Oct 22 2009 6:07pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Kage Baker’s The Women of Nell Gwynne’s

When I said Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press was phenomenal, it was not an understatement. He has also has graciously offered five copies of Kage Baker’s The Women of Nell Gwynne’s to readers for our Steampunk Month giveaways! This book is sold out from Sub Press, so the winners of this particular title are even more lucky than your average randomly selected winner. Here’s the summary:

Lady Beatrice was the proper British daughter of a proper British soldier, until tragedy struck and sent her home to walk the streets of early-Victorian London. But Lady Beatrice is no ordinary whore, and is soon recruited to join an underground establishment known as Nell Gwynne’s. Nell Gwynne’s is far more than simply the finest and most exclusive brothel in Whitehall; it is in fact the sister organization to the Gentlemen’s Speculative Society, that 19th-century predecessor to a certain Company...and when a member of the Society goes missing on a peculiar assignment, it’s up to Lady Beatrice and her sister harlots to investigate.

Not sufficiently persuaded? Read the excerpt on Sub Press. Not enough? Read Kage Baker’s exceptional Ancient Rockets series here on for a sample of her many talents. Still not intrigued? You’re broken; there really is no other explanation.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winners will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Monday, October 26th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.

Torie Atkinson is dying to read this book. Can you tell?

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Shamrock Jack
1. Shamrock Jack
I am leaving a comment.
Lisa Grabenstetter
4. magneticcrow
I've read a few of Subterannean's latest novella releases (K.J. Parker and Connie Willis' contributions) and I've been highly impressed by the quality of both form and content.
:) Great give-away!
Shamrock Jack
5. hawkwing-lb
That book looks amazing.
Shamrock Jack
6. j-and-sometimes-e
ohhh, shiny.
Hanna Clutterbuck
7. karracrow
this is absolutely me leaving a comment. :)
Shamrock Jack
11. Celtic knotwork
Looks interesting!
Shamrock Jack
12. valia kapadai
oooooh this is so amazing !!!!
Shamrock Jack
14. cyborgsuzy
Mmmm... purple.
Shamrock Jack
15. cc0416
looks really good..
Shamrock Jack
22. R. Emrys
I've been wanting this!
Sol Foster
24. colomon
Far be it from me to pass up a shot at a Baker book I haven't read.
Shamrock Jack
26. ibegon5
Sounds stunning.
Tim Novak
27. Spiderbox
I have actually been looking forward to reading this.
Shamrock Jack
31. photon
i love kage baker
Shamrock Jack
32. The Unix Guy
One comment, as required. Please send one book.
Pawel Martin
34. pawel_z_wrocka
A cover to kill for. One can only hope the contents match.
Shamrock Jack
36. kbuxton
Sounds great...
Shamrock Jack
37. Medrith
