Nov 3 2009 11:10am

Steampunk Month Photo Contest Ends Soon!

Steampunk Month is over (boo hoo), but I wanted to remind everyone that one contest is still running: the Steampunk Month Photo Contest. You have a bit less than an hour left to enter, for a chance at some excellent prizes. There’s some fierce competition, but you can still get in the game: just take one of your awesome steampunk-y Halloween photos, slap on a Tor.com dirigible, and add it to our Flickr group. The full rules are at the original post. We look forward to seeing your contributions!

(Image courtesy of Donna Ricci. Just one of the many great entries so far!)

Liz Gorinsky is an editor at Tor Books. She is sadder than you are that Steampunk Month has ended.

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