Oct 26 2009 6:48pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Socks from Sock Dreams!

You know what you need? Socks.

But not just any socks: soft, warm, GORGEOUS and stylish socks.

Sock Dreams has generously donated two sets of prizes to for Steampunk month! The first is a pair of O Chevrons over the knee stockings, in red/black. The second is a pair of M Stockings, long ribbed socks, also in dark red. Both also come with a $10 gift certificate to Sock Dreams! These things are beautiful and totally luxurious, and I cannot imagine anyone not totally loving them. I have been fondling them between typing paragraphs. (I’m not proud.)

The gift certificates are good for anything in her store, and the selection is just unbelievable. She has big soft wooly socks, anklet socks, stockings, pantyhose, kids & baby socks, men’s socks, and so much more. The designs range from the simple to beautifully complex, so there really is something for everyone.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winners will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Thursday, October 29th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.


Torie Atkinson may not make it through Steampunk Month without emptying her own wallet.

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1. BearMountainBooks
Well now, this is too good to pass up! Who could turn down cozy wool socks with winter trying to get in the door???

2. stalking_goat
I love this store. Too bad most of what they sell won't fit my giant feet.
Carolyn Wilborn
3. calea99
I've lusted over the stockings at Sock Dreams, but I've never bought anything there!
Mark McKibben
4. Manzabar
These look like something my wife would rather enjoy.
Evan Jensen
5. eoghanacht
You folkses keep tempting me with too many new books, new sites, and new money sumps for my liking!
6. Deadpat
Nice, I totally need to get those for the GF.
9. M. A. PRomer
Wow! I want my girl using those! :D
11. Cruiklaw
I must have more socks!
16. Mara Jade
They would look really good in these:
17. SM Schmidt
With all the cold weather coming looming on my doorstep, perfect!
18. theantichris
Sweet, socks!
Liz Argall
21. lizargall
As Prince George (Hugh Laurie) said:

"You know, Blackadder, for me socks are like sex. Lots of it about and I never seem to get any."
Jason Wodicka
24. JasonW
Oh, my, yes.

