Oct 19 2009 2:27pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Jeweled Windup Bird Ring

Today’s giveaway is an absolutely stunning piece of work from 19Moons, aka Niffer Desmond:

The description:

An antique 1920s 17-jewel watch movement embellished with hummingbird charm is set onto a vintage silver plated brass filigree ring. The gorgeous movement features a stripey shimmering surface in multi-hues, prominent rubies and amazingly intricate gears. It is complete intact including a ridged silver crown winder. This ring is comfortable, lightweight and adjustable. Made from 100% vintage recycled components, it is also eco-friendly.

Your hand suddenly feels naked, doesn’t it? This gorgeous ring is just the beginning: Niffer is incredibly talented, so be sure to check out her Etsy shop, where she has dozens of jaw-dropping creations available. And if you’re planning to go to the Brooklyn Indie Mart, find her table!

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Thursday, October 22nd, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.


Torie Atkinson has a big box sitting here for the next giveaway...what will it be?

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Nathaniel Gulick
1. PresN
Ooh, very pretty. I wouldn't mind winning that!
Stacie H
3. Stacie H
That is incredibly cool.
Barry T
4. blindillusion
You know, I do believe my wife would love to have a ring like that.
Stacie H
5. Darth Touma
It does look VERY nice..
Stacie H
7. Madeline Ashby
Please allow me to wear one of Haruki Murakami's best novels on my hand. Thank you.
Stacie H
9. Barb in MD
Well, since I didn't win the last ring, maybe I'll win this one. Oh please, oh please, oh please.
This one is just adorable. Must go visit shop now. Bye (or is that buy?).
Michelle Mulford
10. DervishJ
The hummingbird really adds something - beautiful piece of work!
Stacie H
11. AimeeG
Wow, that is *amazing*!
Stacie H
14. brettco
Great looking piece of work. Checking out the web site now.
Stacie H
16. jefff
This is awesome.
Stacie H
17. BenAU
That really is stunning.
Stacie H
18. Cadsuwallop
Oh that ring is beautiful!
Stacie H
19. steampunk4ever
Sure would like one!
Stacie H
20. CousinJessica
Stacie H
21. IndigoJinx
love it! crossing fingers now...
Lisa Grabenstetter
24. magneticcrow
How lovely!
You folks pick well, when you choose items for these giveaways! Count me in. :)
Stacie H
28. ZCam
Angel Banchev
30. Tiranas
Count me in too. Love the details on it, plus i think it would be an awesome gift for someone i know :)
Kim Kristensen
32. shadealpha
Wow that is amazing. And there are lots of amazing stuff on the website too. Very impressive.
Stacie H
33. kevsegg
me! me! me!

All fingers crossed.

This is just a beautiful piece of art!
Stacie H
35. dreamysusan
So gorgeous!
Stacie H
36. kevsegg
me! me! me!

All fingers crossed.

This is just a beautiful piece of art!
Stacie H
41. exlibris_mhuitt
Wow. That is stunning. I'm not much of a jewellery person on the whole, but I love pieces that are truly unique and interesting...and this one takes the cake!
Stacie H
42. mirana
Beautiful piece!
Stacie H
43. woohoo_freeswag
sign me up
Stacie H
44. Comrade Matt
One for the thumb!
Stacie H
46. douglasm
Very nice. Maybe I'll get lucky...
Stacie H
53. Aaron - Krojac01
very nice ring.
Stacie H
58. samsoncaper
I have just introduced my daughter to the style of Steam punk, and when I show her this ring and the artist's website she will blow a gasket!!
Thank you,
Stacie H
59. Meaghen
oh that's pretty
Stacie H
62. kylinn
zomg but that is lovely
Stacie H
63. The Literary Omnivore
This is just gorgeous- the contrast between the bird and the gears is fabulous! I do hope this can find a happy home on my fingers.
Stacie H
64. Hammerlock
Interesting. I have a pair of cufflinks (from etsy, I think) that use the same exact gear/clockwork piece, minus the bird glued/attached to it (and the ring part, of course).

