Oct 8 2009 2:00pm

Ray Bradbury’s Lifelong Love Affair With Comics

In conjunction with our serialization of Tim Hamilton’s graphic novel adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, will release video mini-interviews with Bradbury every Thursday starting today and for the next six weeks. These snapshots of Bradbury’s life and career offer insight into his creative process, his life philosophy, and the collaborations that have turned some of his most famous fiction into graphic art. The SF master begins by reminiscing about his introduction to comics as a kid growing up in the 1930s.

1. CedarPark
I'm 50 pages into Fahrenheit 451, and I'm wondering how I never read this before. It's an amazing tale of dystopia so far.

I've been coming to TOR for about six months now for the stories and articles. It's inspired me to start the Wheel of Time as well.

I also wanted to pimp my own novel, if I could. I'm posting it on my blog at

It's titled The New Texan, and new chapters are posted every Thur.

Thanks for keeping Tor a good place to check in every day.
Torie Atkinson
2. Torie
@ 1 CedarPark

Please don't use the comments to promote your own work. Feel free to link to it in your profile, but comments should be for conversations. Thanks!
3. CedarPark
Sorry, go ahead and erase it Torie. Apologize for the lack of etiquette.

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