Nov 6 2009 2:35pm

Attention, Hoopy Froods! A Giveaway!

Do you know where your towel is? Right now? This instant?

Do you want to?

Thanks to the wonderful Colleen Lindsay, we have a prize pack to give away, consisting of a set of the new US editions of Douglas Adams’ original five-book Hitchhiker trilogy; a signed copy of Eoin Colfer’s new Hitchhiker book, And Another Thing; a copy of Colfer’s Artemis Fowl; and your very own DON’T PANIC tea-towel. (The words on the towel are much larger and friendlier that that; see below.)

The Rules: All you have to do to win this embarrassment of riches is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post before noon EST, Tuesday, November 10th. A winner be be selected at random. Please check your email on Tuesday! You have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner. And if you’re not the winner this time, well...

Megan Messinger’s parents skimped a bit on their preparatory research, and thought that a double-initial would be nicely inconspicuous.

elysabeth williams
1. elysabeth williams
:: obligatory comment ::
elysabeth williams
2. LauraKD
Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
elysabeth williams
6. RemSaverem
OOOOh, drooool. Almost as sexy as my signed leatherbound copy of the trilogy. :)
Katie Schmidt
7. safarikate
*This comment may be found at the bottom of a locked filing cabinet, stuck in a disused lavatory, with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard.'* :)
elysabeth williams
10. Killane
I do enjoy this series wholeheartedly.
elysabeth williams
11. snowfire
Great giveaway, I love Douglas Adams books :)
Todd Johansen
12. Gher06
Really need to read this series. Getting them all for free would be a step in the right direction. :D
elysabeth williams
13. ChrisBinSEA
Yes please
Dru O'Higgins
15. bellman
They will look great beside my copy of the radio scripts.
elysabeth williams
18. DemetriosX
Oh, what the heck, why not?
Judy Martin
19. martinji
heard the last part read on bbc7 last week - must read the book!
Frank Nagy
21. fjnagy
OK, I won't panic... now where did I put my towel?
elysabeth williams
22. Krispymac
Trying to think of something clever and witty enough to win this chunk of awesomeness... My towel and love for Marvin will have to suffice.
elysabeth williams
23. robbadler
Towel is in my bag, by the door.
Yes please :D
elysabeth williams
24. Jeremy Preacher
I don't know where *my* towel is, by my co-worker's is always close at hand.
elysabeth williams
25. jefff
Pick me please!
Dale Wentz
26. digid
Another giveaway, cool. I think I am having Steampunk week withdrawal!
elysabeth williams
27. JoeAndersen
Please sass my hoopy comment. It really knows where its towel is.
elysabeth williams
28. Rick in stumptown
I thought about holding off and trying to be commentor number 42, but realized I'm not that patient and said screwit I'm commenting now. I dig that hoopy towel, too much!
elysabeth williams
30. Pat Doherty
You should always know where your towel is. Now please pass me those peanuts, I need the salt.
elysabeth williams
34. The Literary Omnivore
What riches!
Benjamin Hinojosa
35. NebsiNsaNe
Does the Eoin Colfer installment live up to Douglas Adam expectation? Read all of the Artemis Fowl series and wasn't sure this author could pull it off.. Only way to find out is to read it I guess.. Lets hope I win this then.. ^_^
Marita Maskulin
36. Marita
First reaction: "Gimme gimme gimme! IWANNAHAVEITRIGHTNOW!" Ahem. NOT a patient person here.. I would be happy to give a home to that collection. Thanks for the cool giveaway.
Gary Schaper
37. Garyfury
My towel's on the front passenger seat of my car. It's astonishing how frequently I actually do use it.
38. cirelle
Ooooh. I do need the salt. And that is a real pretty tea towel. :)
Luke M
39. lmelior
What?!? A new Hitchhiker book? Well it looks like my continual excuses for not reading the Artemis Fowl series must come to an end. Winning this giveaway would be a nice way to end the excuses.
Chris H-C
40. scriptedfate
A new Hitchhiker book? And it's by the Artemis Fowl author?

Count me in!
Amir Yoeli
41. Betterthenyouknew
who wouldn't comment for a giveaway like this...

