Dec 2 2009 2:00pm

Cthulhu Christmas Cards!

A Cthulhu Christmas, Scott Brundage

For the bah-humbug Christmasteer we have an assortment of Scott Brundage’s  “A Cthulhu Christmas” cards and a onesie—for the little evil one in your life— for sale.

Cthulhu card, Carl WiensAnd Carl Wiens’ truly creeped-out “Cthulhu Working the Holidays” card. (Registered users may be seeing this and a little something special soon. Just sayin’....You know, ’case you wanna register now.)

Not to mention a variety of Stubby, and Stubbingon, t-shirts and paraphernalia. All specially commissioned by Stop in a take a look at the stuff store.

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Marcus W
1. toryx
I really want to buy the onesie for my niece or nephew but, alas, their parents wouldn't understand.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
I'm in the same boat - my brother would think it's funny, my sister-in-law would never let us near the kid again.

But I feel better knowing that we live in a world where babies _could_ where cthulhu onesies.
Scott Brundage
3. ScottBrundage
I love the mere possiblity that an infant could have an Ancient Old One as an outfit.
Abigail Springborn
4. cryaegm
I don't know anyone that is an infant, but I'd love to have those Christmas cards. They look so awesome.
Jeff Weston
6. JWezy
Wishing you a Cthulhu Christmas
Terror and tentacles everywhere;
Wishing you a Christmas from beyond space and time
And to you a frightful scare!
7. DannyWilson
I want to buy a onsesie for myself but my nephew wouldn't understand.
8. Tim Wakko
9. Heidi's Lawyer
I want to buy one for my nephew, but Anthoy wouldn't understand.
10. Meee
I just bought 20 cards to send to 15 of my closest internet friends. WHAT WILL I DO WITH THE OTHER 5?!?!?!

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