Oct 31 2009 4:00pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Jeweled Spider Brooch

I am both thrilled and sad to announce our very last Steampunk Month Giveaway (a Halloween edition), this beautiful jeweled spider brooch from TrashAndTrinkets.

Some background:

A tribute to one of the most fabulous steampunk performances, ever:

During its time as the European City of Culture visitors to one of its main railway stations. La Princesse was the centre point of a four day piece of performance art during early September 2008. Scientists, played by members of the La Machine company, removed the spider to Albert Dock—to a place of quarantine as they feared that the spider was about to lay her eggs. Interviews were given by the scientists to willingly credulous members of the press.

This brooch has a clockwork body and black metal finish. Its eyes and little mouth are jewels, and it measures 2" across. If it means anything, it looks really freaking cool, and has a nice weight to it.

Gypsy has a great shop that you should check out or else face dire consequences*.

*Consequences consist of missing out on totally awesome stuff.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Thursday, November 5th, to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.


Torie Atkinson says goodbye to her daily hello...for now.

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Comrade Matt
1. Comrade Matt
Spiders are our friends.
Comrade Matt
5. Mike McClure
Even as an arachnaphobiac, I could still find a place for this in my wardrobe :)
Comrade Matt
6. lachendwolf
How gorgeous!
Darice Moore
7. daricemoore
I want to win this even though I know there's a better than average chance my daughter will want to "borrow" it forever. :)
Comrade Matt
8. MelissaT
It's an icky spider and STILL beautiful!
Comrade Matt
10. Deirdre Saoirse Moen
This is a completely awesome piece!
Comrade Matt
12. WickedKira
Oh, this is wonderful!
Comrade Matt
13. azmodean
Marvelous spider! How much are the mechanical flies to feed it?
Helen Wright
15. arkessian
Much prettier than the ones wrapping my house in cobwebs this autumn...
Noneo Yourbusiness
16. Longtimefan
mechanical spiders are a great way to get rid of clockwork flies.
Erick Johnson
19. eljohnso
I think I could like this spider. Hopefully it doesn't bite.
Tex Anne
20. TexAnne
I want to win this because I have a friend who needs it.
Comrade Matt
22. Sue R.
Normally I dont like spiders but this one I want to keep. :D
Sarah Charter
23. Geekgodling78
Its wonderful! And such a cool background story!
Mandy Heuermann
24. manderay
Oooh! Lovely, I'll definitely check out the shop.
Comrade Matt
26. Clarentine
Gorgeous work! I'm in.
Ruby Blotzer
28. angellemarcs
This is such a gorgeous piece and not for just this creepy holiday. I would so love to win it. Thanks for a great giveaway!
Comrade Matt
32. Papajack
Comrade Matt
35. GArstzilla
My daughter would love this.
Nyna Derringer
36. nyna
I am pretty sure my sister would *kill* for this. Very cool.
Comrade Matt
37. C0sys
Wow. Just wow. That is absolutely beautiful. (And in a form we usually dont find beautiful...)
Comrade Matt
38. RSnaps
Need. Spider...!
Sassy Brit
40. Sassy
I love it, please add me!

Thank you.

Comrade Matt
41. Darya
The ancient Greek poet Ovid spun the tale of a young woman named Arachne, who boasted that she could weave as well as the goddess Athena. After a weaving contest between mortal and goddess, Athena began beating Arachne, who tried to hang herself in fright. Athena turned the arrogant weaver into a spider, and Arachne and her descendants have since then been weavers that hang from threads.