I don't have enough good words to say about them, or their socks, but I love every pair I've got. And they certainly do some excellent mens' styles, for men whose socks show.
Rikka Cordin
25. Rikka
yes. yes I do need these, Tor, how did you know?
26. StephS
I need these. Now that winter is upon us my feet are always freaking cold!
27. tldaisy888
Love these socks!
29. dspringfield
My wife has informed me that I will be sleeping on the couch if I don't enter this contest.
30. Amanda M.
I just *bought* socks from them. Love them! Enter meeeee. :-)
Kasserine Ross
31. kassy8588
You can never have too many pairs of socks.
John Koempel
33. physicser
Yes, definitely something my fiancee needs.
Kristin Franseen
34. musichistorygeek
You know what? I *do* need socks for steampunk month!
Nyna Derringer
35. nyna
Socks are one of my favorite things ever, no lie. This store looks awesome.
Craig Mulanax
36. amanfromuz
Socks?! What could be more steampunk! Count me in.
37. Brian B.
Awesome! Count me in.
Tranylle Simmons
39. tranylle
oh my gosh. My feet are always so cold, these would be awesome to have.
Agnes Kormendi
40. tapsi
Socks, beautiful, warm socks... count me in!
45. Nancy Kerr
ooh, ooh, pick me!
46. Comrade Matt
May I wear these with sandals?
48. Marg1066
Perhaps wearing nothing but the socks... :D
Radcliffe Cutshaw
50. rcutshaw
Neat, peit, and sexy (on the opposite sex).
Dan Robertson
51. chimaera_obscura
Steampunkenstein want socks... if girl come with....
Paul Eisenberg
52. HelmHammerhand
brownie points for me if I win and give them to my favorite steamy girl.
54. Ron Breznay
These look like socks my daughter would love, so please count me in!
55. Reimerpdx
my wife would love these... and I'd like to see them on her!
56. moonlup
Sweet, socks! And I just had to toss my monkey pair today, too. There just wasn't enough fabric to patch them again. :(
57. James Oglethorpe
59. Dana Smyth
Hee! And I'd just added some Sock Dreams socks to my holiday wishlist....
64. Sue R.
Me want socks. :]
65. JakeLsewhere
Spiffy. ^_^
66. Sue R.
Me want socks. :]
67. jmd
Gorgeous! Just in time for winter! Me likey!
68. Corvus
I am a huge fan, and have a huge collection (including the O Chevrons in dark red, but with white detailing), and I would always love to add to said collection (or even start spreading the love to others)!
69. vegetathalas
70. Xak
oh socks how I lust for thee!
Emma C
71. monkeyelf
Goodness you are correct, these socks are EXACTLY what I need
73. mirana
Socks are awesome!
William Hassinger
76. iObject
I swear that I'm just doing this for my stocking-obsessed girlfriend. I hereby throw my hat into the ring! (Can I have it back now, it's a nice hat)
77. Rylie
Enter me, please! I love socks!
Nicholas Forrester
81. Roy007
I could use a new pair of socks, my old sets are starting to get holes lol. Happy Steampunk Month!
82. Gaeazadriel
Yes, please!
Christopher Schwartz
83. Schwrtzman
I can only dream of getting these. Not for myself, but for a somewhat significant other.
Brandy Thomas
84. Roese
I think my husband would be disappointed if I don't enter for socks.
85. uncivilstranger
Gotta love socks!
86. PaperbackPirate
Oh my gosh, I want these so bad! Pantyhose I hate, but long socks I love! My long socks are all holey and sad...a new pair would make my skinny legs so happy!
lanyo lanyo
91. lanyo
I like Sock Dreams. I will warn everyone though: the really high thigh-high socks? Way too narrow for girls of actual life size. Really. If your thighs are larger than your biceps, probably not gonna fit. But their other socks are bueno. Also, they have sock garters. Way too cute to pass up.
92. lyracole
sock dreams is absolutely amazing; i own three pairs already, with more planned, even if i don't win :)
93. Ms. Pris
Oh, I love Sock Dreams! Their selection is just fantastic. I hope hope hope to win!
95. Treacle
Sock Dreams is the best, and now that it's getting chilly, who can't use a pair of over the knee socks?
96. Snugglepot ant
An Australian expat in for her first snowy central Illinois winter - warm socks are needed!
97. MinnieModern
I have spent hundreds at sockdreams. Love it!!!
When is this random choosing? *crosses fingers*
98. delij.
Oooh, those ribbed M stockings look amazing. I might have to buy a pair.

Thank you for having a giveaway c:
99. Erin D
Mmm, I love sockdreams! They're so wonderful!
100. kimtaylor
I like to visit this store at least once in a month. It is amazing.

