Jul 20 2009 11:00am Anniversary Giveaway #11: A Bag of Holding

The Prize: A Bag of Holding, perfect for all your quests and adventures. It can hold a 17" laptop, plenty of notebooks, at least a few spellbooks.

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until 12pm EST on Tuesday, July 21st, to comment here. No geographic restrictions apply. You may enter yourself to win as many of these giveaways as you’d like, but if you are randomly selected as the winner you are ineligible to receive any others, so make sure to pick the ones you want!

Bill Siegel
1. ubxs113
Will it fit the complete WOT series?
Marcus W
2. toryx
Oooh, neat. That's a nice looking bag. Now I'm torn between wanting that and a free hardcover book!
John Massey
3. subwoofer
Please, Please, pretty Please!!! I'll give you an apple... and maybe play nice with others...
6. akacapa
Looks nicer than my current work laptop case!
8. swmdilla
ooo, a shiny new man bag!
9. angrystarlyt
Meg Thibodeau
10. meg
11. Mandred
Looks smexy.
12. GinaS
Very cool bag!
13. Sheridan7284
Could put the whole bookshelf in that! (Ok, almost, maybe.)
14. Avidreader
Nice bag!
Wes Samson
15. poemanderror
Ah, the bag of holding...I never actually had one back in my D&D days.
Joe Tortuga
16. JoeTortuga
So, Bag of Holding now, Portable Hole later?
17. Simon Calvin
Yes, please.
John Cater
18. katre
Looks awesome. I'd like a nice geeky bag like that.
Adam Lipkin
19. yendi
I'd love this just for the way they've rebranded a common item (and, of course, I always need more bags to carry stuff, anyway).
Mark McKibben
20. Manzabar
I could use a new bag for my laptop...
Edward Chaltron
21. datarat
I wonder if my enormous new Acer would fit in that? Only one way to find out.
David Lomax
22. dlomax
I'm totally going to put a portable hole in that!
23. isnochys
Please, pick me!
24. Paul Fischer
I love the bag of holding. It is one of my favorite things. I wonder how many eBooks I can fit in it?
JS Bangs
26. jaspax
Bag of Holding. Does it... hold things?
27. Patmcc19
Just what I need for school
28. kimmyanne_77
I love giveaways!
30. SteveP
Looks nice!
David Miller
31. Dimitrii
I would have expected a better logo or something for such an iconic name. A D20 how original.
32. Beaker
yes, please :)
34. nysv
That actually looks like a nice messenger bag and the name really sells it! :)
35. Jake Miller
Awesome bag. Go Tor!
37. Meddygon
This is a comment.

Relevant to this item:

I once had a character with a Bra of Holding.
38. thx1138
Ooo, shiny!
Samantha Brandt
39. Talia
If you bought two of these and tried to put one inside the other, what would happen, I wonder.
Tim Nolan
41. Dr_Fidelius
What's in a name? Everything. I want one!
Ian Thomas
42. wildwinter
Big enough to hide in until the financial crisis and swine 'flu have receded?

More importantly, is there also room for a jacuzzi, a fridge, and a broadband link...?
Cassie Ammerman
43. leanoir
I think the odds are sufficiently low enough that I'll actually win anything that I can enter two contests with no guilt.

That said--want the bag!
45. dukiekirsten3
this would definitely make the bus commute a bit easier...
46. Maltheos
Nice. Want.
Adam DeConinck
47. jagso
That would be an awesome bag to have. (hint, hint)
50. CRAusmus
Very cool bag...
Csilla Kleinheincz
51. kleinheincz
Who wouldn't love to win a bag like that?
Frank Nagy
54. fjnagy
Gee, and I really need a new bag before the old one finally disintegrates.
56. John Carlucci
Pick me instead.

57. nerdron
That looks awesome.
58. meaghen
Can always use a new bag
59. JessicaR
Wish I could have that for my trip on Wednesday...
61. ToddM326
I'll trade you a stamp of mailing for a bag of holding.
Rob Hilton
63. Blue_Mage
That would definitely by handy for school.
Jason Provis
65. Hondru
The "bag of holding" will go great with my "shoes of walking" and "shirt of disguising man boobs".
67. SimonH
Does it have space for my Vorpal Sword? Snickety snack!
Paul Weimer
69. PrinceJvstin
@67Simon. It looks like it might fit a Vorpal sword, but the TSA wouldn't like that.

On the other hand, what harm ever came from reading a book? ;)
70. Liz S.
Shiny! Pretty please?
71. astrawing
Hahahahaha awesome!
72. AD Studio
Could always use a bag.
Zachary Ricks
73. madpoet
Wait a second. Do you really want to be distributing gateways into pocket dimensions? Haven't we all heard the horror stories about bags of holding and the other things they may contain?


Do you even have a license for distributing dimensional gateways?

