Jul 20 2009 7:00pm Anniversary Giveaway #19: 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of The Hobbit

The Prize: This gorgeous slipcased hardcover edition of J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit. From the publisher: “This deluxe collector’s edition of Tolkien’s modern classic is boxed and bound in green leatherette with gold and red foil rune stamping on the spine and cover. The text pages are printed in black with green accents. It includes five full page illustrations in full color and many more in two color in addition to Thror’s map—all prepared by the author.”

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until 12pm EST on Tuesday, July 21st, to comment here. No geographic restrictions apply. You may enter yourself to win as many of these giveaways as you’d like, but if you are randomly selected as the winner you are ineligible to receive any others, so make sure to pick the ones you want!

Kevin Sanders
8. ksandersbna
Happy anniversary!

This would greatly compliment my Lord of the Rings collector's edition
Ross Newberry
10. Ross Newberry
Will it be ours, Preciousss?
John Massey
11. subwoofer
must have the Precious!!!


Go Bela!

Happy Anniversary!
Ross Newberry
13. meaghen
Very nice book.
Ross Newberry
14. pfresh85
That's a nice edition of the Hobbit.
Ross Newberry
15. Meggan
*gasp of awe*.....heaven!
Ross Newberry
16. Angela T.
Happy Anniversary! Great Giveaways.
Ross Newberry
18. Rhapsody_Angela
Ooh, would that be nice to add to my Tolkien collection....
Ross Newberry
19. Julianna Gibbons
Mmm, that is pretty! And happy birthday!
Ericka Barber
21. ericket
Oh! I so lust after this! I lost my beautiful collection to divorce and this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (Hee!)
Alan Petrillo
22. Wingborn
Hopefully someday this will be on the Big Screen, and complete the movie interpretation of The Lord Of The Rings, since this is where the story really began. Even if Peter Jackson doesn't make it.
Ross Newberry
23. astrofan
Please (whine) ...
Ross Newberry
24. Admiral
Would be a great first book for my new son.
Ross Newberry
27. overpass
Yes please!
Ross Newberry
29. Simoncfr
It's lovely.
Kerwin Miller
30. tamyrlink
what has the baggins got in its pockets?
Richard Fife
34. R.Fife
That'd be so much better than the old paperback I have with some curly-black-haired fella pretending to be Bilbo on it.
Craig Simons
35. Catiff
gives it to me... my Birthday Present! (ok, my birthday was 19 days ago. but still...)
Ross Newberry
36. SirTomster
Mine! mine! mine!

me wants!

My preciousness!
Ross Newberry
37. JLF
I love that edition! i hope i win!
Elizabeth Adams
43. ehadams
that would be lovely for my library
Ross Newberry
45. Glyn Shull
Ooooo! *Drools*
Michael Schwartz
46. BlackForest
This is an amazing beautiful copy of the first part of the Red Book of Westmarch. I must obtain a copy of this.
Sheila Ruth
49. SheilaRuth
There and back again! It's beautiful and I'd love to have it.
Caryn Cameron
52. galeni
Ooo. Shiny. And Happy Anniversary!
Beth Friedman
53. carbonel
Ooh! Also, "Tolkien" is misspelled in the first paragraph.
Ross Newberry
55. JessicaR
Ross Newberry
57. ttrentham
Sign me up!
Ross Newberry
60. Andy H.
I would like this.
Ross Newberry
61. Natalia
I agree--what a beautiful cover! Anyone who wins the book is a lucky, lucky hobbit! ;)
Ross Newberry
62. Jacob P. Silvia
The greatest adventure you ever will know...
Ross Newberry
63. Adelheid

Thanks for all the awesome content.
Ross Newberry
65. VLD
Wow! What my brother (and I) wouldn't give! Happy Birthday!
Ross Newberry
67. lorrieanne m
Ross Newberry
68. AielAdam
I wants it, yes I does! *gollum gollum*
Ross Newberry
69. ppint.
i can't claim to deserve it - but it looks beautiful...
Ross Newberry
75. Gareth Jones ii
Love lotr. Read it to my daughter
tatiana deCarillion
77. decarillion
I must have the Precioussssssss!
Happy Anniversary, Tor!
Ada Kerman
78. momerath
I was going to say "my precious" but I see that theme's been done.
Ross Newberry
80. RobW
Happy Anniversary Tor. That looks like a nice present.
Jerel Crosland
81. jerel2u
I have a first edition, first printing of this, and it is one of my prize posessions. I also have a first edition, first printing of the red slip-cased single-volume LOTR. Were I to win this, I would give it as a gift to my son.
Keith Quigley
82. keithq
Oh I just don't know if I could stand to re-read this book for the eleventy-hundredth time!

