Oct 29 2009 6:45pm

Steampunk Month Giveaway: Jay Lake’s Mainspring and Escapement


This is our last book giveaway, Tor.commies: another twofer! Tor Books has donated to us twenty copies of Jay Lake’s Mainspring (30% off for steampunk month!), and its sequel, Escapement. These steampunk fantasy novels are the first two of a trilogy—the third, Pinion, is due out next April.

Jay Lake’s first trade novel is an astounding creation. Lake has envisioned a clockwork solar system, where the planets move in a vast system of gears around the lamp of the Sun. It is a universe where the hand of the Creator is visible to anyone who simply looks up into the sky, and sees the track of the heavens, the wheels of the Moon, and the great Equatorial gears of the Earth itself. Mainspring is the story of a young clockmaker’s apprentice, who is visited by the Archangel Gabriel. He is told that he must take the Key Perilous and rewind the Mainspring of the Earth. It is running down, and disaster will ensue if it’s not rewound. From innocence and ignorance to power and self-knowledge, the young man will make the long and perilous journey to the South Polar Axis, to fulfill the commandment of his God.

If you haven’t already, read Jay Lake’s story “A Water Matter,” set in the universe of his most recent novel, Green.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until noon EST on Tuesday, November 2nd to comment here. Please check your e-mail on this day—you have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.


Torie Atkinson must not forget to wind her space clock.

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Kristen Menichelli
1. Kindlekat
I would absolutely LOVE to have a chance to own more Jay Lake novels!!!
Richard Sumpter
3. DeadRyk
I enjoyed "A Water Matter," and would love to read more of Lake's work.
4. ofabookworm
Would love a chance to get into Lake's novels!
6. coolare
Jay Lake writes GREAT stuff!!!
Ben Warmuth
7. inevitabledoubt
More books to add to my list of things to read! I'd love 'em.
sara conne
8. sarawackadoo
Looks really interesting and I'm still discovering steampunk so they would be great additions to my collection!
Bel Bauer
10. Belcyrlis
Sounds like i'll be spending money in April...
11. richdana44
I'd love to read these books
Sjoerd van Egmond
13. Arorax
Cool flavor text, now I definitely want to read them.
17. minishark
I'd really love to read these books. They sound great!
18. Jonny B. Goode
When I say Jay Lake, you say "Yes please!" Jay Lake! ...
20. birdbrainbb
Yay books!
23. ninshark
New books are always nice
26. dg10050
Loving Steampunk Month. :)
28. ibegon5
Sounds exciting.
Michael Wooley
29. Wooleybooley
The premise for this series sounds awesome. I definitely will be checking it out. :)
30. anononom
Steampunk books have the most exciting cover art.
Paul Weimer
36. PrinceJvstin
Books, Books books. I read the first but not the sequel, so I'd love to win!
Brady Allen
37. akabrady
*Rubs his brass goggle for luck*
*Realizes he doesn't have any, but wishes he did terribly*
39. Kyrion
What a wonderful idea. And I need to look at these books.
41. ThomM
Great looking titles. Very interested!
seth johnson
42. seth
I've never read a steampunk novel. Would be interested in checking out one of these books.

Peter Killinger
44. Marshal_Kilgore
Tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... tit... tat... ...
Goetz Kruppa
45. goetznl
Yes, please, please, please, pretty please, pick me!
49. Steve Roby
I only have one of Jay Lake's books. I would love to have more.
50. Andrew
Gimme, gimme! Can't wait to read these!
51. Celtic knotwork
Sound great, would love to win them.
Sean Arthur
52. wsean
Wow, that's a seriously awesome premise.
55. Sue R.
Wow. I would love to read these books. Want!
56. StephS
More books would be good. Thanks!
57. steampunk4ever
Count me in!
Allison Fredrickson
58. harumph
One can never have enough books, ESPECIALLY steampunk books!
59. Michael Habif
yes please
larry shirk
62. lorenzo
Lottery smottery! Good books you will read again and again - money is a one shot deal. (With ENOUGH money, though, you can BUY books.)
Pawel Martin
63. pawel_z_wrocka
Wow, what an original world concept. I want it!
64. JakeLsewhere
Spiffy. ^_^
65. theantichris
They look great!
Blake Reitz
66. brreitz
Yay! I want! I'm also super happy that I just realized the cover art is by the same artist who did Pirate Sun!
Chris Battey
68. DarthParadox
That's a brilliant premise. I'll have to give them a try...
Sean Arkinstall
69. Marcca
Those look cool.

