Oct 23 2009 3:30pm

The Wheel of Time: The Gathering Storm Advance Review

Guess what Iiiii have…

That’s right, guys and gals, I have here beneath THIS VERY CUT an advance review of The Gathering Storm, the about-to-be-released twelfth novel in this little fantasy series one or two people may have heard about. You know me, I like to traffic in obscure works of litrachoor.

Or, er, whatever. Anyway! The rumors, they are true: I have indeed read the latest installment of the world-renowned Wheel of Time series, and I’m about to tell you what I thunk about it.

Rest assured that this review contains absolutely no spoilers of any kind – it’s in bold, so you know it’s true! – because I am a firm believer in the ancient Klingon proverb, that highly anticipated novels you will actually shell out to read in hardcover are a dish best served cold.

Corollararily, all youse mugs reading this review are asked, nay, exhorted to similarly refrain from spoiling people in the comments, once you have the wherewithal to do so. I would even ask that you continue to refrain from posting spoilers regarding the Prologue, Chapter 1, or Chapter 2, despite their public availability; remember, there are still people waiting to read the whole thing in one blow.

Yet fear not! For there will be another, infinitely more spoilerriffic TGS post going up (I hope) the day of release, in which you may yammer about TGS specifics to your heart’s content. But that is the entrée; this is the appetizer, so keep your spoilery little elbows off the table, sit up straight, and hold on to your drool until the main dish is soived, lest I rap yer knuckles with the Ladle of WOT Blogger Rage.

Look, I don’t know, I’m a little giddy here. I can’t imagine why!

So, if you dare, roll up your sleeves, grab a shrimp fork, shake off the weevils, and dig in!

I don’t mind telling you, I agonized a little bit – or maybe a lot of bit – over writing this review, even though this will probably be by necessity far shorter than the spoiler-laden review I plan to put up later. (Well. For Leigh values of “shorter”, anyway.) But that was actually part of the problem; accurately detailing my feelings about this book, which is something we as fans have been waiting for and anticipating and (in some cases) sort of dreading for four years, without being able to discuss the specifics of why I felt that way, has actually proven much more difficult to figure out how to write. But I did my best.

The main problem is that I have a lot of feelings about this book, in a way that’s very difficult to encapsulate with any kind of coherency. However, if I were absolutely forced to come up with one succinct phrase that sums up my reaction to The Gathering Storm, it would have to be this:

Holy shit.

I know, a New York Times review this is not. Come on, it’s not like you’re surprised. But, well, there you have it. Never let it be said I ain’t honest, though. Vulgar, but honest!

I really tried to come up with another way to express it, but I just couldn’t. The flabbergasted connotation of the profanity serves my purpose too well to be denied, since the sheer amount of emotional rollercoastering this thing put me through has principally left me rather dazed. The fact that I read all 300,000+ words of this absolute cinderblock of a novel in about six hours flat probably didn’t help, of course.

(As a side note on that, I don’t know if there are any folks left still complaining about splitting the last volume into three novels, but if there are, they can stuff it. This monstrosity practically gave me tennis elbow, and it’s just one-third of the story!)

So, what do I mean by “emotional rollercoastering”? Well, let’s see. In no particular order, and without naming names or places or, well, anything, TGS contained: at least two scenes that made me cry, several scenes that caused at least partial *headdesk*ing (I know, you’re shocked), a scene that managed to profoundly irritate me at the exact same time I was going “HELLS, YES”, a couple of scenes that made me go “wait, what?”, more than one scene that made me go “wait, WHAT?”, at least one scene that made me go “Awww”, a scene that upset me so much I had to put the book down and walk away for a while, a scene that left me with nothing but a kind of stunned feeling of “Uh. So... that happened”, one scene (and possibly two) that almost made me throw the book across the room, except that the book probably would have punched through the wall and killed someone in the next apartment, an extremely pivotal scene that I still can’t make up my mind on how I feel about it, except for giggling in diabolical glee anticipating the fan reaction, and at least two and probably three scenes (or hell, probably the entire plot arc, but definitely one scene in particular) that just may be the most awesomely awesome thing that ever awesomed in this series.

I’m serious on that last, I almost started clapping like a seal. And we are now declaring a moratorium on the word “scene” for the rest of this review, because it doesn’t even look like a word anymore.

So, yeah. “Emotional rollercoaster” is not even in it, you guys.

At least one criticism that can absolutely never be leveled at TGS is that nothing happened, because, um, no. The sheer amount of crap that happened in this book has kind of set my head a-whirl, actually. So much so, in fact, that I didn’t realize until after I’d finished it just how much stuff it never even got to – really important stuff, too!

And how was the writing, you ask?

Well, it was not the same. Not entirely. Much of it seemed to be the same vintage Jordan style we all know and love, of course, but there were definitely differences: a word or phrase here, a simile there, lines of dialogue or even entire internal monologues that were, not enough to take me out of the story, but enough to make me blink a bit. Little things, but things that definitely struck me as things Jordan would not have written.

Now mind you, however, “different” is not the same thing as “bad”, and it’s not like anyone should be surprised by this; Brandon and Harriet told us that Brandon was not going to try to slavishly imitate Jordan’s voice, and indeed we were made well aware that Brandon was going to bring his own voice into the story. I agree now, as I did then, that that was the right direction to go; if nothing else, the simple honesty of the decision makes me applaud it. Plus, it’s worth pointing out that for all the words and phrases I did note, there are likely ten times as many I didn’t. And frankly, I don’t know that the things that jumped out at me would even be noticed by someone who hasn’t been analyzing WOT literally almost line by line for the last ten months. In some ways I think I am really not the best person to judge on this score, simply because of how ridiculously close I am to the material.

That being said, I am hardly the only fan of which that is true, and I can predict with a fair degree of confidence that the difference is going to be something some readers won’t be able to get past. However, I will also say that I think they will be doing the book, and the series, a disservice by dismissing it on those grounds.

Obviously, we would all have preferred to have the Wheel of Time finished exactly as Robert Jordan would have finished it. But alas, fate was not so kind, and so we must instead be appreciative of the extremely apparent enormous amount of care and effort Mr. Sanderson (along with the rest of Team Jordan, to whom the novel is tellingly dedicated) poured into upholding Jordan’s legacy. And at the same time, I must admire Brandon’s bravery (I can’t think of another word to use for it) not only in taking on a task which to call “daunting” is to not even understand the scope of it, but in risking putting his own stamp on such a widely-known and fiercely beloved saga as the Wheel of Time.

And he does do so, in ways that are sometimes frankly rather shocking. (At least, I think they are his; the above notwithstanding, while I could pick out individual words here and there, it’s not usually obvious which scenes (oops) are Jordan’s and which are Sanderson’s, and which are both.) This is something I’ll have to discuss more later, when we get to the spoilers, but my point is TGS was not by any means a Mad Libs exercise where Brandon just filled in some nouns and dress descriptions; he is there in it too, and he makes some moves (again, I think; I’m just guessing here) which are – well, they are risky. Whether the risk pays off may have to be a decision personal to the individual reader.

For my part, even aside from scenes (agh!) of awesome awesomeing (*clapclap*), I may not be entirely sure how I feel about some of what happened in The Gathering Storm, whether it was Jordan’s work or Sanderson’s – one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a doozy of a recap – but there is no doubt that I’m damn glad they wrote it.

And I’m damn glad I got to read it.

And here endeth the review! Comment in peace, and without spoilers, please, and I’ll see you guys next week for The Post of Infinite Spoilers. This is gonna be fun.

Leigh Butler is a writer, blogger, and dilettante provocateur, who enjoys reading and writing fantasy, mangling the English language for fun and profit, and infuriating people with her opinions. She currently lives in New York City.

Barry T
2. blindillusion

I'm not going to add another comment just to do so, but now that I've read the review all I can say is Holy Crap!!! why can't Tuesday come after Friday every once in a while!!!!

anyway, JEJ, in case you don't notice in all the excitement of this review, I answered your question back on Part 31 of the reRead
lurker in the shadows
4. lurker in the shadows
Can't wait! Only 3 1/2 more days
Kristina Blake
5. kab1
awesome. can't wait till Tuesday!!!
David Scotton
6. Kaxon
Alright Leigh, you just convinced me to take Tuesday off from work, and I haven't even finished reading your review yet. (Admittedly I was already pretty excited about the book based on other things I've read like the original Dragonmount review).

- David
Adam Miller
7. AdamM
So jealous . . .

Though, who put this book coming out right before NaNoWriMo?
Thomas Keith
9. insectoid
This woman has no toh toward me. :)

We love you Leigh! Can't wait till Tuesday!

Sub @1: Well said!

jwdenzel @8: Quiet'll make everyone twitch even more! ;)
Alec Coquin
10. bloggeratf
Just finished it myself (took me about 12 hours) and I am feeling my elbows too.

Spoiler free, I can only say how happy I was with the book. It wasn't perfect, but it was excellent.

As far as recognizing scenes that are not Jordan's, there is one that just HAS TO BE Brandon's, may the dark one take my soul if I am wrong. For those of you at all familiar with RJ's note taking process, the scene will put a smile on your faces for sure.

Go Storm Leaders!
paul Hend
11. tugthis
Hmmm, a review that is not a review. . . like the last review that was not a review. Thanks I guess. . .
Sean Banawnie
12. Seanie

Tuesday !! Tuesday , I want it to be Tuesday!!!!

Thank You , Leigh .

And BS.

And of course, RJ.(JR)
lurker in the shadows
13. TexanSedai
I am now officially and totally pumped!!! As I have not been able to keep up with my own reread and have been using your recaps to refresh my memory Leigh, I am really hoping that the writing differences between authors is not something that jumps out at me. I am not nearly as versed in the WOT series as you and some other fans. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss :)

Now you have me so curious as to the awesomely awesome scene that I am just dying with aticipation!!! Can't wait til Tuesday!

Thanks for starting my weekend off right Leigh!
Chris Davis
14. SirSarek
6hrs? WOW... I consider myself a fast reader... but that's fast for the amount of content in this book.
Thanks for the review... can't wait till the pro-spoiler thread is up!
lurker in the shadows
15. Texas Hovda
I had requested this Tuesday off whenever they moved the release date to 10/27. I cannot wait!!! I will be at the book store at 9:55 AM, stare at the employees until they let this rabid fan into the doors, be back home by 10:15 and will not stop reading until I finish!!

lurker in the shadows
16. Zeynep
And now I'm wibbling and impatient and thank you very much, Leigh.

I meant that in both senses.
lurker in the shadows
18. NYStormLeader
Thanks for the honest review, Leigh! :D

@#8: Gotta LOL @ the trolls, Jason ;)
lurker in the shadows
19. Alfvaen
It was originally going to come out _during_ NaNoWriMo, wasn't it? I was almost considering not letting myself read it until December because of that. At least now I'll have the chance to finish it before November starts. But now I'll just have to hope it doesn't make me want to write 50,000 words of WoT fanfic. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Kjell Stahl
20. kstahl
Gnnnn... Must.. not.. explode...

*vibrates from excitement*

- Kjell
21. MasterAlThor


Uummm, eeeehhhhh, aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why oh why do we have to wait. I need to go to sleep and wake up on Tuesday.

I have the feeling I am going to have toh to someone real soon as I am going to jack someone for their book.

Scenes that made her cry, want to throw the book, cheer and be annoyed at the same time? Man, this is going to be good.

Tuesday may be a quiet day for the post ya'll. But of course those who got the book early (read: I hate you and am jealous) will be on as usual.
lurker in the shadows
22. BryanV
@7. AdamM
Yeah, really. Now I'm gonn have to read AND write in the same month!

Great review! Your "emotional rollercoaster" description makes me want Tuesday to come even sooner! I can't wait!!! I'm pumped!!
lurker in the shadows
23. Dholton

(ok, I feel better now...)

