Nov 11 2009 3:39pm

Letters from Abroad: The Witch's Guide to Cooking with Children Giveaway

Where has the time gone? This is the last letter from abroad (Vienna, Austria, to be exact). I didn’t really get a chance to talk about my book, but you can read about it on my website. [Hint: the first line is I love children. Eating them, that is.] I leave you with a small anecdote: I once asked my high school physics class in South Central Los Angeles, for extra credit, what they thought Einstein meant by his famous quote: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

And one student, Maria Reyes, wrote: A child has a lot of imagination but very little knowledge, so maybe Einstein meant that the way a child thinks is very important. Maria always was brilliant and she convinced me right there of her point. One way to rephrase Einstein’s quote is: Think like a child.

It’s time for The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children giveaway! Maybe it will bring out the child in you, or perhaps copies will end wrapped up for kids themselves (so they know what to do if they ever meet the witch who eats children!). Whatever path each may take, one thing I’m sure of is it will be an unexpected one.

Signing off from abroad... Sincerely, Keith McGowan

[Postscript:  To win, simply comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post before noon EST, Sunday, November 15th. Five winners will be be selected at random. Please check your email on Monday! If we don’t hear back from you by noon on Tuesday, a new winner be selected in your place.]

Keith McGowan is the debut author of The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children, which was named an “inspired recommendation for children” by independent bookstores nationwide, and well reviewed by the New Yorker Books Department online which called it a “literary treat” offering “humor that will delight and challenge the inquisitive youngster.”

Mark McKibben
2. Manzabar
I've given up on eating children; they keep triggering my acid reflux. :D
3. Veronicatx
Love this contest! Either way, I look forward to reading The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children.

6. nebka
Sounds interesting... and delicious!! :)
9. Freelancer
Very interesting. And regarding the Einstein quote, knowledge alone cannot take you anywhere. Imagination can take you everywhere.
10. Keith R. Potempa
I wonder about the future of the child who finds this in his parent's house and takes it seriously.
Bryan Cogswell
11. shmoo
Ek! I would like this book... and if i don't win i'll get so mad that i'll huff and i'll puff and i'll ... eh go to amazon and buy it.
12. Virginia Lee
Ah, I've been looking for a new cookbook! *cackle*
14. Poetigress
The title alone made me grin. Whether I win one or not, I have to read this. :D
Aaron Tady
15. apt2501
This looks great. My ten-year-old would love this.
Fernando da Silva Trevisan
16. fstrevisan
I never win anything but I keep on trying... :)
18. Bethanyfig
Sounds delightful
Chris Hall
19. bookwormchris
I don't see any children in the cupboards. Any good substitutes?
20. Tanja W.
Sounds delicious! I will have to check it out...whether or not I win. :)
Andrew Willett
21. AndrewWillett
I know just the children!

To give this to, I mean.
24. Terry Valladon
I would like the book.
27. LadyCrow
I would totally love to give this to my sister and her kids for Christmas!
Bret Scott
28. BlacksmithButNotEmo
I do hope there's a recipe for Baby Back Ribs.

Whenever I go to a restaurant and am treated to kids screaming, I always make it a point to tell the waitstaff that, "...the baby back ribs sound fresh today". My wife is less than amused.
30. PisecoMom
Ah, if LadyCrow doesn't win it and give it to me & my kids for Christmas, I'll just have to win it instead!
31. Thornz
I will comment in the hope for recipe book.
33. Sihaya
Oh, I love the cover. Is this ringbound? The plot and pictures make me think of a John Bellairs work. I definitely look forward to reading this.
35. JakeLsewhere
Spiffy. ^_^
Roland Schigas
36. rschigas
This would go great next to Julia Child on the kitchen bookshelf.
Peter Killinger
37. Marshal_Kilgore
The politically correct version of this book would be named:

"Hansel, Gretel, the Veggie Witch and the Family Counselor"

39. aoifeharper
I need this book.
40. Confusador
I'll admit, I'm a sucker for any variant of 'how to serve man.'
Travis Splawn
41. MoreBooksForMe
This style of writing has always interested me. I like when authors take well known people or works and change them up. Lamb by Christopher Moore and Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman are two good examples.
44. Slurpy
Finally, a book with which to threaten my daughter while insulting my wife :)
45. Digby
Won't someone PLEASE think of the children?!
46. Trilliumgrl
I love children. They are fun to talk with and make a tasty treat in a pinch. :)
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald
47. ceitfianna
I would love a copy since I'm studying to be a youth librarian.
51. Qtip6
It would be exciting to receive this copy, as I am broke until Nov 18 . . . .
52. Qtip6
It would be exciting to receive this copy, as I am broke until Nov 18 . . . .
54. CousinJessica
I know several children who could use this book.
55. gt0163c
Looks like a fun book. Thanks for the chance to win!
Espen Arnesen
57. zarkzervo
I think also that with imagination, you can acquire (and find new) knowledge, but not the other way round. Everybody _knew_ the World was round, but someone _imagined_ that it wasn't.

