Oct 30 2009 6:34pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Steampunk Keyhole Plate Pendant

The amazing Allison, aka RockLove, brings our next piece: a Steampunk Keyhole Plate Pendant! Like all of her creations, this pendant is hand-carved and cast nickle-free sterling silver. The pendant measures 3" long. It has been oxidized and then repolished for maximum contrast and depth of color, and comes with both a silk ribbon and leather cord.

Allison’s work speaks for itself. Check out her online store, particularly the steampunky Victorian Glam items and eco-friendly leather and brass cuffs (airship pirate!). Her newest line of items will be an Imperial Collection, inspired by pre-1900s communist military buttons and sovereign regalia, in sterling silver, vermeil, and 14K. (Alert! Haute Macabre is giving away the first of these items, a gorgeous garnet Maltese Cross. Go throw your hat in!)

She’s also offered us a sneak peek of some of these items: check out these soon-to-be-released pendants crafted from authentic pre-1900s communist military coat buttons!

Her only request is that you check out her site and let her know what items you like best.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Tuesday, November 3rd, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.


Torie Atkinson wants the entire collection of button pendants to make the most badass military coat you’ve ever seen.

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1. jmd
Beautiful stuff.. me want!
Roland Schigas
4. rschigas
Lovely! My mother the seamstress would love these.
5. jefff
My daughter would love this.
7. RSnaps
I love it! It's beautiful.
12. Sue R.
Its beautiful. I love it. Count me in!
17. ofabookworm
This is gorgeous!
Kate Keith-Fitzgerald
19. ceitfianna
Utterly beautiful, please put my name in.
21. Brian Charles Clark
22. Bethanyfig
Complement to the key necklaces. ;)
23. Comrade Matt
something something
24. JakeLsewhere
Spiffy. ^_^
30. MelissaT
Awesome! I so want! :)
31. btfreek
Wow, that's gorgeous!
32. Robin Brass
Rock love jewelry is HOT!
33. JennyJ
Simply amazing!
Brian McCullogh
34. webmccullogh
It's beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.
35. Susan at Stony River
Beautiful -- I love where she gets her inspiration from. I'm off to check out more. LOL
Jennifer McBride
36. vegetathalas
Beautiful. I hope all these jewelry makers get boosts from their sales.

I'm just an impoverished writer who drools but can't buy.
38. djskola
I always love Rocklove designs.
Heather Frierson
39. magiccutey
Allison makes some beautiful pieces. I have loved her work for a while now.
Dawn OBryan Lamb
41. Dawno
thank you for a chance to win that lovely necklace
42. TinaLouisePhoto
I LOVE it!!! I love RockLove's pieces!! I have the Jacks Charm necklace and I'm looking to get another piece! :)
44. Kate!
I love the Vice Clockwork earrings. The Keyhole plate pendant is a close second, though.
Adna .
46. Ms.A
That Keyhole Plate Pendant is very beautiful. So unique and elegant.
47. kcv
Beautiful! I want.
48. itsxlauraxlove
All of RockLove's work is fantastic and creative. I really cannot wait to see all of the new pieces she's coming out with. :D
49. Absentminded Professoress
Gorgeous pendant! I just fell hard for steampunk this week Wednesday at 10:37 a.m. But I don't care for the gear shape in my jewelry, funnily enough. The keyhole plate pendant is a lovely steampunky way around that. Have always loved keys, locks, etc.
54. Celtic knotwork
56. debraji
commenting, commenting...anybody there?
57. Manda Sweet ?
Love, love love her stuff!!
This piece is definitely one of my favs!!
58. Destiny Rain
I adore this pendant. I really love it, but can't afford it.
Allison makes such beautiful jewlery :)
Sjoerd van Egmond
61. Arorax
Very very beautiful, but alas, also very, very expensive.
63. mtnbeary
Very nice. A gift for my daughter.
64. Sihaya
I shall enter this drawing. If I win, then I will solemnly accept both the lock and the quest to find its key.