I've read this from the library, and would love to have my own copy!
Shamrock Jack
38. Chris B in SEA
Very much so, please.
Shamrock Jack
40. Rev. Styles
This sounds like an intriguing premise. I look forward to reading it.
Shamrock Jack
41. Brian Duff
Ooo.. Steampunk! Yes please!
Shamrock Jack
42. JakeLsewhere
Looks good.
Shamrock Jack
43. Corvus
I could certainly use something new to read. Thank you!
Shamrock Jack
45. ldraxx
oh pick me pick me pick me I love love love Kage Baker's books!
Kristi Jenkins
46. midwinter
This is on my wish list - would love a chance at a copy!
Stefan Raets
48. Stefan
I'm a big fan of Ms. Baker... and this is one of the few books by her I don't own yet! Count me in.
Shamrock Jack
49. smbass
not very familiar with her writing. This looks like a good place to start
Shamrock Jack
52. OtterB
Count me in. I want to read this and can't afford it.
larry shirk
55. lorenzo
Torie is not alone in wanting to read this book!
Shamrock Jack
56. ShinyOwen
This book looks excellent. I've really enjoyed Kage's other work!
Michelle Mulford
59. DervishJ
Since my library unaccountable does not like Kage Baker, I would love to win this!
Shamrock Jack
61. PamNation
Me. Me. ME! please.
Shamrock Jack
62. nlowery71
It's such a pretty book.
Shamrock Jack
63. aoifeharper
I neeeeed this book.
Shamrock Jack
65. steampunk4ever
Count me in!
Jihan Kim
66. jeebs3000
Kage Baker is a brilliant author with an exceptional penchant for easily digestible prose. Her book "The Garden of Iden" is particularly lush with description of setting and plot whilst being a breeze to read. I can't wait to breathe-in "The Women of Nell Gwynne’s"!!!
Shamrock Jack
67. mundiel
Thanks for another great contest!
Shamrock Jack
72. Byzkitt
Here is my comment i have read Kage Baker before and i really liked her book
Sandi Kallas
75. Sandikal
Please pick me! Please, please, please! I love Kage Baker's books!
Shamrock Jack
76. MaryArrrr
Thanks so much! The library doesn't have this one.
Shamrock Jack
77. Julia103
I've found Kage Baker's books to be quite interesting and would enjoy reading this one!
Shamrock Jack
78. Frell
Awesome count me in please.
Shamrock Jack
79. Eric M Franklin
Kage Baker's been on my "to read" list for years and this one looks like a phenomenal entry to the work.
Tim Lewis
80. RaPToRFunK
This sounds intriguing. Consider this contest ENTERED!
Shamrock Jack
81. Sophie_sama
Sounds very interesting.
Shamrock Jack
82. DaveQat
Here's hoping!
Shamrock Jack
83. StephS
Spies, brothels and Whitehall?! Of course I want to read this!
Shamrock Jack
84. thomrit51
i'll take it
Shamrock Jack
85. ofabookworm
This sounds fabulous!
Shamrock Jack
86. theantichris
I am totally leaving a comment right now!
Adam Lipkin
87. yendi
I've been a fan of Kage's books for years, and I'd love to win this one.
Shamrock Jack
88. FunBob
Looks like a good story!
91. selidor
A Kage Baker book giveaway? Wonderful!
Rikka Cordin
93. Rikka
Kage Baker, amazing.

