Sep 2 2009 5:20pm Dragon*Con Meetup!

Hey Dragon*Con attendees! We’ll be throwing together a meetup this weekend in Atlanta, so if you’re around on Saturday night, and want to grab some drinks with us (and maybe pick our brains—not literally!—about the supa sekrit WoT stuff we’ll be talking about the previous night at the Winespring party), drop by Max Lager’s Brewery, on 320 Peachtree Street (it’s one block north of the Hyatt Regency—about a five-minute walk). You can check out all the details and let us know if you’re attending by visiting our handy events calendar.

We’ll be hanging out in the upstairs area of the bar—just look for the buttons! And just to be extra nice to our peoples, we’ll be buying the first ten people to show up a round. After the meetup, we can head off to the Parsec Awards (or whatever other evening con plans you may have) together.

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
*puts on his stalker cap*

I'm all about buttons and free booze! See ya's there (signed up on the calendar too)
Alice Arneson
2. Wetlandernw
*sigh* If only... but I'm a whole continent away and no longer doing cross-country business trips. Have fun! R.Fife, as before, I envy you. Drink one for me!
Kristina Blake
3. kab1
wish, wish, wish I could join you all. Actually, I might have been able to if I'd gotten my act together earlier, but didn't! Maybe next year...
Roger Powell
4. forkroot
I had a previous commitment to Hawaii, but it would be a lot of fun to make the next one of these. We'll need a report on whether R Fife wears his yellow shawl!

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