Dec 12 2009 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “The Old Crocodile” and “Second Wind”

The Old Crocodile, Second Wind

The Old Crocodile: A cautionary tale about a crocodile so old he saw the pyramids being built and his open-hearted, multi-limbed  new friend.

Second Wind: A surreal little fairy tale from a CalArts student — crazy how good these kids are.

The Old Crocodile
Koji Yamamura

Second Wind
Ian Worrel

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Irene Gallo is the art director for Tor, Forge, and Starscape books and

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Kenny the Mailman
1. Kenny the Mailman
Boy, I like the second cartoon a lot better than the first.

The crocodile is such a meanie!
Kenny the Mailman
2. Lydia Burris
They were both fun to watch - the second one brought tears to my eyes!

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