Nov 17 2009 5:17pm

Book Giveaway! Ying Compestine’s A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts

Henry Holt has generously donated ten copies of Ying Compestine’s collection A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts: A Collection of Deliciously Frightening Tales for Tor.com’s readers! Ying has blogged about some of the real life events that inspired her stories here on the site, and now you have your chance to read them for yourself. Here’s the official blurb:

According to Chinese tradition, those who die hungry or unjustly come back to haunt the living. Some are appeased with food. But not all ghosts are successfully mollified. In this chilling collection of stories, Ying Chang Compestine takes readers on a journey through time and across different parts of China. From the building of the GreatWall in 200 BCE to themodern day of iPods, hungry ghosts continue to torment those who wronged them.

At once a window into the history and culture of China and an ode to Chinese cuisine, this assortment of frightening tales—complete with historical notes and delectable recipes—will both scare and satiate!

A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts has earned a starred review in Publishers Weekly, and recommendations from Kirkus, Booklist, and Horn Book, among others.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Monday, November 23rd, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before we select a new winner.

Shay D.
2. shaydchara
Oh, I really enjoyed reading Ying's blog posts about this book. Would love to read it!
Pam K
4. PamK
I would like to win a copy of this book
6. ark4str
This book is on my 2 read list!
7. seth e.
I feel I can relate to this book more than most, since I'm hungry right now.
10. SarahH
Sounds great! I've had my eye on that book :-)
Marcus W
13. toryx
I've been loving her posts and I'm eager to read the book. Count me in!
Jaymee Goh
15. Jha
Her posts made me miss the Hungry Ghost festivals back home. ;_; Want!
Chris Casinghino
17. zarvok
Her posts have been really interesting, and in many cases inspiring. Would love a copy of this!
20. LP Huntington
I want to win! Pick me!
David Goldfarb
23. David_Goldfarb
Ying Compestine's blog posts have been interesting, so I wouldn't mind getting to read the book.
24. Sue R.
Oh! Love the cover. I love to win a copy. Thanks!
25. photon
i'd love to read this
natalie wilkie
26. tesla314
The "making of" blog posts about this book have been fascinating. I'd love a copy!
27. Michael Kwan
I agree with everyone else. I'm looking forward to this one too.
28. Anders Monsen
I read Ying Compestine blog today for the first time, which led me to her site and the fascinating story about her life and books. Definitely plan on buying some of her books now. Thanks.
29. audra smith
oh i wanted to buy this but save me a few bucks please!!
30. Nick Carney
Pick me, pick me!
Alejandro Melchor
32. Al-X
I have it on my wishlist already and would love to get it :)
33. jefff
Please count me in.
34. Kevin Faulk
Already on my reading list, this would bump it up.
36. ThomM
My goodness these stories sound great.
37. Bethanyfig
I love anything about food...
39. Susan at Stony River
I loved Ying's blog posts last month; the book sounds fantastic.