Now, gief book! ;)
Samantha Brandt
60. Talia
Excellent. This sounds like a spiffy tome indeed.
Christine Parker
63. cdparker13
Aw, what a great idea! I'd love to have this. :)
Autumn Theriault
65. twofistededitor
Hmm, sounds like a lovely gift for a pair of parents of six that I know...
72. audra smith
yes please! can't wait to read this!
Dru O'Higgins
75. bellman
I don't know, I had child for dinner LAST night.
76. library.lynn
This looks like a great book!
77. Laura R.
Oh, this sounds delightful. I always like the other view on things.
78. flip58
Hansel and Gretel is one of my favorite stories. All the grown ups are horrid.
79. Buhnai
I would be happy to read this to my child.
80. Sara Dee
Excellent! If I win, I could give this to my best friend, who has 11 (count them, 11!) children... :)
81. AletheaB
This looks very interesting, I'd love to read it.
82. Beth C.
I absolutely love the cookbook-style artwork on the front. This looks like an amusing read.
83. Manticore
My sons and I would love to read this book!
84. Mickie T
I'm always eager to expand my cooking horizons...
85. LadyD
In these hard times it's good to be practical
86. ddurance
This is too cute! I would love to win a copy. Yum! Yum! lol

87. valkeyrie
I wrote a cookery book for students off to Uni, but never imagined I could actually cook with them! Bring it on.
88. Heather Hiestand
I love the tablecloth style cover background. Great way to illustrate the title!
Michelle Gates
89. drgneyes
This book sounds too good. I would LOVE copy!
Tudza White
91. tudzax1
Well, the book will certainly match my Betty Crocker Cookbook
92. Jess W
Sounds like a fun book.
93. BookFan123
Great title. Did anybody else notice that the background on the cover is the same as on the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook? I may have to get this book even if I don't win.
94. Tim Trentham
Free books for my kids! Yes!
Wayne McCoy
95. gawain07
I had a friend who tried this. It ended badly for her. She used to have a cute cottage in the woods made entirely of candy. I miss her.
Sonya Clark
97. sbclark
The title alone makes me want this book.
98. Martha Lawson
This looks like a good one! Please throw my name in the pot...
99. Ansha Kotyk
Sounds like an awesome read. :) Looking forward to it!
100. Sarah Einstein
I want one! I have children in the freezer who will go bad if I don't do something with them soon, so one might even say I need a copy of this book.

Oops, pretend I didn't say that.

They are lambs. I swear.
101. Jim Fitzgerald
I have some particularly tough children. Maybe this book can give me some ideas on how to deal with them.
102. Sarah Davis
Boooo - too many people have the same tastes as me!
103. zebarsuk
Mmm. Particularly good with Rosemary and Pine Nuts.
mathew maguire
104. timeshadowrider
I love to cook, and to be able to cook kids that would be great... Ummmm taste like chicken
105. scifisurfer
Bless the brothers Grimm and their avid collecting...
Marie Rycraft
106. Ghost07
Just in time! I've lost my recipe for Child Pie!
107. Clown Boy
Children - must be eaten with chocolate, for they won't mix with vegetables.
108. Jongleur
Ahhhhhhh children! Always the surprise, and the joy of cooking with them.
109. JD Mason
I like children, I really do
Baked or Broiled or in a Stew.
I do like them I really do.
Especially Brownies. :-)
110. Ted O'Brien
Me please!
111. scepter
Snakes & snails & puppy dog tails, and
Sugar & spice & everything nice are tasty treats of the whole family.
Er... for, FOR the whole family.
William Fee
113. WTBFee
My kids would definitely get a kick out of this.
114. chromiumman
fabulous title!
116. Christy H.
What a great book! I'd love to win a copy!
118. pirateslife
I'd have never lived to grow up if my mom had read a book like this! I can't wait to read it.
119. fozzeebare2
Perhaps a Reisling with the meal and some Pffeffermint Schnapps mit Kaffe.
120. DinahT
Cooking and Children, what fun.
121. Kazimak Tempest
mmm..fava beans.
123. Kogues
Here in Texas we like ours BBQ'd and a side of pinto beans, torillas.....would make a nice addition to our library.
Darice Moore
124. daricemoore
This is just what my collection of historical cookbooks is missing.

