Sep 8 2009 4:14pm

Last minute 9 screening tickets giveaway

I had a chance to see 9 and to talk with Tim Burton about the movie (more on that later) and I thought it was pretty terrific. Focus Features is offering Tor.com readers five pairs of tickets to tonight’s preview screening and a beautiful full-color “making of” book.

Just leave a comment on this post (once—duplicates won't count) and the first five commenters will receive the tickets. If you are one of the lucky winners, e-mail Torie Atkinson (torie dot atkinson at tor dot com) with your full name to claim the prize.

Because the screening is in New York City, you must be able to physically make it to the screening in NYC.

Screening is tonight, Tuesday, September 8th
13th & B’way

Winners names will be on the guest list. (You get to pass by the line! But you must arrive by 8:45 PM.)

1. cdt
I don't live in NYC, and I'm shocked no one's snapped this up.
Joel Salomon
2. JCSalomon
Sounds cool, but my wife’s not interested. Oh, well.
3. Blue Milker
Awesome. I would love this.
4. Blue Milker
Are comments here screened? I tried to post for this, but it doesn't seem to be working.
5. David, Chandler, AZ
Too bad it doesn't include plane tickets from Phoenix, AZ
6. Calloocallay
Yes, please!
7. Toltek555
It sounds really interesting actually.
9. Brundagescott
Am I tardy?
David Siegel
11. bigscary
I think that I'm in the first five actually requesting a ticket and able to use it.
Ellen B. Wright
12. ellenw
Looks like all five are gone... But I'll add my name just in case something goes wrong for one of the above posters.
Torie Atkinson
13. Torie
Guys, as clearly stated above, potential winners *must e-mail me* to confirm the prizes. If I don't get an e-mail it goes to the next person!
14. bloggeratf
Me. Emailing now to check.
15. KurtandZelda
9 Please?
16. KristinaCarrollArt
Hmm- it's not posting my comment...Awe I wanted to go too!

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