Dec 10 2009 3:00pm

Book Giveaway: J.C. Hutchins’ 7th Son: Descent

Today’s giveaway comes from St. Martin’s Press, who have generously donated ten SIGNED copies of J.C. Hutchins7th Son: Descent. Here’s the official blurb:

As America reels from the bizarre presidential assassination committed by a child, seven men are abducted from their normal lives and delivered to a secret government facility. Each man has his own career, his own specialty. All are identical in appearance. The seven strangers were grown—unwitting human clones—as part of a project called 7th Son.

The government now wants something from these “John Michael Smiths.” They share the flesh as well as the implanted memories of the psychopath responsible for the president's murder. The killer has bigger plans, and only these seven have the unique qualifications to track and stop him. But when their progenitor makes the battle personal, it becomes clear he may know the seven better than they know themselves.

We’ve been releasing the book as a free serialization in weekly installments, so go ahead and listen to or read the first seven chapters online. Mr. Hutchins has also been blogging here on, on everything from why genre readers should branch out to the limits of modern special effects.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Wednesday, December 16th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before we select a new winner.

1. ravegrunt
You know, Tor is so worth following on Twitter for good contests for good books...
2. deadpat
Totally want this. I haven't had a chance to read it yet.
Michael Cummings
3. mcummings
I was just six sons shy of being the seventh son...
John Koempel
4. physicser
Agreed, another contest for a great sounding book.
5. Sara Nash
Thanks for the giveaway. I so want to read this book.
6. Dale McCoy
Love the podcast. Want to read the book so bad.
7. Draconis 1510
This would certainly take care of my Secret Santa at work. I already bought 2 copies of this book the day it came out. ;-)
9. taerin
I'd love a copy of this book. I recently found out about it on Scalzi's Big Idea entry, and thought it sounded great.