pleaseprettyplease with corsets on top?
Shamrock Jack
94. Mark Wink
I'd love to read that!
Madeline Ferwerda
96. MadelineF
It would be neat to be mailed a Kage Baker book...
Shamrock Jack
104. JackiAnne
I want to read it too!
Derek Dominquez
105. fomartorch
This sounds interesting, (make The Gathering Storm materialize into my hands... now!)
Leigh Perry
106. bdswagger
Oh cool, I really like the sound of this book. Maybe I'll get lucky on this one.

Shamrock Jack
107. chin bd
A new author to look out 4!
Shamrock Jack
109. Aidee Kay
Fantastic! I look forward to the read. :)
Shamrock Jack
110. time_to_read
Over a hundred comments already?
Here's mine.
Shamrock Jack
111. Ben-M
Bill is Awesome.

That is all.
Shamrock Jack
112. Brit Mandelo
Totally yes!
Shamrock Jack
114. graceo
I'm dying to read this book too.
Shamrock Jack
117. sjl
I can't wait to read it.
Shamrock Jack
119. Nicole Ramsey
Definitely one to add to the bookshelf.
Shamrock Jack
121. dragondances
Shamrock Jack
122. Whit_in_Austin
Shamrock Jack
123. addisonblitz
I'd read this.
Shamrock Jack
124. EddV
Sounds like this novel is in good... company.
Shamrock Jack
125. Michael Kwan
Want very much.
Shamrock Jack
126. Sue R
Oh! I want it. Thanks for the chance.
Shamrock Jack
127. cronan275pep
Cool...Sounds intriguing
Shamrock Jack
128. rmbellovin
I'd love a copy.
Nora Murphy
129. Lyubov
That book looks really interesting.
Shamrock Jack
132. sparkatito
sounds right up my dark, foggy and zombie-riddled alley
Shamrock Jack
139. leprechaun42
I really need to read more Kage Baker.
Shamrock Jack
140. Dr.BedbuG
more books! more books!
Shamrock Jack
144. Srokshin
I try to buy everything company when I come across it. I missed this one!
Shamrock Jack
145. Tansy Rayner Roberts
yes please!
Shamrock Jack
146. John Schmidt
Sisters are doing it for themselves...and others. I'd like to know!
James Butterfield
150. jimmyb
It's a hook
No it's a rook
No it's a puck
really it's a book
Shamrock Jack
152. Lissar
Oh wow that book sounds fabulous! I absolutely have to try for it.
Michael Below
153. ediFanoB
London is my favorite city and I like the Victorian Era.
And the story is mouth-watering.
Three reason why I want this book.
Angel Banchev
154. Tiranas
If Torie says a book is worth dying for then as hell it's sure its worth reading :) Sign me up Torie :)
Shamrock Jack
155. PlanetaryColonist
Shamrock Jack
156. Benjamin B.
Sounds fantastic!
Tomasz Galazka
157. tetrix
How can I post if my hands are shaking with greed? ...Oh, seems like I do manage somehow.
Shamrock Jack
158. NomadUK
TW Grace
159. TWGrace
Prerequisite for victory is participation
Agnes Kormendi
160. tapsi
I want to win something! (that in my best spoiled kid voice)
Shamrock Jack
161. TanyaLin
Oh my! I REALLY need these for my winter reading library!!!!!!
Shamrock Jack
162. gt0163c
Looks very cool. Thanks for the chance to win!
Shamrock Jack
163. mark heath
I'd love a copy.
Fred Kiesche
164. FredKiesche
Baker's "The Empress of Mars" also has a nice stempunky feel to it (and I think some obscure publisher, Tah, Tur, something like that has the novel version). It also is a nice 1970's-Mars feel to it, when we started getting really good looks thanks to Mariner and Viking and there was a bit of a Mars renaissance going on in SF.
Shamrock Jack
166. ZCam
I didn't win the ring (sigh). This would be very nice consolation prize. Well, OK, I admit that for me this would be even better than the ring!
Shamrock Jack
171. Brian B.
Definitely sounds interesting, I haven't read anything quite like it. Consider me in!
Paul Calabrese
172. SlugMan
This is the one I am destined to win.
Shamrock Jack
173. kunger00
Sounds like a good read.
Shamrock Jack
174. Otsana
Ooh, sounds fascinating!
Shamrock Jack
175. Sabrina McCoy
My ex got me hooked on Kage Baker's "Company" books. Never knew she did steampunk too! Would love to read this!
Steve Muse
177. SJMuse
Yet another adventure I'm willing to undertake... I'd love to have a copy.
Shamrock Jack
182. ark4str
Ok i will read it if i win.
Shamrock Jack
183. Rowan bristol
Oh yes, please!
David Epstein
184. sargepepper
Sounds very cool...I'm leaving my comment here
Shamrock Jack
187. Frank S.
Kage Baker wrtiting about Victorian/Steampunk era Hooker spys? Consider me sold!
Shamrock Jack
189. krisnitori
Been reading a lot of Victorian-set murder mysteries lately. This sounds right up my alley. The topic and this cover is what caught my eye on facebook.
Amir Yoeli
190. Betterthenyouknew
I am sufficiently persuaded... I would like a copy please.

pretty please,with sugar on top.
Shamrock Jack
192. Snowkestrel
Please and thank you
Christian P. Robert
193. xiancpr
Nell Gwynne was the mistress of Charles II as well as a famous prostitute and actress of the time...
Wes Samson
196. poemanderror
Sounds interesting. Kage Baker is on my to-be-read list.
Shamrock Jack
199. logankstewart
I'll gladly take one.
Shamrock Jack
201. Hann1bal
@dulac3: I'm sure someone does, it's just that so many people enter these contests that it's relatively unlikely to be you or me who wins.