I'm gonna have to win this thing, just to make sure it's kept with the appropriate level of care.
Sumana Harihareswara
74. brainwane
If I win this, and then cast Leomund's Tiny Hut to live in, I'll be set.
76. Morsii
A classy upgrade from my ratty looking pack.
78. Matt in PA
I shall use it to hold things!
79. jgolenbo
yes please
80. Browncoat Jayson
Nice looking bag, I'd use it!
85. Rocketlass
Yes, please!
Shelly Gallender
88. shellybean
Ooh I love bags! I'd love to win this one!
89. chewtoy
Shifty McFingers rolls a natural 20. Critical hit.
Scott Taylor
90. izzylobo
Sure. I could use another bag for conventions - and this one is particularly appropriate.
92. OwenNorth
Hmm... yes, more awesome ThinkGeek product really does bring in the readers.
93. Terminus
I have been looking for a replacement for my man purse.
Eric Riemer
94. jester
A bag of holding? In which to put my stuff? Yes please.
95. mediagrad
Oooh, shiny!
97. pierides
Ooh ooh ooh

Me me me
98. ttrentham
Sign me up!
99. pierides
Oooh ooh ooh
Me me me
100. Dhympna
Yayy! Bag!
Tim Bodin
101. tcbodin
A bag of holding will be very useful for my new 17" laptop. :D
102. dkun
Contest entry get.
Katy Coole
104. k8ekol
A bag that can hold my laptop plus extras? Color me impressed!
106. FredXYZZY
Nice bag. (Someone else already said that, but they used an exclamation mark. I figure my remark is more carefully calibrated.)
107. jab1972
yes please
109. OtterB
Please count me in.
110. mattpoll
looks cool!
112. monchichigirl
Great bag!
MC Pye
113. Mez
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Bag of Hol-ding
You people are tapping into some of my deeper desires. <glances quickly around, dons tinfoil headwear>
January M
114. January
What a fine-looking Bag of Holding. Far better than mine, which is currently held together by Tape of Sticky.
115. jdm
I'll take it.

(Bonus points: who wants to identify/finish the quote?)
116. beable
Myles Corcoran
118. MylesC
I'd love one of those, and promise not to put my Portable Hole in it.
119. Drew Shiel
A new bag would be
A timely and worthwhile thing.
Plz gief bag thx.
120. Alasdair
That looks like a very nice bag:)
Jo Bloggs
126. Morgause
Looks awesome! *sings* Happy birthday to Tor! Happy birthday to you!
Michael Reagor
128. mreagor
That would be good to keep things in.
javier vasquez
131. javasa
This would be nice for my birthday (on the 22nd)
132. GPBurdell93
I will be sure not to store my wand of cancellation in there!
Jenn Baker
133. Shadowsedge
Nice! I need a bag of holding for all my DM stuff!
Rebecca A.
134. signaltonoise
I'm starting college in January - I definitely need a bag of holding!
135. Zaren
This would make a fine belated birthday present - born July 16, 1969, the day of the Apollo 11 launch :)
136. Aaron Schnabel
I hope I roll a natural 20 on this giveaway!
Ellen B. Wright
137. ellenw
Ooh yes. I have many things to hold.
Eddie Cochrane
138. cobrabay
Just the thing to carry my 10 foot pole in.
140. rlynberg
Happy Birthday, Tor! Enter me.
René Walling
141. cybernetic_nomad
Apologies to everyone for lowering their chance to win, but I want my shot at this stuff too!
Adam Mills
142. bearddevil
Yes, please. I would very much like one of these.
143. Celso N.L. Gajo
Nice bag.
I hope when you say "no geographical restrictions" you really mean it...
144. Anthony Maiorana
Please give me a bag of holding sir/miss.
145. RexCogitans
Heya, excellent looking forward to winning ;)
148. Hezekiah Kidron
I all the bag of holding!
Pat Knuth
149. Laina
Want! Even though I don't game any more, this is an awesome bag of holding. I'm sure I can find other uses for it.
Jennifer Shew
152. etoiline
Is this like the magic bag in Summerland where the inside is connected to a huge warehouse so you can pull whatever you want to out of it?
Michael Cummings
153. mcummings
I have this stack of Tor paperbacks and hardbacks that need a holding. Please?
154. Jestocost
I need to hold some things.
155. Mike(y)
Thanks Tor, for celebrating in style this great milestone in SF-come-to-life.
Tim Hayes
157. LordDarkstorm
To be the envy of all the other geeks at work...
Madeleine Lee
158. keita12686
I have way too many books. I need this Bag of Holding.
Katrina Templeton
159. katster
Ah, but the question is, is it a blessed bag of holding?</nethack>