Depending on the construction quality of the individual piece the outermost large gear (towards the bottom in the above picture) will actually turn a bit. The rest of the piece is immobile.
Stacie H
68. fogdude
Hey, count me in!
Stacie H
70. janicu
That is a gorgeous, gorgeous ring!
David Epstein
74. sargepepper
That looks very wife would jump at it
Jürgen Geuter
77. tante
Beautiful ring. And my fingers _are_ naked!
Stacie H
78. foiledyou
OMG that is pretty and awesome
Stacie H
79. AmberRose
Wow, that is one fabulous ring! Fingers crossed...
Stacie H
80. lkaesb
beautiful and very unique. Love it.
Stacie H
81. operagrrl
Ooh, fantastic! Want!
Stacie H
82. outsidecounsel
Stacie H
83. mscaptainp1anet
wow, my hand does suddenly feel naked.
Stacie H
84. Tina Riddle
What a beautiful piece of art. Would love to have it on my finger.
Stacie H
85. JamesHardaway
Looks Sweet
Stacie H
87. Andrew Dobbs
Amazing ring.
Stacie H
88. Laura (Paperkid)
Niffer's art is definitely niffty! Niffer have I seen such a beautiful piece of jewelry!
Stacie H
89. SM Schmidt
Such a gorgeous ring! She is a genius with those parts to make it from recycled bits.
Stacie H
91. Emilyk
That is gorgeous!
Stacie H
92. photon
it's beautiful
Stacie H
94. Brian B.
My wife and I are just starting to get into the Steampunk aesthetic - she would love to be wearing this ring. I officially throw my hat in (on?) the ring!
Adam Mills
96. bearddevil
Oooh, shiny, in a patina'd way. I like it.
Stacie H
97. snoweel
That is nice!
Stacie H
98. EvaM
Absolutely beautiful and unigue!
Brian Roloff
99. Ronin-alTyr
Very impressive craftsmanship! Some really interesting pieces on the main site as well. Very cool.
Stacie H
101. BekahWyrm
I deeply, deeply need this beautiful work of art!
Stacie H
102. Phil Moulton
That's a beautiful ring - thanks for the opportunity to win...
Stacie H
104. Karen in TN
What a lovely ring.
Stacie H
105. Mike Timonin
Sadly, I was away from my Babbage machine when Ms. Priest's novelistic writing was offered for winning, and so I was not able to extend my aetheric hand, so to speak, in supplication for that offering. Luckily, however, I am at my machine today, and as I am seeking something unique to give my help-meet for the yule festival, this offering would be perfect. I am sure that the most deserving of us will be victorious in this endeavor.
Stacie H
107. Mandy K.
Oooooo purty.
Tudza White
110. tudzax1
About time someone gave "steampunk" the bird.
Stacie H
111. Samuel Mont-Blinn
If I win and my wife doesn't like it, heck, I might wear something this cool.
Stacie H
114. Susan at Stony River
That is the cutest, cleverest thing! Deserves to be on the hand of quite a (steampunk) character I'd think.
Stacie H
116. Zanson
What a great ring. My wife would love it!
Stacie H
121. tabor330
You can follow Niffer on Twitter! @19moons - her work is beautiful!
Stacie H
123. GoblinRevolution
Pick me!
Stacie H
124. vicsolo
Beautiful, indeed. Hand feels suddenly naked and shy.
Stacie H
125. nLeessett
That is a gorgeous ring. Completely love it. =]
Tomasz Galazka
126. tetrix
Hope springs eternal, as cliche as it sounds...
Stacie H
127. hhehp
i'll take it!
Stacie H
132. Durandal
Awesome. Sign me up!
133. Lily of the Valley
Beautiful! Definitely checking out her shop, regardless of if I win or not!
Stacie H
134. Ericalynnb
That ring is gorgeous!
Stacie H
137. Anonononom
Very cute ring, this site always has the most attractive giveaways!
Stacie H
138. Dreamlinez
Will you actually be anouncing the winner this time? Oh, and this is also my comment submission, (check it out I just guaranteed that I wont win this. :)
Stacie H
140. Papajack
Very unique! I want...
Stacie H
142. Christopher S. Green
I happily volunteer to be the human cog interface for this ring mechanism. All glory to our metal-winged masters!
Stacie H
144. Villy
I really hope I get this, I love the novel by Murakami and this'd remind me of it...
Stacie H
145. Roussel
pretty pretty birdie!
Stacie H
146. Brit Mandelo