There is an empty lot on Nineteenth Street in the Heights Historic District. Not too far from the old trolley line, the lot recently held an outdoor junk shop. It was attended by three older gentlemen with straw hats, white beards and plaid shirts. The fence was strewn with shelves that held the most amazing metal bric-a-brac, toys, antique tools, and instruments. Behind the fence was scrap wood, a boiler, and various furnishings. The men would sell any of it only for cash and only after hard bargaining. But before, long ago, there had been a building. And the front door had been very special. The lock was even more special. If one wishes to tease out the secret of the old lot, one must attach the lock to the fence on the night of a waxing moon. Then the key must be joined in the lock and turned counter-clockwise.
65. shmpoo dva
I want anything from the victorian glam
68. Elizabeth Lukens
I have the REPO scalpel necklace and think that Allison's work is completely amazing! Would love to win this one. Love it!
Bobby Caler
71. bobarcangle
I cut my literary teeth on steampunk, and like the ethos of the whole genre.
73. deadjack
I would like to give this to my wife!
75. aineaune
ooh, me please!
79. CaptianMorgan
I LOVE ROCKLOVE, Allison is an absolute doll and her stuff is gorgeous! I have many pieces of hers, this is not one of them to my sorrow!

Must have!
80. jsgitbr
Beautiful! And steampunk!
82. maregirl
This is one of my very favorites from RockLove. Here's hoping!
83. azmodean
*drool* nice.
85. Shadehg
Oh cool! I'll give it a go!

Hi Torie!
Gregor Pevec
88. mahha
Lovely! It would fit nicely on a dame I know.
Craig Botha
90. craig.b
Oh, my wife would love this. It's stunning.
Pawel Martin
91. pawel_z_wrocka
Can anyone please explain how pre-1900's can be communist? I'm puzzled.
James Butterfield
92. jimmyb
The prize on offer
is a beautiful pendant
commenter 91
is a bit of a pedant.
93. alchymyst
Oh this is beautiful.
95. slan agat
Lovely, I know exactly where this belongs.
Patrick Regan
98. tazo85
I believe I know someone who would really like this.
99. moghedien21
That is pretty awesome.
Heather Boyle
100. Voyd
Those are really cool, I'll definitely check out the rest of the store!
103. rubydog
This would look great on my daughter.
Michael Below
104. ediFanoB
The Keyhole Pendant with leather cord
A great gift which I can't afford
A prefect surprise for my wife
If it would luckily arrive
107. wandering-dreamer
Very nice, want!
108. meganelisabeth
i have a couple of her pieces already, they are so beautiful! love the keyhole pendant, hopefully i can add it to my collection :)
109. IanR
They really do look spectacular
110. maryarrrr
The wish list is getting too long!
Red Paint Spilman
111. redpaint01
I haven't checked the link yet, hope the keyhole pendant isn't one of a kind. It's too pretty to just make one.
Hi everyone! Not sure if you'll find this but I think it's time for a...

I love that you are all so historically inclined, but I've gotten 5 emails now from people giving me polite to nasty timeline lessons.

The new collection is inspired by Imperial, Soviet, Communist, etc imagery. AND you haven't seen the whole collection yet. These buttons happen to be from Communist Ethiopia, the Boer War, etc. An couple shield pendants which haven't even been photographed yet, are from part of Russian and English drape medallions. The Maltese crosses are inspired by medieval monarchy. And more pieces which are not even finished, charting everything from China to South Africa.

So now that we know, no more nasty messages flexing your knowledge until the ENTIRE COLLECTION is released.

*ahhhh feels relieved* Thank you to all the LOVELY messages though :) It out-ways the hatemail
113. aliwood
That's very cool.
Autumn Hiscock
115. Owldaughter
That's absolutely gorgeous. Toss my name into the hat, please!
121. quegymo
That is beautiful.
Gabriel Konkle
122. Raybourne
If I win, this goes around my wife's neck.
124. AuroraSincrois
Sassy Brit
125. Sassy
It is beautiful, please enter me!

Thank you.

