drawing but overlooked upon awarding the prize. I fully expect that this oversight will be rectified immediately, and I appreciate your cooperation in the matter. Thank you.
87. B Burns
It's not for me, it's for a friend...
Christa Warden
89. grnidgrl
Flyings easy it's the landing that hard.
93. rcutshaw
Tea towel? Did somebody say, "Tea towel?"
94. NCBill
Count me in on this
96. Juan Diego Gomez Velez
wish me luck
Christopher Sandoval
101. crsandoval
Ohh i could use that towell Thanks TOR we LOVE GIVEAWAYS
102. Jamie Stephens
4/5 of the Sahara desert is covered with rock formations, as opposed to sand.

On an unrelated note, I adore the Hitchhiker's Series and Eoin Colfer's writing style.
106. jefff
Reporting for duty sir! er, I mean ma'am!
107. alee67
What a great prize! I'd love to win this!
110. Jeff Silver
Yes, please!
111. JakeLsewhere
:fingers crossed:
Ben HM3
112. BenHM3
Hey, my sub-etha thumb is blinking...
114. banesong
Hope to be getting the email!
115. boyhowdy
I'm panicking and, also, I need a tea-towel.
118. Michael Habif
I want it
Soon Lee
122. SoonLee
This is a comment. Accept no substitutes.
123. LouWW
Please, please, it will make Xmas nice!
124. steampunk4ever
Pick me! Pick me!
125. bookshelves of doom
Here's hoping!
126. Incoherent
Colleen Parker
127. GibbousMoon
I told my friend they other day that I thought he was a "right froody dude." He called me an asshole. I don't think he understood.
129. LAJG
Yay, another chance!
Alex Brown
130. AlexBrown
The girl with the 42 tattooed on the back of her neck would very much like to have this collection :)
Kenneth Sutton
131. kenneth
Ooh, the towel is what I really want, anyway!
133. azmodean
Perhaps this time, I could always use another towel :)
134. JoshuaDEvans
Yes please!
Tom Proven
137. MrProven3
Give give give give me more more more! I'd like it all!
138. Liesel
Stickers AND a towel? i'm in!
larry shirk
139. lorenzo
It would definitely be for me. None of my friends ever panic. Really. For sure.
Tim Lewis
143. RaPToRFunK
One more try! With extra towely chances!
144. Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz
For the towel...
Dru O'Higgins
145. bellman
I would actually prefer the UK versions.

