Oct 10 2009 11:00am

Saturday Mornng Cartoons: “This Way Up” and “The Falcon”

This Way Up, The Falcon

This Way Up
: This one’s a charmer if you’re up for some gallows humor that’s somehow very endearing. I watched this three times in a row and laughed each time. (8.48 minutes)

The Falcon: A menagerie in camera parts. A techno soundtracked mood piece. (2.50 minutes.)

This Way Up
Smith & Foulkes

Watch the high res here.


The Falcon
The Shamptonian Institute

The Falcon from The Shamptonian Institute on Vimeo.

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Irene Gallo is the art director for Tor, Forge, and Starscape Books and

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alessandro montagner
1. black_swan
This Way Up has been on qoob for a while - if it's still there.
Still funny though...
S Diller
2. CuenDiller
I downloaded This Way Up for free on my Ipod about a year ago and love to watch it now and again.

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