fathers day
101. R. Emrys
Mmm, fuzzies!
James Butterfield
102. jimmyb
It would be a shock
but really neat
to have these socks
on my feet
103. Cereus Leng
The chevron socks are one of my favourite styles from Sock Dreams, I would love a chance at some.
104. mechamuffin
mmm, sockalicious.
106. Cicada
Those look great!
Please, my feet and legs are soooo cold! May I have the socks;)
108. Pretty Clever
Aren't Sock Dreams just the awesomest? (is that even a word?)
Michael Below
109. ediFanoB
That would be a perfect and unexpected gift for my daughter with her often cold legs.
112. selkie_B
mmmmmMMMM best toe-warmers! Love Sock Dreams!
113. Capn Marrrrk
Knock knock. Who's there? Socks for me and my wife from Sock Dreams!
114. Xyon
socks please, would be awesome for my cold feet
Emily Lind
115. Malana
Yes! I am a sock fiend, and those look awesome.
117. MickyM
3 your sox. :-)
118. prisca
these are are pretty much every pair on they sell...
119. NomadUK
Yes, please!
120. ignorantsheep
Oh I have to enter this. \o/
121. idoanknow
Sarah Peck
122. akacapa
Those are adorable! I think I need some.
124. outsidecounsel
Nice socks
126. Camila F.
Love the socks, hope I win!!!
128. Zachot
Sweet, I could use some comfy new socks this winter!
129. Moghedien21
I love socks! Especially awesome ones like these. :)
Autumn Theriault
131. twofistededitor
Squee! My favorite place to spend loot on the web!
132. Meganity
socks rule!
133. Liesel
I can definately use these in the snow we've got already!
134. kakiphony
I adore sock dreams! I'm wearing some lovely Os today.
135. Copy Horse
pilp ficton was good
138. rubydog
There be Socks! My partner would love them.
140. ofabookworm
Oh my goodness, I love socks!
141. pungentodor
Whoop sexy hosiery!
142. gestapolollipop
I love sockdreams!
143. Alden Ash
Socks? why not?
144. tuka again
Will I ever be randomly chosen this month? Ever?
145. Story Cottage
Christmas gift, Christmas gift, Christmas Gift ...
146. Dr. Tucker
Let there be Socks!
147. titania86
I love Sock Dreams AND Steampunk! :)
148. Arorax
They would be a wonderful gift for my girlfriend. Also thank you for the shop, didn't know they exist but they have some nice socks in stock(ings).
149. Jamie-Lynn
I Love Sock Dreams! Free Socks is almost as good as their free shipping!!
Kat Rodriguez
151. Darkkatpouncing
Sockdreams SOCKS!?! *LOVE* and on the TOR books site to boot! love love love! :)
152. azmodean
toasty! nice.
154. VegaRedstone
Sock dreams is my favorite! Count me in!
155. wandalee
i love me some socks!
larry shirk
156. lorenzo
Winter is coming - legs will need covers (they already do, in the northernnesses).
157. Philomytha
Those look nice!
Russell Alexander
158. CaptainJules
I've always wanted a pair of Sock Dreams socks...
160. putchti
These look great! I have always been a fan of long socks. I must go and check out the website. My credit card is groaning in anticipation.
161. Bethanyfig
Sock Dreams is awesome
162. adelheid
yummy socks!
164. munrovian
What lovely sox!
Hannah Mattner
166. Maelenna
Also wants socks! Thanks for pointing out so many pretties! I'm going to go nuts on their site when I have the money!
167. Laura Rachelle
Yay, an opportunity to replace my old, hole-filled socks.
Nicole Cantwell
169. NclCntwll
I really love these, they are soo much fun.
172. Celtic knotwork
I'm in!
Tucker McKinnon
177. jazzfish
Boy, did I pick the right day to check!
182. Spiffkt
I love socks!
184. Kevin Faulk
My wife and brother-in-law love sockdreams!
185. SarahAyars
I'm both Steampunk and knitting obsessed right now, these socks are fabulous! xxx
187. WildeRose
Hooray for sock dreams!
188. Froglet
I do need new socks, the only long socks I have at the moment are all coloured and stripey, which sometimes just does not match what I need to wear for work.
190. CaitlinB
Ooh those look fantastic and cozy!
Sarah Hale
191. rocketshale
I love Sock Dreams. I have some socks from there that I wear as often as possible without destroying them. Red and black knee socks with FLAMES!
Look, IJustWantSomeSocks
192. justforthesocks
Tomorrow I probably won't have socks, but right now I have probabilistic socks!
193. GashlycrumbTiny
Sock Dreams is where I get all my fingerless gloves and thigh-high socks! They have such great service and quality.
194. JennyJ
These socks would be lovely for the cold, cold winter ahead.
Allison Lockwood Hansen
195. Talisyn
Sock it to me! And when they're old and worn, a sock puppet could be born.
196. Macmortal
Everyone could use more socks!
198. Tim Palecek
Tim Palecek need socks!
200. scentofdecayx
Sockdreams is great
Cliff Bramlett
201. LabGecko
Oddly enough, my daughter has been searching for just such socks.
203. james barham
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204. wildwolf
love sockdreams! coolest socks ever
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