Nov 20 2009 1:00pm

Year’s Best Fantasy 9, now in bite-size chunks for your downloading pleasure

Earlier this year, debuted as an imprint independent from Tor Books by publishing Year’s Best Fantasy 9, David G. Hartwell’s and Kathryn Cramer’s definitive anthology of fantastical stories.

While YBF9 is still available as a print-on demand edition, and you can buy your very own print copy at the Print Book Store, starting today, and once a week for the following eight weeks, we’ll be posting segments of the anthology on as a PDF, for your reading pleasure.

Each of these segments will feature three or four stories from the anthology, and will be available to all registered users of It’s a great way to sample some of the content in the book before deciding to part with your hard-earned cash, or of simply getting a shorter dose of wonder and the fantastical.

Our first segment features the following stories:

“Dalthree” by Jeffrey Ford 
“The Salting and Canning of Benevolence D.” by Al Michaud
“Reader’s Guide” by Lisa Goldstein 

Registered users, download it here!

Pablo Defendini likes salty and canned things. He doesn’t expect to live past 50.

Lannis .
2. Lannis
Wa-hoo! Free reads! Thanks Pablo! Erm... should we send you some salty canned things as a thank you? They may not be canned but I know you can find a lot of nuts if you follow Leigh's blogs... ;)
p l
7. p-l
Yes, thanks! New stories by Ford and Goldstein are always worth reading.
Steve Brust
8. Steve Brust
Tapsi: Sorry to pop in, but I can't think of any other way to get hold of you and I have a question. Could you email me? skzb17atdreamcafe17dotcom with all the numbers removed.

Lonnie Smetana
9. ls7
Thanks! Looking forward to reading this
D Long
10. dlong41
So Christmas comes early this year by way of TOR... Thanks so much for this fantastic gift.

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