Thanks for the review Leigh!
j p
24. sps49
Huh. Sounds like another all-nighter is awaiting me....

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!
Kim B
25. Amaranthine
I am sooo excited! Unfortunately I'm away at college and don't have any way to get it, so the first chance for me to read it will be during my Christmas vacation. I can't wait!
Pelumi Adefope
26. GenghisCan
Ugh...This wait is killing me. Thanks, Leigh.

It seems that all reviews of TGS are favorable which is a plus and a a huge sign of approval for Brandon Sanderson.

I have a theory that TGS is the Empire Strikes Back of WoT books. I think it will be darker in tone as the Shadow starts to go on the offensive.
lurker in the shadows
27. Lost in my own mind
I want this book I want this book I want this book I want this book

I have been going to Borders all week to see if they put it early (it's happened before). Someone there confirmed to me that they have it in the store but they can't put it out till Tuesday. That kills me!! I want to buy it now!
lurker in the shadows
28. sus_b
I just finished reading TGS. I pre-ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I realize that this was a mistake on the bookstores part, and I held off reading the book for a whole 2 hours after it arrived, as I felt guilty knowing I got it before I was supposed to.

Oh, and I agree with Leigh

lurker in the shadows
29. trench
"the most awesomely awesome thing that ever awesomed in this series"

but there has been some really awesome awesomeness in this awesome series, how could something be more awesome the all the awesomness that preceeded it. it must be preeety awesome.

thanks for not spoiling either liegh
lurker in the shadows
30. red hand banner leader
When are you guys going to to do the spoiler!!!! out the country will not be there on Tuesday! AAAGGGHHH
lurker in the shadows
31. Balefiredjock
WANT TGS NOW !!!!!!!!! It's freaking 1 am here. I am so psyched up now, I feel like an energizer bunny. Eargh!!!! Now I'll have to go do my homework to get sleepy.*grumbles*. Yea I am 18, stupid college. And I envy all those ofyou who'll get it by Tuesday. I had to orderit from amazon as I don't think it's being released in India right away. *ogier grumble*. But now amazon says that the delievery time will take 3-6 weeks. * goes hulk crazy*

lurker in the shadows
32. Balefiredjock
WANT TGS NOW !!!!!!!!! It's freaking 1 am here. I am so psyched up now, I feel like an energizer bunny. Eargh!!!! Now I'll have to go do my homework to get sleepy.*grumbles*. Yea I am 18, stupid college. And I envy all those ofyou who'll get it by Tuesday. I had to orderit from amazon as I don't think it's being released in India right away. *ogier grumble*. But now amazon says that the delievery time will take 3-6 weeks. * goes hulk crazy*

Jason Denzel
33. JasonDenzel
So I talked to Leigh. What's cool is that her "awesomely awesome", chapter... is different than the one I picked as being "awesomely awesome". :D
Brandon D
34. Ishmayl
I can't frakkin wait. It's ridiculous that next Tuesday comes so late in the month this year.. :(
Rob Munnelly
35. RobMRobM
I should note, for entertainment value, that the no. 1 book in America is no longer Dan Brown's latest opus but the latest entry in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series aimed at pre-teens (such as my daughter, who has read the first two volumes). If we can't help Brandon and Harriet kick a fictional cartoon kid's butt in the marketplace next week, we should be ashamed. Rob
Barry T
36. blindillusion
Dan Brown still writes books?

Anyway, to add to my post above...why can't the 27th day come after the 23rd every now and again?

Blah, bring on the STORM!!!
37. MasterAlThor

What college do you go to that you cannot leave campus? Don't you have bookstores in town? Or at least a WalMart? Don't you have parents that will send it to you? What about siblings, or cousins? Hell even a favorite Aunt or Uncle?

There just has to be someway for you to get that book on Tuesday. You have to be smart since you are going to college, put that education to work. Think of something, anything. Just get that book on Tuesday.

Otherwise, I feel an incredible deep pain for you.
38. MasterAlThor
*nods head*

Agee with that blind, why not just this once? Come on God we are good for it. Just this once please. Make it Tuesday all over the world tomorrow morning.
Dan Schwartz
39. Adrock25
@38 Don't you dare employ a deity to screw with my weekend!!! On the other hand, I've already read it. :)

And Jason, I think I might agree with Leigh (if I'm correctly guessing what scene she's talking about). Can you give me her chapter number so I know for sure?
Chris Davis
40. SirSarek
@39 Are you talking about "The Last That Could Be Done" ? I'm at work so I'm not sure of a chapter number... I'm not sure that that's the exact title either so hopefully it doesn't qualify as a spoiler.
Dan Schwartz
41. Adrock25
@40 I was trying to stay away from anything spoilerish - even chapter names - cause I wasn't sure. I think that Jason's favorite was the one you reference whereas...I think Leigh's (and mine) comes later.
Joseph Daly
42. Joed1414
Wow. Sounds like it will be a great book. I think I may swing by the Borders I used to work at and see if I can prevail upon anyone to sell it to me early. Hopefully some people I know are still the managers there.
Tyler Durden
43. Balance
@#42 Joed1414-- uh....hook a brother up, would ya?
Rikka Cordin
44. Rikka
damns it. Now I want it even more. I can't decide if this post counts as cruelty or not...

Just a few more days!
46. MasterAlThor

Send me your copy FedEx Overnight and I will reword my prayer to not scew up your weekend.


Your handle wouldn't be homage to one of those three kids from Brooklyn would it?
someone else
47. Naraoia
Aaarrgh. I pre-ordered it for cheap from Amazon, but I ordered it with free delivery, which takes longer... Aaaaargh. (Yes, I'm an idiot :P)

(Although if I got TGS on Tuesday, that might put a 5000-word essay in serious danger, so I guess I'm better off having to wait XD)

Jacy Clark
48. Amalisa

Dan Brown still writes books?


An upside to losing my job this week is that I don't have to ask for next Tuesday off so I can read the bloody book!!

After Leigh's review, I can honestly say my anticipation level has reached maximum, and my target heart rate is set for the next three days!
Roger Powell
49. forkroot
OK Leigh .. you convinced me! I canceled my order with Amazon because the book would arrive at home while I was on the road. I will buy it Tuesday noon at a Barnes and Noble near the customer site where I will be working.

Then I'll have to ignore it until I zip out of the customer site at the end of the day. I expect I will show up for work Wed AM having had very little sleep.
Lannis .
50. Lannis
Leigh, yours is the only review I've read, because: a) I'm familiar with you and I trust your opinion; b) I trust you when you say spoiler-free; and c) up until now I've been staying away from all reviews and now that the release is drawing near I'm getting all twitchy with anticipation...

Aaaaand we'll be taking the day care kids for a field trip to pick up the book on Tuesday... that's okay, right? Right? Reading won't start until nap time...
S Diller
51. CuenDiller
Im so excited! how am i supposed to function until tuesday?!
Dan Schwartz
52. Adrock25

Yes indeed on the homage.

I'm actually thinking of reading it again this weekend so you can't have it. I blitzed through it the first time and I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff.
Chris Hall
53. bookwormchris
Sadly I have tons to do on Tuesday, so it is doubtful whether I can actually start reading (much at least) until Wednesday. (And thinking about it Wednesday is going to be busy too. Tempting to just not sleep Tuesday night...)
lurker in the shadows
54. Sword of the Morning
In response to varioius reviewers wondering how much of the PLOT and CHARACTER issues are Sanderson vs Jordan, it is my understanding that ALL major plot and narrative as well as most of the character arcs have been explicitly laid out by Jordan in his notes and outlines.

Whatever free will Sanderson had in writing scenes completely on his own would have been relegated to extremely small, minor aspects of the series.

Soooo unless I'm mistaken, I believe that anything of the magnitude Leigh has referred to would actually have been Jordan's original plan and not Sanderson inserting something.

By way, I HAVE NOT read the book but for instance a reunion scene between Tam and Rand if not specifically indicated by Jordan, I would have serious doubts that Sanderson would just toss that in to satisfy either himself or the fans. The emotinal repercussions of a meeting like that for Rand and its affect on the overall series would be too great for it to be included unless Jordan explicity laid the groundword and instructions for it.

Again, this is with the understanding that while Jordan wrote a relatively small amount of it (about 50,000 words plus or so out of a now estimated 700,000 plus work) he had laid out extremely meticulous outlines and notes to guide Sanderson in finishing it with leeway left only in very mild and background story elements.

lurker in the shadows
55. jazzyjess
Thanks for the reviews, Leigh, Jason, et al. I've been a little apprehensive about TGS, but now I am looking forward to it more than ever!

As a 2nd year university student, I have been trying to talk several friends into reading the series, and have dropped hints for the professor who teaches a course called "Fantasy and the Epic" to slide TEOTW into his courseplan for next semester.

I preordered the book from Amazon so I'm hoping above all hope that it'll come within the week. My fingers are as crossed as crossed can be! Maybe Tuesday is a good enough reason to miss classes and instead sit eagerly by the door (just in case!).
Drew Riley
56. drewoftherushes
The guy on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist compared this book to CoS, PoD and CoT. It wasn't a full review, but those comparisons make me think his review is going to be negative, because he's said in the past that those are transitional books between important events in the series.

While I didn't hate those books as much as others, that review worries me a bit.

But Jason, Leigh and others have said glowing things. I guess I won't know for sure until Tuesday!
John Massey
57. subwoofer
At least nobody said "squee". I don't get the word squee. I think I stepped on a squee one time, it went squee. Then it squeed off.

I am glad that this book sounds like it has pace! I was getting cheezed off at past books because there would be 600 pages of stuff, and then some fan hitting. Almost like a Steinbeck novel.

I also like the bit about the size of this- It can replace my existing bug killer, my Websters Abridged Dictionary, which I only use for killing bugs as I Google everything else. This is why books will always be books to me. Yay! :)

Edit- on the cover- Rand: "I said I wanted a Bud Light!"

Go cheap! Go Costco!

Brian Roloff
58. Ronin-alTyr
I actually appreciated the Pat blog comment. As much as I know I will love it, I do want to keep my expectations in check. That said, Leigh's review brought out an uncontrollable "Gigidy!"

Like the rest of you all, who haven't read it, CAN'T WAIT!!!
Barry T
59. blindillusion
@Everyone taking Tuesday off

BOOOO!!! Crazy military...won't let a guy off work to read a book. Sheesh, what's the world coming to?




Don't have a Costco.


Where was that class when I was in college? I'd of taken it in a heartbeat.
lurker in the shadows
60. Valan

Thanks for the non-spoiler review Leigh, I hate spoilers... and I still couldn't help reading Ch1 and (listening to) 2. AHG. Maybe if i sleep while thinking on need? *grumblenumerousfourletterwordsgrumble*
Rob S
61. RobSS

Thanks Leigh

Have a great weekend all.
lurker in the shadows
62. Lambada
Ok, I need help.

Whilst reading this review I hyperventilated.
To the extent that I became faint.
And had to then lie down on my bed.

I also drooled.

Anyone recommend a cheap counsellor in the UK?
lurker in the shadows
63. Rick 1313
Thanks Leigh and Jason.
Dale Norman
64. dokipen
Well thank you Leigh... I now get to spend the next 81 hours sitting outside Borders with a crate of scotch, rocking slowly backwards and forwards while muttering "scene" and "awesome". At least I've booked the week off work to devour the goodness. Nom.

Are you planning to highlight which scenes (sorry) made you feel which emotion? I'd like to see that - it'd be cool to compare notes with everyine, especially after Mr Denzel's comments.

Thanks for the magic review. Go Team *headdesk*!!
lurker in the shadows
65. Ragar
The one benfit of being unemployed is the ability to read this entire book on Tuesday, and not having to take time off from work to do it. Yay me (other then that lack of employment due to a crappy economy in my professional field of work)
Randy McCraw
66. sscorp99
Wow, Leigh great non-spoiled review, I want to say I appreciate the Holy Shit remark as much as anyone. I can't wait for this The Best Birthday Present Ever, I turn Fifty on Wednesday.