I want it...
Bobby Berry
43. bvberry
Love the Hitchhiker series. Want to read the Artemis Fowl series, too. And the towel is always a necessity.
Ross Newberry
44. rossnewberry
One of my favorite series ever. I'd love it.
elysabeth williams
45. photon
great giveaway
elysabeth williams
47. Salad Is Slaughter
Help, I don't know where my towel is at, so I need a new one.
Barry T
48. blindillusion
well if you insist on giving it to me for free...
Angel Banchev
52. Tiranas
wooley towelly goodness :) Want.So.Much ! :)
Matthew Schmeer
53. mwschmeer
Tomorrow's my birthday. How about giving me this as a gift?
elysabeth williams
54. kittypryde21
Pangalactic gargleblasters all around!
elysabeth williams
56. John MV Riggs
I love the Hitchhiker's Guide!
elysabeth williams
57. OtterB
That would be fun.
elysabeth williams
58. CousinJessica
Very nice! Our books are getting a bit raggedy.
Mark McKibben
59. Manzabar
The effect of winning this contest would be like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.
elysabeth williams
66. Chet Twarog
I had the honor of meeting Mr Adams at the Boston NESFA Worldcon as he autographed a book for my son.
Eric Carlson
67. Tennerock
I believe winning this contest would help this terrible pain I have in all the diodes down my left side.
elysabeth williams
68. Mara Jade
Eoin is Irish for awesome.
elysabeth williams
71. EliasC
Alea jacta est!
elysabeth williams
72. mamiku
I could always use another tea towel....
elysabeth williams
73. Superquail
Count me in!!
elysabeth williams
74. Jeremy Nicoll
I refuse to comment on this article out of principle.
elysabeth williams
75. dreamysusan
Pick me! Ever since my dastardly sister took my book set...I have been nearly nonfunctional.
Brian Roloff
77. Ronin-alTyr
Talk about your MONSTER give-a-way! When my best friend moved to Charleston, I give him a towel that was imprinted with” Here’s a Frood who really knows where his towel is!”
Pellegrina Stoat
80. Pellegrina
I definitely need my house to tell me not to panic!
elysabeth williams
81. Lord Naryb
As you wish. :)
elysabeth williams
82. Foiled Again
Cool prizes.
elysabeth williams
83. R. Emrys
I've had the "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish" song going through my head all day.
justin tyler
84. cedarpark
I'd like to throw my hat in here. If I had one.
elysabeth williams
88. MattKelland
I know exactly where my towel is. I'm wearing it!
elysabeth williams
93. tcg
Can't have too many towels.
elysabeth williams
94. Zaphod B.
Good to see the series continue in able hands!
elysabeth williams
95. ark4str
OH hell yeah my last towel was eaten.
Roland Schigas
97. rschigas
The towel would be great. I could also do with a pair of Peril Sensitive Sunglasses!
elysabeth williams
98. Alex S.
Some good looking books you've got there!
elysabeth williams
100. Chimera
WooHoo!!! Count me in, please!
Tony Smith
101. g8rda
So long and thanks for all the free gifts?
elysabeth williams
102. Voyageur
I am presently in heightened state of panic as I unknowingly travel forward in time to noon EST, Tuesday, November 10th... Where's my H2G2?
elysabeth williams
103. notr2d2
This one is mine!
Corey McKinnon
105. CMcKinnon
Looking up into the night sky is looking into infinity - distance is incomprehensible and therefore meaningless.
ennead ennead
106. ennead
I just moved my couch without getting it stuck. I therefore deserve to win.
elysabeth williams
107. Jelsel
ooooohhhh, a soothing towel, just what i need :D
Travis Splawn
108. MoreBooksForMe
Awesome, I would like to start the Hitchhiker series and this would give me the perfect chance, plus a kick-ass towel.
elysabeth williams
109. Staver808
Great giveaway! These are always fun to enter.
Tim Lewis
110. RaPToRFunK
Right when I notice that I am missing a couple of my well-worn Hitchhiker series, you go and do this., you rock.
elysabeth williams
111. SLP
Hoopy deal. Definitely will help me remember my towel.
Lowell Gilbert
113. lowell
The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair.
elysabeth williams
115. John Hattan
Much love!
T. Worth
118. silverbullet23
Awesome..... best series of books ever....