Sure I could.
Eduardo Gisbert
83. xgisbert
This indeed seems like a great prize.

Happy Anniversary, Tor.
Ross Newberry
84. MSG
Happy anniversary...
Ross Newberry
86. februarymakeup
Alright, I totally lied a minute ago. THIS is the best giveaway of the day.
Ross Newberry
87. t2350
HERE you are my precious!!
Ross Newberry
89. Tryndakai
Nice shade of green, that.
Ross Newberry
90. Trat84
Cool prize, Is it hand written by Bilbo too?
Stephen Hoover
91. Afsan
Happy Anniversary to, and Happy Moon Landing Day to everyone!
Ross Newberry
92. t2350
HERE you are my precious!!
Michael Catapano
93. hoping
Happy Anniversary, Tor
I'll swap you some lembas for it
Ross Newberry
94. Mare Somniorum
This is gorgeous, and one of my favorite stories as well!
Ross Newberry
95. t2350
HERE you are my precious!!
Ross Newberry
97. Plamadude30k
I first read this in the 3rd grade. Seems like a long time ago.
Ross Newberry
98. t2350
HERE you are my precious!
Ross Newberry
100. Kwaka
Happy Anniversary
Ross Newberry
101. bigtotoro
Pretty. And Green.
Ross Newberry
102. Charles Martin
It is a beautiful book to put on my bookshelf.
Ross Newberry
103. LadyCrow
We wants it, precious.
Dave Ciskowski
105. dcisko
A gorgeous edition, I'd love to add it to my collection - and read it to my niece and nephews.

Is Tor happy with a self-publishing ad on the site? I don't know anything about Booksurge - maybe they're reputable - but it seems a conflict of interest at the least.
Ross Newberry
106. skinnypants
I've been wanting to read this!!! :)
Linda Frear
107. tanguera
Wow, the prizes keep getting better.
Ross Newberry
108. Elijah.Marshall
Oh, man, this gets better and better. That's gorgeous.
Sarah Hale
110. rocketshale
Now _that_ belongs on my shelf next to the Complete Works of Shakespeare and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy collected volume.
Ross Newberry
114. JoshV
It'd be great to nab this.
Ross Newberry
116. Shmoo
very attractive.
Ross Newberry
119. Cory Flake
I would love it
mark Proctor
120. mark-p
It would be quite a contrast to my moth eaten old copy
Ross Newberry
121. Aaron Nowack
Julia Dvorin
124. quixhobbit
OooooOOOOoooo purty! Ok, as someone with the username "quixhobbit" (which is short for "Quixotic Hobbit", I feel I must have this. But winning it for free would be very nice. :)
Ross Newberry
126. Rzcker
oooh pretty
Ross Newberry
127. Lila927
Pick me,! Thanks!
Rebecca A.
130. signaltonoise
Much nicer than my battered paperback, which I got from the Scholastic book club in elementary school :P
Ross Newberry
133. Gorgonzo
Happy anniversary to a great publisher.
Ross Newberry
135. Malveaux
Ross Newberry
138. Hiiiinks
Looks great
Ross Newberry
140. Leo Rockway
Oh, wow, it really looks pretty.
Rob Hilton
142. Blue_Mage
Now who wouldn't love a gorgeous copy of the Hobbit like that?
Ross Newberry
144. jwilson
I wantss it!
Ross Newberry
146. gary83
pick me!!!
Ross Newberry
149. andy wallace
What do I have in my pocket?