Richard Fife
67. R.Fife
Hmm, just like to say: to anyone that will be in Charleston Tuesday, say Hi to me. I'll be the Asha'man with a yellow shawl (maybe? no flash photography, please).
68. Freelancer
Thanks, Leigh. I've been avoiding all potential spoiling of my first read. Yes, I read the Prologue and Chapter 1, and to Chapter 2. But when you said you would do a spoiler-free review, I was sure you could be trusted. Thank you for your impressions. As you said, I'm sure there will be some who will be upset with the book no matter how good it is, because it isn't what they wanted, expected, or just to be contrary. Just as there are some who don't understand that a spoiler-free review can be a review without discussing actual details. ::stares @11::

I can just imagine that all of the exclamatory semi-verbal comments by others on this thread strongly represent your desire to be talking about actual action from the book, am I right?

Due to circumstances outside of my control, I will be unable to acquire the book for a time. Since I cannot trust everyone as I do you, Leigh, I'm going to have to swear off the boards here until I've been able to read and digest the book free of unsolicited input.

Everyone have fun twitching. Consider if you had to wait five more weeks instead of 4 more days.
Rob Munnelly
69. RobMRobM
Free - we'll miss you. Hope all is well. Rob
70. MasterAlThor

I have a friend in that area. I will tell him to look for the Asha'man who decided to represtent his yellow Ajach leanings.

He'll know what to look for. Why not a sash? And be careful that no one decides to rickroll you. Since you are the one responsible for all that.

Begrugdingly I have to admit that you have gotten me more than my fair share.
71. MasterAlThor

I feel for you brother. Hopefully the weeks will fly by and you will be able to return to your post as guru jr. (Wetlandernw is guru sr.)

May you find water and shade.
Alice Arneson
72. Wetlandernw
Leigh, you absolutely crack me up!! LOVED the review! Giddy, a little... ya think? I think any of us would be; know I would. "Vulgar, but honest!" As we know and love. :-)

Freelancer - how long will you be out? I'll miss you fiercely, and will eagerly await your return. At least you know Leigh won't be posting any more on the re-read for a little while, so you won't be missing that part.

For myself, I probably won't be able to finish until the weekend, so I won't be on here from Tuesday until then.
paul Hend
73. tugthis
AAAAAAh free come on. You of all people should appreciate my comments. I thought you were all about the substance and the facts. I am and everyone on this board is a guaranteed sale for TOR no matter what Leigh writes. I would just like to get to the end of a "review" and not feel like I have been given a lick and a promise.
paul Hend
74. tugthis
AAAAAAh free come on. You of all people should appreciate my comments. I thought you were all about the substance and the facts. I am and everyone on this board is a guaranteed sale for TOR no matter what Leigh writes. I would just like to get to the end of a "review" and not feel like I have been given a lick and a promise.
Tess Laird
75. thewindrose
Ok, subwoofer, MasterAlThor and RobMRobM lets huddle. There are at least 4 people on this thread with the book... Can we take them on?
76. MasterAlThor
I'm down for it. I got the all black gear, we just need a van, ducktape and some mice and figs.

Edit: Did I just say ducktape??? Oh gads the Admins need to put a spellchecker in this thing to keep me from making an I D 10 T of myself. Ducktape??? Seriously.
Cindy Naval
77. clnaval
Subwoofer @57 - I nearly posted that I squeed when I got the email from Amazon telling me my book had shipped - but it was more like a "Yes!" The others sitting at my table in the flu conference didn't appreciate or understand my excitement, but I knew you all would.

First post, btw, but have been following since Leigh started the re-read. What a great community to belong to.
lurker in the shadows
78. Hopper's Mum
All you people who can't wait until Tuesday - boo! My son is giving me the book for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Talk about delaying gratification! However, I don't mind spoilers, so I'll still lurk about here.
John Massey
79. subwoofer
@Thewindrose- R U kidding? Hands down we could roll them. Heck, no we, gimme a list of addresses and I will Jay and Silent Bob them- caution for crude language. I thought I spoke earlier of my flexible morals. For me it is a toss up right now. I was supposed to go hunting this weekend but 2 out of 4 of us are down with the flu and I am not sure the weather will hold. We'll see.

@Free- put your address on my shout box and I will send you a copy. No strings. No problem.

I figure I work like a heathen so I have earned some me time. Tuesday is a done deal for me and my new bug killer.

Edit @RFife- glad to see you are still alive;) If you were feeling sickly, you should of got one of the other Sisters in your Ajah to heal you.

@ clnaval - go hard- squee away. My bark is, by far worse than my bite. It seems like Amazon is going sideways for everyone else so you are one of the Chosen.

Rob Munnelly
80. RobMRobM
@75-76. I'm in as well. I can hunt down dream Bela and be anywhere in a couple of hours.
Tess Laird
81. thewindrose
So, we will need to get them all in the same room with their copies, or else we would have to share...

Welcome clnaval! Pay no mind to our nefarious planning. :)

Should we get that yellow shaw from rfife too? He's in deep with the others;) and alllll the rickrolls!!
Byron Bakker
82. byronba
I am truly sitting here on the horns of a bona fide dilemma!

I can try to convince my family to let me buy TGS on Tuesday as an early birthday gift or wait until Nov 21 (my birthday) when the book signing goes down in San Jose...

Hmmmm... what's a guy to do?

Edit: Leigh, thank you for a truly wonderful review. I add my appreciation to all the others for no spoilers.
John Massey
83. subwoofer
Hmmmm this sounds suspiciously like logistics. Are we gonna need Bashere here? I'm the shoot first maybe ask questions later type. But I got your back ;)Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.

84. MasterAlThor
Look I'm telling you all we can do this. We don't need to get them all in the same room. We travel the shadows like a fade, grab em, tag em and move on.

They got no defense for that. No questions just straight jackin.

Edit: R.Fife is coming up off that shaw, whether he knows it or not.
John Massey
85. subwoofer
At times like this I find myself asking WWLD?

Jacy Clark
86. Amalisa

Simple. You buy two. One on Tuesday to read, and the other at the signing to keep as a collector's item.


I'm from the south. Duct tape, I've got.


Come back soon!
john mullen
87. johntheirishmongol
Im on vacation too, so I am stopping at every bookstore I see between now and Tues morn and I am carving out time for myself away from the family visit to read it through.

I dont know how you beat Dumai Wells, but am looking forward to seeing it tried.
Chris Davis
88. SirSarek
Oh! Brandon just tweeted that TGS has already broken into the top ten on Amazon! :)
sandi vogel
89. sinfulcashew
82. byronba
I am truly sitting here on the horns of a bona fide dilemma!

I can try to convince my family to let me buy TGS on Tuesday as an early birthday gift or wait until Nov 21 (my birthday) when the book signing goes down in San Jose...

Hmmmm... what's a guy to do?""

Early birthday gift.....
Take early gift to signing and get signed in San Jose.....

My family always figured out the ways around things. And I am pretty good at it too?

Edit: or do the Amalisa thing and get two if it is affordable!
Mary O'Dea
90. thorn
on edge of seat for kindle ed. of v. ... 1! (okok - 1-12. but 1 will tide me over as i wait for 2...)
lurker in the shadows
91. moondivatx
I ordered a signed copy from Sam Wellers. I'm just praying that they mail it so I'll get it soon. They took my $ when I ordered in September, so they should ship on time.

I ADORE these books and reread and relisten every chance I get.

Sam Weller....please ship Sat or Mon so I get SOON. ARE the BEST!!!

Sidenote to my neighbor...your dogs are attacking my dogs and I've been out $250 in vet bills. Plus you arent' taking care of them...if they are still without water and food Sunday...I'm calling the law.

92. Freelancer
Folks, thanks for all the kind words. I really didn't expect any attention, nor did I intend my words to come across as so dramatic.

tugthis, When Leigh said she was posting a spoiler-free review, which part of that did you not understand? No, I don't particularly appreciate comments that insult our host, who works very hard at this, and does it exceptionally well. I had no desire to say anything direct about your inane comment, but your response calls me out. You thought I was all about the substance and the facts? If I am, it has nothing in the least to do with Leigh posting her impressions of a new book while doing her level best not to provide any details. That was what she said she was going to do, and for you to expect something else is nonsense. I'm quite glad she was faithful to her words, and if she had said she was writing a review which included spoilers I would have avoided it. What I would not have done is come and read it, then whined that she did what she said she was going to do.


First rate, my friend, and I thank you for the kind offer, but wholly unnecessary. It isn't a money issue, nor is it any other kind of major deal. Call me Mat, because I made a promise. What are a few more days after four years, after all? The only downside is knowing that some commenters will be unable to avoid spoiler comments, which will keep me away from here after Tuesday.
PS. Your shoutbox is invisible to me. Does that mean I have to follow you, or that you have to follow me? ::scratches head::
Daniel Wentzell
93. OldMan44

Thanks, your "mice & figs" comment made me lol.


Thanks for the non spoiler review, nice work as usual. Looking forward to your thoughts on the sc...s you mentioned next week.
Abraham Park
94. Abe
So I wondered a little bit, then I added the numbers into my calculator.

Leigh, you can read 14 words per second?

Holy shit!
lurker in the shadows
95. Amy@PDX
Long time lurker, first time poster.

Thank you thank you thank you to Leigh and all of the oh-so-knowledgeable fans for helping me survive the years-long wait until Tuesday. I haven't slept well all week, and while I don't think this review will help me sleep any better, at the very least it has alleviated my trepidations.

Just called Borders to reserve a copy, and the clerk said he was putting my name in one now! AAAAGGGHHH! It's sitting on there on the shelf with my name in it!!! gimme gimme gimme...
96. Hopper
@78... Are you my mother???

Ahh its been awhile since I've posted (stupid busy school) but I just checked my email and saw that my book has been shipped and is now in the custody of FedEx.

Estimated Arrival date: October 26.

Please don't tease me FedEx, I so badly want to read the book before (almost) everyone else ;)
Barry T
97. blindillusion
@Free, I have to say I'll miss your words. You're one of the few I've felt have kept me in check during my time here.

@Rfife, I'll probably be at the signing in Charleston. I'll look for you. I'll be dressed as an average Joe, but wearing black/red vans in a shout out to out favorite Forsaken.

@Everyone, I know who killed Asmo. I'll give my completely loony theory later.

@Everyone, because at the moment I'm at an underground showing of four Fantasy movies. Legend is one of them. How awesome is that!!! One of my favs. Go Columbia underground movie scene (look Leigh, that word). And it's awesome this rather name brand movie theater is willing to take this risk. Dude hosting could get fired for this!!!!

Be back later. Intermission is over.
Chris Davis
98. SirSarek
@96 Reading it early is a mixed bag curse. This is my second WoT novel I've accidentally gotten early and both times it's like going nuts holding all the new spoilery goodness in with nobody to talk to about it. There is so much to discuss in this book. So many questions answered, mysteries solved and I can't tell anyone! ARGHHHH
lurker in the shadows
99. Planeswalker
6 hours, damn! It took me 8!!!