Stefan Keel
119. Sak102010
Comment goes here.... Win can be sent to me. ;)
Daniel Goss
121. Beren
This looks incredible. I hope I get a closer look at it soon.
elysabeth williams
124. thermalsatsuma
~waves~ :-)
elysabeth williams
125. Mike McClure
My don't panic towel, right this moment, is resting atop my dehumidifier.

Just so you know :)
elysabeth williams
127. rkmobius
Slartibartfast told me to.
elysabeth williams
128. Ted O'Brien
Hoopy Froods!!
elysabeth williams
132. Amanda M.
OMG!!! I'm twitchy from the excitement of this giveaway! Want, very much.
elysabeth williams
133. drdreus
I never could get the hang of Tuesdays. Commented!
Andrew Scott
134. ascott4321
I always meant to read those books, haven't gotten to them yet though
Sandra Zabarovska
135. Kibrika
Wow. This place has the most awesome give-aways.
elysabeth williams
136. dakegra
trying manfully not to panic.
Rob Klingenberger
137. rsklinge
This is outstanding stuff. Comment! :)
elysabeth williams
138. Shotobouv
I wonder what Marvin would say?
elysabeth williams
145. Megantron
Step 1: Panic
Step 2: Repeat Step 1
Step 3: Start over at Step 1
146. Freelancer

I'm just this guy, see.

But I still want that stuff, and no hyperintelligent pandimensional beings will keep me from it.
elysabeth williams
147. Hyperion76
And somehow, I just know that losing this will be directly caused by Arthur Dent. Sigh, not again!
katherine m.
150. kittenscribble
It's the towel I find most tempting, actually.
elysabeth williams
151. Armchair Astronaut
Me so wanty
Beth Armitage
152. kirilaw
I am insufficiently witty to come up with anything clever for this begging comment.

Therefore, I clearly need this prize.

elysabeth williams
153. boyhowdy
better give it to me or i'll read you vogon poetry
Jakob Barnard
154. olorinpc
heh, our dart team name is "Don't Panic" with the tagline being "Always know where your beer is at."
Jacy Clark
155. Amalisa
"Eddies," said Ford, "in the space-time continuum."
"Ah," nodded Arthur, "is he? Is he?

Heavens, I love these books!!
Kerwin Miller
156. tamyrlink
OMG! yes please! pick me! errr randomly of course...
Mitchell McGlaughlin
158. mitchmcg
One Hoopy Frood with a large, empty space on his bookshelves
elysabeth williams
159. Michael Habif
Yes please
elysabeth williams
162. audra smith
oh please!! 42 is my lucky number!!
Evan Jensen
164. eoghanacht
I'd be a happy Frood if I had one of those sets.
elysabeth williams
168. Manuel Yupa
Yess! Winning this would be an amazing early Christmas present!
elysabeth williams
169. Bethanyfig
:) Fun reading
elysabeth williams
171. JD Scott
Don't Panic!
Peter Killinger
172. Marshal_Kilgore
So Long, and Thanks for All the Giveaways! >;-)
elysabeth williams
175. worthy
ooooooooooh. I need this one.
elysabeth williams
176. nlowery71
Not panicking.
elysabeth williams
182. Alexandria
This comment courtesy of the girl with a "42" tattooed on the back of her neck :)
elysabeth williams
183. manikpixi
Me me me me me me me me!
elysabeth williams
186. Papajack
GREAT give away!!!
elysabeth williams
187. Papajack
GREAT give away!!!
elysabeth williams
188. HarlequinZane

Just try not to think
elysabeth williams
190. opheliasdaisies
This is an awesome contest! :)
elysabeth williams
191. aweguku
Live by the 42, die by the 42!
Andrew Ty
193. eldritch00
Oh, sweet Slartibartfast, please please please!
elysabeth williams
194. btfreek
thisissocool :D
Sean Newton
195. SJN
These are my favorite books. This would be awesome to get.
elysabeth williams
196. Jonathan Buford
Whoohoooo! I'm in.
elysabeth williams
197. aoifeharper
yes, please
elysabeth williams
199. Steven Landell
And the comment...
elysabeth williams
201. Arevanye
Excited! Promises not to panic!
elysabeth williams
204. Knucklehead
ok, I'll take 'em off your hands.
elysabeth williams
205. Jeff Dougan
6 x 9 = 42 in base 13.
elysabeth williams
208. Avindah
I really need a new towel my dog ate mine :(
j p
210. sps49
What is a tea towel?

