Dec 31 2009 4:00pm

12 Days of Cthulhumas: Day 7

On the seventh day of Cthulhumas gave to me...
Cuties for a-cuddling,
Silver and jewels a-shining,
A dark, eldritch seal,
Strange aeons past,
Grim tales told,
Yule horror spawned,
And Old Ones wrought in effigy.

Cutie #1: Five Cthulhu plushies, for five winners
“As a charming plush, this cute little monster will be happy to glare evilly at anyone – just for you. Look at that tentacled face – absolutely, other-worldly adorable. Come on; give that widdle, cuddley-wuddley, widdle Cthulhu a kiss. You know you want to. And if you are really nice to this small plush version of Cthulhu, when the real one wakes up…it might not eat you.”

Cutie #2: Cthulhu vinyl decals, “O R'lyeh?” and “Nom
Made by stickerella: These decals measure 9.25“ wide by 6” tall, cut from durable white vinyl.

Cutie #3: Cthulhu Mythos Coloring Book
Made by MonstersDomesticated: “Nine original images of madness, malignity, and the unthinkable, all for you to color as you wish. The spawn of Dread Cthulhu, the abject Yog-Sothoth, the Crawling Chaos, and other unnamables lurk within, waiting for the foolhardy or insane to bring them to life with color.

Mail it anonymously to an enemy, or take it to the madhouse yourself. Study it for the terrible insinuations cleverly hidden within, or use it to try to explain your condition to your captors. Or add it to the unspeakable rites you perform every equinox!

This vile, unique booklet is hand-bound simply with twine. The cover is in full color on nice, sturdy Strathmore linen paper, and the black and white insides are for you to color yourself!

Feel free to color outside the lines.”

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random, with four additional winners receiving only the Cthulhu plushie. You have until noon EST on Wednesday, January 6th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail in the following days—if you do not respond we select a new winner.

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5. thegreattim
Extremely great!
6. Amanda M.
Oh man. I didn't think the Cthulu giveaways could get any better--they did. So much! Waaaaaant :-)
Amir Yoeli
7. Betterthenyouknew
i think this will go well atop my beanie-baby collection... :)
12. Story Cottage
Oh! to start 2010 with a Cthulhu Plush!
13. Dr Tucker
still more that is good for what ails you!
14. AAsh
I just missed being lucky 13 :(
Dru O'Higgins
17. bellman
My niece would so love the colouring book.
18. lapine403
Meeee please!
Tina A
22. Tinaa
Torie, these give-aways just keep getting better!
24. Kabukiman
ROFL...I bought my 12 year old daughter a Stuffed Cthulhu when she was a baby and she slept with it every night :) I guess that explains the tentacles :)
Joel Salomon
25. JCSalomon
He’s cute, cuddly, and he wants to drive humanity insane. What’s not to like?
Lisa Grabenstetter
26. magneticcrow
That very plushie, seen drifting about a convention many years ago, is what first introduced to Cthulhu's existence. :)
Mitchell Downs
27. Beamish
Cthulhu is the most cuddly of the mind shattering monstrosities from space...
28. INCyr
Yay plushies! So very very cute.
31. Esmeraldus
My son would love these.
kathlyn smith
32. castiel
awwwwwwwww what a cutie! and nom nom i wants one!
33. JennyJ
That colouring book would be so much fun!
36. NotMyselfToday
mmm, tentacles...
Jason Holdeman
37. jasonholdeman
Who would have thought such an unspeakable horror would be so cute?!
38. T. Rohl Underbridge
40. NormanM
I like winning.
41. Sihaya
Eldritch cuteness!
Mark Yon
42. Mark
A Cthulhu plushie I would love. Fun for all the family: before it devours you all. :)
Alena McNamara
43. aamcnamara
Yes please! Those Cthulhu plushies are adorable.
44. LouWW
Happy Cthu Year!
Catherine Ford
51. KitFord
I saw that plushie on the internets somewhere the other month and had an immediate case of the WANTS.
Howard Lovecraft
53. LovecraftianHat
For a moment I thought that was a "Cthulhu Mythos COOKBOOK". Now THAT would be interesting.
Mrs. Micah
54. MrsMicah
Most plushies are so soft they overstimulate a part of my brain, giving me a fingernails-on-chalkboard experience that leaves me clawing at my arms. I can't wear velvet or corduroy either.