Seriously, my laptop case is falling apart and I could use this.
162. mudhawg
Site is running slow, this contest is really driving a lot of people here!
Roy Anati
167. roy
Excellent opportunity to replace my old bag. Thanks!
168. bethmitcham
The perfect trip bag.
Joan Mitchell
170. dragoness
I wonder if this bag is large enough to hold both my laptop and my graphics tablet? If not, it sure would hold enough art supplies.
172. feywriter
This is too cool!
Carl Cunningham
173. wayspooled
We don't rent pigs! (from Lonesome Dove)
174. kb82
want. That is all
Alejandro Melchor
175. Al-X
Ooooh! No more lugging a separate bag with the box-o'-miniatures!
Alejandro Melchor
176. Al-X
Ooooh! No more lugging a separate bag with the box-o'-miniatures!
177. juliamd
Oooh, I like ThinkGeek's stuff! Me, please!
Maeve Barnwell
179. Meadbh
That is neat, definitely would like one!
180. KMN
The bag looks good... yet it's the writeup that really makes it. ;)
182. Dbgreenslade
Hmmmm always wanted to see what would happen if I put my portable hole into one of these...
Pasi Kallinen
183. paxed
I should remember not to put the wand of cancellation in it, though...
184. Kristoffer B
yippie yay!
186. Gambit
Me please!
Jessica Bethel
187. thessali
Just when my bookbag is about to give up the ghost, behold! the remedy for bookbags with broken handles appears!
Joseph Soler
190. travellinguist
Very Cool. I could definitely use one of these for my laptop and such.
tatiana deCarillion
192. decarillion
Oooh, a bag that will hold my 17" laptop is hard to find! I've been making do with a homemade version.
Happy Anniversary, Tor!
Joseph Soler
193. travellinguist
Very Cool. I could definitely use one of these for my laptop and such.
194. Black -
Who couldn't use a bag of holding?
197. Matthew Baya
This is another comment.
Joshua Heggen
198. Kelfyr
Them sure are an oodle of pockets, dere.
Tomasz Galazka
199. tetrix
A bag. To hold stuff. Sign me up.
200. RedOctober
You can put anything in it!
202. Solidus
Mmmm, bag......
Yasmin S
203. yasaman
That bag is impressively large. WANT.
204. cheem
I'll take it!
Linda Frear
205. tanguera
Happy anniversary. Got to like parties where you can get swag.
Matthew Von Stetina
206. Valkyri9
can you cast the 'expansion' spell on it so it can hold even more?
208. Karlo G
But can it come without the typical GamerFunk(TM) smell?
John Rodenbiker
210. jrodenbiker
This would go great with my d20 cuff links.
Jörg Mosthaf
212. Joerg_Mosthaf
Nice. I wouldn't mind getting a nice bag for toting around all my RPG-Stuff :)
215. DC88
Really love this thing
216. LadyMarm
These giveaways are great! Happy anniversary.
217. mikedeepo
katherine m.
219. kittenscribble
This is the most useful giveaway yet.

Also, I'm loving the moon landing stories.
Chris Sullins
223. chrissullins
I may take after my mom. You can never have too many nice bags.
227. SeanP
Very nice, but aren't these supposed to be pretty heavy even when they're empty? Maybe I'll just put it in this portable hole...
David Dyer-Bennet
228. dd-b
This looks like a winner. Pick me, please!

Looks like your server (or connectivity) is struggling a bit under the anniversary load you've managed to get for it!
229. februarymakeup
Oh boy! I like-a the bags!
Benjamin Smith
230. BenMiff
Free stuff is good.
Useful free stuff is even better.
235. John Callaham
I can definately use this
236. SRJohnson
I could use a new computer bag for next semester mine is three years old and counting
238. munin
Best be sure you don't get it anywhere near a portable hole...
Pam Gaffney
239. Pamster
Oooh. Covet! Please enter me in the draw.
240. Rebecca Cox
I would love a new bag! count me in.
Keith Gillis
242. KJGill
How magical is this bag of holding?
Hal Wilson
244. lostpoet
Just what I need for my new laptop.
245. Noren
Amy Young
248. ceara
Now if only they could make it weigh the same when full as when empty...
Kurt Lorey
249. Shimrod
This isn't a "real" Bag of Holding?
Dustin Wax
252. dwax
I want one. And a henchman to carry it!
255. Andrew Liptak
I like bags that hold books.
256. Teka Lynn
Oooh, that's snazzy.
John Fitzingo
258. Xandar01
If I win, I shall finally get to see what happens when you turn a bag of holding inside out!
259. Meggan
Everyone needs a bag of Holding!
YouDont NeedToKnow
263. necrosage2005
Love it. It would be great to win one so that I can show off to everybody at work just how much of a geek I really am.
Natalie Ingram
266. Raethe
Xandar01: the whole astral realm falls out.
267. samsa
this really would come in handy!
268. heather hart
It would be cool to win this bag!
269. Plamadude30k
I've needed a bag like this since my last one died a horrible death.
270. euphrosyne
me wants too!
Phillip Birmingham
271. peejaybee
I almost bought one when I was bag shopping. I should have....
272. DeadPat
Can't go wrong with bags.
Sherrye Nichols
275. san301
Mama needs a brand new bag! Huh, yeah...
Tyler Davis
276. killerjello
I for one know that you can never have enough shoulder bags.
Scott Atwood
277. coron78
That looks like it will hold my Acid Burn laptop...
279. Freelancer
Does it come in black?