Plus, towel towel towel. Sweet.
Tim Stevens
146. CaptNemo
I first heard an extract from HHGTTG on the Science Show in Melbourne Australia broadcast on local ABC radio in the early 80's. I was instantly a fan but it took several more years before it was available in Aus (pre-internet!). After reading the books I read Terry Pratchett and thought "sounds familiar". Both authors' creations are their own of course and employ that wonderful brand of British humour. Such a shame poor Douglas couldn't have written more. Classic, timeless and fantatic.
147. ninshark
Ooo Extra prizes!
148. mjm
I like the cover customization.
149. Meaghanb
After finally getting around to reading this series, and already being obsessed with it three books in, a prize would top the enjoyment off perfectly!
Louis Richards
150. lummer5000
I'm not panicking, I'm just very intent on winning this.
151. matiasdako
must have this.
Sean Banawnie
153. Seanie
Looks awesome!
If you like hitchiker --we all do , right ?
read Venus on the Halfshell--hitchhiker twenty years before HH came out.....
Stefan Keel
155. Sak102010
One more giveaway deserves one more try.
160. NotMyselfToday
The nice dolphin over there says to give it to me.
Tomasz Galazka
163. tetrix
Imagine this comment is a great big tacky and vulgar neon sign. Switched off.
Mike Dominic
166. MDominic
I don't have a salmon of doubt that you will send me this prize.
M Linden
171. mlinden
I once attended an event where Douglas Adams was speaking, in promotion of Last Chance to See. A friend of a friend came along too, and in the meet-and-greet afterwards, managed to smuggle in a towel for Adams to sign. He was a much hoopier frood than I, but Adams was amused, at any rate.
Erick Chase
174. TheMarchChase
I thought I commented, but now don't see it. I hope this isn't a duplicate!
175. Red Floyd
Not panicking, not panicking,... AAAAAAAH
176. Nabelu
This is a comment.
177. Drossn
Oh pretty books!
179. JoeNoir
Winning this giveaway would greatly improve my 2009. The books, the postcards, and the towel...for tea, too!
181. stephen mulcahy
Yes please!
183. Berimon
I know where my towel is, but I could use another. Thanks.
184. Paul Moore
I'm not panicking honest!
185. Mary Hess
You know, Erin Colfer has the perfect voice to be writing a hitchhiker book...
187. Dragonrose
My book redemption is at hand!! I love non-US editions of books!
189. DavidKman
This is one cool and froody gift pack!
Lannis .
192. Lannis
Just in time for Christmas--uh, I mean Cthulhumas!
Bob Musser
194. dogshouse
Droll comment, something about towels...
Ashe Armstrong
195. AsheSaoirse
I could definitely use that towel, nah mean?
197. ~Kel
Beautiful books. Sigh.
198. Stacey Brewer
I enjoy visiting this site. Always something fun to read. Now with more towels...
199. Leroy F. Berven
Towel in hand (or at least somewhere close by), I glance around in hope at the prospect of acquiring a backup, just in case . . .
200. madcow
I love stickers!
201. Xak
Oh geez, I yearn for this!
John Day
203. mikoday
I'd love to win this package. Just give me a call. Thanks.
204. mmai
Last giveaway ? I do not panic, I do not panic
209. Sihaya
I would frame the tea towel in my kitchen, just above the family calendar. Thankyou.
Tina A
210. Tinaa
Must not panic... Must not panic...
213. Re.becca
Wouldn't winning be nice? Put my name in the hopper too. Thanks!
214. Chet Twarog
DON'T PANIC it's nearly 2010!
215. Reader330
"Ha!" snapped Marvin. "Ha!" he repeated. "What do you know of always? You say `always' to me, who, because of the silly little errands your organic lifeforms keep on sending me through time on, am now thirty-seven times older than the Universe itself?"

I am also in.
218. Kaylams
If at first you don't succeed... you get the idea.
219. CharleyK
I need the towel!
220. trattman
What a great prize!
221. R. Emrys
I know where my towel is, but can always use another one.
222. Christopher Stephen Green
Consider my electronic thumb raised and blinking for a ride.
223. mmikey
"oh, no, not again."
Oh yes! A towel would go nicely with my DA signed hardcovers.
(xing fingers)

happy joy to the world good will to all winter solstice gift exchange season, everyone! :)
227. Shireling
Hope this offer includes Canada. Pick me!
Ian Gazzotti
229. Atrus
Never go outside without your towel!
230. Avindah
Thanks a bunch
Rob Klingenberger
233. rsklinge
Well... You talked me into it. :) Yes please!
234. some other riff raff
Do the losers get copies of books of Vogon poetry ?
235. Barnum004
sign me up.
236. Max Leever
Wouldn't mind at all, really.
237. JMDaddio
Very nice prizes.
242. Alleya
Yipe! It's 11am on Tuesday here in Aussieland. I'm probably too late anyway.
*Tries not to panic*
243. LadyD
Feeling anxious...nervous...where is my towel?
Paul Mitchell
244. snarly
can I still get in on this? didnt hear about this giveaway until until after the deadline, O' woe is me. It's always like this. I think I'll change my name to marvin.
jman jman
245. jman
Oh yeah, this is the ultimate colletion! WANT!!! :-p

Helen Peters
246. Helen
I've posted 2 messages and they both disappeared, 3rd time lucky, here goes....
247. HOTCHA1
248. harel
yes , please :)

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