Oct 22 2009 2:00pm

Ray Bradbury: “They’re All Graphic Novels”

Our interview series with Ray Bradbury continues! This week we showcase Bradbury’s discussion of the visual elements of his work. All his fiction, he says, begs for adaptation into visual media–whether comics or film.

We have four more Bradbury Thursdays to go, so stay tuned. If you’re just catching on to the Bradbury extravaganza, check out last week’s interview on the author’s youthful encounter with the fantastic Mr. Electrico. Also, don’t miss out on our serialization of Tim Hamilton’s graphic novel adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

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Kimberly Woods
1. Calli
Regarding Bradbury and graphic novel adaptations - there's at least one that has never been released in the US, or even outside Japan as far as I know: U wa Uchuusen no U (R is for Rocket, titled thus after one of the eight adapted stories in the collection).

A shame, because the adaptations are good: they're by Moto Hagio (an SF mangaka woefully underrepresented in English) and (in my opinion) she does justice to the original material. The only real strike I can think of against it is the dated (70s) shoujo art style, which might push a few readers away.

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