Aug 18 2009 3:44pm

Charles Vess at work on Neil Gaiman’s Instructions

Charles Vess, instructions

Sometime you just have to love opening email. This morning I got a note from Charles Vess showing off a few new paintings for his next children’s book, Neil Gaiman’s Instructions. He’s also posted some sketches and final paintings on his blog, Greenmanpress.com. Like their previous collaboration, Blueberry Girl, Instructions is based on one of a Neil’s poems—this one about how to survive a fairytale—which isn’t surprisingly different from how to survive life.

Charles gave me a sneak peak at the project about a month ago and I’ve been excited to see it develop. I know he’s working like a bandit to get it done on a rush deadline but you’d never know it from the quality of the artwork. These are simply amazing.

Clifton Royston
2. CliftonR
Nice.... I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't seen the Vess illustrated version of Stardust.

The book is good, but only half as wonderful without the paintings and all their amazing details.
3. rackhamtree
Thanks Irene and everyone for their support of this book. I'm having an absolute ball producing the work, breakneck pace and all! Who knows what shape I'll be in for the Art out Loud event at SoI next month?

Just a short note to encourage your support of another publishing project and one that will be out MUCH sooner. My art book, Drawing Down the Moon will be out this December. At 200 pages it will cover a LOT of visual territory. The initial orders are through the August (in your nearest comic book store right now!)Diamond Previews. I've a blog post up about it with lots of images. Here's the link:


These initial orders for the book are very important as they usually determine whether a book is actually published or not.

4. rusty ring
Drawing down the moon is lovely, as usual. Charles, if you see this note plz contact me at eighteyes8@aol.com. I am producing a sci-fi musical and would like to talk to you about illustrating some material for it. You are and have always been a huge influence on my work.



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