See guys??? I told you I was a little fidgety after reading the book! Oh dear, can't really wait til Tuesday now... We have lotsa headdesking to come! =)
Sean Arthur
101. wsean
freelancer- in the same boat. Won't get a chance to read for a good while. So I'll probably duck out of the re-reads until I do get that chance.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to Leigh... for getting me hyped up about this series again. More through the re-reads than this review, but this seemed a good place to say so anyway. :)
lurker in the shadows
102. t0kengirl
AAARGH! Stupid British postal strike! Just finished my re-read, can't wait for the book to be at my doorstep, but I pre-ordered online and now there's a stupid strike when I need my book! Grrrr!
greg carlson
103. spydur0065
i unfortunaltey wont be able to read the book until june lol thats when my troops is scheduled to leave this forsaken land im iraq lol but ill deffinately be checking everyones posts on it its an amazing series and have always loved it!!
j p
104. sps49
RobMRobM- Don't disrespect the Wimpy Kid; my 8 y/o goddaughter loves those books (favorite oft-repeated line is the caption "stink lines from poop"). I'm just glad she likes anything in book form; it's better than her sisters back in the day (where I learned to respect Barney the Dinosaur- plop them in front of that show for 30 minutes of peace).

I am very happy to know there is action to get excited about.

Where is a list of signings? San Jose is close enough, I guess. Wish I'd paid attention to the call for Storm Leaders :(

G'night, all!

Edit: typo
j p
105. sps49

I was out that way for Earnest Will back in the day and remember the isolation. Post or shoutbox an APO/ FPO address for me and I'll get an extra at Costco for you.

And, June? How long are tours nowadays?
a a-p
106. lostinshadow
Hello all

glad to have finally caught up on this reread (I think it took me longer to read all the comments than the books themselves) right before TGS is coming out.

but well worth it, I love this whole board.

though I'm sorry to hear we'll be losing some of our regulars but of course I totally sympathize not wanting to read comments without having read the book. I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to your comments once you've read the book.

Leigh you are awesome and really have made me twitch even more now.

have started padding my desk in anticipation of upcoming headdesking. and I'll keep a window open in case I need to throw the book away from me in anger.
Sabrina Ritter
107. RCoryn

you guys can be so glad that you get TGS on Tuesday.

I've to wait till 4th November because I'm in Germany and that's the first delievery date here.
stefan warsink
108. grubber
my OCD-ish ass is waiting for paperback release in the netherlands. gonna be next year for me..

any dutchies willing to lend me the book? thanks!
Rob Munnelly
109. RobMRobM
@94. Don't worry, Leigh totally cheated. She went into T'AR, hopped on Bela's back and told her to ride slower than normal time for an extra five hours while she read.

@104. As noted my 10 year old daughter has read at least the first two books and enjoyed them very much. But he gets pushed aside with RJ/Brandon are coming to town. Also note that my son was a Barney addict back in the day, enough for me to know which one turned into Selena Gomez ten years later.

I went to the local bookstore last night, casually browsed around and finally had to ask for the book, noting parenthetically that I'd buy it if they had it. The clerk looked in the computer and said "Tuesday." Bummer.

Michael Catapano
110. hoping
Thanks for the review.

At least one criticism that can absolutely never be leveled at TGS is that nothing happened, because, um, no. The sheer amount of crap that happened in this book has kind of set my head a-whirl, actually.

I love me some 'crap-a-happening'

I also peeked in on Chapters 1 and 2 but not the prologue. I was a little disappointed since nothing seemed to move the plot forward. Chapter 2 seemed like a recap of what we had already seen in KoD.

So, today I am heartened to hear that we are in for a wild ride and anxiously await the arrival of my copy.
Rob Munnelly
111. RobMRobM
Hoping - c. 2 seems like a recap but is not. More sophisticated approach that avoids a disasterous open confrontation. Evolution in strategy that should pay dividends. c.1 did just set up the new location of the characters involved and lay groundwork.

Almost crap time. Rob
Michael Catapano
112. hoping
Too many words, too little happening, IMHO
but well written

However, Leigh indicates that we are in for an E ticket ride (showing my age there) so I'm excited about that.
Rob Munnelly
113. RobMRobM
Can't disagree with you there but it does advance the plot - I also like the developing relationship of the chapter's main character with that person the character sees a lot of. That will be going places in TGS and beyond, I'd bet.
Joseph Blaidd
114. SteelBlaidd
I have been an absolutely shameless spoiler hunter.

Thing is I'm not nearly as interested in the major plot revelations that everyone else is geeking out about. I want to know whats happening in the romances, i.e. Siuan/Bryne, Egwene/Gawyn, Rand/Min/Aviendha.
John Massey
115. subwoofer
@Free- I absolutely understand. It is good to see that in this day and age, when a man gives his word it still counts for something. Do what you have to do, we'll still be here when you have read the book and resurfaced :) As to the shout box thing- if Leigh can't crack the code? Maybe some omniscient TOR moderator could give a crash course post, hint, hint so some of the functionality of this site would be useful. I did see that Wet and I believe JEJ had it going.

@Hoping- I have a feeling that RobM is right. I think this book takes off like a rocket after the initial pre-flight checks. Which is what is supposed to happen. TG is on the horizon, it is time to put the squabbling, petty politics and canoodling aside and focus on the stuff hitting the fan. 300 000+ words of awesome ass kicking is something to look forward to!

Edit- so I did some testing and any moderator feel free to jump in and correct me- When you are logged in, you can post on anybody's shout box regardless of if you are following them or not. Then if you don't want prying eyes to see certain comments, click private. You will still see the comment when you are logged in, but when you log out and go back, the comment disappears, because it is now private and you are not you. This is my theory anyways.

Torie Atkinson
116. Torie
@ 115 subwoofer

That's correct. As long as you're logged in, you can post a shout, and you have the option to make that shout private. Freelancer isn't seeing your shoutbox (and neither am I!) because you have it set to private.

Go to your profile, click Edit Profile, and go to Privacy Settings. You'll see the options: show to all, show only to people I'm following, show only to me.

So it's up to you how visible you want your box to be. Let me know if that works for you!
John Massey
117. subwoofer
My shout box set to?

Who did that?

Who said that?

Shut up LTT! errr, I think I figured out the issue here. Clear cut case of equipment smarter than user. Thank you O wise and powerful voice from the sky. If you know the winning lotto numbers, I believe you can now drop them in my shout box, perhaps clicking on the privacy button... ;)

Aaaand... Why hasn't anybody called me on this?! Three days until TGS drops people!!! WoT wiki has a countdown clock of the blessed

Edit- not going hunting:( People are deathly ill and it is freakin' cold out there folks!!! I walked the dog and I heard clangin'.

S Diller
118. CuenDiller
Three days, and I have off work Tuesday and Wednesday!! I have made a date with Central Park and a nice bench.
119. Freelancer
Thanks Torie. I actually do use the shoutbox, Weltandernw and I occasionally wave at each other where it won't bother other nice folks. But it seems counterintuitive to have an option of only showing it to people I am following, rather than people who are following me. Perhaps adding that latter as an additional option?



Man, the D-tickets were the best value in those days, eh? Much lower price ($0.40 vs $0.65 for E-tickets when they last existed), and for the almost-best rides. Get on three D rides for the price of 2 E rides and have $0.15 left over, yay! Not to mention shorter lines. And no, you aren't old at all, says I.
Ron Garrison
120. Man-0-Manetheran
@36 - Dan Brown doesn't write books. He writes outlines.
Michael Catapano
121. hoping
I'm hoping for a 300,000 word Space Mountain (another TSR or EOTW) rather than Storybook Land Canal Boat ride (similar to CoT.)
122. Freelancer
When Pirates first opened it was an E, but for a long time it was a D. For years, Disney foolishly tried to hold onto the "coupon" system even after Magic Mountain opened up the road and used a single entrance price for all attractions.

As for TGS, I'm going to try very hard to bring no suppositions to the story. If I'm expecting my theorized events to take place, I'll only be diminishing the enjoyment each time it comes out different, and the story will be ill-served by my doing so. I immerse myself into a story, and let it lead me along. That's why I don't hate Egwene or Elayne (or even Gawyn), and why I don't gush over Mat or Nynaeve (or Galad).
James Jones
123. jamesedjones
I know I never do this - except all the time - but I'm posting without reading all the comments. 'Cause I just had to ask... what does Leigh think about the cover on this one? Seriously, does it have anything to do with events in the book? Enquiring minds are mildly interested.
John Ottinger III
124. graspingforthewind
As another reviewer who got an advance copy, all I can say is, I concur. I felt the same way and had some of the same reactions as well. Leigh, you put it better than I ever could and I thank you for it. Looking forward to your spoiler-laden review to see if your specific peeves and excitements match my own.
Maiane Bakroeva
125. Isilel

at least two scenes that made me cry

Who remembers from the re-read which scenes in books 1-6, if any, made Leigh cry? Inquiring minds need to know, to bring this in a some sort of perspective.

Kind of interesting that somebody else with an early copy compared TGS to TPoD, WH and CoT, which I hoped couldn't be true since the 3 exquisitely boring storylines that plagued those were finally concluded in KoD.

They said that the feeling of the impending Last Battle being in immediate future was less in TGS than in KoD... but then, apart from some funky, but ultimately meaningless stuff happening randomly and Logain's grandiose pronouncement at the end, I didn't feel the closeness of TG or Our Heroes and the world being sufficiently prepared for it in KoD either.

So, yeah, I hope that Leigh has the right of it.
lurker in the shadows
126. zentao
If this book does well don't be surprised if they try and milk another 4 books(that go nowhere) before the last one.One book broken into three volumes, what a joke it's a slap in the face for everyone thats read them.
Yehuda Porath
127. Yehuda
I just finished reading the book.
Holy Crap.
Stuff happens. So much. And so many things resolved.

I'm still in the wow/processing mode but one things for sure - I will buy the next one when it comes out.

Nice job Brandon.
Michael Catapano
128. hoping


at least two scenes that made me cry

Who remembers from the re-read which scenes in books 1-6, if any, made Leigh cry? Inquiring minds need to know, to bring this in a some sort of perspective.

If memory serves - Rand's trip thru the Ancestatron and The Battle of the Two Rivers when the women participated.

Or maybe they made me cry... too late to go back and figure it out.
129. Freelancer
Oh yes, I feel abused by Jordan, by Harriet, by Brandon, by TOR. No, actually, I don't. Maybe you just need a cookie, I hear some folks around here have some tasty baked goods.
Alice Arneson
130. Wetlandernw
@126 - Sorry, no sympathy here. I'm grateful that I get to read the rest of it as a story and not just a collection of notes. Or nothing. If it had to go to another 4 books to tell the story properly, I'd enjoy every last one of them.
131. MasterAlThor
Ditto to what Free and Wet said.

Oh that sounds positively innocent.

Sorry guys
Rob Munnelly
132. RobMRobM
@128. Also that scene in TSR where Faile hits Perrin and something (painful) happens.... :-)
Barry T
133. blindillusion
err, posted this on the re-read thread when I meant to post it here...

Loony Thoery:

What if it wasn't who killed Asmodean, but what?

What if what killed Asmodean was a bubble of evil, Couladin flavored?

It's someone he wouldn't have expected to see alive. It's something he couldn't have done anything to in the moment before it struck. And who's to say the DO cannot control its bubbles?

Sure, not likely, but it's a thought.
Virginia Lautrec
134. swampdonkeyrocks
I am having my wisdom teeth removed at 7am on Tuesday morning. Hopefully my lovely husband will collect my copy for me and have it waiting when I come out of surgery!

I am really hoping that Berelain will meet Galad and be totally gobsmacked over his gorgeousness and in love with him ( remember Min's vision of a man in white in her future) and that Rand makes him the ruler of Cairhein, through his father, Taringail. Don't know what he would do about the Whitecloaks though.

Also, want Moraine to come back, make Thom her Warder, and knock some sense into that Al'Thor boy.

Anybody else wondering if Olver will be the third to go through the Tower of Ghenji? Also wondering if he has some connection to Brigitte/ Gaidal ?

Looking forward to someone recognising Morgase as well.
Thomas Keith
135. insectoid
Free @129: Chocolate chip? ;)

TWO MORE DAYS TILL TGS!! *twitch twitch*
lurker in the shadows
136. David DeLaney
Just noting I won't be much past book 7 or 8 in my reread by Tuesday. But will be at the Waldenbooks when they open.