I still would like one.
Shamrock Jack
202. EliasC
Alea jacta est :)
Patrick Shepherd
204. hyperpat
Having read all her other Company books, and enjoyed them all, it would be real nice to have a shiny new one.
Jessica Walden
206. jessicaw
Please pick me! This is the only Kage Baker book I don't have and you're my favorite author.
Shamrock Jack
208. Danielle Yockman
Sounds like an interesting book. Would love to read it! Too bad I can't add it to my TBR pile as it is out of print.
Joann Zimmerman
209. joann
Missed my chance this summer. Let's see if there's any chance at redemption.
Shamrock Jack
210. rubydog
I'd love to win this title!
Shamrock Jack
211. Hendii
If at first you don't win, enter, enter again...
Shamrock Jack
212. azmodean
count me in!
Shamrock Jack
213. Herewiss13
This looks really good
Shamrock Jack
214. M Tarplee
Sweet googly moogly I am trying hard not to squee right now.
Shamrock Jack
218. catriona_sweeps
Would love to add this to my collection.
Shamrock Jack
220. jmd
Sounds like a great read! Sort of the Court of the Air style...
Shamrock Jack
222. RitaM4
Ready, willing & literate -- count me in!
Dru O'Higgins
223. bellman
Excellent! I definitely want to read this!
Shamrock Jack
224. DRickard
Teacher! Teacher! Pick me!
Shamrock Jack
226. This is my name
Yes please!
April Vrugtman
228. dwndrgn
Ok, there are three reasons this is really cool. One, because I get to enter for a chance to win a great book. Two, I now have another new title to add to my 'to read' list. And the third is because I have no photographic or costumery talent and can't enter the other contest posted today.

Dave Thompson
229. DKT
I would like to read this, too :)
Shamrock Jack
230. Rob Slater
No comment.
Shamrock Jack
232. Hammos
Subterranean Press is something, isn't it? Glad to see them getting attention.
Shamrock Jack
234. LittleEagle
A new genre for me. Should be a great read.
Shamrock Jack
235. Rob Blake
Want !!!!
Shamrock Jack
237. wandering-dreamer
And I comment once again!
Shamrock Jack
238. cozypie
You're right. Sounds like a must read!
Paul Meyer
240. pmrabble
Joining the comment flood once again.
Al Clay
241. knavery
Just read this novella. It rather rocked :)
Shamrock Jack
243. chromiumman
love to win this
Shamrock Jack
244. john rasmussen
looks good
Joan Mitchell
245. dragoness
Just wanted to let you know, I'm not broken... well, maybe some things about me ARE broken... but my intrigue and curiosity are still intact.

Oh yeah... and I need more books too...
Shamrock Jack
246. Chvydupont24
Really looks like a good book.
Shamrock Jack
247. mindy a
sounds like a great read thanks
Shamrock Jack
248. debraji
Okay, this is truly irresistable. I love the Company novels.
Shamrock Jack
249. susan varney
i am a reader
demonika smidgely
251. demonika
been trying to get a copy of this book for ages .....
Shamrock Jack
252. Jacqueline L.
Oooh, this sounds really good!
Shamrock Jack
253. Liz Semkiu
Sounds very interesting!
Shamrock Jack
255. Ezmerelda
I am a recent convert to steampunk. Would love to try more.
Shamrock Jack
256. KSmith
I have never won anything in my life, so i hope i win this!!! thanks for the chance!!!
Shamrock Jack
257. sarawackadoo
Looks so GOOD!

* fingers crossed!
Shamrock Jack
258. JohnW750
Kage Baker is great. I'd love to win a copy of this book.
Shamrock Jack
260. Jim Henry III
I've enjoyed most of Kage Baker's Company novels, and the little of her non-Company short fiction I've read; looking forward to reading this one.
Shamrock Jack
263. LiteraryMind
Having not read Kage Baker's writing, I am interested in doing so.
Shamrock Jack
266. Benjamin Hostmark
I would love to read this!
Carrie Elder
268. CarrieNation
Ooooh, secret societies and women of dubious virtue? I need to read this!

The excerpt was fantastic.
Shamrock Jack
269. Phil Moulton
Not heard of this book, but it definitely sounds worth a look...
Shamrock Jack
270. Liathiana
Sounds like a great book!
Shamrock Jack
271. Carol Lawrence
My kind of reading.
Steve Parker
272. a0tis
I will be excited to read this book.
Shamrock Jack
273. AsTheNight
The plot sounds interesting; thanks for the chance to win a copy.
Felicity Pearson
274. FelicityPea
Looks interesting ... whether I win one or not!
Sarah Hale
275. rocketshale
I really really want to read this book too.
Brook Freeman
277. longstrider
OOooooo shiny
Shamrock Jack
278. deadjack
Would love to add this to my collection.
Shamrock Jack
279. SarahW
I would love to get this book.
Shamrock Jack
280. icarium
This sounds very interesting. Sign me up and please... pick me!
Shamrock Jack
284. Lindalee Stahlman Volmert
You can't win if you don't enter and the odds are at least better then the lottery. Plus I need to read more steampunk!
Shamrock Jack
285. QuantumEve
A new book by Kage - excellent!
Estara Swanberg
286. Estara
In case this is open to people outside the US, I'm entering, too.
Shamrock Jack
288. Benita G.
Sounds great. I'd love to win.

