Oct 27 2009 4:05pm

Asimov's Editorial Staff Talk Magazine Business on The Sofanauts

In my inbox this week, a note from Tony C. Smith, host extraordinaire of The Sofanauts, the inimitable weekly SF podcast:

The Sofanauts hosted a fascinating discussion, centered on the SF magazine, Asimov’s. Guests included both Editor and Managing Editor, Sheila Williams and Brian Bieniowski. Writers, Jeff VanderMeer and Jeremy Tolbert also joined host Tony C Smith. Contrary to growing opinion in the SF community, things are not all doom and gloom for the magazine. Digital sales are up and new methods of delivery are being explored. Yet some things, like website and digital submissions continue to be touchy subjects. Don't miss this frank and engaging roundtable focusing on one of the most established magazines in SF!

Listen in for an engrossing conversation, as usual!

Pablo Defendini lives in stereo, where available.

TW Grace
1. TWGrace
I listened to a good bit of that the other day.

Touchy is a nice description. Knee-jerk defensive would have been mine.

I get that they don't have control over the website, but they should convince the parent company that it needs to get with it...Looking like they are in the 90's, or worse, just doesn't seem right.

Some of the companies out there in the great grand intra-webtubeland really need to update their websites, especially if they are in the field of 'science fiction'.
p l
2. p-l
Agreed. Tor.com is a happy exception to the generally shocking level of html competence in science-fiction-land. You would think that an interest in the slick, cool technology of the future would correlate with an interest in the slick, cool technology of the present. But those who know better are the ones making the big bucks, I guess.
kaolin fire
3. kaolin
I've got a sort of open offer to sff mags that I'll try to work some sort of trade to get them a functional electronic submissions system ala GUD's and cleanly designed (I'm not a designer, but I can do clean). { presuming they can get hosting with php/mysql, etc }

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