for 209- 42?
elysabeth williams
211. Sihaya
I love HHG2G so much, but I'm afraid that I must place this under the Christmas tree. For a whole year, I may be the coolest mom ever!
Radcliffe Cutshaw
212. rcutshaw
great books, great series, and the final finish?
elysabeth williams
215. KingMob
I know where my towel is... at least I think I do.
elysabeth williams
216. Areteo
Nice giveaway, thank you.
elysabeth williams
217. Adam Harward
I need a towel.
elysabeth williams
218. Evan Hunt
The towel will definitely come in handy, with this ravenous bugblatter beast infestation I've got in my attic.
elysabeth williams
220. gloria v
what a fun contest. Interesting name Hoopy Froods how did you come up with that name? Happy Holidays.
Emma Jackson
223. EmJ18
That towel is made of awesome! :D hehe
Peter Nein
224. gimpols1908
Well, I am a 30(grumble)yr old who has read the artimus fowl series... so I got that going for me...
Cathy Mullican
225. nolly
Not like I ever win these things, but what the hey...
elysabeth williams
227. Ian Wood is MY name
I'd really love to comment, but unfortunately I am unable to type at the moment because I have been captured by pirates who've hacked off my arms.
elysabeth williams
228. Leslie G.
Not panicking here. :) Amazing giveaway!
elysabeth williams
230. ChadG
Oh, pleasepleaseplease...
elysabeth williams
232. Henri Bourcereau
I'd love this too
Justin Adair
233. Hobbyns
Comment submitted. I have my towel on standby.
Adam Parsons
236. Belement
I hope international entrants are up for possible consideration.. :D
elysabeth williams
238. DCP84
In for the win!
elysabeth williams
239. Don Quijote
Me, me, me... don't forget me...
elysabeth williams
240. MDominic
I have a brain the size of a planet...and I still want this prize.
Paul Eisenberg
242. HelmHammerhand
I would like this prize. Thanks for the opportunity.
elysabeth williams
244. Shireling
Great contest -- thanks.
elysabeth williams
246. cantfindalias
obligatory belated comment
elysabeth williams
247. rambert
Me Please - me me me me me
jon meltzer
248. jmeltzer
Thanks to Douglas Adams, my towel is always the first thing I remember to bring on trips.

And I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed - these diodes on the left side, you know. So cheer me up with the prize.
elysabeth williams
249. rubydog
Great giveaway!
I would love to win.
elysabeth williams
251. jstubbs
Wholly remarkable books!
elysabeth williams
254. Grotesk
The perfect towel into which one might soak nutritious beverages for later consumption. Nutritious beverages such as gin, for example.
Matias Miguez
255. meiyas
I'm Mostly Harmless, i need this prize.
elysabeth williams
257. Mark039
Yes please. I love Ford Prefect.
elysabeth williams
259. RunawayRunaway
Is it guarded by a leopard?
elysabeth williams
260. davebush
Pick me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
elysabeth williams
263. Liesel
i never leave the house without my towel
elysabeth williams
264. RSnaps
I lost my towel and need a new one!
elysabeth williams
266. Aatish
comment allez vous?
elysabeth williams
267. Sue R
Oh me!!! Pick me!
Mimi Epstein
268. hummingrose
I need a towel to be a hoopy frood. Please pick me!
elysabeth williams
269. jimsnapintoa
Free stuff! I like free stuff.... and I like to read! See? I'm the perfect one to win this prize. Everyone else on who has commented is illiterate, so they don't need it!