However, in the case of a Cthulhu plushie it seems incredibly appropriate that touching him would make my skin crawl and my brain scream. (if I win him, he'll probably get parked on a shelf to look at and not touched frequently!)
56. Joe09876
Awesome stuff
59. The_Halibut
I'd thought it said "cookbook"

Maybe tomorrow...
62. techtigger
awww, squishy cute cthulhu!
63. Matt Carpenter
Here's another amusing song:
René Walling
65. cybernetic_nomad
I could deal with my soul being eaten by such a cute Cthulhu
Lianne Burwell
67. LKBurwell
Cool. Is that the plushie that screams if you bash it? Because that could cause madness...
68. Ashtalet
I want to color what Man Was Not Meant To Draw.
69. Kerome
Cthulhu plushies! Irresistable ;)
72. rubydog
I'd love to win.
Please enter me.
75. topy23
must have plushie
Joan Mitchell
79. dragoness
Gotta love them monsters....colorbook style.
81. cSuelhu
must have MORE Cthulhu.
Heather Chambers
84. Saxicide
I have the tiny version of the Cthulhu plushie sitting on top of my monitor right now. It >is
85. danscale
Another dose of cool stuff, thanks guys!
87. Clair4792
Who doesn't love coloring books
Katie Schmidt
90. safarikate
These are so adorable, my face might melt off!
91. ochre24
Bought one years ago, would love to have another.
93. chris McConnell
cool beans
98. oOcattyOo
The plushie looks like the one Neil Gaiman has pictured on his blog. I would Loooove to win that...
99. angrystarlyt
Cute cute cute!
100. wickerman
HEH! Those decals are totally rad!
Paul Eisenberg
101. HelmHammerhand
This is perhaps my favorite givaway yet! Thanks for the opportunity, TOR!
102. khyarete
103. Daniel3141
Does the plushy glare at everyone, or just your enemies?
105. Rosesand T
Contest entry.. Only Once.
106. Stuck0
My boys will love it...
Joe Mills
108. nonchalance
I would cuddle it until the stars changed and it devoured me.
110. Moon Ranger Laura
I could put the decals next to the "Cthulhu made me do it" magnet on my car.
111. Cmaaarrr
Too cutehulhu!
Ashe Armstrong
112. AsheSaoirse
Why didn't I sign up on this one already?!
113. shadowpluto2
Extremely adorable!
114. Vladremet
What color should I draw the eye of Cthulhu?
117. savvyt
So much fun stuff!
118. summerdown
They look fantastic
120. Derrickc
please enter me, thx!
121. SkinnyLeaf
I don't know if they make the colors that I would need to use for the coloring book. I am not sure they are describable by human language.
122. instantiatethis
oh boy oh boy oh boy... combining cute with creepy? My favorite thing ever!
YouDont NeedToKnow
123. necrosage2005
Is Cthulhu really supposed to be adoreable? If not, too bad! I LOVE it!
Joshua Schechter
125. JSch
Who doesn't like an evil plushy?
Kate Woolard
126. maika
Cthulu plushies and colouring in? V. special!
Rob Klingenberger
128. rsklinge
Why is it the words "Cthulhu" and "plushie" seem to go so well together, anyway? ;)
129. aetherical
My 5 year old saw the plushie and said "Oh, he's so cute!"
Scott Taylor
131. izzylobo
Awww, who's a cute little snuggums from beyond Space and Time? That's right, you are!
Benjamin Larson
133. Radioheads6
Many a winter Day might be wasted on such a coloring book :D
134. Swanpoint
You provide the book and I will provide the Colour...
139. HrmmmIndeed
This would look most dread being nibbled on by my soon-to-be-spawned progeny.
Katie Mercurio
140. Jasminepearls
Plushtastic, a lovely color, and oh-so's perfect.
(On my knees) ;)
141. CassR
Comment dekita!
David Siegel
144. bigscary
This is a comment, is it not? I am commenting.
Jessica Reisman
146. jwynne
Plushie, oh plushie, or dark dreadful deeps, come croon me to sleep, to nightmare, to black insanity.
Goetz Kruppa
148. goetznl
I can't wait for my two year old Emma to chew up the plushie...
Joe Johaneman
149. dogboi
Ooh, I'd have to hide it from my cat. He likes Plushie things.
Erika A.
151. brownjawa
I didn't even know Cthulhu had a plushie until I saw it in Ellen Datlow's blog!
C.D. Thomas
152. cdthomas
Aww, teh plushie would be ever so fine...
153. jefff
oooo, bumper stickers!
SP Kelly
155. SPKelly
The cuddly would go great in my little one's stuffie collection
156. Yeznik
Colouring books just got much cooler.
159. mister slim
Okay, those are really too adorable.
160. ShaninC
Ooooh! Pick me, Pick me!!
161. spedwin1
If H.P.L. were alive he probably be overwhelmed at whats been done. It's really cool though.

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