Thanks for all the giveaways btw! They've been a lot of fun.
nicole tancreto
42. sparkatito
the blog post definitely piqued my interest in this collection. please let me be lucky!
43. JakeLsewhere
Looks like a good one.
44. Kvon
If I win, I would pass it one to my Chinese-American sister-in-law (after I read it) whom I'm hoping to get into more sf/fantasy.
45. GalMontag
Creepy Chinese ghost stories? Yes, please!
Ben Wert
47. bennyrex
Would really like this, especially after the blog posts.
48. btfreek
Sounds _very_ good.
50. Teka Lynn
Oh wow! I really want to read this.
52. hatbooks
On my to-read list!
53. Liathiana
I really want to read this! Nice giveaway, thank you!
54. azmodean
Ooh, I've been reading her articles, wannttt itttt!
56. ninefly
oh wow, Chinese ghost stories! I'd love to enter please! thanks!
Emily Lind
58. Malana
Been wanting to check this one out. Sounds very interesting.
Heather Johnson
60. HeatherJ
This isn't something that would have appealed to me, but after reading all the author's guest posts I really want to read this book!
65. gkan
It does looks frightening.
67. Aik Chien
This book sounds so interesting! Please enter me! Thanks!
68. deadjack
I've been reading most of her posts and have found them very interesting and would like to read some of her short stories.
69. rushmc
This book looks intriguing.
Chris Hall
71. bookwormchris
I am interested. *eyes stacks of books waiting for attention*
Sarah Hale
73. rocketshale
The posts about this book at Tor have really got my interested. It's on my booklist books I want to read already. :}
louella mahabir
74. loulou
Would love to get a bite outta this...
76. Havoc641
Good luck with the book
thanks for the chance to win one
Tim Lewis
77. RaPToRFunK
I love scary stories and I've been to China. I haven't read any scary stories from China. Nice giveaway!
Curtis Chen
80. sparCKL
Fools! If you give a ghost a cookie...
Wendy Chua
81. wchua
I grew up reading, watching and listening to Chinese ghost stories and would love to read this!
Sandi Kallas
82. Sandikal
I'd love to read this. My daughter had an Asian roommate in college whose mother was very upset about their choice of apartments. Apparently, it was too close to the National Cemetery and she was afraid that the ghosts would steal their food. I only just recently learned that this wasn't one woman's eccentricity, but a whole cultural tradition.
87. Phil Moulton
I've had my interest in this piqued by the blog entries. Thanks for the chance to win a copy...
88. Gina @ BookDragon's Lair
sounds fascinating, I'd love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance.
Tricia May
90. may602
I've been intrigued by her posts...I can just imagine how interesting the whole book will be. Thanks.
92. gt0163c
Sounds really interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!
Sean Banawnie
94. Seanie
enjoyed the blog, would love the book !
96. Arithmos
Looks like a very interesting book. Can't wait to read it one way or another.
Sarah Wilson
99. Wilson
I am really interested in reading this book.
100. Amanda M.
This is already on my tbr list, so it'd be awesome to win.
101. Hann1bal
Ooh, that sounds very interesting.
103. steampunk4ever
I want to read this!
104. Brit Mandelo
It certainly looks good--I'd love a copy.
106. drunes
I've been loking at this book. It seems like it would be a good read.
Christine Parker
107. cdparker13
I'd love to be able to mark this off of my Christmas list. :)
108. storyteller
This book seems to fit the criteria for my research into ghost tales for young adult readers.
Anne Mathewson
110. AnneMath
My birthday's coming up. Wouldn't this book make a lovely gift?
114. rubydog
Wow! I would love to win this collection.
Great site and great contest.
117. time_to_read
Chinese food and ghosts sounds like a good combination.
120. ofabookworm
Oh! I would love a chance to read this.
121. Osay84
Sign me up for one :)
122. Roberta Taylor
Ghosts and good food- what a great combination!
124. R. Emrys
Looks interesting!
127. cdalek
The book sounds really interesting.
129. puredoxyk
Mmm, I love Chinese. ;)
Evan Leatherwood
130. ELeatherwood
This hungry ghost is satisfied only by stories.
Nyna Derringer
132. nyna
Ying's posts have certainly intrigued me... The book looks awesome!
134. Brook Yu
I'm pretty sure my cats are actually hungry ghosts...
Darius Bacon
135. Darius
These blog posts interested me in the book, too.
140. NegativeQ
Sign me up! This book sounds right up my alley!
Nicole Cantwell
141. NclCntwll
Sounds like Juon or one of the other angry ghost movies where the ghosts will haunt you until you die.
142. wonderbrad2000
bang goes the tequila!
alessandro montagner
143. black_swan
I thought giveaways only happened during steampunk months!
145. cscreiffey
Please. Seriously.
146. Reesha
Wow! What a premise! I'm hooked already.
I really, really, really hope I win this book...but even if I don't, thanks for the heads up about such a promising read. I mean, c'mon. Ghosts + Cuisine + Chinese Culture = Awesome.
Jody Crocker
147. Jei
I already have this book on my reading list. Please pick me, pick me.
148. B. Durbin
I love well-told ghost stories. I'm not sure if I'd heard about hungry Chinese ghosts before but it just clicks into place as though it's something I've always known.
150. Carbonel
Horn Book, too, eh? Count me in...
151. patitapirata
Ooh, now this looks very interesting!
152. JennyJ
Sounds like a fantastic read!
153. glinda
Ooooh! I'd love to win this one...
Tom Hill
154. thill2
What a perfect Christmas present for my son. Please, make me a hero!
155. madscientistnz
Sounds interesting!
Erika A.
159. brownjawa
Oooo sounds interesting, count me in! :D
Jen Puddester
160. sinehster
Hooray! I just found this through a link and ooh boy, I hope I win, 'cos man, free books are awesome!
161. Stepk
Fascinating! Looks like a tour de force in a culture that is still so foreign to many of us.
L J Young
162. ljyoung
I appreciate SF/fantasy books that provide information about other cultures.

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