Yes, yes, please!
Stacie H
147. Suzanne L.
What a beautiful piece of jewelry! Please enter me in your giveaway!
Stacie H
148. Byzkitt
wow the ring looks amazing
Stacie H
150. Sybarite
Elegant detail of course, as befits the aesthetics of the Victorian period.
Stacie H
156. Tanaudel
Love the hummingbird!
Stacie H
158. Maria Chavez
That is so gorgeous!
Stacie H
159. Marco A. R.
Yes, I can! I want this piece of art! :D Thanks in advance!
Stacie H
160. OtterB
Really nice.
Stacie H
161. pdxdirect
Sweet! Glad i follow 19Moons on twitter - gorgeous ring
TW Grace
162. TWGrace
Without an entry

Winning is impossible.
Stacie H
163. Rhapsody_Angela
Stunning, as always.
Stacie H
164. Bridja
My wedding ring has been alone long enough. It wants this ring to be its new friend.
Stacie H
165. Andi Fasimpaur
I love This ring. I've seen very little from 19Moons that I didn't like.
Stacie H
167. windrider
This is a great ring. I have a feeling my son will be at the BIM on Saturday. I'll ask him to pick something up at the 19Moons booth, and to drop by the Steampunk exhibit.
Stacie H
168. nin_shark
So shiny!
Stacie H
169. lilypad
beautiful ring!!! Love the bird
Stacie H
171. debraji
Very cool! But what would I wear with it?
Stacie H
172. aliwood
Oh wow... this is beautiful.
Stacie H
173. Ticia42
What a stunning piece! I'm in love.
Stacie H
174. Sonnie
This is spectacular.
Stacie H
176. alise marie
George Baker
177. wraeththu
Beautifully crafted. It would make a great holiday gift.
David Fletcher
179. mahonri
Very nice. I'd love to see it up close.
Stacie H
181. aoifeharper
You're right. My finger suddenly feels very naked.
Stacie H
182. Carbonel
Holy Hannah inna handbasket: you're giving that away? Wowsa!
Stacie H
183. somewheresouth
pretty please?
Stacie H
184. Susan Arnold
Who's a pretty bird? Yes you are!
Stacie H
185. LPelttari
Anachronism never looked so good. Going now to drool over the pretty things on the website.
Stacie H
186. Thom Marchbank
It is exquisite and perfect! What a rare find!
Stacie H
187. Medrith
I would LOVE to have it!
Stacie H
188. Other Alias
Consider me posted!
Stacie H
189. John Donald Carlucci
Stacie H
190. Allegory
That is so gorgeous! I'm going to drool over her etsy store now.
Stacie H
192. Moghedien21
That is a sweet ring!
Stacie H
193. roguewrite
Gorgeous ring! I'd love to win that.
Kristin Franseen
194. musichistorygeek
Oooh, shiny!
*is distracted by gorgeous hummingbird*
Stacie H
195. editoria
Ooh, very pretty!
Stacie H
196. DesperatelySeeking
Suddenly the steampunk rose all around her, vapor escaping from the very pores of the earth. The first thing she remembers is the glitter catching her eye, a dangle around the neck of the clerk at the indy bookstore (Malaprops) in Ashville, NC. "Lovely" she said. "Go to etsy" said the deeply mascaraed clerk and slipped a business card across the counter, facedown, with one word printed on the back: Steampunk. What a word. And etsy. Someone, somewhere had mentioned etsy, a clue dropped in the flotsom of conversation, but where? A friend ordering a Halloween costume? What was the connection? Next it was the library flyer spelling a whole section for the upcoming month, zombies and zeplines,and a genre she'd never heard of, until Ashville. Then she submerged through the inevitable google; the esty, the facebook fanpage. It all began to dissolve, to swim in her wavering vision, creeping, inevitable, seeping like heated air, like the veritable miasma of every sentence. Then there were the earrings, 19 moons circling, and the punk falling through the fog of Fall Festival in Maryville Tennessee of all places!!! Two sets of watchface earrings, typewriter key rings, earrings, spelling out the doom the destiny -Steampunk.
I love this ring.
Stacie H
199. pdlandis
Wow, that's beautiful. You're giving it away? I'll toss the dice for it! ..(...Not that I gamble, but yeah...)...
Stacie H
200. Matt Englert
Very Nice! Must Win Now Now Now
Stacie H
202. Audrey Gonzalez
That's a beautiful ring! You're absolutely right, my fingers feel very naked right about now.
Stacie H
203. Sue R.
Beautiful ring! I would love to win it.
Stacie H
204. Francis Molloy
Cool. Ok commented.
Stacie H
205. zdrakec1
OMG I have GOT to have that for my wife. She actually cries on the first day of fall that the hummingbirds have all migrated south, and has hand-nurtured bluebirds. To say nothing of our umbrella cockatoo, African Grey, and Blue & Gold Macaw...