--Dave, will read awesomeness for food
lurker in the shadows
137. somewheresouth
Apologies for not introducing myself properly earlier. Longish-lurker, tried throwing some random (heh) looney theories in during the LOC re-read.

All of you, and Leigh, rock. Can't wait to get the book, when it arrives... ... won't do my degree much good but.

Great review.

On another note entirely, does anyone else remember (or remember the origin of) the paper WOT-themed newsletters that were posted out sometime in the 90s? They had the great serpent on the top left, I think, and you could choose your Ajah. Were they related to at all? I can't find mine. Counted back for the whole WOT-age thing and think I would have been about 8 at the time, 15 years ago now. wow.

Catch you all on the other side of the brick of TGS goodness.
138. Freelancer

Come on, Rob, you can say it. Perrin applies the board of education to the seat of knowledge. Warms her seat. Paddles her backside. Spanks her bottom. Which she had quite thoroughly demanded and deserved.




It will have to be Noal that joins Mat and Thom to rescue Moiraine. I'm sure Farstrider still has a trick or two up his sleeves, and a trip to the 'Finns might just break his Compulsion-induced memory block. Thom isn't quite Warder material, however adept he is at the Game. Also, I don't think anyone but Cadsuane will be getting away with any form of smacking where Rand is concerned.
Sean Banawnie
139. Seanie
Agree , I think Noal is the third. But what role DOES Olver have? I think he was mentioned too often and too strongly to be just a red herring {certainly hope not!}....saw one theory (not sure where) where it was suggested that Olver sneaks in after them , getting around the 'just three' requirement....
maybe looney or nothing to it but interesting nonetheless.

And while I am at it, I agree, I am glad the story is getting finished. Very glad. And by all accounts
( esp. Leigh's spoler-free impressions/review--THANKS Leigh!! ) it sounds like it needs three books----cool!! I wanted it done right , no not unnecessarily dragged out but not skimped over with plots unfinished and questions unanswered. I've waited 17 years......3 books in ~ 3 years contents me. Team Jordan will have no Toh to me.
Rob Munnelly
140. RobMRobM
Those of you who know me know that I have been conducting a tour of key SF/Fantasy works written over the past 25 years. So far, I have done Feist's Riftwar (liked it), Donaldson's Gap Series (loved it), and Bojold's Vorkosigan books (loved them). (I also separately read all of the Brandon Sanderon oevre.)

Next is Connie Willis. I read Doomsday Book (Hugo and Nebula Winner), To Say Nothing of the Dog (Hugo Winner) and the short story collection (Fire Watch) - two of three of which won Nebulas or Hugos.

Loved Doomsday Book, which uses Willis' core time traveling Oxford historian's motif, the tale of an ill-fated attempt to send a brilliant young female scholar in the first trip to the heretofore unvisited 1300s. The 1300s pieces are interesting, touching and eventually, emotionally powerful. The modern day pieces in which Kivrin's mentor (Dunworthy) tries to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it and a female doctor seeks to solve an outbreak of mysterious illness, are like a fast paced police procedural with significant comic elements (the absurd finger pointing of the Department head who ordered the ill-advised jump, an obnoxious and overprotective mother of a student, a group of American bell wringers caught up the situation, the precocious nephew of the doctor who attaches himself to Dunworthy) are well done and eventually, moving as well. I loved it.

To Say Nothing is far lighter fare, where the Oxford time travelers are tasked with helping get info relevant to a rebuilding of Coventry cathedral and a female historian in the Victorian era causes a discontinuity that gets continually worse after an over-tired male historian is sent back to return the cause of the discontinuity (a cat named Princess Ajumahad). It is clever, very witty and out and out comically funny as the two historian try to figure out how to get history back on track while playing roles inside of a bizarre Victorian household -- but doesn't match up well with the sombre tone of the Doomsday Book and its message, reinforced by Dunworthy, that you don't take time travel lightly. So a fun light read but Doomsday is better and more powerful.

The Fire Watch stories were pretty good. The title story was her first to use the time travel conceit developed later in the novels and is well done, as befits its Nebula and Hugo winning status. Several others were well done (the award winning Letter from the Cleary's about a post-holocaust world is a winner, as is the silly comedic story Blued Moon that closes the collection) but, on balance, they didn't wow me.

So, having done with Willis, I'm now reading the Salavatore's Dark Elf series and, thereafter, going to Robin Hobb's Farseer books and, finally, closing out with Weis/Hickman's Dragonlance.

Karen Walters
141. Wrenza
I have just one thing to say

UK - Postal Strike - Amazon delayed order

sob sob sob
Rob Munnelly
142. RobMRobM
@141. Sorry - must be those darned Trollocs.
Joseph Blaidd
143. SteelBlaidd

You should also read Hodgell's Kenkerath Cycle It's like reading the love child of Lois Bujold and Fritz Liber.

I think you would enjoy McKillip's Riddle Master of Hed

Also I'm working on an essay on the psychological effects of killing as a thematic element in WoT.
Sam Redman
144. englishkiwi
Okay, so my family is totally cheap and I'm totally broke. This is not a good combination. I have only three things to say. Library. New Zealand. And, Why!? Lol this is going to be a long wait.

Anyway, enough complaining. Ive posted once or twice but mostly a long time lurker. I just had to say, thank you! Spoiler free but just enough to make me want to break something. This is not necessarily a bad thing;) can't wait for the book! *twitch*
145. Freelancer

The only trouble with that is that the "only three" requirement comes directly from Moiraine's experiences in a ter'angreal, where she sees the various future outcomes of different scenarios. To me there's no getting around that. Olver's part in the story may simply be the maturing of Mat, the provision of a mirror into his own rambunctious youth that helps keep him grounded for the tasks at hand.
john mullen
146. johntheirishmongol
Rob, if you have not already read the Stephen Brust books, it is an absolute must. Start with Jhereg.
lurker in the shadows
147. Brad21088

Wait, wrong series. :P Not that I would post spoilers about this book, especially considering I don't have the book yet. Your review has me really excited! I am going to be so upset if my local B&N doesn't have the book!
148. Freelancer

If they are going to have any, they already do. You should call them and reserve a copy, and scream directly through the phone if they say there aren't any already on hand.
Rob Munnelly
149. RobMRobM
Steel and John. I don't recall Hodgell and McKillip being mentioned; I do remember a few votes for Brust although not enough to get him to the top five or six. (If you search on for Willis, you'll find the original thread where the nominations were offered -- it was one of those times when Leigh was on vacation and might have been the one that hit 800. I did a summary post that totaled up the votes to that point) Once done with Salvatore, Hobbs and Weis/Hickman, I'll probably take a break and read non-genre stuff for a while but will keep those in mind when I dive back in. Thanks. Rob
John Lofgren
150. JohnTheLurker
RobM@140, 149 Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog are two of my favorite books. One of my great frustrations is that I haven't ever found the audio books on CD in a library so that I could rip them for my collection. The books are old enough that when I've found them in a library, they've been on cassette tape. I'll have to buy them from Audible when I get a subscription.

Leigh, thanks for all of the work!

Waiting for Tuesday,
Barry T
151. blindillusion

Wait...You mean Snape kills Dumbledore. Phsst!! Well, that just ruins the books.

Naw, wait, I already knew that. Oddly, enough, I got to read that entire series with no spoiler moments. Very cool. I do recall feeling bad for the kids in this video.

And I've given up on finding the book early. I've tried every book store I could find in the area and it's been a no-go everywhere. Oh well, thank God for this!

Let's begin the welcome. The Storm comes.
stefan warsink
152. grubber
nice one blind..

just a totally off-topic question here:

what is the beef with dan brown? I've read angels and demons (forgot every single word within a week), and saw the two movies. I found the riddles mostly contrived, but I hear a lot of people putting in *cough*-remarks..

Barry T
153. blindillusion
I have no beef with Dan Brown. I liked Angels and Demons well enough, but thought the Da Vinci Code wasn't as good.

And I only saw the Da Vinci Code. I wasn't all that impressed, which surprised me because I really like Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou.

I actually didn't know he'd put out another novel. There's a select few authors who's careers I follow. DB didn't make the list. But I will also admit to poking fun at him...just a little.

edit: On another completely different note, a car that winks at you. Spooky.
stefan warsink
154. grubber
audrey is brilliant!

I saw the da vinci code on television again yesterday, which prompted my question, actually.. the other movie is better, IMO. haven't been able to borrow the book yet.

and on winking cars? I grew up with that. wink at the end. warning, very low quality, vcr-rip..

edit: found a better copy here.
Sean Arthur
155. wsean
@152- It's not a beef so much as that he's a terrible writer and thus fun to mock.
a a-p
156. lostinshadow
dan brown's new book "the lost symbol" which my mason friends tells me contains accurate summations of some of the simpler masonic symbols is one of the worst written books I have ever read in my life.

to put that into context since all anyone here knows about me is that I love RJ and WoT, thought da vinvci code and angels and demons were ok both in movie and book form. nothing particularly special or new but reasonably well written well paced story.

lost symbol was terrible, if I didn't have a personal superstition that it's unlucky for me to not finish a book I would have thrown the book away - possibly burnt it.

Rob - I heart Drizzt, hope you enjoy the books as much as I did.
a a-p
157. lostinshadow
and i don't want to talk about the postal strike

*sniff, sniff*
Thomas Keith
159. insectoid
TWGrace @158: Nicely said! One day till TGS drops--let the mad twitching begin!

Barry T
160. blindillusion
What's that? It's going to Storm tomorrow....? Awesome.
161. Al Aldazar
I'm so psyched! I can hardly wait for this book to come out!

...come to think of it...I think it'll be released at a later date in our country...

(continue till fade)
Dale Norman
162. dokipen
Less than 24 hours and I'll have the goodness in my grubby paws. I'm going to pop into Borders on the way home from work tonight and see if they'll let me buy it a day early. If not, then 09:00 tomorrow, GMT, I'll be kicking their doors in.

Dear god but the wait is killing me...
Michael Perry
163. Merriick
When are the international release dates anyway?
Marina Brindley
164. WhereWomenGlow
Finally caught up on the re-read - love your work Leigh! - and am now hanging out for TGS. This review has only made that worse.. *twitch*

On the plus side, I thought I had to wait till next Tuesday for it to get here, but stopped by my local bookshop tonight and discovered that joy of joys it's in TOMORROW. Wooooohooooooo!!!! And it's so nice to have you guys to share the excitement (and twitching!) with :-) Enjoy all!
Rob S
165. RobSS
well dam...

My daughter works at boarders. I have been told, there is no way to get a copy until Tues. * Twitch*
Wayne Wilson
166. stylusmobilus

Tomorrow is release date in Australia. Some lucky people in Sydney and Melbourne might get their copies in a couple of hours after this post as I think they have 24 hour trading.
Rob Munnelly
167. RobMRobM
@156 - halfway through second book of Dark Elf trilogy and I like it so far. Keeping fingers crossed it will stay good. Rob
168. MasterAlThor

I can't believe it


One more day to go


How am I going to make it through the day

169. MasterAlThor

The Dark Elf Trilogy is good. Drizzt is a well thought out character. You have to read all the books. Homeland through The Two Swords.

There are things in there you will get tired of but over all, Drizzt is a wounderful character to follow.

Also remember that he is a D&D character so some stuff is just too much, but go with it.

Just one more thing. If you do read all the books look for the best swordfighting move (IMHO) in all of fantasy. The Ghost Step. BA, MOA and all other acronyms you can think of.
Wayne Wilson
170. stylusmobilus

Drink lots of Coke and go down to the games parlour.