Here's what the author had to say about how he came up with the idea:
11. Tommygirl
This sounds like a great read!
Marcus W
12. toryx
I've enjoyed the promotions online and would really enjoy a chance to get a copy.
Joan Mitchell
13. dragoness
I thought I had already commented here... but just to be sure, and yes, I understand that only one comment counts for entry for the free book... I really do need more books.
14. INCyr
This blog is so awesome. Even if you don't win, you still find out about books well worth buying.
16. MRajotte
Would LOVE to win this. Thanks for the great contest!
17. DavidM
I listened to some of it at podiobooks, I'd love to read it.
19. steampunk4ever
I believe this one is for me!
Larry Tubbs
20. ltubbs
I've already read this via the Kindle edition, as well as enjoyed the original edition via JC's most excellent podcast. But sure, I'll throw my hat in for a chance at a print copy. Thanks Tor!
Dean Tucker
31. StoryCottage
Have heard great things about this book. Count me in!
Chris Hall
32. bookwormchris
Listening to the audio of it, but I find that really isn't a substitute for the physical book.
36. deadjack
Me want, me want!
37. Dumont
I'd love more to read.
38. SimonDH
Might it go to a first son?
44. Clifford Fryman
Would love to read this book!
45. Chorkman
I've listened to the entire 3 book series and now I want the hard copy. If I don't win, then I will buy, no problem.
46. Beta clone 115
I really need to win a copy of Descent signed by the living god that is "The Hutch". In the meantime, everybody buy a copy so the next two installments get published!!!!!
48. Elapsv
I have listened to the whole trilogy and I liked it. Not that I am a big fan of printed books (they occupy so many space in my tiny place, but conventionally, books are what writers write, not podcasts).
50. Jeff Lawshe
Can't wait to see 7th Son in print! Congrats to Hutchins on the book deal.
51. Cindy Newtomato
I've read the first 3 installments, and would love to curl up at night with a hard copy!
55. Lee Glasgow
I love me some 7th Son!!
Brian Roloff
56. Ronin-alTyr
I’ve been looking forward to reading the pdfs of the book as it sounds like a great story line! Was actually thinking of asking for this book for Christmas. Tor is the gift that keeps on giving!!!
Dru O'Higgins
58. bellman
I've been wanting to read this - the one chapter/week thing just doesn't work for me.
60. cronan275pep
jordin rausch
63. youngdrake
Always enjoy a good tale about a seventh son.
Zac Wirth
64. Jakl
This book is amazing and I would love to get the copy, everyone should read this book
Ben Warmuth
65. inevitabledoubt
I've wanted to read this since I missed the podcasted version.
Kevin Agot
67. ColeDaddy
I've heard a lot about JC. I've also listened to interviews with the author. He definitely represents the new wave of on-the-edge authors. I'd love to dig into this book!
68. justanothermikeguy
It sounds like it would be a fascinating read.
70. Shara S. White
I've been eying this one, so I wouldn't mind winning a copy. :)
74. azmodean
Books! Give them tome!
75. Susan at Stony River
I love the premise; the installments have been great but it's so hard to have to stop reading and wait. The book would be a treat!
Emma Jackson
77. EmJ18
o0o0 this would be great to read in print! Love Tor for introducing me to books i usually wouldnt read :D
Evil Loanword
80. Illogician
Had some doubts when starting to read the online chapters. Now hooked...
81. LAJG
I'd love to have this book!
84. drunes
7th son of a 7th son.
87. 'nother Mike
Put me into the hat, please?
88. ninshark
Book! And signed even
89. Sue R
Yes please! I would love love love to win a SIGNED copy. Thanks.
91. maarten63
Would this be another "7th son of a 7th son" remake? "The Dark is Rising" (movie was trasch).
93. EliasC
Tricia May
95. may602
Since he started posting about this book, my interest in it has grown and grown. It's on my Christmas list, so will you please play Santa and put it under my tree? I've been good.
Rob Klingenberger
96. rsklinge
I'm definitely planning on buying this book, but having an autographed copy? Yes please! :)
98. DC Perry
Fantastic book by a fantastic author. This belongs on everyone's holiday shopping list.
99. Neil Colquhoun
J.C. Hutchins stories are cool
I'm looking forward to reading this.

Check him out: read the books, listen to the podcast and visit the site.

100. Zianeu
This is a great trilogy. Everyone should read it.
101. Jett Micheyl
Love J.C., & I love 7th Son! Everything he does is great. I'd really love to win an autographed copy!
102. JeffC
Loved listening to the podcast the first time and now being able to read/listen to the revised version!
103. Scott Roche
Truly an excellent book!
104. Dennis Owens Jr.
This is a great book. It isn't a remake, it's an original book.
105. SplinteredBoard
I listened to the whole trilogy, bought the book as a present to my mother, and am listening to the new release of Descent.

Hutch Is a master!
106. Rocky A
I love that so many new authors are branching out in writing mediums. I would like to see more writers follow the lead of J C Hutchins and podcast their work.
107. GenesysWave
Story concept is awesome - love the book - giving away copies for Christmas
108. Spencer C.
109. Amy Robertson
I LOVE this story! Thank you so much for the chance to win the signed copy! It would be an awesome Christmas Gift!!!
110. Peter Dawes
Love the story concept. Hope to get a chance to read it. :)
111. Mark Leslie Lefebvre
Though I've already ordered one, I'd love a signed copy. If I happen to be one of the winners, I'll give my purchased copy away.
112. Sara C.
Love this book!
113. Knut Ragnar Bakke
I would love to get a signed copy of this book :)
114. Michell Plested
This is a great story filled with real people and intrigue. I've got a copy already but would LOVE a signed one.
115. kpacer
Love the 7th Son podcast.
116. NickHinton
I like to win stuff!!! YAY!!!!!
117. BrowncoatMarc
What a great story this is and I would love to have a signed copy. Would make a great christmas gift.
118. jgb
Looks great - I'd love to win a copy.
119. EvilSpy
Oh, I've heard good things about this.
120. Adele Taylor
I just like free books to be honest....
121. Snakeskurt
A signed copy? Sign me up!
Tom Cagley
122. tcagley
JC's involvement with the SF community via podcasting, twittering, blogging and the like has made him a household name (in the genre). Just glad he is a good writer on top of it all.