Ross Newberry
150. D Testerman
Yes, I'd like to read this copy to my daughter.
Ken Kindler
151. InStim
I just bought high quality editions, but would love to add this to the collection.
Ross Newberry
153. cjbed
Thank you Tor.
Ross Newberry
154. tikilovegod
oooooOOOOOooo. Nice.
Kevin McCormack
155. kmccmack
This would allow me to retire my old dog-eared 1960's paperback edition of 'The Hobbit'.
Ross Newberry
157. Grizzly Sigma
I want that, so this time I´ll read it in the original language (first time was in my mother tongue, spanish)
Ross Newberry
158. JGStewart
We wants it, precious!
Matt Thorp
159. mattthorp07
nice one... obviously a popular choice tho!
Ross Newberry
161. Sotgnomen
OOO, me want!
Ross Newberry
162. jeroee
already two books of the hobbit, nice to have three :)
Ross Newberry
163. snyderro21
Looks very cool.
Chris Hansen
164. tchansen
That would be lovely - I'm in the middle of a Hobbit re-read... I'd have to pause to read this edition.
Ross Newberry
165. Zhull
It likes us!
Ted Clawson 3
166. Sea
Happy Anniversary Tor and continued success
Ross Newberry
169. ArtfulMagpie
Ooooh, beautiful boooooook! *drools slightly*
Ross Newberry
171. NancyM
Yes, please!
Ross Newberry
172. margaret Rutledge
Pick me. We love Tolkein.
Joseph Soler
173. travellinguist
That book looks beautiful! That would definitely be a great win.
Chris Hall
174. bookwormchris
Now that is very nice. I can't even find my copy of The Hobbit right now.
Ross Newberry
177. Rampant Lion
Yes please!!
Matt Hornland
178. meat
I have always wanted to own a properly bound copy.
Tim May
179. ngogam
I've really been thinking I should get a nicer copy of TLoTR, but I wouldn't look a gift book in the headband.
Ross Newberry
180. LibrarianKas
Something like that to replace a battered paperback? Sign me up!
Ross Newberry
181. kab1
Happy Anniversary!
Ross Newberry
182. snoweel
In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

I seem to be having a lucky day so far...won concert tickets, got in free to the Hunstville Space and Rocket Center, found a disc golf disc, and convinced Sears to give me my $50 rebate, so here's hoping it continues!
David Bishop
184. teancom
Holy cow, I've been doing this thing with the comments were I say "I like {foo}", for whatever the prize is. But I *really* want this one...
Brian Peterson
186. brianpdonovan
What better way to celebrate the moon than with a hobbit adventure?
Ross Newberry
188. Tamsen
This would be lovely. Fingers crossed!
Ross Newberry
189. BethanyAnne
Most excellent!
Ross Newberry
190. Dietes want bad.
Ross Newberry
193. Dietes
Me want bad
Ross Newberry
194. Paul Sasur
It's Mine, I wants it.
Mel Rihel
197. mrihel
Great book. I can't wait to read this to my son when he gets a little older.
Jeremy Guebert
199. jeremyguebert
That is a shiny cover! I wouldn't mind having my own copy of the Hobbit either, as my younger brother seems to have appropriated my old one...
Ross Newberry
200. imdrewlong
I like that
Peter Schmidt
201. PHSchmidt
The road goes ever on and on
Out from the door where it began
David Lord
203. reflord
That would go nicely with the original paperback editions of the Hobbit and the trilogy that I bought when I was in high school and still have.
Ross Newberry
204. Bill Fisk
Does this come with mushrooms?
Ross Newberry
205. mistbonsai
Happy Anniversary!
Ross Newberry
206. biff3000
Damn, that's nice....
Ross Newberry
209. zTARz
Most excellent.
Ross Newberry
210. Bruce Coleman
Would love to win this,
Richard Fahey
211. rlfz72
This would be a great companion to my amusingly floppy paperback tome edition of the Lord of the Rings.
Gry Heidi Nordhagen
213. Alvrodul
Now, this would look good in my bookcase!
Ross Newberry
214. DanShoop
Oh, that'd be nice!
Owen Weber
215. oweber
god i love the hobbit. you guys really rock
Ross Newberry
216. cozmic
happy b-day Tor, and Apollo 11
Joe Terrenzio
219. Terren
There once was a hobbit that lived in a hole...
Ross Newberry
220. Glasweg
This brought me out of the woodwork to finally make a comment on this site. You folks are doing good work here. Happy 40th!
Ross Newberry
222. Tizz
Pretty book. oooohhhh
Ross Newberry
223. gilana
Want, please!
Ross Newberry
224. nalattam
An instant classic
Andrew Willett
226. AndrewWillett
oooh oooh oooh oooh pick me pick me pick me pickmepickmepickme mememememe
Ross Newberry
227. vvii
Love the Hobbit!
Tyler Sliwkanich
229. slikz21
Man this would go great with my leather-bound LotR!
dennis glascock
230. dglascock
Tor makes the best books. Now, please, just ask Mr. Sanderson to Wheel a little faster!
Ross Newberry
231. Kevin Brennan
Yes, this looks beautiful.
Ross Newberry
232. tan42
Happy Anniversary!
Jeff Caslake
235. roid
and I already used my Bagginssesss line
Scott Atwood
237. coron78
my wife will steal this from me if i win.
Ross Newberry
240. Garyfury
Beautiful looking book!
Tyler Davis
241. killerjello
I would have to agree with coron78, it would never stay in my possession. My wife would claim it, quickly.
Joshua Heggen
242. Kelfyr
Leatherette, eh? Would still look good on the bookshelf.
Paul McCall
243. PaulMcCall
Excellent way to celebrate something that should have put us on a better path.
Tudza White
245. tudzax1
Don't need the True Blood crap, but this interests me greatly.
Ross Newberry
246. tim1724
They're giving away the precious!
Matthew Von Stetina
247. Valkyri9
I lost my previous anniversary edition Hobbit in New Orleans thanks to Hurricane Katrina - this would be so truly awesome
Ross Newberry
248. hsonger
I would love to see this show up in a brown box in front of my lovely round front door.
Kevin Walton
249. Dryth
Read The Hobbit in the 6th grade. Loved it.
Ross Newberry
250. Bethanyfig
Ross Newberry
254. jtone
I could use a shiny new copy.
Ross Newberry
256. sparksmith
A story for young and old alike to share and enjoy.
Ross Newberry
258. MJ88
Hope I get it.
Ross Newberry
259. kjohnson989
Happy Anniversary!
Andrew Foss
262. alfoss1540
Wow. Freestuffissocool! NowifIcouldget a keyboard with a working spacebar. . .
Ross Newberry
263. Mike#numbers
I love Tolkien. His writing is amazingly unique. Definitely among the top 5 writers of all time
Ross Newberry
266. holschuh
kill the man, kill the elves. keep the book to ourselves
james loyd
267. gaijin
WANT!!!!!!!! So...very...WANT!!!!!!!!
Abel Martinez
268. abelcm
This would make a nice addition to my collection!
Ross Newberry
269. uruloki
The Eagles are coming!
Ross Newberry
271. gwensdad2003
This would make a good book to read to your child every night.
Grant Stone
272. grant_stone
Hobbit. Is that like a halfling? What's their THAC0?
Kam-Yung Soh
275. KYSoh
This might be my third (or fourth?) edition of "The Hobbit". Amazing book. Now to work on reading "The History of The Hobbit".
Ross Newberry
278. GinaS
Husband would love this!!
Ross Newberry
279. chrixi'an
Such a prrrrrrecious book.... My prrrrrrecious!
Miki Garrison
280. miki
that might even merit a special shelf, all to its own precious. :D
Luke Thompson
284. thom9894
This would be a fantastic book to have!
Ed Dyer
285. HumbleReader
Now there's an anniversary that counts! 50 :)
And many happy returns to
Gordon Williams
286. Gwyd
Would love to read this to my daughters like my parents read their nicely bound copy to me as a kid.
Paul Weimer
290. PrinceJvstin