JK everyone :)
elysabeth williams
270. Starchaser
Don't Panic!
elysabeth williams
271. StephS
Sorry I'm late to the commenting. I was busy reciting Vogon poetry.
elysabeth williams
272. C. Daetwyler
This is a comment pretending that is something which is not a comment imagining that it is playing the role of a comment.
Pete Miller
273. Doc_Savage
Sure, I'll comment. My daughter loved Hitchhiker's and this could net me the whole series! Thanks.
elysabeth williams
275. pat3001
Well, why not.
elysabeth williams
276. deadboy09
Froody! I'm in.
Glenn Savage
277. shafik69
I love competition and give aways!

elysabeth williams
279. Hann1bal
Ooh, me, me! Pick me!
elysabeth williams
280. elizabelle
Awesome set of books.
elysabeth williams
281. semphora
keeping in line with my towel day tour earlier this year ( i think i could make good use of these.
Sarah Wilson
284. Wilson
And I thought the wonders of giveaways were going to end. Yes, please, may I have some more.
elysabeth williams
285. crcb
The oracular crow alerted monstrous sockets towards stickier defaults.
elysabeth williams
286. Mike Hill
better than a pan-galactic gargle blaster!
elysabeth williams
287. Airborne
Don't Panic!
Oooohhh, I need a replacement towel!!! (Yellow bulldozer...)

I like the color blue. (yellow bulldozer.....)

Such nice letters......YELLOW BULLDOZER!
elysabeth williams
289. Nina Armstrong
elysabeth williams
290. slan agat
The reader thoroughly scanned the linguistic centres of the blogger's brain and sent some test signals to determine how the blogger would react to various word combinations. No one knew why it did this, as it invariably produced a block of text which was almost but not quite entirely unlike a comment.
elysabeth williams
292. dg10050
Hopefully I'm a man to be reckoned with.
elysabeth williams
293. inversejerk
cool, cause currently i never know where my towel is
elysabeth williams
294. JakeLsewhere
Spiffy ^_^
elysabeth williams
295. martinus
This would help the terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side
René Walling
296. cybernetic_nomad
I think I'll skip the funny comments and simply post.
Scott Raun
297. sraun
Oh, my wife always knows where her towel is! I'd love to have these to give to her.
elysabeth williams
298. themightychancellor
Winning or not, at least I know where my towel is.
elysabeth williams
299. Borningstar
Douglas Adams is the best thing since sliced bread, and the Hitchhikers series doubly so.
Tim Novak
300. Spiderbox
I have gifted away many of Adams' work. Phenomenal series. The Hitchhiker's universe is one of those series that I make a point to visit every year.
Eric Riemer
301. jester
I almost want this set just for the towel
elysabeth williams
303. Lady Amelia
:D Win! Hitchhiker's is a great series! I'm excited to read this new one, as I've enjoyed the Artemis Fowl series, as well.
Sean Banawnie
305. Seanie
Panic , me ?
oh God please give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
elysabeth williams
306. borderorient
One post, hold the funny comment.
elysabeth williams
307. azmodean
Oh frabjous joy!

(yea I know, wrong story)
elysabeth williams
308. ninefly
oh yay! prize pack for Hitchhiker's Guide!
I'd love to enter~

(hope this is open to Canadians?)
elysabeth williams
309. Dragynwing
i'm posting this from within the Heart of Gold so i automatically win, right?
Michael Perry
311. Merriick
Squee! the only language that can communicate how much i want this, is dolphin... and i've forgotten how to speak dolphin.
elysabeth williams
313. Andr Drew
Want! also, I did not know that the Hitchiker set was being further expanded! Is it still a trilogy?
elysabeth williams
314. Elijah (another one)
Heh, gotta be in it to win it.
And I love the way it's become a trilogy of lots.
elysabeth williams
315. Jayekitty
Well, now we know that the ultimate question to life, the universe, and everything is /not/ 'will you comment on this post?'
elysabeth williams
317. Kayles
I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.
elysabeth williams
320. Shad M.
That towel is groovy.
elysabeth williams
322. Alden Ash
Yeah Colfer & Adams!
elysabeth williams
323. Story Cottage
I need to replace my Hitchhiker series and get the new one anyway. Crossing my fingers ...
elysabeth williams
324. Doctor Tucker
good for what ails me.
elysabeth williams
325. tuka again
perhaps I will be luckier with this than I was during Steampunk month, at least I hope I am.
elysabeth williams
326. Karen in TN
Great contest (at least, great prizes).
Bo and Steve Caunce
328. BoSt
Oh, a free towel. Of course I want one, and those books are just the thing to keep it from blowing away in the wind. Thank you.
elysabeth williams
330. Xak
I think this is possibly the most exciting give-away I've seen on this website!!!!
nadav shner
331. nadav1
New side-towels for the next towel-day, how cool that is.
Wonderful giveaway
Tricia May
332. may602
Oh, what a gift this would be...please, please, please pick me!!!
elysabeth williams
333. gt0163c
My towel is in my backpack which is almost always within arms reach. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like another. :)
Thanks for the chance to win!
elysabeth williams
334. Not a Name
Yes please!
Captain Hammer
335. Randalator
Of course I know where my towel is. But it can never hurt to have a spare.
elysabeth williams
340. aetherical
I throw myself at your feet (and hopefully miss)....
Alex Johns
342. almuric
I comment in your general direction.
Ryan Gustafson
343. robotrevolution
This would be a cool prize. I've been wondering if Eoin's book is good.
Sarah Peck
344. akacapa
I feel behind the times now. Wasn't even aware Eoin's book was out yet.
Paul Lewandowski
347. Snowkestrel
What's funny is, I just had to explain the meaning of 'hoopy frood' to my 9 and 11 year old children over the weekend. This would be a nice way to drive the lesson home!
Joanna Staebler-Kimmel
352. shadowsong
my bookshelves currently have a shocking lack of douglas adams.
Bill Williams
354. billsquared
This particular frood could stand to be a bit more hoopy. This would help!
elysabeth williams
355. Magentawolf
Dude, where's my towel?
Ian Hannan
356. moobeep
I still listen to the original radio show once a year or so.
elysabeth williams
359. Carbonel
I'm dubious myself, but considering what a popular guy Colfer is with our teen readers, it'd make a great SRP giveaway.