7th Son Descent is a great story no matter how you consume it (and consume it multiple times for best retention).
123. Garrick Pass
This is a great book!
125. Bobbilicious
I loved the podcast and can't wait to have the book in my hands - I've pushed this on everyone who I think would be even a little bit interested!
James Reevior
127. hirozed
A signed copy would make the year end wonderfully.
130. MBernhardt
I love this book. This would make a wonderful present for myself.
131. glynis
days are cold, ready to read, this would be a perfect choice!!
133. Helen Keier
I loved the podcast... will love the book.
134. Karen_Rebecca
I love JC's work! I've bought 5 copies to give as Christmas gifts but I would love a signed copy! He is brilliant! Even if you don't win this contest, go buy the book! You will not be disappointed! :)
135. macdonast
Big fan of JC's books. Loved the podcast of the 7th Son prequel.
CHris Bowsman
136. chrisbowsman
A signed 7TH SON would look great on my shelf, next to the unsigned one :)
Adam Miller
137. AdamM
The more I read about this trilogy (Here and I think on John Scalzi's Whatever, if I remember correctly) the more interesting it seems.

Count me in!
138. Elizari
It looks really interesting to read.
139. alphasis
hi, my name is alphasis and i am 7th Son addict (with a conscience). if i win this book, i will give one of my other 7 copies away.
140. Aaron Hughey
I must asy JC.
YOU are the KING of Cliffhangers.

Thanks for all The hard work and time you put in the 7th son books.
142. Joey Gibson
I listened to the podcast of 7th Son and loved every minute of it. Fabulous story and great writing.
143. rubydog
Great book!
I would love to win a copy.
144. Greenglam
All I want for Christmas is Hackable PC. Long live Kilroy 2.0(3.0?)
145. Patrick Pillars
I have gotten snippets of this book and really want to read it!
Daniel Hoagland
147. danielrixy
I feel as though I've been seeing this book everywhere I look for the last few months. Hutchins' perseverance and innovation in marketing himself makes for a good story, i guess.
148. Awyldknght
I listened to the podiobook as it was being released. I already have a copy of the book, but would be nice to have a signed copy.

Also another Hutchins book worth reading is Personal Effects: Dark Art.
Samantha Brandt
149. Talia
I too enjoyed the podcast. A print version would be a swell addition to the bookshelf.
150. weylyn42
I am a great fan of J.C. Hutchins' work, and whoever wins this will be very lucky indeed. (crosses fingers that it could be me)
151. Alison Davis
JC Hutchin's very kindly did an online chat for our Nanowrimo group. It was great. I'd love to have a copy of this book! Great give away!
John Fitzingo
152. Xandar01
I keep hearing his references to this book, maybe I should read it?
153. Gryvon
Rather interested in this book.
155. Captain Science
Loved the podcast and would love a copy of the book!
Roberta Taylor
156. RTaylor
Sounds like a great read- thanks for sharing!
158. Michael Andersen
Big fan of 7th Son. I already bought a copy of the book, but don't have one signed. For those of you on the fence about whether you'll purchase a copy, listen to 7th Son: 7 Days. That was the tipping poing that made me pull out my wallet, at any rate.
159. Tim Moore, Dreamer
I'd like to read and review a copy of this book.


