Jul 20 2009 8:00pm Anniversary Giveaway #20: True Blood Complete First Season on DVD

The Prize: The Complete First Season of HBO’s smart, sexy series True Blood. You know you can’t resist the urge.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until 12pm EST on Tuesday, July 21st, to comment here. No geographic restrictions apply. You may enter yourself to win as many of these giveaways as you’d like, but if you are randomly selected as the winner you are ineligible to receive any others, so make sure to pick the ones you want!

Mark Whybird
2. whybird
(I've always wanted a somewhat legitimate opportunity to post that.)
Steve Sedlmeyer
4. ssedlmeyer
True Blood sucks... that was a joke, get it? get it?
Adam Shaeffer
6. ashaef
I've never seen any episodes, but I'll take it!
Brian Kaul
8. bkaul
I don't have HBO, but the trailers looked good. Could be interesting.
10. Doxpo
Hi, count me in
11. WickedKira
Please, please, please? I never win these, but what the heck! Love the show!!
14. earthwmn
go Sookie!
Jason Crowe
15. jcrowe
Ooh! ooh! ooh! Mister K--

Oh, wait wrong show. Anyway, Please?
16. mityorkie
Ooo! I've been wanting to see this!
17. Starla
This show, and the books, are fantastic. If all vampires were like Bill, no woman alive would be that way for long! lol
Linda George
19. Lingeorge
I so need to win this -- I don't get HBO and have wanted to follow this series
23. ArtfulMagpie
Oooh, this one I want, for sure!
Alan Petrillo
24. Wingborn
Not my cup of tea, but my sister will love it.
Mary Byrne
25. MaryB
Oooooh, schwag! Why am I always late to the party? And where's the bubbly? Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all the goodies over the last year.
26. Margaret Rutledge
Pick me. I loved the books.
27. JessicaR
Joseph Soler
28. travellinguist
I've heard so many good things about this show but I have no cable. :(
Adam Lipkin
29. yendi
I'm addicted to the show, and have this set on my wishlist.
Roland Saad
30. rolands
Happy Anniversary TOR! The connections you build between authors and readers is great. Keep up teh good work!
31. Angela T.
Happy Anniversary! Great Giveaways. Vampires are great.
32. Scott Romanski
I need to see this show! Please pick me
Michael Below
38. ediFanoB
That would be an awesome and surprising gift for my wife.
40. martyh
I recall watching (on television) Anna Paquin accept the Oscar Award for her performance in The Piano at the 1994 Oscar Awards; I believe she was 11 years old. Here's a great YouTube vid of her acceptance.

- m
Stefan Raets
43. Stefan
Ooooh... all the prices look so good!
44. bgdaves
Vampire Sex
Richard Fife
45. R.Fife
So... if I hold the DVDs up to a mirror, do they cast a reflection? I must find out! For science!
47. pfresh85
51. indemnitypop
finally my friends would know what i'm raving about.
52. Kirby Krueger
I want to see this.
53. Stacie H.
I'd love to see it.
55. rubyred
mmmMMMmmmm *licks lips
Liviania Smith
56. Liviania
Cool! I've seen an episode, but can't watch it regularly since I don't get satellite.
57. spinnerrowe
Tor rocks!
58. imdrewlong
i like that
59. lorrieanne m
i've been wanting to watch this. thanks.
60. Demon Rob
Vampires on the moon? I'd like to see that.
61. februarymakeup
I'll take it!
Pam Pellini
63. virgo33
Love to get this as I don't get HBO and missed it all.

Happy Anniversary, Tor!
65. mistbonsai
Oh, I've been curious about this one.
Joe Viramontes
66. CowboyFunk
oh lala. love this show.

still need to check out the books.
69. jemann
Ooh, Alan Ball and Anna Paquin and vampires. Yes please.
70. Bruce Coleman
I just got to win this lol for my wife..
72. nightdweller20
I love this series, it's one of my favorites ever!
Barbara Elness
75. barbed1951
I haven't seen the series, but have read all the books, so this would be cool.
Owen Weber
79. oweber
i've heard this is great, me wants it! please...
Marcus W
81. toryx
I've not seen the show, but I'll not turn down the opportunity to win the DVDs.
Sherrye Nichols
82. san301
Oh, please, oh please, oh please pick me! I read all the books when they first came out and I've only seen 5 episodes of the 1st season -- I can't afford to have HBO...please?
William S. Higgins
83. higgins
Heard good things about this. Count me in.
85. BGA
Gift item. Vampires are boring at this point, but the ladies can't get enough.
88. nalattam
its my precious and i wants it
89. gilana
My friends have been telling me I need to watch this...
Katherine Otto
92. scifibklvr
I haven't been able to watch this with my basic cable, but I love the books!
Dave Ciskowski
93. dcisko
My wife is starting to get into this. We need to catch up!
Pawel Martin
94. pawel_z_wrocka
OMG! My girl would kill for this... well, almost.