I went to the shopping mall today in the vain hope one of the booksellers had the nerve to sell it early. No luck.
Sean Banawnie
171. Seanie
Sean Banawnie
172. Seanie
I think I might end up in the ER.
John Massey
173. subwoofer
It's go time!!! As I noted on the LoC31 blog- we're a day away!!! Am prepared. I wrapped everything in poly foam for the eventual *headdesking* that will occur and I will be wearing a helmet for most of today ;)

I can't believe we are sooooo close. I am going to see if I can enlist my Youth Group in some er... industrious activity. It would be like the Baker Street Irregulars. I just need a look out, a decoy, and a runner. Teenagers are very impressionable, but they like excitement so I think this will fly.

Who needs caffeine? I'm bouncing off the walls already!

And the tag Swampdonkeyrocks- goes right up there in a top 5 list of tags on TOR.

Michael Catapano
174. hoping
Amazon tells me that my copy won't ship until Nov 2 and I am bummed :(

I am taking cleansing breaths, am looking out my third eye and have my chakras all lined up *slaps at his root chakra 'get back in there'* ahem

Will stay clear of the boards after the 27th
Joseph Blaidd
175. SteelBlaidd
All my spare cash is spoken for at the moment, so I'm getting it from the library. I'm third in line and it looks like they have TWO copies. *sigh*
Matthew Smith
176. blocksmith
First off, upset I am so late to post...weekends with kids in sports=no rest for the weary.

Leigh, thanks for non le spoiler review. And seeing Jason indicate a second AA portion means...AA^2, which is never a bad thing.


I think their may have been some tears when Moiraine "died", also. Could also have been shocked incredulity with glassy eyes sometimes mistaken for tears.

Johntheirishmongol@146 and RobmRobm@149- I couldn't agree with JTIM more. Brust is refreshingly different than most fantasy. The Vlad Taltos series (starting with Jhereg) has action, humor, conspiracty, magic/sorcery (their is a difference), a touch of romance, and much badassery.

And with that...bring on 10/27...bring on TGS! I will be queueing up the Doors and U2 momentarily in anticipation.
Matthew Smith
177. blocksmith
Quick note...TGS is up to #4 on the Barnes&Noble Best Seller List.

I expect a significant rise in the power rankings by tomorrow. Too bad I couldn't predict the stock market like that.
lurker in the shadows
178. mnicole313
Sooooo excited! Timed my most recent re-read perfectly - 75 pages in Knife of Dreams left to read tonight, then tomorrow morning that delicious thrilling feeling that only long awaited sequel can give :)

One dilemma - I can see the bookstore from my window at work. Do I pick it up before work and resist the temptation to read all day, or do I wait until after work and spend all day staring out the window in anticipation? Either way tomorrow at work is going to be rough...
S Diller
179. CuenDiller
less than one more day and i cant stop shaking!
S Diller
180. CuenDiller
less than one more day and i cant stop shaking!
lurker in the shadows
181. cps2195

Unless you have a reserved copy I would get it before work. You never know how many books they are getting in that aren't spoken for.

I see alot of people are getting screwed by Amazon. That is why I am always afraid to order things online that I want on release day. I would rather spend the extra dough and be sure I get it right away then save some money and have to wait a few days.

I'll be packing up the kids (ages 2 1/2 and 6 months) and dragging them to B&N first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe a quick snack in the cafe for my oldest (no going into the kids section tomorrow...I know I'm a horrible parent)and then heading back home to get as much reading in as is possible with two small kids. Yeah I'm just hoping I don't wind up with a DSS file for "child neglect" before the week is through.
Rob Trotter
182. shadar
Few hours left.

For anyone who hasn't finished their #TGS re-read - I've tried to put up a semi-detailed summary at -- I'd love to know what you guys think of it.
Helen Cousins
183. naath.sedai
Oh, I want this book so bad!

Amazon UK shipped my copy today (to arrive tomorrow morning) but the gorram post office have been striking and who *knows* how long it'll take to get to me :-( OMG OMG OMG I can't wait.
Barry T
184. blindillusion
"It was a dark and Stormy night...."

Wait, that's not right.

"And what rough Storm, its hour come round at last...."

Wait, that's not right either.

Oh yeah, "Bring on the Storm!!!"

this brought to you by those wishing to say 12 HOURS until the 27th!!! and also pushing up the number so Sub can get his "2 hunny" on this thread


edit:They crashed Dragonmount again...too funny.
lurker in the shadows
185. mnicole313

Nice succinct summary, good for those who have read the books recently. However, I will probably favor a more detailed summary next fall (if I don't decide to read the whole thing over again that is). This is a nice summary for those who only have about half an hour to cram 11 books in.
Kristina Blake
186. kab1
I'm so excited for tommorrow. I wonder if audible will have it available for download tonight at midnight. Probably not a good idea to stay up to check, because then I'll be up all night listening....
Tess Laird
187. thewindrose
Anything to help subwoofer get his trifecta...

Teenagers are very impressionable, but they like excitement so I think this will fly.

From a soon to be dad *shaking head* *that wasn't a giggle*
John Massey
188. subwoofer
@thewindrose *LOL*

Thanks- it is what it is. I believe everyone is waiting in lineups right now to get the book.

I tried my scheme, but my Rector go wind of it and put the Kaibosh to it. Something about impressionable minds and being a positive role model.

189. MasterAlThor
Aaahhhh we will all be bad parents and significant others tomorrow.

Wife understands, kids too young to get it. Dad will be increasing the net worth of B&N tomorrow. Invest in B&N while you got the chance people.

Tomorrow is going to be sweet.

Can't wait.

Sub, just tweet or txt your teenagers. Tell em to keep it on the DL. They'll help you out anyway.
Then treat it like Fight Club.
John Massey
191. subwoofer
Sorry folks, but everyone seems to be doin' their respective life thing so I'm goin' it alone.

John Massey
192. subwoofer
Not that there's anything wrong with that...
John Massey
195. subwoofer
You have to cowboy up and do it yourself...
John Massey
199. subwoofer
John Massey
200. subwoofer
TGS drops tomorrow all!!!

Edit- 2 hunny folks!!! Got the trifecta!

Doin' my jig! WOOOOO!!!

Barry T
202. blindillusion

Well, bout time....

Hmm, what's that? It sounds like a Storm is coming.
203. Freelancer
You know, there's...

Oh, never mind. Have fun. I was just thinking of the roomful of 5 year olds my wife and I had yesterday, who could actually behave themselves.

It isn't like a man's being sent to the moon, you know. That took nearly a decade to accomplish.

Hmmm. I should have stopped with never mind, huh?
John Massey
204. subwoofer
According to some conspiracy theorists, that moon landing is a bunch of hookum, concocted and filmed on the back of a Hollywood set...

lurker in the shadows
205. ania hyek
guys i hate it i hate it
i preordered it but my small hidden stedding in this world or should i say "two river" (though there is actually one) doesn't get the book till next week

i have started my own complete reread to pass the time and i am consumed by fear that this series may also end with bye bye to magic and ogiers and dawn of modern age (LOTR,SOT any one)
Barry T
206. blindillusion

Ah come on. I spend upwards of 10-12 hours a day reviewing Op Ords, SOPs, taking care of Solider issues, making sure my NCOs are taken care of, and basically running around taking care of whatever any random O3 and above asks of me.

It's nice to come here and act like a 5 year old. Keeps me sane.

And I agree with Subwoofer. The right backstage pass and you too could have walked on the moon.
Maggie M
207. Eswana
Less than TEN HOURS.

Oh man. Of course this day is the slowest in history!!!
lurker in the shadows
208. Sonofthunder
ALMOST THERE!!!!! I have my copy reserved at Barnes and Noble - but still nervous they'll give it to someone else before I can stop by after work...

Tess Laird
209. thewindrose
Hey sub - I was thinking of browbeating teenage workers at bookstores tonight. Perhaps do a Sorila with a touch of Siuan in full Amyrlin fig.
You know, these bookstores probably have a bulletin on how to spot a deranged WoT fan after a copy of tGS.
Thomas Keith
210. insectoid
Less than 12 hours to go... *twitches madly*

Sub @200: Well done!

thewindrose @209: I can imagine what that bulletin might say:

[quote]How to Spot a Deranged WoT Fan

A deranged WoT fan might be someone who:[i]
- Is visibly twitching or shuddering
- Is wearing a WoT-related costume, or sporting a yellow shawl
- Looks at their watch frequently[/i]
And I'm having trouble thinking of any more bullets. I'm sure you guys/gals can complete the list though! ;)
Matthew Smith
211. blocksmith

Oh my...we can have lots of fun with this.

-tugs braids duct taped to a baseball hat at you when you refuse to hand over a copy of TGS before midnight
-display stick-on dragon tatoos on forearms while ranting they are the dragon reborn and they were destined to have the book early
-come in with shiny birds in their hair and say they know you have the book in the backroom and that you should mind your manners and stop holding out.
James Jones
212. jamesedjones
210 Insectoid

-Uses words such as, "Bloody", "Flaming", "Light", "Peace", "Headdesk"
-Addresses the store manager as, "Mother" or "M'Hael"
-Tries to convince employees that, "It's Tuesday somewhere."
lurker in the shadows
213. cps2195
so I have to go grocery shopping tonight and B&N is right next door maybe if I'm lucky someone will have put the book out early
*crosses fingers*
Michael Catapano
214. hoping
WoT Fans
-Muttering 'break it, break it'
John Massey
215. subwoofer
Addresses the store manager as, "Mother" or "M'Hael"

- rubs their earlobes and hums while looking at pretty staff.
-bangs head on perfectly good furniture for no particular reason.

@Free- cmon... pretend we are talking about RHPC and you wanna put up more sordid pictures of Tim in drag. ewww, but still- good times;)

216. MasterAlThor
Singing songs about "Washing Spears" or "Dancing with the Jack O' Shadows"

Making odd signs if they happen to see birds fly over them.

Have yellow eyes

Wearing Whitecloaks

Have a face that you just cant put an age to.

Juggles six colored balls

Plays a flute

Sporting a foxhead madallion

theres more but I have to goto class. Good way to waste more time.
Rob Munnelly
217. RobMRobM
Referring to spouse as "Mashiara"

Drinking heartleaf tea to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Saying "May he live forever" when talking about Obama or your respective national leader....
Roger Powell
218. forkroot
Insisting that friends refer to him/her by WoT re-read handle, e.g. "Call me 'forkroot'"
John Massey
219. subwoofer
Randomly says cryptic things in high chant.

Calling book store staff "Treekillers".

Donning black veil and carrying three short spears when wondering into store.

Wears a cloak that is either eye wrenching or has hundreds of bright colored cloth attached.

Thomas Keith
220. insectoid
Sub @219

Calling book store staff "Treekillers".

BAHAHAhahaha!! See what I've started? LOL!
Drew Riley
221. drewoftherushes
-Pretends to read the visions floating around people's heads (you will have two children, in Borders. they won't be healthy.)

-Wears a marriage knife

-Scrawls the Dragon's Fang on the door of the bookstore

-Falls asleep in line at the bookstore, claiming they're "going to tel'aran'rhiod to cut in line"

-Wears shirts saying "Team Min", "Team Elayne," and "Team Aviendha."
Richard Fife
222. R.Fife
-Offers people an Ebook version of the book 6ish hours before the hardcover is out.
Tess Laird
223. thewindrose
RobMRobM - Remember that time you were begging for the next post. You can now tell you wife why she cannot drink the heart leaf tea. **whistles**

Only problem with calling book store staff "Treekillers" is they will call the local autorities about the green peace nut.
Thomas Keith
224. insectoid
Help!! It's the yellow shawl-wearing rickroller! ;)
225. Freelancer
While quite inventive, and sometimes even interesting, few of those should have an impact on store staff. (sub's veil and spears will get attention) Under the heading of positive or negative motivations, I submit:

- "Tai'shar Borders!" (or other appropriate bookstore name)
- Fingering the hilt of a belt knife
- "Oh, Ilyena, why must I needs loose the Power of the Breaking again?"
- (speaking to self) "Get out of my head! Or at least quit telling me to kill them all. I'll kill not one more than I need to. There are lines even I will not cross."
Thomas Keith
226. insectoid
Free @225: The belt knife will certainly draw attention... LOL at LTT.
John Massey
227. subwoofer
@ R.Fife- Schmuck! Shame on me for going there.