Man I'd love to present her with this!!!
Stacie H
206. baronjonah
it's beautiful. let it hum hither.
Stacie H
208. Nostariel
Wow! This is an amazing ring!! Very well wrought!
Stacie H
210. Xandertron
I like birds.
Stacie H
211. slflew
Brilliant work again.
Stacie H
212. will lorimer
that ring would look great on my finger, it would be like wearing a story, a talking point, hard not to notice, and something to discuss. Can I have it please.
James Butterfield
213. jimmyb
Tap and it goes ping
...just a little bling for a king
...this beautiful little ring
Stacie H
215. Ashley Anthony
Stacie H
218. Pete Repeat
Very cool, she's sure to accept if I give her that.
Stacie H
220. Steampunk Angel
Absolutely beautiful work of art. Thats the reason I love steampunk!
Stacie H
222. Richard Heath
Mmmmmm.....Beautiful coggy, brassy, loveliness!!
Stacie H
223. Liz Jones
So Beautiful!!
Stacie H
224. The Mad Hatter
Such an interesting piece.
Stacie H
225. fleurdelise
A shiny!! Me wants its precioussss....
Stacie H
226. Antony B
I can't think of a comment. Will this do?
Colin Hamilton
227. UsefulIdiot
Hmm! punky, punky for the steamy, steamy. Me want!
Stacie H
228. Susan Savory
30 seconds ago I didn't know that this gem existed and now I can't imagine going forward without it!
Andrea Chettle
230. Pagecrawler
Please enter my name into the draw for this lovely thing

That is all

Stacie H
231. The eyeball kid
Positively splendid.
Tricia May
232. may602
I think you just introduced me to an artist who will be providing me with Christmas gifts this year! Gorgeous work.
Stacie H
234. Grouchogandhi
Ooooh, shiny!
Stacie H
236. newport2newport
What a gorgeous ring! I'd love to win it (please oh please)...
Fred Kiesche
239. FredKiesche
"Steampunk month" started with "Affinity Bridge" and moved briefly into "Boneshaker", but then was sidetracked by the "New Annotated" set of Sherlock Holmes stories as well as the arrival of a pile of books about London in the Victorian era and the era of Dr. Johnson (think "Baroque Cycle").