Shamrock Jack
289. Vilai
Ooooh, I would love to win this book!
Shamrock Jack
290. Rowan-face
How could I not comment? Especially since the cut-off-date is my birthday. :)
Emily Willis
291. Saki
I read the excerpt, and while several parts of it appeal to my feminist sensibilities, I'm a bit iffy on the writing style. I got the impression that the author was trying to rush through the introduction to get to the juicy bits in the middle, of which the preview contained none. The excerpt could've been an entire novel itself. Still, I can't help being curious what the bulk of the story reads like, and I'd love to get my hands on a copy of this book.
Shamrock Jack
292. Renee S G
Would love to read this.
Shamrock Jack
I would love to read this book;)
Shamrock Jack
294. Benjamin Pashkoff
If the depth of characters can keep to reality, without too much teenage testosterone fantasy, then this may be a hit.
Shamrock Jack
297. David Richardson
Nice Giveaway
Shamrock Jack
299. MST Maker
It's been ages since I visited here, but a friend told me of steampunk month and so I'm back, rediscovering the site. It looks great so far. So much to read and catch up on, I'm sure I won't make it, but I'll love trying.
Shamrock Jack
300. Gayla
Would love to read. Pick me.
Louis Richards
301. lummer5000
It doesn't sound realistic. Who would believe a Courtesan to be a Mata-Hari? ;)

Winning would be nice.
Sherry Ramsey
302. wordsmith101
Sounds like a great read, and I had not heard of it before. I'd love to read it!
Shamrock Jack
304. Gabriel J.
Great read, great contest!
Shamrock Jack
305. Magdalena K.
The book sounds very intriguing ... if I don't get it (and it's quite likely I won't), I'll have to put it on my eventual library list.
Shamrock Jack
306. Aetherical
This book sounds really interesting. I've been enjoying steampunk month!
Daljit of NORN
307. Enforcer
More SubPress books! And one by an author I've recently discovered at that. I'd recommend pretty much anything by Kage Barker, I've liked all that I've read so far.
Shamrock Jack
308. Chrysa
Looks awesome!
Shamrock Jack
309. Brenda Park
Sounds like a great read, thanks for hosting!
Shamrock Jack
310. Mickie T
I'd love to get a copy - Baker's books are fascinating.
Shamrock Jack
311. Gloria McKellar
Thanks for the chance!
Shamrock Jack
312. Veronica Garrett
I would love to read this book. Hope I win.
SP Kelly
313. SPKelly
I wanted to purchase this book, but missed out.
Shamrock Jack
314. Sheila Hickmon
I'd love to read this! Thanks for the chance!
Shamrock Jack
316. Lily Kwan
Please enter me into into the contest. Thanks!
Shamrock Jack
317. Scottc
Kage! Kage! Kage! Come back, Kage!
Shamrock Jack
318. emmy jay
Oh, yes, I *do* so want that book.
Shamrock Jack
320. joan ferris
This sounds interesting.
Shamrock Jack
321. kathy pease
Thank you for the AWESOME GIVEAWAY.. Please count me in :)
Matt Ryan
322. tyrvidar
Yes, definitely on the 'to read' list.
Shamrock Jack
325. susan smoaks
awesome giveaway, thanks!
Shamrock Jack
326. Donna Brown
I would love to win. Looks like a good book.
Shamrock Jack
327. Angela Winesburg
I would love to read this, thanks for the chance!
Shamrock Jack
328. Miranda Allen
This looks Great!!
Shamrock Jack
330. The Mad Htter
Yes please!
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