(More seriously, I'd love to read it and I bet my daughter would too.)
126. elleamanda
What should I do, to get this book? It will go great with my next babysitting venture.
Glennis LeBlanc
127. Glennis
I'm thinking this will be a great Christmas present.
128. Bagoombah
Does it have calorie, fats, carbs, and protein information for each dish? Always helpful.
129. foggie32
what a great idea for a book!
Tara Chang
130. tlchang
Heh - love the “inspired recommendation for children” review.
Colin Kuskie
131. perlDreamer
I'd love a copy of this book. I'll read it to my children, right before dinner...
132. drunes
I would love to win this book as a surprise for my daughter.
135. vicki wurgler
Cute! I would love this
135. spazdoglee
would this include recipes for free range and organic children?
Dave Larsen
136. ddavelarsen
I love children! And witches. This sounds like a good retelling, one I could happily read to my granddaughter. She'd love it. Good luck commenters! And thanks for the great giveaway.
137. SarahPrincess
I would love this book!
138. AllisonPlus
Faux-children only for me, please...
139. ladyravn
this looks like it'll be fun :)
Lis Riba
140. lisriba
This sounds like a fun book; I'll try my luck for a copy
141. Janice g Grove
Sounds like "to serve Man". Should be a hoot.
Ole A. Imsen
142. Weirdmage
Looks like a great book. Would love to win one.
Theodric the Obscure
144. TXHermes
Ah, plump children. That reminds me, I think I'm out of dijonaise...
145. Derrickc
Sounds like a fun book!
146. rubydog
I would love to win this book for my daughter and I.
148. gury
went plucking through five cats and still can't get the recepie right... :)
151. Ericket
Young'uns! Yum! I've been looking for a reason to start cooking again...this may be it!
152. Yvonne B
Sounds like it would be a lovely addition to my cookbook collection....
153. Marko_T_Rat
I read somewhere that very young children have an instinctive fear of being eaten by the adults around them. I certainly can't remember that far back to know if that's true or not, but I know there are some children one might be tempted to eat, just to shut them up.
154. aboogieman
If I don't win this, I may have to buy it just so I can read it to the neighbor kids!
155. KnowThankYou
This looks great. I imagine some kind woman saying to wide-eyed child "I know you like your burgers, and soup in a can, and frozen dinners, but where's the love in these things? There's nothing like a home-cooked meal! Look at that soup can label; when you cook food yourself there aren't any of those unpronounceable chemical ingredients. Homemade soup is a product of love - all that goes into the pot is water, spices, vegetables, and your heart. A long time ago when people couldn't afford to buy too much we grew our own ingredients instead. Despite the hard times we always had all the spices, vegetables, and hearts we needed."
156. krispymac
This looks wonderfully entertaining! with one of my favorite quotes in the post!
I hope my friends let me read this to their kids!
Andrea Chettle
159. Pagecrawler
Great prize - fingers crossed for a win
160. ArtCow
I now have that song running through my head ..
I love children
I love 'em a bunch
I love them for dinner
and I love them for lunch ...

giggling at the lines
walked into McDonalds and cracked a great big smile
right there on the menu it said try a McChild!

betting the book is just as wonderfully memorable!

Looking forward to reading and sharing it.
161. kfollett
I still think like a child, I figure it keeps you young :)
162. BD Chin 13
Last year the robot cook book for Christmas; this year witches!
164. Adrienne C
Sounds delicious.
165. dorothy l
the cover looks yummy
166. Fëanor
If father hearing the children scream / went and threw them in the stream / saying as he drowned the third / 'Children should be seen, not heard.' then surely cooking with them is a capital idea as well.
Rebekah Reeves
167. ratpacksmom
It seems I had the wrong idea. I thought it was a way that children would be in the kitchen helping. From the posts this doesn't seem to be the idea. They don't help in my kitchen either so there may be alternatives?
168. LittleEagle
I like the comment about baby back ribs in a restaurant with screaming kids.
169. Linda Au Parker
And here I thought I already had trouble getting my kids to eat!
170. Other Alias
Comment. Book looks very interesting.
171. william Davison
conan has taken me places,and I thank tor for being a part of that.well done.
Bob Wilkins
172. bobby_5150
The book looks good. I think my kid's would like it.
173. lady_legba
Oh, oh! I want a book!
174. B.C. Parvat
A bit reminiscent of Damon Knight's short story "To Serve Man" which was later made into the famous Twilight Zone episode.

