Oct 13 2009 3:03pm

Get Your Steam On: Steampunk Events the World Over

If you’ve been reading all of these Steampunk Month posts and wondering how you can get involved—or at least observe the phenomenon in its natural habitat—then you may be in luck: there’s a ton of exciting events already taking place or coming soon that will cater to your every desire. Check below the cut to see if there’s one near you.

The list below contains links to each event’s official website and its Tor.com events listing. If you plan to attend any of these events, click on the “Going?” link to register your intention and discuss the event with other Tor.com readers who will be attending.

I’m sure this list is far from complete, but that’s where you come in: if you’ve heard of any events that I’m missing, please let me know in the comments. I'll keep updating this page through at least the end of the month.

[Photograph by Chad Heird, featuring Kathleen Green of New York's Steampunk Haunted House.]

Edited 10/14 to add: Eccentrik Festival, Bridgid Ashwood exhibit, WindyCon36, ConDor

Liz Gorinsky is an editor at Tor Books. She is deeply sorry she cannot be in several places at once.

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Joshua Pfeiffer
1. VernianProcess
Eccentrik festival needs to be added to that list!

William Hassinger
2. iObject
Please tell me there something going on closer to me in MA.
Cathy Mullican
3. nolly
ConDor, San Diego, Feb. 26-28, 2010 has a theme of "Tripping the Past Fantastic: Steampunk, Retro Future and Early Fantastic Fiction". We'd love to see you there!
Brigid Ashwood
4. Brigid Ashwood
Your link for Steampunk World's Fair directs to the Nova Albion event. FYI the correct link is here: http://steampunkworldsfair.com/

I'm happy to say I'll be a guest artist at Steampunk World's Fair. I'm sure I'll meet many wonderful enthusiasts there.

If you find it appropriate for this list. I've a solo exhibit of my steampunk inspired works at Gifts Inn Gallery in Boonsboro Md, November 21 - January 3rd

Liz Gorinsky
5. TooMuchExposition
Joshua @ 1: Got it!
iObject @ 2: I wish I could, but I don't know of anything. Where are you, Boston-area steampunks?
Nolly @ 3: Got it! Cool theme.
Brigid @ 4: Thanks for the correction. So many links--I'm surprised I only messed one up. And I'm happy to add your gallery show.
Brigid Ashwood
6. skwerlgrrl
@TooMuchExposition thanks for including my event on the list!
Brigid Ashwood
8. daysease
Anyone familiar with some in Europe??
Brigid Ashwood
12. Mungo
The Greylight Theatre in conjunction with the TRIPAC performing arts center will present The Airship Pirates' Ball, July 30, 8PM, at the TRIPAC center 245 E. High St, Pottstown, PA. The event is a fundraiser for the theatre companies, and will feature a costume contest, art show, vending, music, and more. Admission is $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and vending space is still available. For information, go to www.leagueofairshippirates.com.

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