Jul 21 2009 12:59am

Tor.com BONUS FINAL Anniversary Giveaway! *SIGNED* copy of Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes’ The Return

The Prize: You thought we were done didn’t you! Fools! (Just kidding. <3.) We have a first edition copy of The Return, a novel by Buzz Aldrin and John Barnes. This book is a hardcover with a translucent dust jacket. It is signed by Buzz Aldrin. This gift comes courtesy Tom Doherty himself, and we thought it would be a nice way to round out the day. Happy Moon Landing Day, everyone!

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until 12pm EST on Tuesday, July 21st, to comment here. No geographic restrictions apply. You may enter yourself to win as many of these giveaways as you’d like, but if you are randomly selected as the winner you are ineligible to receive any others, so make sure to pick the ones you want!

John Massey
1. subwoofer
first bark! woof!
William S. Higgins
3. higgins
Can I get John Barnes to sign it too?
Michael Schwartz
6. BlackForest
This is really neat. Buzz's book with his signature. Sweet.
Martin Zinser
8. zinser
Yup, a piece of history, definitely the highlight of this action.
Happy Anniversary TOR.com!
Sean Banawnie
11. Seanie
one small step for man , one big buzz for tor.
I'm so here.
13. worthy
very cool...thanks Tom for donating it!
15. sharonO
sign me up. v cool
Paul Eisenberg
16. HelmHammerhand
It'll be a buzz kill if I don't win this.
And I apologize.
John S Costello
18. joxn
Very cool! Buzz Aldrin has been a hero of mine since he decked that guy for claiming the trip to the moon was a hoax.
19. kjohnson989
wow... saving the best for last..
Brandy Thomas
23. Roese
What a great giveaway to end the day.
24. Plamadude30k
My first words on seeing this: "Woah." This is definitely an appropriate finale!
25. EricD
Excellent !!!
27. digitalbeachbum
What happened to my post?
34. SRJohnson
the autograph alone makes it worth having forget the story
38. Brother Zed
I didn't realize Buzz Aldrin had delved into the world of writing. Awesome!
40. adriana3
pretty please with cherries on top...
43. Angela T.
Great giveaway!
47. isnochys
Please, pick me!
Alan Petrillo
48. Wingborn
Ignore all of my other comments. I want THIS one!
53. Beardmonger
Welcome to the wooooorrrlllddd of tomorrow!
54. yostinso
Never mind that comment I made on Coraline. This is way, way, way, incredibly cooler.
61. John Carlucci
63. Annette Chambers
Peter Geddeis
64. geddeis
Actually, if I get this one, it's going to be a gift.
Dru Miller
66. Dru
Oh, fun. What the heck. Happy +1, Tor.com!
73. tlight
This would be a great thing to have.
J Dalziel
74. BunnyM
This is such a cool prize, and a very appropriate way to finish off the giveaway. Sign me up! =)
nadav shner
75. nadav1
I'd love to give my father this book, he always thought about the moon landing as a founding event
76. Leroy F. Berven
Thus concludes a proper mutual celebration, with an appropriate high note -- well done!
79. Kevin Brennan
I want I want I want...
Scott Pierson
80. p13r50n5
Terrific slate of giveaways, people. Thanks for the chances!
Chris Hsiang
81. Grey_Area
Oh Moon, Moon, Moon, Moo-Moony. Ah MOON, MOON, Moony, Moooooon! Moon-Moon, Moony Moo-Moony Moo-AHH-Moon, OH MOOON ah-Moon, Mooooooon...Moony Moon!