(I'd probably give it away as a gift to a Tolkien fan friend who couldn't be bothered to post a comment here)
Ross Newberry
291. Muflerman
I just love special edition! There's something about them quite.... satisfactory
Ross Newberry
292. Corvus
Oh my. That is gorgeous- and I know just who I'd give my worn-and-battered paperback copy to.
Ross Newberry
293. srhall79
All sorts of anniversaries.
Elisabeth Graham
294. elisaphant
I'd have to share this with son who shared the moon landing and Tolkien with me. I'd be willing to do that.
David Edgar
296. gilmae
Extremely disturbed it took ten comments before the precious joke showed up. Ten!!
Virginia Hendricks
297. macbeaner
How gorgeous! I've always loved this book!
Ross Newberry
299. Jim Kiley
Oh hit me
Ross Newberry
301. monknomo
I've seen one like it in person, and that makes me want it more!
Eldwin Truong
303. eltzjy
Fun. Lots of comments on this one.
Ross Newberry
304. SebastianElgar
My Precious
Ross Newberry
306. marchon2884
Oooooo....50th Anniversary. Green Lettering. Awesome.
Ross Newberry
309. Wyndhammer
What has its gots in its pockets?
Ross Newberry
310. w86
i have a copy but this would be great!
Ross Newberry
311. Dave Bauer
Ross Newberry
314. RaPToRFunK
I love this book.
Erick Johnson
316. eljohnso
My chances are a tad slimmer on this one.
Ross Newberry
317. seppy
another shameless contest comment
Patrick Regan
319. tazo85
Ooooh. I mean... just...

Ben R
320. sphericaltime
@tazo85: Ooooh. I mean... just...