126. StephS
Really beautiful. What a talented artist!
127. FreakyDarling
Allison's stuff is always lovely, count me in for the contest please.
Marci DeLeon-Murphy
128. D365m562
Count me on this, and I will be looking into the Communist buttons. Thank you for bringing this artist to my attention!
129. tldaisy888
130. Maelenna
That's gorgeous! You guys have found some amazing stuff this month!
Lena Moore
131. Katalia138
I'm always looking for new and interesting pieces of jewelry. This looks awesome!
132. aoifeharper
135. manikpixi
Oh now how awesome would this looking hanging around my neck!
Miriam Best
137. Rutt
Oh, how I love steampunk jewelry. Too bad it's so hard to find. This one looks really pretty!
Angela MacRae
138. angelshimmery
What a stunning piece of jewellery and everything on the site made me want it, nearly Christmas and I've dropped hints.
Scott Raun
139. sraun
I know just who this would be a present for!
143. Wenchbabe
All of these items look fantastic. I think the double key necklace is my favourite but the cuffs look fantastic as well.
147. fogdude
Artsy pendant, I like it!
149. Cozy
Beautiful! I'm excited for the sneak-peek of her new work :)
Andrew Lovsness
150. drewlovs
Very nice. Looks perfect for my daughter, if I were to get lucky...
154. scentofdecayx
beautiful pendant
163. Rachel Scrappy
Loooove Allison's work.
164. AmandaLynne
Oh, I want one!
165. Cassandra12
167. darkwinter
Please give me somewhere to place the key to my heart!
Tricia May
168. may602
I have the perfect outfit to wear that with...please let it be mine!
170. Brian B.
Count me in in lieu of my wife, lol.
Kent Aron Vabø
171. sotgnomen
I dont have anything to wear with that, but I do have a little sister..
175. Sabriel
Those are absolutely gorgeous! I love the style immensely. *covets*
176. Kraftie
I just discovered this jewelry and I simply MUST have some!
Cliff Bramlett
177. LabGecko
This would make a nice addition. Jolly good!
David Epstein
178. sargepepper
Beautiful! Hope I win - wife would love this.
179. Asketcher2
I love steam punk, I'm glad to see it coming out more in the mainstream. Thanks so much for this contest!
180. Gotthammer
Beautiful jewelry. With my wife recently excited about steampunk, these would be great items to have!
181. Crystal Hilbert
My steampunk outfit consists of a frock coat and goggles. I'd love one of these. :)
Jacob Silvia
185. aethercowboy
Why not? I could use more neat stuff to wear to the Texas Ren Fest...
Heather Tipper
187. Ariadani
The pendant is beautiful! The button pendants are intriguing and a really fun idea.
Paul Lewandowski
189. Snowkestrel
I pick THAT lock! (heh)
Please and thank you!
190. xfelicia
me likeths!!!
191. Solange De leRenard
My Airship crew is just beginning in the Steampunk world and an item like this would be a great addition. It's is all in the details after all!
192. aseret_kitsune
Ooh, so lovely. Would make a great gift for my friend whom I am trying to get into steampunk.
198. klutzybabe
Pretty cool, wish i could make one!!
199. Julie Beck
RockLove's jewelry is phenomenal. And personally, I think SHE makes her brand. While her work speaks for itself, she is one of the greatest people to do business with. She is such a pleasure and is extremely accommodating with her customers.

I spread the word whenever I can about her work! here's to hoping I win that! If not... I'll probably buy it anyways.
200. amacker
Allison is incredibly talented! Not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.
I would buy this pendant in a heart beat - as soon as i gets the money :) The military buttons would also make great cufflinks. I love cufflinks.
Matt Schraeder
203. frozen-solid
Those are awesome looking. The GF would love one.
207. gambit410
Me please!
212. Derrickc
Please enter me in the drawing . . .

213. Wyldsage
Love the leather wrist cuffs!!! I think the Imperial collection will be amazing. Looking forward to it!
215. fogdude
So who won? It's two days past, and no winner announced?
216. Sidereal
Oh poop, I love her stuff and I think I missed this. Insert sad face here!
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