Dec 27 2009 4:00pm

12 Days of Cthulhumas: Day 3

On the third day of  Cthulhumas gave to me...
Grim tales told,
Yule horrors spanwned,
And Old Ones wrought in effigy.

Grim Tales: The Dark Adventure Theatre Radio Boxed set
“This special boxed set features CDs of The Mountains of Madness, The Dunwich Horror, The Shadow Out of Time and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Each CD comes with its own collection of props from the story to enhance your listening verisimilitude. And all four CDs come packaged in a custom made artfully styled with the look of an antique tombstone radio emblazoned with the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre logo.”

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Monday, January 4th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail in the following days—if you do not respond we select a new winner.

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Todd Johansen
1. Gher06
Wow, can I really be the first to post?
Thiago Leitão
2. kwisatzhaderach
Okay, forget it, I'm done trying to come up with clever stuff. So, Pleeeeeease, can I have that?
Pawel Martin
3. pawel_z_wrocka
Wow, it is so lovably old-fashioned.

Not a must have, but I won't protest if I'm chosen ;-).
4. EmilyK
Wow! I just moved to a small seaside village in RI and this would be great to listen to the next time I'm snowed in
5. AnaisAngel
Owning this set would be a wondrous thing,as I have the books and hold those dear to my heart!
6. ninjatrainedguardsheep
Sounds good!
11. mjm
The perfect thing to listen to while working...
12. Jeremiah Genest
Joe Mills
14. nonchalance
I have a number of fishy-looking neighbours and I need this to help me work things out.
15. JennyJ
Looks perfect for the many car trips I take!
18. Robert Bee12345
I want to win!
19. T. Rohl Underbridge
Golly! OTRish!
20. area53
Dass isst mosst interessting! Und doo nott forgett - Cthulhu rulezz!
22. nother mike
I'm in...
Andy Cribb
25. kethonna
Those radio shows are awesome... I'm in.
28. ninshark
I love radio theater!
David Weidendorf
31. Oberndorf
Ia, Ia Dagon Ftaghn! Ia! Ia! Hydra Ftaghn!
34. amobogio
What is this "radio" of which you speak?
35. techtigger
woohoo! gotta love c'thulhumas goodies :)
Bryan Cogswell
36. shmoo
my stocking only had human remains in it... so depressed need to win...
Howard Lovecraft
40. LovecraftianHat
Speaking of Lovecraft CDs, I did a double take when I saw the name Torie Atkinson, thinking for a moment that it said Toren Atkinson, one of the members of Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. For those not aware, DotHT is the best Lovecraft-themed band around.
Clifton Royston
42. CliftonR
That sounds really great, and I haven't won anything yet, so sooner or later the odds must break my way...
Tomasz Galazka
46. tetrix
I do feel that fate has to smile upon me _some_ day. Now would be nice, though.
47. thegreattim
Insert thoughtful comment here:
Mike Dominic
48. MDominic
The most merciful thing about this prize box, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
49. LouWW
Zounds! Sounds!
50. Amanda M.
Radio theater eh? Nice way to vary up the evening entertainment.
52. Pilmun
That's awesome!
55. sdif2309jh
Yes please!
57. Story Cottage
These days if I can listen to it, I have a better chance of getting around to it. Please count me in.
59. rubydog
Great prize!
I would love to win.
Please enter me.
60. Michael Kwan
Oooooh, the rest of the guys in the unspeakable cult would be really jealous if I won these. Even James' new obsidian blade (you know, the one for the sacrifices) pales in comparison.
61. Matt Carpenter
Well, fast away the old year passes, so I thought I would give my top 10 list of the Lovecraftiana I read/watched in 2009. Mind you, it wasn't all written in 2009. I have a lot of dusty volumes on my shelves!

In no particular order:

A Means to Freedom: The Letters of HP Lovecraft and Robert E Howard

Lovecraft: The Fear of the Unknown (DVD)

The Imago Sequence and Other Stories by Laird Barron

Cthulhu Unbound #1 and 2 ed by Thomas Brannan and John Sunseri

Alan Moore's The Courtyard by Anthony Johnston (the color edition)

Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales ed by Henrik Harksen

Tide of Desire by Sheena Clayton (I know the ending was poor, but this is probably the last McNaughton mythos I'll get to read, and it was a
special treat as I never expected to see a copy)

Arkham Woods by Christopher Rowley (flawed but important as it is the first English language mythos manga)

Rise and Fall of the Cthulhu Mythos by ST Joshi

Blasphemies and Revelations by Robert Price

Even More Nasty Stories by Brian McNaughton

My #1 story of the year is Old Virginia by Barron, my introduction to this author and a msterful exercise in mythos creepiness.