Yes, very much so.
Ross Newberry
321. Phaeron
This is definitely the item to snag... I would love to pore over it and display it proudly on my bookshelf.
322. daephin
It's been a while since I've read the Hobbit. I'm in.
Ross Newberry
323. Magic Juan
Gary Young
324. Gary

Years ago I saw a top quality version of The Lord of the Rings printed on Bible paper. But I was poor and made do with an inexpensive trade paperback.
Ross Newberry
329. Valerie B. Carlson
OOooooohhh, I want it, I want it. Still have my childhood copy, but would love this to start reading to the sprout!
Ross Newberry
330. sndmaven
Martin Zinser
331. zinser
Very much the style of the actual book Bilbo wrote. Lovely
Ross Newberry
I wonder what it smells like
Nerissa Montgomery
333. smirkingrevenge
This would look oh so purty and precious on my bookshelf. I swears it.
Ross Newberry
334. Kadere
Oh my god I want! Please! Please! Please!
Scott Taylor
335. izzylobo
Oh yes, it will be mine. It will be.
(well, you know, if I win, and stuff).
Ross Newberry
336. susgod
A Classic!
Ross Newberry
339. Angie Camp
Enter me please
Carol Witt
340. carolwitt
Thank you for all of the wonderful posts today.
Ross Newberry
341. digitalbeachbum
Hobb it!
Ross Newberry
342. Sean Thurlow
I remember staying up a whole night reading the Hobbit because it was such a amazing book.
Ross Newberry
343. StGrimblefig
Happy birthday!
Ross Newberry
345. Diane R.
What's taters precious?
Ross Newberry
347. nulaura
is this a sci-fi book or selfhelp?
Matt Austern
348. austern
Me, me, me!

Does this have the first edition text of the riddle scene?
Ross Newberry
352. MIDNJames
Time's almost up!
Sean Banawnie
356. Seanie
#twitch# if no TFOH post precious must do...
Ross Newberry
359. KateB
Rings and Riddles for a precious birthday!
Chris Taylor
361. Sidereal
This looks awesome. 1/361 isn't bad odds. Okay, no one else comment.....
Ross Newberry
362. Sheridan7284
Thats so sweet!
Ross Newberry
364. Shaun McGregor
Very popular, and pretty.
Ross Newberry
365. isnochys
Please, pick me!
Opher Lubzens
368. Antongarou
*tries to get through screen* I want this to be my Precioussss
Chris Weigert
369. StrangeTikiGod
yes, please! It'll go so nicely with my 50th Anniversary LotR!
Ross Newberry
370. SimonH
I'd like to read this with my elevenses.
Ross Newberry
371. Annette Chambers
Oooh, pretty book!
nadav shner
374. nadav1
It was my first fantasy book that was ead as fantasy.
still one of my favorites books.
Kelsey Ehler
375. kelsini
It was my brother who forced me to read this back in the day. Thank you, Jared.
Ross Newberry
378. Tibicina
Oh, that looks gorgeous.
Ross Newberry
380. worthy
wow..barely able to resist making s "my preciouss" joke....but I would like to have this!
Ross Newberry
381. slartibartfast
I'll just slip my ring on...
Susan Wilson
382. lawizard
Wow, this would be great for my sweetie who has only read it about 50 times.
Laura Laycock
383. Elle229
OMG *wants* This is an awesome prize!
Ross Newberry
384. ChrisSF
Shiny, very shiny.
Ross Newberry
385. hrvojem
Happy Anniversary!
Ross Newberry
386. Xenophone
With a swiftness
Ross Newberry
387. Lorindol
Yes! Please ... my copy of The Hobbit is falling apart from being read so many times. I need a new one.
Tracy Golladay
389. ojisama
I can't say as I could use this put I do covet it, precious
Tracy Golladay
390. ojisama
I can't say as I could use this put I do covet it, precious
Ross Newberry
392. johntheirishmongol
My precious
Ross Newberry
394. Damian Caruana
Ooop! That is AWESOME!
Ross Newberry
399. LawyerKevin
Love pretty books
Ross Newberry
400. Mieneke
This is stunning!
Ross Newberry
401. alvanman
Happy Anniv!
Ross Newberry
403. Kells
I'd like to win this please
Matthew Taylor
404. Hawkbat
ohh very very very pretty, I snuggle with this in bookstores every time I see it
Ian Thomas
406. wildwinter
That's lovely - would go with my Folio Edition LoTR. :-)
Ross Newberry
408. snipejaeg
Apple + F, "precious"

35 matches found.
Abdel Masdoua
409. TheDarkOne
Mine! Gimme Gime Gimme Gimme!