I've never read any of his books, but I'd sure like to!
Ike Horton
71. Heersawho
I've been interested in these books and this would be a great way to try a new author.
72. Xooloo
Having just recently got into steampunk, this is pretty exciting.
75. 'nother Mike
put me down, too.
76. Otsana
Sounds interesting!
78. Moonlup
Huh. Sounds interesting.
80. kjankowski
I'm intrigued.
83. SteampunkGypsy
I have read both of these books, THAT I barrowed from the library! They sure would look nice in my library too! Awesome reads ::::: HOOKED on STEAMPUNK!
maarek stele
87. maarek
These are on my Amazon wishlist, but it would rock to not have to pay for them.
89. photon
I like Jay Lake
90. Phaedra
oooo free books
92. C12VT
I've been wanting to read these for awhile.
Todd Johansen
98. Gher06
Awesome. Pretty good odds too, though that won't last.
101. smbass
I haven't read any of his work. This would be a good chance to start.
Evan Jensen
102. eoghanacht
I've read Mainspring... would love to catch Escapement.
103. MarkB
I, too, would like a chance at winning these books.
106. Comrade Matt
Free is the new expensive.
109. Arithmos
Oooooo...more awesome steampunk goodness!!
115. mundiel
These sound great, thanks for the contest!
119. KasimakTempest
me to!
Mister Bratiluc
122. coroner4
Gimme Steam or gimme Death! Awesome give away!
124. Michael B Sullivan
Looks neat.
126. jonwings40
I love to read
127. TheBaronessTimeKeeper
Positively Smashing!
Kam-Yung Soh
131. KYSoh
Cool...a chance to own some Steampunk books.
134. Delirieuse
They look really interesting!
Madeline Ferwerda
135. MadelineF
I remember Irene's blog when she first talked about those covers...
Sean Banawnie
136. Seanie
sounds like a great story....
would love to have it.
140. Nalius
Looks great!
141. livs
This looks to be a good one. As I've read the previous part of the novels and had enjoyed reading them It was nice to have it again.
computer zubehör
143. DIYGene
Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me! :-)
145. Eric Sadoyama
Me, please!
Ariel Goldstein
146. arigldstn
Thank you very much Tor, not just for steampunk month, but for everything that you've been doing before and especially since launching the new Tor.Com!
Oh, and I would love some new books :)
147. Sak102010
Sure, put me in the hat again. :)
148. janeite42
good stuff
Rafael Penaloza
154. rpenalozan
Trying my luck before the month finishes!
Péter Király
155. Dirky
Please help me putting these novels to my bookshelf.
156. LukcyTimesAreHereAgain
How can i possibly fail :)
157. Dr. BedbuG
WoW others books!!
158. Xak
I want to read!
Pasi Kallinen
160. paxed
Joining the chorus, but halfheartedly, as I already have Mainspring.
161. Calephetos
Sounds intriguing!
162. ShamanSleep
I am honoured to join the hunt for these two fine novels. More water matter from the great Lake please.
163. NomadUK
Yes, certainly.
164. NickPheas
These look interesting, please count me in.

... but 'last book giveaway?' There will never again be a chance? Darn.
166. warlick
167. DemetriosX
Sign me up.
alessandro montagner
168. black_swan
Last one?
Oh well, a good finishing touch!
169. CousinJessica
I've been wanting to read these...
170. bafusilier
Go, Steampunk!
James Butterfield
172. jimmyb
I love books
especially when they're free
I get so excited
I almost do a wee
174. Jillsilver
Wow these look like great books! Tor has turned me onto so many great books. I would love a chance to read these!
George Baker
175. wraeththu
Entering the last of the book giveaways. This has been a fun month. The steampunk theme was a great hook.
176. slan agat
Ooh yes, please and thank you
177. tcg
I have really loved Steampunk Month.
Jordan Dennis
178. jddennis
These would be a most welcome addition to my personal library.
181. RandolphCutter
I love you
182. dzagrahd
These books sound nice
186. Messy Rollins
Hey, just found this site, and really excited to see what this is! Sounds awesome!
Michael Sullivan
189. msully7
Sounds interesting, haven't read any steampunk but might be a place to start.
Sarah Peck
190. akacapa
Wow, these sound really interesting!
David Epstein
191. sargepepper
Nice concept...ggreat to have these...good luck to me!
192. Brian B.
Count me in!
197. ark4str
199. Mcavity
I love the watch part names for the books.
203. Shireling
Sounds good -- thanks.
206. OtterB
Would love these.
207. scottc
Why not me? I read too!
208. GarthCola
I would like to enter to win the excellent books.
Wes Samson
213. poemanderror
I can't remember where I've heard about Jay Lake, but I think he's on my to read list somewhere. These sound interesting.
214. Aarti
Please enter me!
215. jlabeatnik
I haven't gotten into the steampunk thing yet - but I probably just haven't found the right book yet!

