Nov 18 2009 1:06pm

Audio for Unabridged Cryptonomicon and Zodiac

Hey all you Neal Stephenson fans, we’ve got a treat for you! Our friends at Macmillan Audio have just released two classic Stephenson novels, Cryptonomicon and Zodiac, which were previously unavailable as unabridged audio. They were produced years ago, but were heavily abridged. These new editions feature the complete work. You can buy these audiobooks at (Cryptonomicon, Zodiac) and on iTunes (Cryptonomicon, Zodiac). In the meantime, you can check out samples of both audiobooks using the player widget beyond the cut:

Michael C
1. MrStitches
OMFG I have been waiting for an unabridged Cryptonomicon for ages! I just wish I knew before I used this month's credits.
David Lewis
2. dglewis
Wouldn't an unabridged audio Crytonomicon take, like, seven years to listen to?

I mean, I loved the book, but you could use it to kill small animals.

Even the paperback.
Mitchell Downs
3. Beamish
It will be nice when we can finally buy these without DRM infections.
Christopher Key
4. Artanian
dglewis@2, it's 40 hours. I noticed it show up in this week's dump of new Audible titles and had already bought it before I saw this. It's definitely my second-favorite Stephenson, behind Snow Crash. Now all we need is unabridged audio for the Baroque Cycle.

Be aware, it's a 2-credit book. But at 40 hours I don't think that's a huge problem.

By the way, the Jonathan Davis narrated unabridged version of Snow Crash is awesome, very well done, in my opinion.
Tudza White
5. tudzax1
Excellent, whoever thought the "unabridged excerpts" route was a good idea needs to be slapped.

How does the size of this one compare to Anathem? I have that as unabridged audio and it's great. I also got the music based on it and used for section breaks, great stuff.
Christopher Key
6. Artanian
Anathem is 32 hours, so this is 25% longer. Read by William Dufris, so one of the readers for Anathem. I have it, have not listened to it yet, though.
Church Tucker
7. Church
Now if only Audible would drop the DRM, I'd buy one.
Christopher Key
8. Artanian
Church@7, it is possible to get rid of the DRM, if your google-fu is strong. Or for that matter, they let you burn to CD so you can always burn to CD and then rip it, for a small loss in fidelity. Audible's pretty agressive about getting web pages taken down that describe how, so I won't do so here. However, Audible's DRM, when combined with itunes/ipod meets my criteria for being non-offensive.

a) It just works, and when I upgrade or swap out ipods I don't have to do anything. I'm on my fifth one right now, with two swapped out under warranty.

b) They give me the works at a significant discount to the non-DRM'd versions available. Audible credits work out to about $10 each, depending on which plan you're on, and it's not uncommon at all for works to be available for a single $10 credit that would have been $50-60 on CD.

b is the clincher, if you're going to take something from me, via DRM, you have to give me something back. And here, they have.

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