Another book: "Cannibal's Cookbook : Recipes & Remedies for Human Sacrifice" by Pamela Peck

And yet another: "The Cannibal Cookbook" by Nicolas Castelaux

A Joke: "For sale cheap - large rottweiler, loves children, will also eat other food."

another joke: "I love children, especially if they're cooked properly."

Best wishes on your new offering in this genre.
175. Liz C.
Love the idea, awesome!
Jeff Keenan
176. datahiker
This idea is full of awesome. Book looks good, too.
177. loreshdw
This is a perfect fit for my sense of humor. I can't wait to read it!
178. ProphetNine
I hope I win!
179. Brent Snider
Younger=more tender
180. Renee G
Would love to read this.
182. FalconMoon
This looks great. I would love a copy of it.
183. ImVbitch
This contest is a complete WIN.
184. knitterevans
so cool, maybe i can finally get my daughter to read!
185. susan varney
i could read this
ed t
186. edt
hmm new ways of thinning the herd...
187. mamanerd
always a softie for recipes and chef's tales
188. David Richardson
I always wondered what children were good for.
190. kathy dunaway
That sounds like a cool book.I'd love to win it.
Thanks for the giveaway:)
191. Diana Oelrich
I would love a copy of that book! I'll share it with my grandchildren.
192. mandolin
I'll share my grandchildren for that book.
194. juan andres
looks great! I had no idea it existed.
Of course, it figures. With so many witches around, you just had to publish it.
195. karenc
So THAT'S why people have children!
196. Michelle Kelley-Shea
Finally, a cookbook to go with Jonathan Swift and his solution to the 18th Century's"Irish Problem"! *sniff* I'm all choked up!
197. piglet's revenge
Baby arms of asparagus, baby legs of corn, baby ears of cauliflower...all go so well with the baby back ribs!

My daughter and I would love to read this book!
198. Kris T.
I love sardonic children's books. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of The Witch's Guide!!!
199. katmagick
I would love to win a copy. Sounds very interesting.
200. Paula S.
I never enter blog contest but I just can't resist. As the mother of two feuding teenage girls, I feel like donating to the ingredient list today.
201. pei Jason L
Sounds like a fun book to read with a bedtime snack. Good luck to all, and to most of you: see you at the bookstore!
202. Knelly
I want this book, my pretty.
203. Hann1bal
I've gotta win one of these sometime, right?
Louis Richards
204. lummer5000
I've always hated the elder female relatives that said, "Don't you look good enough to eat?"
Mostly because I knew they were lying. :)
205. brooke p
Awww what a taste read... I totally agree that life is sometimes sooo much more fun when we take time to think like a child... My kids help remind me of that....
206. Tawnda
sounds like a fun book
207. Allegro
How odd. But it's intriguing!
208. Bambi M
This sounds like a great book, everyone knows witches make the best food!
209. Angela Palmer
I like it!
210. Maggie Mata
I would love this for my daughter.
211. Summer D
This sounds great! I would love to read it.
212. PaulaS
Would love to have this book!
213. JaynaM
Yum! A new cookbook.
Sounds like a fun addition to the library.
214. Priscilla P.
Sounds like a great book for my 5 Grandchildren.
215. Lily Kwan
Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!
216. TiffaniA
What a *fun* book! I'd eat it right up :)
218. Tricia Andrews
This looks like a really interesting book. My stay at home mom friends (I am a SAHM myself) and I might pass this one around a few times!
219. teachermom
Science teachers always have the best imagination, and Keith McGowan proves it with THE WITCH'S GUIDE TO COOKING WITH CHILDREN.
220. MKJamison
Should be a fun book. Would love to share this with my grandchild.
221. silvija
I would love this book. Not sure which of my book collections it would go in though, cookbooks or sci-fi/fantasy??
222. Spidey
My wife and I would love this book; she loves to cook, and I've always wanted to have children!
223. Jackee
This looks like such a fun book!
224. rb109972
sounds great!
225. Lisa Richardson
I'm still trying to convince my children and grandchild that I'm a witch. I've accomplished the eyes in the back of the head thing, but they aren't totally sold on the rest of it. Although I do have a magic wand, with glitter inside of the lucite tube.

Yes, I have a good imagination.

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