Beware all of Barry Manilow! Beware the evil Fife!

Wears read headband with yin/yang symbol on it.

Tess Laird
228. thewindrose
I do make an ogier's oath that fife will have that song at his wedding if I can make it happen... I did have to check it out though, rfife has found a different singer for his favorite song. (I am starting to think Richard believes he found the lost song of the Tinkers.)
John Massey
229. subwoofer
Somehow I do not see that song making anything grow...

-Borders staff tells person to go home, they reply "the watch is not done yet."

Does "wind breaking the rushes" with an imitation light sabre.

Byron Bakker
231. byronba
Heh. Heh.

sub said "wind breaking"

Heh, Heh, HEH.

Edit: *TWITCH*
lurker in the shadows
232. Andvari
I'm at the mercy of Amazon. I'm very worried about the postal strike, but they said it was dispatched this afternoon with DHL. So I may yet live. *twitch*
James Jones
233. jamesedjones
219 subwoofer
Calling book store staff "Treekillers".
FTW!!! Perfect!
Barry T
234. blindillusion
-Bring an entourage with you to B&N, BAM, etc., and say you're there to escort the Gathering Storm to the White Tower. say it in the most obnoxious voice possible

-Show up as a beggar.

-Make an a'dam, place it around the neck of one of the clerks and think real hard you will give me the the Gathering Storm now.
James Jones
235. jamesedjones
222 R.Fife

It's good to have you back. Often imitated, never duplicated.

The Ebook was a bit peppier than I expected from the reviews, but the bubble of evil scared the crap out of me. :D
lurker in the shadows
236. Jambo
gaaaaaah i got an email yesterday from Amazon, ma book is on the wayyyyy :)

oh man this will not be good for school.
Rob Trotter
237. shadar
mnicole313@185 - Thanks!

I'm hoping to give it a break for the next few weeks (it took a long time to get through and do every book), then do New Spring and some much more detailed summaries of KoD and TGS.
Michael Catapano
238. hoping
So, I'm watching Wheel of Fortune, since I was just chilling after a tough day.

My normally staid and proper, albeit understanding, wife comes in and asks me how the blog is. She thinks it's cute that for the first time in my life that I'm on a blog site.

I inform her that it is going wild since the book is coming out tomorrow.

She looks at me and says you must be very happy and then asks "are your nipples hard?"

Now, this is not something she would normally say. I think for a moment and do a quick exam and reply a slow 'yes, but it is a bit cold in here.'

Two questions came to my mind then. First, could this be considered disrespectful of the whole wot fan site. I couldn't detect the slightest quiver of her lip, so, definitely a judgement call. I might need a ruling.

Second, perhaps, as the fellow above suggested, I really am a wot nerd and I am unduly excited and should consider getting, or at least, renting a life.

And now I'm subjected to a Barry Manilow RickRoll,
the howwah (think elmer fudd in apocalypse now).

Feeling a little uncertain. Needing a little support.

Uh... I'm hoping
lurker in the shadows
239. Branwhin
Well now. I also went by my local bookseller this morning, after dropping my husband off at work.

No go. Blood and ashes.

That said, my dove works tomorrow, too, and as I also have been recently laid off, I get to drive. McNally Robinson here I come! Le sigh ... or, perhaps, le *twitch* would be more appropriate.

Such a nerd ... I shall wear a yellow silk skirt, and braid my hair (which unlike that of a certain friend of ours *is* as long as Nynaeve's). And tug my braid, just for fun. Alas, though, for the lack of a shawl in the proper colours! Must remedy that, should I ever get to meet Brandon and/or Harriet.

Canada, guys! We're up here! And we love you too!

John Massey
240. subwoofer
@Branwhin Wahoo! Represent! Eh!

@Hoping- not touching your nipples;) But if you wanna ruling, and you are as fanatical as the rest of us as we appoach Storm day- its all about the anticipation. For me, if its not the nipple thing then it's popping bubble wrap with my forehead.

My anticipation is several fold. First off, the book is coming.

Second, I get possession of my house at some point mid-afternoon.

Third, I will have freedom from randomly being kicked out of my existing place as stangers tromp on through for a viewing.

Fourth, the constant cleaning was getting me down so it will be awesome to flee from that.

Fifth, I give you. heh.

Suffice it to say there will be little sleep and a grand plan to take over the world tomorrow.

Tell the staff at B&N that they have toh and demand they make amends.

edit- I was considering braiding my hair and wearing a yellow skirt too, but yellow makes my hips look big ;)

Kristina Blake
241. kab1
You know, I knew where that link of Fife's was going, but clicked anyways...gets me everytime.

you guys are too funny with all the quotes to say at the bookstore!

I can't believe it's been 4 years since KoDs. That book came out right after my first son was born and I remember nursing him through the night while reading the book. For once he wasn't waking me up, because I was so busy reading....
Jacy Clark
242. Amalisa
As I have blonde hair and blue eyes (but a little on the short/plump side), I'd considered pulling out a brown skirt, white peasant blouse and a shawl - plus all the necklaces, bracelets I can scare up - before going to Hastings.

On the other hand, my son might find out, and I might find myself having to explain my actions to some nice person wearing a white coat. Which could really cut in on my reading time.

tGS-minus 13 hours, 15 minutes and counting...
John Massey
243. subwoofer
@Amalisa- they leave you alone in the asylum. Lots of reading time. Books are viewed as harmless. Might be on to something there;)

Michael Catapano
244. hoping
I was so....hoping

Anyway, it's all because I'm such a cheap SOB that I wouldn't pay for fast shipping from amazon. Now I have to wait...but I saved five bucks. No need for a judgment call there. Totally a dope

Right now, I need a fifth (of vodka), thanks
Jacy Clark
245. Amalisa

But it's so hard to turn pages in a straitjacket...
246. Freelancer

But, it's only a little thing. Could hardly trim your nails.

16P nails.
stefan warsink
247. grubber
have fun everybody!!

I'll be dropping of the radar of for obvious reasons..

everybody thanks a lot for the fun times, I'll definitely catch up, even if it's only for ToM..

happy reading!!!!
Tasneem Gould
248. Latecomer
Well, its Tuesday the 27th here in NZ. But I'm at work, and the book is shipping to my home.

I will go home, check the mailbox (they BETTER have delivered it today), order Pizza to keep the boys at home fed and then ignore the whle world for the rest of the evening. And knowing me - I will knock off the sucker tonight.

Might be a bit bleary at work tomorrow but it will be totally worth it - I have been stocking up on sleep over the long weekend (monday was a holiday here).

Go light! Can't wait!
James Hogan
249. Sonofthunder
Just wanted to pop in one last time as the clock ticks ever closer to the 27th here in Houston! I won't be back here until I finish reading, so farewell y'all!! Time to fly with the Golden Crane!!
251. MasterAlThor
Peace out grubber, may you find water and shade

Latercomer, it will be there.

Free, me likey. I want one.

Sub, you can't pull of the skirt buddy.

Amalisa, do it up. If people know a WO on sight they will leave you alone.

Hoping, pass the fifth and share with your friends

R.Fife, damn you to hell. Rickrolled again. I swear I will never click on another link....

Windrose, let me know how I can help to make that happen

10:02 EST

Getting ready....feels like christmas
Richard Fife
252. R.Fife
Goram it! It isn't a rickroll! It's a Maniroll! ;)

Anyway, I sleep now, then I drive down to Charleston tomorrow to hang with Team Jordan and get an awesomely signed book. If it is any consolation, I'm actually a fairly slow reader, so most of all y'all will probably be done well before me.
Marina Brindley
253. WhereWomenGlow
Oh guys, much ROFL at the bookshop suggestions, thanks for making the waiting so much fun :-)

It's Tuesday lunchtime Down Under, and I just went and got my copy and have it in my hot little hands right now. But aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh, I'm stuck at work and can't read it until tonight... I think that's worse than not having it! it's sitting on my desk taunting me, and the twitching has worsened..
lurker in the shadows
254. ania hyek
dont agree with it but couldnot resist
lurker in the shadows
255. nanaimobar
Just got called in to work tomorrow. It might be worth it, if we get the book in time. Usually our book releases are 2 days late, Thursday, not Tuesday. Well if that's the case, I can handle it. Looking forward to using my KOD bookmark (thanks TOR) on #12, and the boss for giving me Thursday off.

Just like Christmas eve. AWESOME!
Ken Jack
256. nanaimobar
Was gonna suggest we crash the site, but realized that probably no one's gonna post until late afternoon tomorrow at best!
John Massey
257. subwoofer
Naw, the techies at TOR have obviously fixed things as Chapter 1 is wayyyy past where we crashed( and by we, I mean not me, I had nothing to do with it)#10. Broke the 9 hunny mark long ago and no end in site. Besides why would we want to wreck our humble home. Then where are we gonna play?

Dragonmount has gone sideways a couple of times. I think the fans are starting to get fanatical. For me, the past few hours I have been packing for the big move so I will sleep the sleep of the just tonight and wake up refreshed and claim the brass ring.

Welcome back Mr. Fife. Was not the same without you:)

Tasneem Gould
258. Latecomer
254 - ania hyek : Hilarious! Although I notice that Nyn has boobs and the other (Elayne?) doesn't - whats up with that?

Master Al'Thor - I do hope you are right. Just checked my order status and it says my credit card has been charged (which is supposed to happen when something has shipped) but the status is still unshipped. I am fretting.. have sent them a message but no reply. I suspect hundreds of desperate fans are writing in to check order status today, the book is sitting at #1 in the books section of the website.


I am regretting ordering it now - should have just gone to Borders first thing in the morning instead. GRR!

Sub - you're right. The admins don't even come to chastise anymore when we chant *break it*
Nicholas Forrester
259. Roy007
I managed to pick up the only copy my Wal-Mart had today, and I do mean ONLY copy as I got it this chilly Monday night while they were stocking the shelves and they mentioned they only had one copy due to the rest being stockpiled for the website.

It would have been cheaper online even with shipping but I have it now and don't have to worry about not being able to find a copy for a few weeks.
Hurin Smells
260. HurinSmells

If there are any Aussies on this thread that have found a copy of the book (in Melbourne) please tell me where you got it from! I've been to 4 different book stores today and they all seem to think the release date is next week!
Thomas Keith
262. insectoid
Less than 13 hours till the bookstore opens. Sigh.

lurker in the shadows
263. WaterAndShadeInBundy
@260 : According to the on-line Angus & Robertson site, they have the book in stock in Melbourne which is where I wish I was atm ... my copy was pre-ordered but hasn't shipped yet :(
Marina Brindley
264. WhereWomenGlow
Hurin @ 260 - I got mine at Angus & Robertson at Southland..
Roger Powell
265. forkroot
So glad I canceled my Amazon order. I'm here in LA ... used google to find a bookstore ... walked there tonight ... reserved my copy ... will be there tomorrow noon during lunch break to pick it up ... then I'll think about the book sitting in my case all afternoon while I work at the customer site... looks like I will relive WhereWomenGlow@253's experience.
Barry T
266. blindillusion
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Storm has BEGUN!!!

Wal-Mart had 3 copies of the book and I'm now the proud owner of one of them.

Works gonna find me tired tomorrow.

bunkers ready. peanut butter m&ms, soda, smokes, family out of town....