82. jeandiata
That reminds me that I really need to go visit the Glenn Research Center this summer :o)
90. johntheirishmongol
put me down
91. Lorindol
ooo, pick me!
93. LU!5
You folks at Tor are just too nice!
94. trooper
Happy Anniversary Tor.com!
95. sparksmith
Congrats Tor on your anniversary.
Thanks for taking us places that we dream of.
Linda Frear
96. tanguera
OMG, how cool is that. Great prize on the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing.
97. Chaz
Onward to Mars!
98. SpatialInSeattle
Lets Go!
99. Teka Lynn
Ooooh! Happy anniversary!
Tracy Golladay
100. ojisama
my mother said my dad was a space man, maybe he is one of the writer of this book. If yoo give it to me it would like my dad actually gave me more than heart ache and bad memories of long nights crying.
101. John Callaham
Would love to read this.
104. Mads Storm Andersen
Yep, punch me in to.

105. 238.908 miles
beam it down, Scotty.. eehh.. Tor.com

and grtz on the year
108. Kristoffer B
me please......
109. Bill Siravo
Buzz is the best
112. LawyerKevin
David Edwards
113. Edwards
Nice way of celebrating the anniversaries!
Eldwin Truong
116. eltzjy
Yay for autographs, anniversaries, and bonuses. Happy Anniversary Tor.
michelle faust
118. mfaust88
one small book for buzz to autograph, one giant gift to a great fan.
Agnes Kormendi
123. tapsi
Oooh. Can't find the words that'd do justice to this one.
127. Mandium
This would be amazing thank you!
133. DerBonk
Absolutely, fitting final price.
135. davobear
why knot?
136. kibrika
Happy moon landing day!
Julian Hall
140. Jules

Would look good on my shelf next to my (unfortunately unsigned) copy of Encounter with Tiber, which was actually quite a good book IMO...
141. overwatch
Buzz is right. LEO is just spinning our wheels. We need to aim for the moon and mars!
143. MIDNJames
I want one of those!
MC Pye
144. Mez
It may just recently have become my life's ambition to get a Buzz Lightyear doll signed by Buzz Aldrin.

Maybe not. It'd be a great family heirloom, tho'.
150. bethanyfig
151. PaulM
That's even better than the lego prize.
152. dalek
wow that would be awesomeness!
156. Charles Martin
This is the best option.
158. mfnpaug
How great!
159. Tachyon42
I have been thinking about a TV series I saw about 1960 when I was a child. The series was about the US going to the Moon, creating a moonbase, etc. I was fascinated. Some nine years later I was sitting in my University's Physics lecture theatre watching live TV of Neil Armstrong actually taking that First Step.
Now 40 years later I still hope I'll be around to watch the Next Step into the red dust of Mars.
I really thought we would have done it by now.
Probes, rovers, etc are magnificient technogical achievements and have advanced our understanding of the solar system. But a real human presence going out into the solar system is in a whole class by itself.
That 1959 TV series, Men into Space, gave me a glimpse of our future and I guess it's what excited my interest in science fiction.
161. februarymakeup
Happy anniversary!
164. chrixi'an
nice final gift!
166. dukiekirsten3
crazy how 40 years goes by.
Richard Fife
171. R.Fife
(instant snarkasaurus still brewing. Not too instant) Snaaaarkkk.....zzzzzzzz
175. disembodiedspirit
Moon beach reading.
177. cGk
Here's hoping we land on something in outer space again in my lifetime.
179. Tom Huston
We will definitely return! It's just a matter of time...and money...and will.
Twila Price
180. anderyn
Woo hoo!

Definitely please to enter me.
181. MrLee
Happy Birthday!
182. Jacob P. Silvia
Is this his new rap album?
183. Jim37
This sounds very interesting.
187. JenL
I would love this.
189. gilana
I'd love to read this.
190. Carlos Afonso
My country, Portugal, was then a dictatorship, but people was allowed to see Apollo 11 reaching to the Moon.

I was young and felt asleep 2/3 hours before Armstrong had put is footprint on the Moon.