160. Mike Anino
Yes! I need a physical copy of this. Loved the podcast.
Michael Fisher
164. revfish
The Podcast was awesome and I need to spread the glory that is 7th Son. Please enter me to win.
William Cowart
rear echelon comment..hope I win. I hope the book is great..can't stand serializations..
167. tim hoe
I love this book.....
170. Suetu
I'm intrigued by this premise...
171. gfarmer
Winning is so much better than paying.
socrate badeau
172. socrate
I don't know this author,

Oh well here's to hoping! :-)
175. veatnik
This one really sounds like a page turner. I will be checking out the serialization. I'll likely need to pick up a copy unless my luck is better than the seven protagonists in this book.
176. Debbie Chioffe
I am IN it to Win IT!
177. LadyD
Great giveaway! Would love to win!
178. Rosie Zamot
I know getting a copy of this book is one and million but it sounds like a great read.
Carol Ladybug
179. ladybug_lady2000
I Would like to read this book too. Sounds really good.
ezzkmo .
181. ezzkmo
Sounds good, I'll comment for this.
184. MacCool
Great podcast, the book can only be better.
Bob Wilkins
185. bobby_5150
I'm in.

Oh,and Rosie, It's only a 1 in 185 right now.
186. Bill Siravo
been waiting for this book. hope to win.
188. mkyritsi
Good beginning, and a different plot for a change!
189. NotMyselfToday
Yes, please.
kathlyn smith
191. castiel
it's such a cool idea, would LOVE to win a copy! =)
192. rschubert
Not sure - interesting idea, but for me it all depends on the execution. Can the author make you care about the 7 and whether they find not just the killer but their individuality in the process? What will they do with the killer once they find him or her? It's a part of themselves? Also would prefer giveaway of a kindle version
194. Kenneth Rodriguez
I will read anything I get for free.
196. Janet Robinson
Will donate this to the local library if I'm lucky enough to win.
197. BarbFine60
My kind of book!
199. Staver808
Great contest as always! I love these.
Neal Makely
200. elglin
I've read the first six parts so far and enjoyed it. I love the story of how the book finally made it to print even more. Never give up!
Chaz Balt
201. Chazill
This new book would make a nice companion to my Personal Effects.
202. dorothy l
would love to win the book
203. LittleEagle
I'd like to win this book.
204. RitaM4
Sounds like a great book!
206. shannon Baas
I would like this
207. mcnerd
This would help me read more books these days.
209. USV
I am enjoying the blog and would love to read the book!
jman jman
210. jman
Wow, a Dick-a-like story!

These giveaways are all so ... yummy!!!!

212. Swank1096
Lucky number!
213. Tracey Byram
Sounds like a very interesting story.
214. Kyl N
looks to be a good book
215. whatinabox
This sounds like it would be a great addition to my book collection.
218. Sue M.
Thanks for the giveaway.

s.mickelson at gmail dot com
219. ExtraBitterStoat
I've been dying to read this!
Daljit of NORN
221. Enforcer
Just read the Big Idea piece about this on Sclazi's blog a few days ago. It looks interesting!
223. arttech
Free books rock!!!! I would love to read this one.
224. desiree kelley
love to read it
225. godan
looks like a great read!
226. Angela Winesburg
I'd love to read this, thanks for the chance!
227. Syed Ahsun Zafar
The cover looks really cool

Syed Ahsun Zafar
228. chromiumman
sounds really good
229. scooter7018
sounds good
230. Talitha Lee
Sounds like a really neat book!
231. Giovanna
Please enter me :)
232. Carol Lawrence
This sounds like a great read.
233. Deborah Wellenstein
This sounds like an interesting premise. Thanks!
234. Lily Kwan
Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!
236. david basile
a good conspiracy book and its signed
237. Thomas Hoh
I love suspense novels and read constantly in my retirement. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
238. Melanie Ddd
The plot sounds very intriguing.
I can't wait to read it!
239. george ferris
This sounds like a great book.
240. John Ferris
Please enter me.
241. Joan Ferris
I am always on the look out for new books and authors.
242. Buddy Garrett
I would love to win a copy of this book. It sounds very interesting.
243. Kayce
I like the story line.
244. MajaMeza79
enter me. i want it.
245. mindy a
this sounds wonderful thanks

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