Anyway, count me in. For her.
98. Kevin Brennan
Please and thank you.
101. tan42
Happy Anniversary!
103. connrc
sure, why not?
104. Jenny Davidson
We all want it!
105. MissyKNY
I would love to win this one
battle ajah
106. battleajah
Happy Birthday, TOR! Would it help my chances if I mention that I only buy SF titles with your logo on the spine?
108. Cliffracer
I'll bite. (Oh yes, I'm clever)
Scott Atwood
110. coron78
i think you got a little something on your lips...
111. Garyfury
Shelly Gallender
113. shellybean
I've watched the first two episodes! So good. WANT!
Kevin Walton
114. Dryth
Would love to see this. Haven't caught it yet.
116. Jocelyn R.
I'd absolutely love to win!
Rob Hilton
118. Blue_Mage
I don't know about this one. Jason is kind of frightfully stupid.
Samantha Brandt
119. Talia
*sigh* both the "sucks" and "bites" jokes were already made.

*sad face*
120. V05
Fun show. wouldn't mind watching the first season again.
121. jtone
Sounds like an interesting show.
122. Kat H.
Happy Anniversary!
SP Kelly
124. SPKelly
My wife says I have too many DVDs already. But I like this one.
125. sparksmith
An opportunity to see what the buzz is all about.
Sounds interesting.
Eric Carlson
126. Tennerock
Seen an episode...would like to see more.
127. Beaker
I keep meaning to watch this since I enjoyed the books :)
130. Dreamwolf
I've seen it but it's good enough to have on DVD.
133. gbm
You must award this to someone without HBO, right?
135. gwensdad2003
Strangely, this DVD set could be a chick magnet. I actually have no idea why.
136. Geraldine
I don't have HBO so I've only managed to catch one episode of this during a free preview weekend. It definitely looked intriguing.
137. Kelaine
Yay! Vampire porno!
Grant Stone
139. grant_stone
"How about something from the vampire's point of view" - Otto
Mark Chu-Carroll
140. MarkCC
Why not? I liked the books, but haven't seen the show.
141. Melonie
I have missed this one because I don't get HBO. Since I am a sad case and all of my co-workers are making fun of me, I think I should get moved to the front of the line. Please. Pretty please. See how pitiful I am.
142. GinaS
I would so drink blood to get this, lol!!!
Miki Garrison
143. miki
Like the books, but sans HBO, so would be awesome. :D
144. MzClovis
Since I missed the series the first time around, I'd love to be in the running for the DVDs! Thanks!
145. RyanM
I've seen parts of a few different episodes, but my sister says it's a good show. So I should win! :-)
147. cGk
Vampires. sexy.
Paul Weimer
148. PrinceJvstin
I don't have cable; I've only managed to catch episodes when I am in a hotel or motel on vacation. That said, Anna Paquin is an awesome actress and I'd love a chance at the box set.
149. Stas(iu)
Best prize yet.
Virginia Hendricks
151. macbeaner
YUM. I want this for my DVD collection in the worst way :)
Allen Westenbarger
152. Ghidora
Great series. I should pick up the DVD set one of these days.
153. Praetor
I wasn't sure if I'd like the series, but my wife got me hooked.
CE Petit
155. Jaws
This prize really doesn't suck.
Glennis LeBlanc
156. Glennis
Well it means I will not have to Netflix it.
158. Booknutt
159. Noblehunter
162. requiemau
Looking forward to seeing this
Happy birthday.
163. Wyndhammer
happy birthday from all of us to you!
165. sarach
Love the books, love the show.
Kristina Rice
166. kbellwether
Please pick me! This looks so potentially good & I don't get HBO & I really don't want to wait \two years for it to finally be available from my online DVD provider.
168. gyokusai
My precious! :-)
katherine m.
169. kittenscribble
I hear this is popular. I'll give it a shot?

Still loving the moon stories. To meet and talk to the astronauts -- how cool!
Patrick Regan
170. tazo85
Do I want a box set?

