Oct 21 2009 9:00am

Cory Doctorow’s Makers, Part 47 (of 81)


Illustration by Idiots’Books


Pop-quiz: Your empire is crumbling around your ears. Your supporters are hospitalized by jackboot thugs for sticking up for you.

The lawsuits are mounting and fly-by-night MBAs have determined to use your non-profit, info-hippie ride project to get right by embarking on 20 years of litigation.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re like Perry Gibbons, Lester Banks and Hilda Hammersen, you go out into the backyard and throw a ball around for a while, then you have a big cuddle and head inside.

The pictures shown here were captured by a neighbor of the cult leaders last night, at their palatial condos in Hollywood, Florida.

The three are ring-leaders of the loose-knit organization that manages the “rides” that dot ten cities in America and are present in fifty cities in Brazil. Their project came to national attention when Disney brought suit against them, securing injunctions against the rides that resulted in riots and bloodshed.

One supporter of the group, the outspoken “Death Waits,” a former Disney employee, has been hospitalized for over a week following a savage beating that he claims resulted from his Internet posting about the unhealthy obsession Disney executive Samuel R.D. Page (see previous coverage) bore for the ride.

Everyone needs to unwind now and then, but sources at the hospital where Death Waits lies abed say that he has had no visits from the cult leaders since he took his beating in their service.

No doubt these three have more important things to do—like play catch.

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As part of the ongoing project of crafting’s electronic edition of Makers, the author would like for readers to chime in with their favorite booksellers and stories about them in the comments sections for each piece of Makers, for consideration as a possible addition to a future edition of the novel.

Doctorow’s Makers will be released in print by Tor Books in October. You can read all previous installments of Makers on on our index page.

Ian Gazzotti
1. Atrus
Ouch. Got to agree with him on that one.
2. DemetriosX
OK, Freddy really needs a kick in the slats. I hope this ends with him massively and publicly humiliated and maybe unemployed.

Also in the ante-penultimate paragraph, a savage beating that he claims resulted from his Internet posting about the unhealthy obsession Disney executive Samuel R.D. Page (see previous coverage) bore for the ride was really difficult to parse. I had to read it a couple of times to realize he isn't writing about Death's unhealthy obsession with Sammy. I think it's the positioning of the parenthetical that decouples "bore" from Sammy's name.
3. ark4str
"info-hippie ride project to get right" get rich?

and Piss on Freddy.
Rikka Cordin
4. Rikka
People this creative can't be human! Why would they need to work on interpersonal relationships when they've got the RIDE?! They're getting sued by DISNEY, for christssake, they must be monsters! And monsters don't play catch unless the end is nigh! RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!


err. I'm done now.
Brian M
5. BrianMM
While I have to agree with the others, Freddy deserves just punishment, the writing (or should I say propaganda) is done well. At least Freddy is fairly consistent in his ridicule of other people. I am surprised there isn't a higher degree of animosity directed at Suzanne.

Bravo Freddy. You will surely get what you have coming.
Dave Bush
6. davebush
"project to get right by" surely should be "project to get rich by"
7. Miked123
Oh such a little tease of an installment. I hope I can get my hands on the book soon.
Also: I think the "get right by" is a British euphemism and Freddy is British afterall.
8. Keith Erskine
Freddy is a jerk, but in this case, he's writing some harsh truth. Perry and Lester are about to get an invoice for some reality soon. It'll be interesting how they react and respond.
9. Heather L.
What is Freddy's real motive in writing all this stuff? A few have been floated by various people in the story, including Freddy himself, but I can't make all of them square off with the articles he actually writes. Surely his goal isn't just to be as nasty as possible at all times? Too cardboardy; I have faith that he is more complex really. Is it just some major rejection issues from his unrequited love for Suzanne way back in the beginning that makes him want to be horrid to anyone connected to her?

I just don't understand him. Is he an anti-hero, or a guy who means well really, or something else altogether?

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