Ahem! Sorry!
Ross Newberry
410. DerBonk
Wow, looks really cool.
Ross Newberry
411. kibrika
I'd love to reread and own this book!
Ross Newberry
412. samsa
hmm, precious
Dimitris Lykourias
415. lykouri
What an excellent addition to my library !
Ross Newberry
416. Phandy
The book that made me realise reading did NOT suck and people wrote about freaking awesome stuff like dragons. Blew my mind when i was like 10.
Pepijn Vemer
417. Artsapat
This would sure beat the edition that's hanging by a thread on one of my shelves...
Catherine Flick
418. liedra
Happy anniversary! :D I'd love this very much :)
Ross Newberry
423. mfnpaug
This is the best one yet!
Ross Newberry
425. dukiekirsten3
truly a great book.
Ross Newberry
428. disembodiedspirit
"In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit..." thus began the classic. Thank you, Sir Tolkein.
socrate badeau
431. socrate
Wow, my Sister bought one when I was younger and now maybe I'll win one
Ross Newberry
432. schiavowned
pick me!
Ross Newberry
433. twellys
My precious!
Ross Newberry
434. Matt in PA
I would like this book.
Ross Newberry
438. Abhishek
Contest entry! :)
Mari Ness
443. MariCats
I have the collector's edition of Lord of the Rings already...this would match it well.
Ross Newberry
444. eve_in_silver
Gorgeous. And, surprisingly, I don't own The Hobbit yet!
Ross Newberry
445. Kosame
Welcome to Rivendell, Mister Anderson.
Ross Newberry
447. swmdilla
I would LOVE this!!!
Ross Newberry
448. swmdilla
why am i having a postig problem?!
Douglas Warren
449. BukaHobbit
There and Back Again...leather-bound, no less. I gotta have it.
Ross Newberry
450. WinespringBrother
can't wait for the movie(s)
Ross Newberry
455. Ben Harrison
Would love to win this one!
Ross Newberry
457. Ange Akallabeth
I love it!!
John Broky
458. frienetic
This great book would look perfect on my bookshelf.
Amir Yoeli
459. Betterthenyouknew
Oooooh, Shiny...

No wonder so many people want this.

Ross Newberry
461. Conor
Yay! Hobbit!
Ross Newberry
462. akacapa
Oh, very shiny.
Ross Newberry
464. rmbellovin
My paperback copy is falling apart.
Ross Newberry
465. mntlurker
My precious.
Peter Nein
466. gimpols1908
I love the hobbit, it makes me feel tall.
Ross Newberry
468. timberakita
Ross Newberry
469. Laurentiu
I have a spot in my bookshelf for it xD
Ross Newberry
470. sweeneyk
cmon luck!
Ross Newberry
471. emac20
don't think the first post went through so we'll try again (not trying to be a cheater just really want the book!!)
Rich Gold
475. richg25
Thanks for the chance to participate!
Ross Newberry
476. nukeu666
Keith Gillis
480. KJGill
That is extremely awesome. I really, really want it!
Ross Newberry
481. zickzack
looks beautiful. Großartig!
Jon Throop
482. Throopish
No need to say how amazing it would be to win this...
Ross Newberry
485. Lightblindedfool
Enter me, please (I need to rephrase).
Ross Newberry
486. PresN
Commenting for a birthday present!
Ross Newberry
487. 3Charles
Great Book!
Chris Sullins
490. chrissullins
I already have an excellent set of LOTR. So, really, I ought to win this one to complete my set.
Ross Newberry
491. Chrisamite
Man, a lot of people want this. =)
Ross Newberry
492. GrizzlyGuru
Oooo! Do Want!
Heath Herel
494. ctfifer
This would look perfect on many a bookshelf. Mine included.
Ross Newberry
495. WzDD
Ooh, this looks great!
Ross Newberry
496. randomjohn
Pretty please
Ross Newberry
497. Kat H.
Happy Anniversary!
Ross Newberry
498. Michael Habif
Ross Newberry
503. birdbrainbb
Eek! Yes, please!
Ross Newberry
506. goldendelicious
Luce C
507. LuceC
OOOO. This would be nice to add to my library!
Jessica Bethel
508. thessali
Oh man, I've wanted this one for a while now!
Ross Newberry
510. Alex C Telander
Here's hoping, happy Moon day everyone!

Alex C. Telander
BookBanter: Author Interview and Book Review Podcast
Ross Newberry
512. svolker
Happy Anniversary
Ross Newberry
514. Pysul
This may be slightly too late!
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