Nov 16 2009 1:58pm

Makers Tile Game, 7x7 iteration now live

We’re getting closer and closer! I’m happy to announce that the Makers Tile Game, developed by Malloc Media, has been updated today to its 7 x 7-tile iteration. Additionally, the saving mechanism has been upgraded so that you can now download a larger version of the compositions you create! You can reach the game by either hitting the in-line link in the previous sentence, or by clicking on the Makers Tile Game graphic on our “Featured on” sidebar to the right. Happy remixing!

Pablo Defendini has been sucked into a clicktrance on the Makers Tile Game more times than he’d like to remember.

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seth e.
1. seth e.
Yay added functionality! It was getting hard to see in there.

I still have no idea how it relates to the story, which I haven't been reading, but it looks great.

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