Jul 14 2009 1:01pm

Web Round-Up

  • Middle grade author Adrienne Kress discusses what young adult fiction is these days, and what it isn’t.  (via Bibliophile Stalker)

  • Big Dumb Object has a thirty-five second clip of the unaired Dollhouse episode “Epitaph 1.” Oh, the nerd love for Amy Acker and Felicia Day!

  • Apparently it’s old news that my favorite Discworld book, Going Postal, is becoming a movie, but now they have some cast members on IMDB and Jay Tomio has a few more.

  • They’ve been going on for a while, but I just discovered Chris Sims’ posts about the Anita Blake comic books. This suits me well because I’m bitter that the comics aren’t better, bitter that the books didn’t stay good, and generally up for unadulterated snark.

  • No room for argument, the surviving members of Monty Python (minus John Cleese) are reuniting for the first time since 2002 for a live stage show based on their movie Life of Brian. Eric Idle, who reinvented Monty Python and the Holy Grail as the Broadway musical Spamalot!, co-wrote the show and says it will be “silly.” (via Geeks of Doom)

[Image from flickr user myklroventine, licensed under Creative Commons.]

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Tara Chang
1. tlchang
Those Anita Blake comic commentaries are laugh-out-loud funny. I was looking at a couple of the AB graphic novels just this afternoon but found them deadly boring - so I'm right there with Chris Sims.

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