And to join the growing cries: Gorgeous ring!
Stacie H
240. kazul
Even Doctor Who would wear that ring!
Thanks for the chance!
Kate Nepveu
241. katenepveu
Not entering, but I want to join the chorus of admiration.
Stacie H
242. WilsonD
That's awesome
Stacie H
246. rathycodes
How Niffty! Beautiful Niffer.
Stacie H
247. gambit410
I would love this please!
Stacie H
248. Kytha
I've always loved her works, especially the 'angel' ruby movement pendants. Consider me signed up for the draw~
Stacie H
249. Laura LH
Samantha Brandt
250. Talia
This here is the best, most ring-worthy comment in the history of all the internets, I should have you know. Look how perfect and shiny it is. All the fancy letters. I am just too good.
Stacie H
251. BrianWH
Wow. Amazing!
Fred Reckling
252. twilightred
I can't wait to wear this because when I give someone the bird, they'll really see it.
Stacie H
253. D.L.White
What a beautiful ring! I'm in love!
Stacie H
254. Knucklehead
Yes please!
Stacie H
255. K. D. Hill
Beautiful ring.
Stacie H
256. Malayna Dawn
The combo of clockwork, brass and bird reminds me of the mechanical owl from "Clash of the Titans"! (
Stacie H
257. Mandi
I love that ring... Please allow me the grace of wearing it on my finger for eternity.
Stacie H
258. angrystarlyt
Helloooo, gorgeous.
Stacie H
259. Brad Ake
My daughter would absolutely love this ring!!!
Patrick Shepherd
260. hyperpat
Is this the ring that will let me rule all of Victorian England? What strange powers does it have, I wonder. Surely something this finely crafted must have some deeper purpose than just adornment!
Stacie H
261. teckels
This is so cool! Awesome!
Max Musial
262. MadMusial
Its a very interesting ring an excellent blend of organic and inorganic imagery
Stacie H
263. Marisha Deyoe-Wadsworth
Stacie H
264. Jenny Lile
The slight golden beauty that flits between the lilies gathering their sweetness mistakenly alights upon an intricately crafted mechanism of modern man fooled by its splendor and is imprisoned there by the gears of industrial fate.

Coolest ring I've ever seen. :)
Stacie H
265. Chris Murphy
Things like this just make me want to go to Oxford for the Steampunk collection :)
Stacie H
266. jwd
I'm in. I would love to give that to my wife.
Stacie H
267. Stacey Cornwell
That ring is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Stacie H
268. ark4str
My GF would love that especially with halloween coming up
charlz franz
269. charlz
I agree, coolest ring I've ever seen. :)
Stacie H
270. wandering-dreamer
Wow, the detail on that is just amazing. Do want!
Joanne Oliver
272. mugwump
Exquisite. I would be delighted to own such an item.
Stacie H
274. MrTidy
Very nice ring.
Stacie H
275. bill in Austin
Stacie H
276. Angela - Marang97
I LOVE rings!! This would be such a great addition to my collection!
Stacie H
277. Joseph Valenti
The ring looks fantastic! Here's hoping. =)
Stacie H
279. Sheryl ND
Lovely! I need an early holiday present!
Stacie H
280. ZombieWorx
I love her work! I could spend a fortune in her Etsy store!
Stacie H
281. William Curtis (wcurtis)
That is beautiful.