I'd love to try these out.
Starla Huchton
216. riznphnx
More steampunk goodness! This series sounds amazing!
217. Liathiana
I love this books. I would love to own them!
218. maryarrrr
Sounds great!
219. Marco AP Romer
Books!!! One can never have too many of them! I want as much as I can get!!! Please, sign me in! :D Thanks!!!
221. Ignatius J. Reilly
It sounds like a fascinating world! I'd love to read more!
223. Elizabeth A. Janes
The covers are great.
225. wonderbrad2000
Sounds good
227. JZurcher
I love Jay Lake!
228. Carly L
I think this sounds like an awesome series, and would love to own copies of the first two books!
231. rubydog
I would love to win and read these two titles!
232. Magentawolf
Sweet. Sign me up!
Adam Geary
233. gadam07
My my, 231 comments already? These must be popular! Any they sound excellent!
236. Marg1066
These would make nice prizes at our steampunk-themed convention. (
238. grilojoe77
Always looking for another way to overfill my bookshelves. Thanks!
Ben O'Connell
239. benjamin_oc
I've been curious about Jay Lake ever since I saw John Scalzi's mentions of MAINSPRING a few years ago. Sign me up!
240. Lynnet1
These have been on my to read list for a month!
241. Bethanyfig
Looks interesting!
248. JenniferJ323
Could be interesting.
Trey Palmer
250. Pilgrim
Gotta give it a try. Maybe I'll win one of these.
Carlos Mendez
253. cmdumestre
That's incredible...
I'm "returning" to steampunk (I read and loved Tim Powers' novels a few years ago)...and I'd very much like to know Jay Lake's work...!
Alejandro Melchor
257. Al-X
Yikes... Several years ago I came up with a very similar clockwork universe setting for a videogame brainstorming group that never got off the ground. I must read this!
258. amadandedallas
Very nice. Would love a copy, yes.
259. bcooper
Add me to the list!
262. Kevin Faulk
Sounds great!
bob buhr
265. wufnik
how come Torie doesn't have a steam clock?
266. Brian Charles Clark
Count me in
267. Jim Henry III
I've enjoyed several of Jay Lake's short stories, and have been looking forward to reading his novels as well.
268. Raymond Ng
I would love to check out Jay Lake's novels!
Terry Groom
271. Talheaern
I plan to donate this to the raffle at DarkCon
272. afterthefallofnight
Books! And from a new (for me) author.
274. gx27b
ebooks too please...
277. southrnprincess
278. azmodean
Bwahaha, I never say no to a good book!
279. membrillu
Let's hope!
280. area53
I'd been waiting so long... And I'd really love to read them. Ta!
281. Weirdmage
Great giveaway. Count me in.
Craig Botha
285. craig.b
These look amazing. I'd love to read them.
286. Philomytha
That sounds interesting.
Craig Bowser
287. reswob10
More Steampunk books would be great to add to my collection
295. AuroraSincrois
Awesome! I love books.
Sassy Brit
296. Sassy
Please enter me, I'd love to read and review these!

Thank you!

297. Empress Norton
I want to read these!
Marci DeLeon-Murphy
298. D365m562
I was just thinking that I should buy Mainspring!
299. zerogravitas
do want.
303. j-and-sometimes-e
Richard Olbrei
305. rjolbrei
I have never read any steampunk, I would like to start with these books
Evil Loanword
306. Illogician
... and having those covers at the top of the to-be-read pile wouldn't hurt anticipation either!
308. mkl204
309. Madame vonHedwig
Looks like a ripping read!
Jo Bloggs
312. Morgause
I'd love to get my mitts on these! I really liked "A Water Matter".
313. aetherical
These look really interesting
314. Sabriel
How interesting! I'd love to read these~

By the by, for those that are in the know: aside from Mr Verne's titles, what other Steampunk-y books would you folks recommend?
316. Gotthammer
Free Jay Lake? Where's the downside?
318. A.Wahnsinger
Stuff is nice...
319. GalMontag
Yes, please!
(but you do know that Tuesday is actually Novermber 3rd, right?)
322. Sihaya
This world reads like some sort of Terry Gilliam creation; I love it!
323. klutzybabe
This reader right here can't wait to get her hands on those soooooooon =]
Tom Hill
325. thill2
These would be a perfect Christmas present for my son who just went away to college!
327. Derrickc
Would be sweet to win - like Jay's work a lot!
David Miller
329. Dimitrii
I was selected and was pleased how quickly they went out. I saw the package on the ottoman and asked about it. My son said he forgot about it and he was worried that it was broken. It rattled when moved. I had ordered some electronics that should have shipped but hasn't I thought, and feared that it shipped and is broken.

I was excited when I saw the shippers address and wondered what bonus swag I was getting. The package had the expected books in perfect condition and a handful of Tor Stubbington buttons. My kids confiscated one each but I was able to hold onto the big one.

Thanks Tor! I love your site. The serials keep me coming back and then I end up staying around.
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