See some of you tomorrow for all the fun times ahead.
lurker in the shadows
267. Hopper's Mum
I ordered a hardback copy from my favourite independent bookshop, in Canberra, but this morning they only had the Trade Paperbacks in stock! She says she will phone me as soon as they come in...and then I have to give it to my son to give back to me for Christmas :-(
Adam Bodestyne
268. thanners
As a long-time lurker of Leigh's summaries here (and heck, a lurker back on rasfrj, too), I'd originally intended that my first post here be some insightful, perhaps witty post on one of Leigh's re-read summaries. Instead it's just going to be some random flailing as I join the rest of you restless people in twitching here at work striving to remain productive until I can go get my own copy of TGS!

*flails and twitches*

@260: quick, fly over here to Perth, and pick up a copy from Borders! :P
Hurin Smells
269. HurinSmells
WWG @ 264 - Thank you!! I managed to grab a copy from the A&R on elizabeth st. just before they closed. (the collins st. one didn't have them, and that was the one i went to at lunch)

lurker in the shadows
270. t0kengirl
No work at all will be done today as I spend my time waiting to go home, hoping my mum opened the door when the postman turned up! IT'S ON SALE!
lurker in the shadows
271. clnaval
It's the evening of the 27th here on Guam, and my Amazon order arrived today - a miracle in itself. I didn't want to anticipate actually getting the book today, so had a very pleasant surprise. My twitches have calmed.
272. Freelancer

G'day, Perth! Been ages, and I'd love a trip back. Perth/Fremantle and Hobart are my favorite southern hemisphere towns.

Well, now the hard part begins. I have to avoid TOR to ensure not reading spoilers, as I can't have the book until Thanksgiving. You all think you're twitching. Once more through the series before then, it is.

273. bluecansam
I can't seem to find it on ebook at all. Itunes has it on audio, already, but I'd prefer e-text.

Does anyone know if there's a site selling it on ebook? I've checked Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and already with no luck.
John Massey
275. subwoofer
It's 05:15 my time. What am I doing up?! The house is not on fire and I'm not in the army anymore... Gahhhh! Waiting 'til 10:00 for Costco to open. Then it's go time.

Well folks, we made it. The Storm has arrived!

Yay on us! Like Fife, I am not the fastest of readers, and I am in the midst of a big move, so I will be around a bit today, but then I will probably fall off the earth until the weekend. It has been a pleasure spending time with everyone leading up to this. Sharing the experience has kept the nice men with the jacket with tie-up sleeves from knocking at my door. I did get strange looks for wearing the helmet though:)

Kristina Blake
276. kab1
aaahhh, just went on audible this morning and the book is still not up. Thinking of stopping by Borders this morning after dropping the kids off. I'm so jealous that some of you already have it!!
John Massey
277. subwoofer
Microwaving oatmeal is very different from making the stuff on the stove.

Sean Banawnie
278. Seanie
a job to do before i venture out for my copy!
the werewife gave me job to do of course.
she doesn't know what today is or she would TRY to give me a hundred jobs to do out of spite,,,,:(

See ya by Turkey- time Free! :: waves back::
Sub: don't use all your bubble wrap moving......
John Massey
279. subwoofer
@Seanie, no worries! I have left enough bubble wrap to pad a room should it be needed! :)

John Massey
280. subwoofer
Leigh put up a spoiler thread folks!
"Et tu, Brute?"

Started with a woof, ends with a ?

281. bluecansam

Itunes has it up, and I believe they use Maybe try going through the Itunes store?
S Diller
282. CuenDiller
I got my copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and rushed home. didn't even wait to see Hulk Hogan
Tess Laird
283. thewindrose
I have my copy. My daughter got to see some nice fans at the B&N, and experience crazy driving to her school as I browsed the titles. Talk to you all soon, I took today and tomorrow off. I will polish this off today, but will need a day to digest and comment of course.
Happy Reading
lurker in the shadows
284. cps2195
well I just got back from B&N. I'm sitting here with TGS in my hand. Well like so many others I too won't be aorund until I finish TGS. I have to say this is a great site with alot of wonderful people. I'm amazed by the level of civility we've maintained while dealing with some rather heated topics. I don't think I've seen the like anywhere on the internet. We should all pat ourselves on the back. Well I'll see you in about a week or two. I hope everyone enjoys the book!
John Massey
285. subwoofer
Didn't read the post but glanced at some of the comments and wanted to gouge my eyes out. I was about to but then realized that would be counter productive to getting and reading the book in about an hour. GAHHHHHHH!!!

I'm dying over here!

Conversely, I just got back from Princess Auto and got a Bosch Hammer drill wayyyy cheap, and they only had four in the store. Weeeeeee! Temporarily restores my sanity.

Go Light!

Gabrielle Deschamps
286. gabyrootz
I was really underwhelmed, neither WHSmiths nor Waterstones had sold any copies yet...

I was expecting it to be out of stock by 12 haha.
Waterstones sell it £5 cheaper by the way!!!

Thomas Keith
287. insectoid
Two hours till bookstore opens. :(

As much as I'd like to read Leigh's post, I know I shouldn't until I'm done. Sigh.

Roger Powell
288. forkroot
I'm here at the customer site, trying to concentrate on work, and waiting for lunch break so I can run out and get the copy I reserved ... the seconds are ticking away slowly and painfully.
a a-p
289. lostinshadow
enjoy your reading all

I'm still waiting for my TGS to travel through a few time zones but it's on its way *does happy dance*

**still twitching**

will not read Leigh's spoilers, will not read Leigh's spoiler, will not......
a a-p
290. lostinshadow
I swear I only read some of the comments


I want my book
Rob Munnelly
291. RobMRobM
Got my copy, finally read the prologue (I can't believe that it confirmed Bela was one of the Foresaken - oopsie). Have to mix work with reading now but digging in. Rob
292. whoami
My book is at the Post Office, scheduled for delivery TODAY.

All with Amazon standard shipping, which cost $4. I think I missed out on super-saver because I didn't buy enough.

But, I am a *slow* reader by the standards of this forum.

I timed myself way back in high school, and I think it takes me about two minutes per page, but I read for 'the experience'. I don't skip words, and if I drift off during a particularly long sentence, I'll go back and read it again to make sure I understood it. Drinking in the details.

But, that does NOT mean I pick up all the details that make it into the discussions or the FAQ. Those are just crazy smart people.
Tasneem Gould
293. Latecomer
My book hadn't arrived when I left for work this morning - but I got confirmation from the website that it has shipped already. So I can't just go to Borders and buy it. And I can't read Leigh's other post. And I can't concentrate on work.

This is AGONY!
294. whoami
No kidding

There will be 1000 posts on Leigh's spoilerific review before I get to it
Roger Powell
295. forkroot
Not even tempted by the spoilerific review ... horribly tempted by the book which is SITTING THERE IN A PLASTIC BAG ON MY DESK and which I dare not open while I sit in a office trying to do useful work. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!
lurker in the shadows
296. NZKaren
You lucky, lucky people!!!

Here in NZ it's now the 28th and Borders still can't give me a delivery date ... Maybe the end of this month or early November.


Why can they get it in Australia today, but not in NZ?????
Cindy Naval
297. clnaval
I bookmarked the spoiler blog site, but will not go there until I finish TGS. Like whoami@292, I like to read for the experience. I don't even want to say how long I spent last night just touching the book and looking at all the maps before diving in.
I *will* go to Audible today and see if the audio version is for sale, to add it to my collection. I don't have long commutes to work, but I do fly fairly often, and audiobooks, especially WOT, are great for flights.
lurker in the shadows
298. Aye Aye Sedai
IS everyones title page signed - looks like in pen but I can't believe that its not printed -

Hmmm - Prologue down and so far I enjoy the writing style.

Roger Powell
299. forkroot
Aye Aye Sedai@298
Its printed - just a nice job. BTW, I teared up again (about RJ) reading Brandon's forward.

Can't wait .. about one more hour and I can get out of here and go devour the book.
Roger Powell
300. forkroot
It's time, it's time! I can go and read the book now! BWAAHAHAHAHA!!

See you all on the spoilerific thread in a few days.
lurker in the shadows
301. AlanJS
Down here in Australia we have to wait until November 3rd before the book is released! Curse you all *shaking fists*...
lurker in the shadows
302. NZKaren

If you're in Aus, check out - they say they have copies in stock (in Sydney) but ship at relatively low prices in Aus.
Tasneem Gould
303. Latecomer
You people in Australia and NZ

Check out Mighty Ape .co .nz.

I am in NZ and pre-ordered there, and they delivered to my house 20 minutes after I left for work this morning. I am absolutely twitching for it to be 5 p.m. so I can go home....

They deliver overnight in most cases - and they have the cheapest price in NZ right now.
Tasneem Gould
304. Latecomer
nearly 3.30... not long to go! This must be my maximum number of posts on TOR in a day ever! I can't stay away.....
lurker in the shadows
305. Gryphon
Arrgh..... Chapters hasn't even shipped yet - according to website. Time to conduct a preemptive purchase!!!!
lurker in the shadows
306. NZKaren


Ordered through mighty ape. Hopefully I see it soon. Can't wait ...
lurker in the shadows
307. Dr J
Still tired from going to the release party at the BYU bookstore on Monday night and having Brandon sign it himself, but totally worth it. Plus, I had him personalize it and he promised (in writing)that he wouldn't die before finishing the end of the series! - Excellent book
jacob armga
308. jarmga
I got the book at ten yesterday morning. I finished it in twelve hours and all i can say is wow, that was a great fix for the WoT habtit!!!!!!!!!
lurker in the shadows
309. Aye Aye Sedai
Ok with OUT spoilers - can anyone tell if there are new entries in the glossary and should I check it out before getting to the end of the book or not?

IE are they new entries or descriptions/pronunciations that enhance or are they spoilers .

Up to chapter 9 and like it - but not seeing any of Leighs "moments " yet,

Generally a good flow - just a few moments/events that take me out of the story - just oddities thats all - and I have two new theorys going - but can't discuss here and not daring to venture to the know-it all oage yet - so if I'm right I can crow and you all will just have to believe me :) hah
Thomas Keith
310. insectoid
Just finished the book. Without spoilers, all I can say is: Wow.

Off to read Leigh's spoilerific review. :)
Dru O'Higgins
311. bellman
Chapters just mailed my copy! Late, but it's coming!
lurker in the shadows
312. Aldoth
Ok I have to say on behalf of those of us that are still working our way through the series thank you for not mentioning ANY spoilers on this thread. I am in the middle of book 5 and find it difficult to be part of the community of fans cos I dont want anything spoiled.
lurker in the shadows
313. Kah-thurak
I am now somewhere around Page ~350, and I must say, that while the book does not suffer from inactivity and boredom as for example Crossroads of Twighlight, it does have very dark atmosphere, which I would more expect from George Martin or Steven Erikson... I am not yet sure if I like that in a WoT book. But maybe I'm just a little tired of it, as I have read to many "dark" fantasy books recently.
Ryan Thistlethwaite
314. shintemaster
If my copy doesn't turn up today I'll scream. Public Holiday here (Melbourne) tomorrow, can't think of a better way to get into trouble for ignoring the in-laws. :)
stefan warsink
315. grubber
another small thank you note to all on leaving the spoilers out of here, you're all crazy-cool!

Balthanon Ysen
316. Balthanon
309. Aye Aye Sedai
Ok with OUT spoilers - can anyone tell if there are new entries in the glossary and should I check it out before getting to the end of the book or not?

It does look as if there are a few new or altered entries-- I don't know that they are really necessary or expand upon the book itself much. There weren't any major spoilers in them if you typically read the glossary before the book though. (Many of them touched more on details from Knife of Dreams.)
Mat Jessop
317. Matjess
What's all this stuff about a different voice? Jeeez, some people are so hard to please. The book is brilliant, so, so, brilliant. Egwene, I always had faith in you.
lurker in the shadows
318. DarthRaistlin
you know, i think i enjoy reading your blog more then i like the novels themselves.

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