Of course I do. It's a box set!
172. Magic Juan
I'll have to buy a Blu Ray Playa
174. WayneC
this is excellent. Just going to buy it, and now I'm going to win it!
Brandy Thomas
175. Roese
Haven't seen the series but have heard very good things about it.
Sandee Ruth
176. cybersandee
This would offer a great opportunity to catch up on this popular series.
177. Mary Hess
I'm glad you're sharing some of the better vampire series here, as there is so much out there that's not so great.
179. Angie Camp
180. Jeremy Boland
181. digitalbeachbum
True? Blood?
183. JenniferH
Never watched an episode (no HBO) but I want to.
Carrie Wright
185. cwright
The viral marketing campaign for this show was great...
scott hhhhhhhhh
187. wsp_scott
I have heard great things about this show
Michael Schwartz
191. BlackForest
This would go great with my collection of vampire novels.
192. Trilliumgrl
I should have Eric and Pam to amuse me all the time.
Curtis Schleich
193. cvschleich
These aren't the corpuscles you're looking for...
194. LaurelH
Pick me! Pick me! I can be a fangbanger!
195. SimonH
B positive please.
196. isnochys
Please, pick me!
Zed Lopez
198. ZedLopez
I have no cable, and I must watch premium television.
199. Tibicina
Yay, vampires.
201. the luckiest
come on luck! i hear this show is good.
202. Iggy
My roommate keeps trying to get me to watch this, this would be a good way to start!
Susan Wilson
203. lawizard
OK so vampires are sexy. What can I say?
204. ChrisSF
How many mythical creatures can you fit in one episode? Watch this and find out!
206. HeWhoComesWithTheNoon
What I'm really trying to win here is points with my wife
207. John Callaham
Would love to try this series out
Gokce Mehmet AY
210. Gokce
I've watched a few episodes and liked them.
211. mmai
Would be delighted to discover this.
212. LawyerKevin
I'm not sure...
214. bagzlightyear
congratulations TOR! i expect more good books from you in the coming years
216. Kells
I'd like to win this please
Simon Glover
218. scog12345
I've heard good things about this series
220. kibrika
Aww, the second comment wasn't first.
223. Robert Corr
Yes, please.
226. FJManero
Happy anniversary!
Catherine Flick
227. liedra
Happy Anniversary! I'd love a chance :D
229. bethanyfig
This is just like Twilight, right? ;) O:
Tricia May
231. may602
I have a crush on a vampire, and his name is Bill. Sigh.
234. disembodiedspirit
Has anyone noticed how little attention Charlene Harris is getting. I rarely hear her name associated with the series, or read interviews, but Stephanie Myers is still everywhere....
237. MrLee
Happy Birthday!
Kevin Maroney
238. womzilla
Hey, sex vampire sex. Hard to go wrong.
Eric Robinson
239. perrin77
I heard second season is getting a little weird, but loved first season. Sign me up.
240. JackiAnne
Oh, this I want!!! pleasepleasepleaseplease...
Cassie Ammerman
242. leanoir
I've only seen half of the first season (got a virus, sucked) and REALLY want to see the second half...fingers crossed & all that.

And thanks, Tor. These giveaways are fantastic. Happy birthday!
Jessica Melusine
244. jessicamelusine
Mmm. Bill. Sookie.
(I'm sorry, my filter appears to be off...)
245. Abhishek
Contest entry! :)
Michael Reagor
246. mreagor
I've heard this is a good show. Like to give it a try.
247. drizzy
I've been meaning to get caught up on this show forever. I haven't heard a single bad thing about it.
249. eve_in_silver
I'd love to try this show.
tatiana deCarillion
251. decarillion
Love this show--reading the books now!
Happy Anniversary, Tor!
Joseph Fontenot
252. Joezilla
I hear this show kind of 'bites'. ;)
253. Netrunnr
Good show, just bought the first couple of books...
Brian Eberling
254. AnemicOak
The books are great, wouldn't mind seeing the show.
Jason Provis
258. Hondru
This is a comment. You may stop reading now.
259. PolishOutlander
Would love to watch this finally (no cable in the house!)
John Broky
262. frienetic
This would be nice to receive. I have a friend that loves the show and this would make a great gift.
Amir Yoeli
263. Betterthenyouknew
This just doesn't seem to be downloading on e-mule for me, so if I could get this please... :D
264. Vampire
I want to suck your blood!!!
William Uniac
265. Billiac
I have heard very good things about this show.
266. CRAusmus
Never seen it, but I've heard it's really good.
Len Steele
268. Loonier
The series may be "smart", but it's the "sexy" that's got me hooked...
269. CJenkins
Mmm, True Blood.
270. Laurentiu
me wants some brainz. Me wantz urz bloodz
271. jafoca
Love true blood!
272. timberakita
Trevin Matlock
276. Trevin
I have read the books but not seen the series.
Rich Gold
278. richg25
Thanks for the chance to participate!
281. jefff
Please count me in.
Daniel Dos Santos
282. DanDosSantos
My Wife would LOVE me if I brought this home.
Or at least she'd pretend to.
283. Chrisamite
Haven't seen a single episode...yet.
Jon Throop
284. Throopish
I've always heard this was good, but I dont watch a lot of TV unless its on DVD. This would be perfect for me to get into the series.
287. Keith M. Soltys
289. WEBMcCullogh
Happy anniversary and thanks for the opportunity.
290. MichaelK!
291. Bourgeois Nerd
I need this to ogle Ryan Kwanten in slow motion.
Janice Hodghead
292. bastjan
Great fan of books & TV show
YouDont NeedToKnow
293. necrosage2005
Never seen one episode, but I hear that it is supposed to be very good.
296. Zulumus Rex
I love True Blood. Loooove it.
297. Zulumus Rex
I want that dvd!
299. goldendelicious
I've heard good things about this show.
Cherise Windley
300. cwindley
I love this show....please please please...
301. JBonar
I'm very interested.
303. Alex C Telander
Here's hoping, happy Moon day everyone!

Alex C. Telander
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