About 37,000 described species cruise the Earth on eight legs. They are both admired and feared. If I win it, my students will get to admire/fear it too.
Peter Killinger
43. Marshal_Kilgore
Arachnophobia is no excuse to let this giveaway pass... >;-)
Comrade Matt
46. StephS
Really original!
Comrade Matt
51. RalphyBoy
Ooooo... I know whoooo would loooove this....
Comrade Matt
52. Talisyn
Oh he is amazing! Steamy the Spider - I want him crawling on me!
Comrade Matt
53. Bethanyfig
fascinatingly frightful
Comrade Matt
55. btfreek
Not only pretty and shiny, but freakishly cool too!
Comrade Matt
57. BritMandelo
How lovely! Yes please.
Comrade Matt
60. JakeLsewhere
Spiffy. ^_^
Comrade Matt
63. CousinJessica
Wow. That's amazing!
Comrade Matt
64. maryarrrr
A clockwork spider!
Comrade Matt
68. rhigde
That is one amazing piece of awesome clockwork. Flies stand no chance.
Comrade Matt
70. stacey facey
Gorgeous! Pick me! Pick me! :)
Comrade Matt
71. Zahra Alley
Ohh it's so lovely! I'm in
Jenn Miller
75. Katlyntje
It's the loveliest spider I've ever seen.
Comrade Matt
78. DavidL5555
Ohhhhhh pretty! :)
Comrade Matt
79. Aye Aye Sedai
Do the legs move like clockwork?
René Walling
81. cybernetic_nomad
A great big thank you to Torie for all the chances to win cool swag.
erik gaderlund
86. gaderson
Very cool, something for my girlfriend who I found out did know about Steampunk. But, certainly looks like something from Boneshaker that was giving to the young Mrs. Blue as a present.
Melissa Cooper-Martin
89. Melissima
Ooh. I think I'm in love with that brooch. No, I don't have enough jewelry already. *g*
Comrade Matt
90. Shadehg
Oh cool! I'll give it a go!
Comrade Matt
91. jere7my
Mmm, spider! I was just wearing spiders this evening.
Comrade Matt
92. Snarly
That would make the perfect anniversary gift for my lovely wife.
Comrade Matt
93. manikpixi
Oooh, I love spiders!
Comrade Matt
95. Holger Baehren
me likes spiders
Miriam Best
96. Rutt
A steampunk spider? Ha, interesting. It looks beautiful!
Christopher Schwartz
97. Schwrtzman
I will take it if you will give it to me.
Celine Bout
100. Cehlina
I'm the 100th comment, this must mean something...
Angela MacRae
101. angelshimmery
An awesome steampunk spider what a way to the end the month! I'd happily give this mechanical arachnid a home.
Comrade Matt
102. Bo Balder
I love this one! I want it, I want it, I want it!
Comrade Matt
106. Chet Twarog
A fascinating piece of steampunk spidery--collectable and wearable.
Comrade Matt
109. The Mad Hatter
Comrade Matt
111. kunger00
That is wonderful! What an awesome thing to have sitting on your desk while you peck away at the keyboard working on your latest entry to the NaNoWriMo contest!
Comrade Matt
113. rubydog
Wow! Beautiful! I would love to win this.
Andrea Chettle
114. Pagecrawler
A lovely thing indeed And I want it

Comrade Matt
115. caroline A.
I hate spiders and i LOVE this brooch how is that for weird.
Comrade Matt
116. audra smith
too cool!
Comrade Matt
117. wenchbabe
This is a truly glorious piece of art.
Charles Buchanan
119. Createaline
Oh the wonder of mechanical spiders! In this fantastic age of steam and steel, our little eight legged friends do enthrill us. Wonderous work of metal, gears
and screws!
Comrade Matt
120. slan agat
Ooh my, sparkly little mandibles going tick tick tick....
Comrade Matt
122. tldaisy888
Count me in!
Comrade Matt
123. William Gull
Nice work!
alessandro montagner
124. black_swan
I thought the last-but-one was the last one...
I should make this kind of mistakes more often!
Comrade Matt
127. Sunryse
So far all of the give aways have been awesome and this one doesn't disappoint.
RL Tanner
128. Ziaria
That brooch is simply amazing! Great giveaway!
Comrade Matt
130. Other Alias
Amazing! Beautiful work!
Comrade Matt
131. fogdude
Stunning piece of work!
132. LeonEight
Is this world wide give away or US only?
Sabrina Peele
That's absolutely lovely! And perfect to freak people out with. :)
Comrade Matt
135. Lindalee Stahlman Volmert
This is a spider I would like to bite me.
Comrade Matt
137. Mandula
I. Want. This. :)
Anne Mathewson
139. AnneMath
I never wear jewelry, but for this little beauty who wouldn't make an exception? Absolutely superb!
Comrade Matt
142. Michael B Sullivan
Wow, that's really neat looking.
Comrade Matt
143. Allegory
Such an amazing piece!
Comrade Matt
145. Henry Samuel Quelch
please miss! me miss!
oh my.
Comrade Matt
146. rlivings
nice piece of work.
Kelley McMahan
147. Dominious
Ah arachnibot, I want one! Wait scratch that I want thousands.
Comrade Matt
148. TabiKittey
This is the cutest spider I have ever seen!
Would love to have this to wear on my shirt or put on a headband for my hair :D
Comrade Matt
149. Adeptus
I always wanted the giant steam-powered spider out of Wild Wild West... but this would be the next best thing!
Comrade Matt
150. ThomM
Absolutely the best giveaway of the whole month! I love it!
Evil Loanword
152. Illogician
I think there's only two possible reactions to this one: refusing to go near the spider, or begging to get to wear it!
Comrade Matt
157. AllisonPlus
Something to wear with pride, for sure.
Miss Kai
160. wolfkit
This arachniphobe who wears spider brooches to challenge herself does like this one .
Comrade Matt
163. kittykat137
that is such a beautiful spider
Comrade Matt
164. cakeykins
I want it! I'm in!
Comrade Matt
165. oOcattyOo
Wow. Just wow. This is gorgeous.
Comrade Matt
166. Cassandra12
It's so cute!
Comrade Matt
167. Theo Blackwell
Absolutely SMASHING design!
Comrade Matt
170. quixhobbit
What a cool mashup between goth and steampunk!
nadav shner
171. nadav1
Oh yes. Please spider me away.Entangle me i your silky clockwork.
Comrade Matt
173. darkwinter
I would love to have a spider to call my own!!
James Butterfield
174. jimmyb
Spiders are creepy
clockwork is not
Put them together
and what have you got?
gabor cs.
175. whoisnot
Cool! What a great present it would be (for me to give to someone special. :))
Comrade Matt
178. Maarten Italy
This is the first Spider my wife would like to hug.
fingers crosed...

