Dec 28 2009 2:16pm

H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, Part Two

Here’s the latest installment of Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer’s H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast: part two of a telling of Lovecraft’s story “Herbert West: Reanimator,” as read by Andrew Leman. The podcast also features guest-host Stuart Gordon, the director of the classic movie, Reanimator. You can find part one here, and part two is below. If you’re into Lovecraftiana, you should definitely check out the H.P.L.L.P.’s aural stylings.

Pablo Defendini plans to have his consciousness downloaded onto the internet as soon as it’s possible, thereby sidestepping the pesky re-animation issue.

John Massey
1. subwoofer
Thanks Pablo! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! T'was very quiet hereabouts according to Wetlandernw... Good to see you back in the swing of things:)

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