And of course I know where my towel(s) are. I travel with large dogs...
elysabeth williams
360. MiltonPope
The towel must be mine. Oh, and the books, too.
Luis Milan
361. LuisMilan
Count me in (if readers outside of the USA can participate, that is).

Anyway... just wanting to share something with people who even _know_ who Douglas Adams is: back in the late 90's, I think, I found a forum where someone posted what was supposed to be Douglas Adams' real email address. So naturally I emailed him something like, "Are you Mr. Douglas Adams? _The_ Douglas Adams?"

He replied "Well it wouldn't be fair to the other Douglas Adams living in England if I claimed to be _The_ Douglas Adams, but if you mean Douglas Adams the author then, yes, it's me" (more or less that's what he replied).

He's one of the funniest authors I've read, and he's surely missed by lots of people.
elysabeth williams
362. Cadsuwallop
Winning this would be even better than spending a year dead for tax purposes!
elysabeth williams
363. The Chief
Being a D.A. fan, those books would be nice. Having read all the Artemis books so far, I think a new hitchhiker book by Eoin Colfer is the draw here!

I remember thinking while reading the first Artemis book how the comic releif reminded me of someone...

And a towel TOO??? BRILLIANT!
elysabeth williams
364. boz42
Who better to win than the person who is known to the exectutive level of her company as '42' and keeps a towel on her shoulder all day at work? And I work in a office at a desk not in a restaurant washing dishes!
David C
365. Malkier
I feel like I should say something profound, but since it probably won't increase my chances I'll just say: Pick me! Pick Me!
elysabeth williams
368. Formerly Underhill
LOVE that towel. Mine got a little raggedy in the fijords, this would be a worthy successor.
Ryan Nash
369. RNash
That is quite the prize package. Those who put it together are hoopy froods indeed, may their towels stay soft and warm.
Jeremy Hull
370. snowdog79
I still think digital watches are a pretty good idea.
Theodore Minick
371. myrkul999
I WANT A TOWEL... seriously... I might just panic. ;)
Joan Mitchell
372. dragoness
I want the towel something awful... but I really, really do need the books.
Sara C
373. scham02
As long as I have that towel, I know everything will be alright.
Dusty Jewett
374. hatsix
I'm not certain I could come up with a gag that hasn't already come up
elysabeth williams
375. quegymo
I never could get the hang of Thursdays...
Katharina Schuschke
377. Kathrina
Why stop now, just when I'm hating it.
elysabeth williams
378. Lukenary
Is it ok if I still think digital watches are pretty neat?
elysabeth williams
379. FlamingWombat
Thanks for all the fish.
elysabeth williams
382. thatedeguy
Yay for giveaways!
elysabeth williams
pick me pick me!

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