Honorable mentions: Lovecraft Unbound ed by Ellen Datlow, Looking for Darla by Ron Shiflet, Degrees of Fear and Others by CJ Henderson, The Mall of Cthulhu by Seamus Cooper, Miskatonic University by Robert Weinberg

My greatest failure: Losing Blood Will Have Its Season by Joseph Pulver before I finished it, ordering a new copy and not being able to find my new copy last weekend.

Biggest disappointment: hands down it was An Evil Guest by Gene Wolfe, which should have been so much better than it was. It wasn't the worst mythos I read (Cthulhu's Chosen anyone?) but it was the biggest let down.

Best mythos humor:

Happy Cthulhu Year everyone!
62. The Son of Nothing
That'd be an awesome gift for my late Christmas.
67. DRickard
Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fthagn
68. AAsh
yeah - what DRickard said
69. Dr Tucker
good for what ails you ..?
70. broundy
This sounds great!
71. TukaD
Here is to the god of randomness.
kathlyn smith
74. castiel
they look fantastic =) and HPLHS ftw! =D
75. danscale
I still need a present for my uncle Hastur, would these do?
Radcliffe Cutshaw
76. rcutshaw
Speakings about the Greatest of The Great Old Ones.
Dru O'Higgins
83. bellman
I love radio theatre. Have you ever listened to the original Shadow radio shows?
85. deadjack
I've been wanting these as well!
86. NotMyselfToday
May the laws of probability finally smile upon me.
T.J. Fuller, Jr.
93. TJF588
Third comment on third giveaway! Hey, some synch-up!
102. Chris-Moore
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society makes great stuff!
104. Tracey13
See no evil, hear some evil?
105. askandar
Oh man, I didn't even know about these. Now to find an old radio that tunes in to wavelengths not yet known to man...
Julian Lighton
108. jl8e
Looks like my first attempt was eaten by forgetting that the preview button is not a post button.

Or by a shoggoth.
109. invariablechaos
111. Clair4297
Hells yeah.
Joel Salomon
114. JCSalomon
My wife go bored watching The Call of Cthulhu, so I’ll probably wind up listening to these on my own too. Of course, that means I want to win this contest…
115. NormanM
I like winning (although if I had to pick between this and the Call of Cthulhu DVD I'd pick the DVD; this is still really cool).
Tim Lewis
116. RaPToRFunK
I'm trying to figure out the odds of the words "eldritch" and "funereal" appearing on these recordings. Sweetness.
117. Sihaya
"Each CD comes with its own collection of props from the story to enhance your listening verisimilitude."

Reminds me of the old Infocom interactive adventure game swag. The awesome power of such quaint fetishes should not be underestimated. Now I wonder which ancient horror I was calling up from the depths every time I uttered the word, "Frobozz."
118. Joe09876
Awesome stuff. I'd love to win.
119. Ashtalet
Things Man Was Not Meant To Hear...
120. topy23
i like this item please
Heather Chambers
121. Saxicide
Ooh, I love radio theatre. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow do!
122. ochre24
Sun Sounds of Tempe, AZ (a service for the blind) produced a few radio plays in the last few years, including The Shadow, Flash Gordon, and some originals. Fun stuff.
124. Daniel3141
Lovecraft read aloud is amazing
125. Stuck0
Radio drama! Cool!
Chris Calabrese
126. CRCalabrese
might have to wait a few years to share with the kiddies...
127. Moon Ranger Laura
I love having deep old ones rise through the speakers in my car.
128. Cmaaarrr
Want want want!
130. summerdown
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
131. Sue R.
Want Want Want!
133. SkinnyLeaf
I am really curious about the included props.
134. pandementia
I wants.
YouDont NeedToKnow
135. necrosage2005
I really like to listen to books like this. It really helps you to visulaize everything.
141. Finny
Oh, yes please!
143. Christian O.
Looks utterly fantastic.
Katie Mercurio
144. Jasminepearls
This is definitely a winner, WOW!! (I hope I am too) :-D
Laurie McCarthy
145. lsmccarthy
Now these would motivate me to actually get cards out next season!
146. Linda A Lindsey
I like these.
147. mister slim
That's nice design work of the slipcover.
Isabelle Santos
148. RedFloyd
I wish I could find something witty to say...
149. ShaninC
Ooooh! Pick me, Pick me!!
150. spedwin1
I'll take it. great!
Todd Rathier
151. trathier
Truly a wonderful way to spend a rainy day.
152. Celestial Elf
Thought you might like my Lovecraftian machinima instead mwhahaha
The Highlander;Cthulhu Enigma

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