I saw their return!
191. Javier VS
Please enter me
193. nancileigh
Would love this.
staci vitale
198. staci426
Happy anniversary Tor.com! Great contest!
200. hsonger
An amazing book by an amazing man.
208. Abhishek
Contest entry! :)
210. KenB3
I didn't think a signature would really mean anything to me, but wow, Buzz Aldrin!
Marcus W
214. toryx
Alright, I admit it, Buzz Aldrin's signature trumps all.
Adam Lipkin
215. yendi
Signed? That makes this an awesome prize (as opposed to just a very nifty one).
217. outsider
yes please!
tatiana deCarillion
218. decarillion
To the moon, Alice!
Happy Anniversary, Tor :)
220. BukaHobbit
I can has book?
226. TheSchu
Happy Anniversary!
229. EdwinB
I was in Scotland, working at a hotel in Nairn on a student work abroad program. All the hotel workers with the stamina (meaning everyone under sixty) were crowded into the staff tenement watching all night. I could by this late in the summer understand most of the brogues, but some of the chatter was incomprehensible. Justly enough, sometimes I had to translate NASA-ese into pigeon Scots. The next day the hotel was staffed with zombies who, instead of brains, just wanted some sleep. And beer. We all thought we'd go back, and stay....
230. BGA
Signed by the Buzz himself. Nice.
238. Ben Harrison
would love to win this one!!
Philip Hunter
239. thwdp
BBBBBBBBuuuzzzz Buzz Buzz I wonder why he does - I wonder why he likes honey too
Justin Cogan
240. TheBar1
Great way to finish the giveaway. Hope I win one!
Heather Johnson
241. HeatherJ
I'm in! I'm excited that I'll be getting to meet Buzz at the Baltimore Book Festival in Sept. too!
242. dr_mortiz
All the way from Chile, saying hi and thank you to all the hard working people of Tor.com...
244. hiddenpeanuts
246. MDominic
That's one great prize for (a) reader, about one giant leap for Mankind.
249. CRAusmus
I can't wait to win this prize.
252. Jim O.
Thanks for all the pieces you've run over the last day. I enjoyed them all.
258. J.C. Stoner
I'm pretty disappointed that only 250 people have signed up for this book, especially in light of the historical date.
Eric Filion
259. audiozobe
What would be my life without such a book? And signed? The icing on the topping on the cake!
Trevin Matlock
260. Trevin
I read this book years ago. Getting a signed copy? Wow!
Rich Gold
262. richg25
Thanks for the chance to participate!
263. jefff
Count me in!
264. Christi Koenig
Haven't read this book yet, but a free, signed copy would be a great prize to win.
John Fitzingo
270. Xandar01
This would make a great gift for my dad.
272. Pysul
This is pretty awesome.
273. Blass_the_Dreamer
Buzz is one of my heroes!
Joe Matise
274. snoopy369
Loved this book ... this would be quite neat!
276. JZ
Thanks so much!
278. Spontaneous Pixel
Buzz is da man!
279. Bryan Jones
Like to read this one.
280. Kat H.
Happy Anniversary!
Janice Hodghead
281. bastjan
bastjan - bast@cwo.com.

The Apollo program was the most heroic adventure mankind has ever embarked upon.
Jon Throop
282. Throopish
Holy toledo, Tor why are you giving away such amazing things! On your birthday doesnt it normally work the other way around? :)
283. Keith M. Soltys
Good book.
Tim Bodin
291. tcbodin
Wow! This would be a great book to add to my signed book collection!
Skipper Pickle
292. azuay
In an alternate universe, Tor is holding this birthday celebration on the moon...
Rich Bennett
294. Neuralnet
hey wait a minute... this isnt the WoT post.
295. Barnum004
Buzz Aldrin really humanized the space program
Holly Johnson
296. HollyAnn
This is a great way to end the 40th anniversary celebration!
303. bonnieclyde
how did you ever think of this? Wonderful idea and fits great with the theme
305. goldendelicious
This would be amazing to have.
306. goldendelicious
This would be amazing to have.
307. ¼StaffWielder
No way! The perfect thing for a space & sci-fi geek and aerospace engineer all rolled into one! (like, uh, moi!)
308. svolker
Nice one...
310. Lila927
Pick me, Tor.com! Thanks! This giveaway rocks!
312. Icepick
In the end it is all about space. Think about it.
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