Tricia May
180. may602
It would be the first time that I purposefully wear a spider...but I would make that sacrifice.
Comrade Matt
182. kerryah
I fell in love with spiders after seeing MJ emerge from inside a big metal one during the performance of Thriller in "This Is It". Gotta have it to pin on my MJ jacket!!!
Comrade Matt
183. Quantumtroll
A metal arachnid would do very nicely, I think. Nice!!
Comrade Matt
185. Madame vonHedwig
I have just the hat to adorned by such a magnificent arachnid.
Comrade Matt
187. Brian B.
Count me in - this is awesome!
Comrade Matt
195. A.Wahnsinger
A post.
Comrade Matt
198. aemmeleia
Beautiful piece!
Dale Wentz
199. digid
Hate to see this come to and end. I very much enjoyed steampunk month.
Ben T-Moore
200. BenTGaidin
This just needs some tiny sequined flies to catch...
Comrade Matt
202. Shamrock Jack
This is awesome, I've been writing a new game and mechanical spiders will fit in perfectly. Brilliant!
Comrade Matt
203. Mr. Collins
The fabled jeweled spider WILL be mine!
Patrick Shepherd
205. hyperpat
Now that's a spider even my wife (who has insect-phobia, and large-animal phobia, and ...) couldn't object to.
Comrade Matt
208. velvet
love the steamy spider.
Comrade Matt
209. Ophelia99
Awesome piece! Would go lovely with my steampunk upcycled earrings :-)
Comrade Matt
212. Thorkin
i will comment in hopes of brooch
Jody Crocker
213. Jei
Wow! cool & spooky at the same time.
Comrade Matt
214. minitotoro
Gorgeous spider!
Comrade Matt
216. aseret_kitsune
The workmanship on this is just exquisite! I absolutely love this piece.
Comrade Matt
217. Kevin Faulk
Wow, very beautiful.
Brian McCullogh
219. webmccullogh
That looks really cool. Thanks for the opportunity.
Comrade Matt
225. bonnie-ann black
i've been enjoying Steampunk Month very much -- some of the giveaway items are absolutely beautiful. this is one of them. hoping i win!
Comrade Matt
226. Moghedien21
This is so cool!
Russell Holley-Hurt
230. Ruslanchik
My name is Russell and I'm here to say
I want to win that brooch in the worst way
Comrade Matt
231. V 4 Vendetta
Araignée du matin : chagrin
araignée du soir : espoir

Stacey Potter
232. TheBaronessTimeKeeper
Ah! Lovely! What a dashing addition to any steampunk outfit.
Comrade Matt
233. Mcavity
A steampunk Glass Spider! Wonderful.
Joseph Remy
234. LostCarcosa
This is an amazing piece of work. There's just something awesome about clockwork life.
Comrade Matt
236. daHeadRat
Very nice looking...
Comrade Matt
237. Gnoe
Yay, that is SO cool! Spiders are the best autumn animals!
Comrade Matt
239. Nicolas Ward
Shiny. I'm in. (Even for creepy robot spiders.)
240. Andrew
Arachnophobia? Not when it comes to this particular 8-legged wonder!
Comrade Matt
241. ofabookworm
Count me in please!
Comrade Matt
244. Celia L.
I totally want in on this - that spider is fantastic!

Thanks for the chance to win!
Comrade Matt
245. hunc
A steampunk spider for the worldwide web.
Comrade Matt
247. Neldew
To commemorate my discovering this great site!
Comrade Matt
248. Moonlup
If I can't have a pet spider, a steampunk one will do nicely.
Comrade Matt
249. Derrickc
me please :)
Tif Chatfield
250. hXcpunkchick
That is one lovely spider! Thanks for the link to the Etsy shop as well. I think I know where my next paycheck is going...
Ay-leen the Peacemaker
252. Ay-leen_the_Peacemaker
Spiders in real life totally freak me out... but this one's too shiny to refuse!
Comrade Matt
253. Esther Lew
Itsy bitsy spider came down the web site
Comrade Matt
254. KingMob
Who's afraid of spiders? Not me!
Comrade Matt
256. LiteraryMind
Looks cool!
Comrade Matt
258. Sara Dee
Has to be the most beautiful spider I've ever seen and the first one I would voluntarily wear! :)
Comrade Matt
260. Troy Dickens
does it bite and tell time?
Comrade Matt
261. Alonzo Typer
creepy - i want one!
Comrade Matt
262. AuroraSincrois
That is so beautiful!
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