You are very skilled.
Stacie H
282. Maile
Absolutely Gorgeous & Unique as are all her items Very Talented!
Tim Novak
283. Spiderbox
Excellent. I know a few people that would be completely envious of this item.
Stacie H
284. bessd
Gorgeous. I love 19Moons' creations.
Stacie H
285. KingMob
Wonderful ring!
Stacie H
286. Debi Faulkner
That ring is gorgeous!
Robert Nava
288. RobertNava
I've browsed through the store and strongly considered buying one either for me or as a gift for a family member.
Stacie H
289. Aquafloriana
I love 19moons' work. Gorgeous and amazingly intricate. Craft on!
Stacie H
290. Su!
I like , me want : ) x
Stacie H
293. Celtic knotwork
A beautiful piece, and it would make a lovely gift for my beloved. Fingers crossed!
Stacie H
294. dayzieb
Gorgeous. Want.
Stacie H
295. Viraumus
That is really spiffy. Really...really spiffy.
Stacie H
299. keegansgirl
Very nice.
Stacie H
300. Shamrock Jack
My girlfriend and I are going to a Dickens Christmas Faire this year, this would be perfect for her costume.
Stacie H
301. JoToon
That is an amazing ring!
Stacie H
303. JohnW750
I'd love to win this for my wife - she's a bird researcher.
Stacie H
304. antraxa
nice! I stopped wearing rings a while back, but this could be a good reason to start wearing them again...
Jonathan Chen
305. jonc
Let's put my hat in the ring for this one!
Stacie H
307. anniej
have to comment on that gorgeous ring, um, it's gorgeous.
Stacie H
308. bookaddict
Wow, that ring is beautiful! I'd love to have it... :)
Stacie H
318. Shawn42
That's really nice, my fiance would love it!
Stacie H
319. cdparker13
I follow them on Twitter! I love their stuff!
Christine Parker
320. cdparker13
I follow them on Twitter! I love their stuff!
Stacie H
321. deadjack
Ooooooh, shiny!
Stacie H
322. Static Eddie
It made me whistle, but does it Hum?
seth johnson
323. seth
Has anyone seen that episode of Southpark where Eric Cartman freezes himself so he can fast-forward in time to the release of the Nintendo Wii? It has this second part episode where he is in the future frustrated that the Wii doesn't connect to future TV sets, so he uses a device that makes prank phone calls into the past to communicate with his contemporaries to try to convince himself in the past not to freeze himself. If I don't win this ring, I'd be happy to get one of those prank phone call to the past devices.


Stacie H
324. LiteraryMind
Cool ring!
Stacie H
329. ofabookworm
Oh! So glad I saw this before the contest closed!
Stacie H
330. CocoVamp
I'm amazed at the detail of this ring, I clicked without reading the title so didn't realise how small it was. I'm just stunded by the detail on something so small. It's beautiful.
Stacie H
334. Octomorph
Would love to give this to my wife!
Shay D.
335. shaydchara
Oh wow, that is beautiful. Normally I'm not big on rings, but I'd make an exception for this one!
Stacie H
336. t3chg1rl
That is lovely!
Stacie H
337. RSnaps
I love it! Sign me up!
Stacie H
338. deacon
Very nice. good luck to everyone
Stacie H
339. rmelch122
that's awesome!
Todd Rathier
340. trathier
Sweet! Christmas present in the making!
Stacie H
343. smbass
Beautiful. Make a great gift.
Isaac Doubek
344. Dr.Goggs
wow, nice job. it looks amazing. hope i get it.
Beth Armitage
345. kirilaw
This is so gorgeous. *crosses fingers*
Christopher Schwartz
350. Schwrtzman
I will take three. Barring that, one will suffice. ...Please?
Stacie H
351. stmedeiros
me wants, please? to too pretty..
Stacie H
352. lavenderpaintbrush
very beautiful. i'd love to have it.
Daljit of NORN
353. Enforcer
That is simply stunning. I have no words...
Stacie H
354. Steph Burgis
Ooh, yes, please! :)
Stacie H
356. j-and-sometimes-e
George Simpson II
359. GSimpsonII
always beautiful work. check out there other pieces.
Deidre Durance
362. ddurance
Gorgeous! Would be a wonderful addition to one of my fingers.
Stacie H
364. SooperDooperCooper
There are so many here that deserve something this nice.
There are many that are certainly in touch with their inner child (Gimme).
There are those that are romantic enough to hope to be chosen.
Some are dedicated fans.
Some are seeing Steampunk for the first time.
I hope I win. As I rub my Babbage Machine for luck
(Crossing fingers and spitting)
Stacie H
366. quegymo
The detail is amazing!
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