Oct 13 2009 5:34pm

Steampunk goes viral: Riese the Webseries

Steampunk is getting its own professional webseries. Riese begins November 2 and it is the story of a woman and her dog Fenrir as they wander across the land of Elysia, helping those in need and piecing together her lost history even as she is pursed by the mysterious Sect.

 The cast is full of experienced science fiction actors that are readily recognizable to many fans of the genre, including Christine Chatelain (SyFy’s Sanctuary, Supernatural, The Collector, The L-Word), Ben Cotton (Harper’s Island, Stargate: Atlantis, Stan Helsing), Sharon Taylor (Stargate: Atlantis, Smallville), Patrick Gilmore (Stargate: Universe, Battlestar Galactica, Intelligence), and Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary, Battlestar Galactica, The Guard).

Riese is filmed using the cutting-edge technology of the RED One camera system and looks more like a made-for-TV movie than a webseries if the trailer is any indication.  More about the webseries can be found at http://riesetheseries.com.

So far, all we have is the trailer to go by, but if it is any indication, this may be the most talked about webseries of 2009.


John writes for several SF/F/H publications and is an avid fan of steampunk. More of his writing can be found at Grasping for the Wind.

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Chris Warren
1. Chris Warren
Trailer looks powerful and exciting. Cast list is excellent and the concept simple but so flexible the plot can go anywhere.

Lets hope it all lives up to the potential. I'll certainly be watching.

Chris Warren
Author and Freelance Writer
Randolph's Challenge Book One - The Pendulum Swings
(Frankfurt Book Fair Hall 8 stand N959)

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