Nov 4 2009 6:29pm

Steampunk Month Photo Contest Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Steampunk Month Photo Contest! The entries (all of which can be viewed at the Steampunk Photo Contest Flickr group) were so neat that it was nearly impossible to choose just eight.

But choose we eventually did. Your sneak preview is below...

...but you'll have to click through to the entry itself for the full story.


Most of the selection anguish was left to our primary judge, steampunk impresario Evelyn Kriete of Jaborwhalky Productions. Evelyn’s picks for our three prize categories wound up being:


“TorDotCom” by Flickr and user Shoomlah

Caption: Uploading a shot from the excursion to Venus for



“August Visits His Grandfather's Old Factory” by Flickr and user A. Wahnsinger

Caption: My thanks to the German National Archives, Tyrus Flynn photography, and the Letter “X”, because “X” is a letter of mystery, and by Jove, we just wouldn’t have a proper steampunk world without mystery!



“Entry for Tor's steampunkmonth” by Flickr and user Retrogarde

Caption: Two soldiers on Mars during the 1905 Red Planet campaign.


The staff took the liberty of helping out a bit with the Honorable Mentions. Collectively, our other favorites were as follows:

“Defenders” by Flickr and user anaaesthetic

Caption: Myself and Joe for a contest for Original photo taken by Matt of Various textures and backgrounds found on deviantart and for use sites. Notes: Model 1 is Meredith Placko of Model 2 is Joseph Hernandez of


“Time Traveler” by Flickr and user donnaricci

Caption: Photo by Krista of Tiny Dragon Productions. Model: Donna Ricci. Ensemble by Clockwork Couture.

“Professer Gear-trixs: Steampunk Mechanical Wonder Inventor” by Flickr and user MadameEm

Caption: Costume contest entry, 2009. This costume was made 100% by me. The goggles are an original creation using spare plumbing pieces, old leather, hoops, and watch parts. The glasses are vintage metal frames with extra lenses I created with tiny magnets soldered into the frames that allow me to attach and remove from my glasses on a whim. Short jacket and vest sewn by moi as well as the wig wefts I have styled into my hair. .oCostume Original Debut: Pure Speculation in Edmonton, Alberta (October 2009). My shop: Attic


“Waiting for the train" by Flickr user Ragleft / user DanaSmyth

Caption: My steampunk-inspired outfit on Halloween 2009.

(This was also our pick for the special Honorable Mention category Best Incorporation of H.M.S. Stubbington)


“Just playing Cowboys and Indians” by Flickr and user TwinBee

Caption: Yanno, just flying an airship over the Old West. Juli as the cowgirl and Alex as the Indian! Fashion by Berit NYC. Photography by Judy (TheDreamerWorld)

Congratulations to all of our winners. But, really, massive kudos to everyone who entered and made our job so hard.

So, if your photo is up there, what do you do? Tell us what prizes you want, of course. Winners should send us their address and rank the big prizes in preference order (for example: “#1: $50 gift certificate to Clockwork Couture. #2: two passes to the The Steampunk World’s Fair. #3: Steampunk-style watch”). Winners should also tell us a few choices from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oil blend they would like—you can pick from all the scents listed on the Steamworks page except Robotic Scarab, Aelopile, and Violet Ray. Honorable Mentions should also get in touch with their address and their top perfume choices...and for her most excellent Stubby incorporation, we’ll also be sending Ms. Ragleft a gorgeous, brassy Phoenix Steamworks t-shirt (I hear she has a valise she can put it in). Both categories of winners should contact me at [tordotcomics] [at] [] to confirm their acceptance of the prize as soon as possible, since your chances of getting the prize you want are better the sooner you contact us. We reserve the right to contact the next winner in line if we don't hear from you within 24 hours.

Thanks again to to everyone who participated and especially to Evelyn for judging and our prize sponsors, Clockwork Couture, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and the Steampunk World’s Fair. You are all fabulous beyond words.

Liz Gorinsky is an editor at Tor Books. She constantly wonders why doesn’t send her on excursions to Venus.

Austin Williams
1. A.Wahnsinger
Well, goodness me! An honour indeed! I am curious, however, as to how those who placed in this contest should get in touch with you fine folks? Thanks!
Liz Gorinsky
2. TooMuchExposition
August: drop me a line at (tordotcomics) (at) ( It says it up there, but it is admittedly somewhat mired in details. Congrats!
Alex and Juli Abene
3. TwinBee
Thank you SO MUCH! This means a lot to us :] We will be emailing you ASAP! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
4. A.Wahnsinger
Oh, how sheepish I feel now seeing it listed up there. Dear me. Thank you, Liz, for responding so promptly!
5. Venusian
Shoomlah's "Uploading a shot from the excursion to Venus " is so blatently stolen from WETA's Ray Guns it's shamless.
Phaedra Collins
7. phaerie
@Venusian: At SDCC Weta had a photo op set up with the background and the guns, it's not really stolen if the company sets it up.
Claire Hummel
8. Shoomlah
@Venusian: Um, seeing how the photo was initially taken at the Weta booth for their photo contest, I do not see how getting into the mood of things is shameless? I designed my vulcanologist costume based on an 1880's silhouette and 1910 military uniforms, and found it charming that I matched Grordbort this past July- I in fact chatted with Greg about the fact- but the resemblance in costume is entirely coincidental.


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