Hey, subwoofer, you (usually) play nice with others, you need to pick another incentive.
kaaren moffat
281. kaarenmoffat
Wow! This looks like it'd be a real life saver :). As a PhD student, I never seem to have enough room in my backpack for everything that I need to tote around...that and I've always loved the idea of the bag of holding. How cool would that be really?
Dru O'Higgins
282. bellman
Comment! commenty commenty comment! And also comment!
Soon Lee
283. SoonLee
If you have two, never put one into the other.
Justin Cogan
285. TheBar1
Not inherently geeky, but ohhhh...the possibilities!
286. r kevin
that would be nice
288. Diana Freeman
that would be awesome! my brother was going to get me one for my birthday but now he'd have to think again!
Peter Nein
289. gimpols1908
What would happen if you turned a bag of holding inside out!?!?

Man that just blew my mind.
292. AJM7100
Thanks for the opportunity!! Happy Anniversary!
298. jsmith54
Hold this.
299. empresspixie
Me please!
300. casabrow
It looks nice. I need a bag of holding after a Grue got my last one.
302. empresspixie
Me please!
mark Proctor
305. mark-p
This site sure is popular today. I wonder why?
308. MsGrumpee
I could REALLY use this!
309. Shyft
Always a must-have.
310. jtone
I can see fitting some fun adventures in there.
Tracy Golladay
312. ojisama
I just got my old bag taken from me at the airport
Tracy Golladay
313. ojisama
I just got my old bag taken from me at the airport
314. jamesy
I never win anything, and now doesn't feel any luckier...
315. GoofusMcNoofus
316. Admiral
I have junk that needs holding!
317. fogdude
I need a new bag for the fall semester!
319. LadyCrow
Everything sinks to the bottom of my purse anyway.
321. Elizari
pretty pretty please...
324. nmetzger
For all your holding needs ;)
326. BlackForest
This would be perfect for pulling of John Steed's (from the Avenger's) gag of pulling an insane number of things include a full service tea set from one bag. I must have it.
Shelby Michlin
327. BaronGreystone
I do have a 17" laptop, and a lot of dice...
Jennifer Juday
332. jjuday
If I get this, my husband will get me a Mac to put in it. Oh, am I ever hoping!
Jeff Closs
337. SupRspi
Nice. I've always wanted a bag of holding.
339. Media Mess
Congratulations on the 1st Anniversary of! So glad to have a great home for science fiction on the place that most of science fiction missed completely.
340. Robert Corr
Pick me, please.
341. ChantalFournier
Great looking bag!
342. Ryan Ransford
I'd like one of those...
344. Ben Frey
MIne. Give it.
348. sysrick
one bag to rule
349. snipejaeg
That's a pretty sweet bag - looks ideal for dungeon crawling.
Chuck Gregory
351. cwg
I really need a bag that my laptop doesn't stick out of.
353. Aaron Fuegi
Would like.
356. jstrahan
Very nice!
359. Jacob P. Silvia
Finally! Someplace to put my Helm of Disintegration +2.
Jan Milkin
360. memethief
Nice bag! That would be great for gaming night.
361. ksandersbna
nice looking bag!
362. time_to_read
Nice bag, has so, holdingness
364. BGA
How much holding? All of it.
Jerel Crosland
365. jerel2u
I need holding. I'm about out, and I could use a bag of holding right about now. I wonder how much holding is in the bag? It doesn't really say...
366. ddrew
could "Bag of Holding" be embroidered on.. in elvish runes?
368. Mare Somniorum
This is probably the coolest thing I've seen yet!
369. Lila927
Pick me,! Thanks! Congrats on your birthday!
Matt Runquist
370. bat_matt
Would like to win so am commenting because bags of holding hold things which is awesome.
371. Iggy
I could use a real laptop bag.
372. Charles Martin
I must fill it with lots of stuff!!!!
373. bigtotoro
Where are the cheetos?
374. shmoo
Hope all the commenting doesn't break ... like that WOT thread did...
378. Aaron Nowack
Oliver Thiessen
379. thiess
this is definitely the most useful thing thus far.
380. Mark Atwood
I would like that!
381. Christopher Kane
Happy Anniversary
383. Jonathan Shaw
Yes please. I'd also like to win the lottery.
384. Hiiiinks
Bags are good
Tim May
387. ngogam
I'm pretty sure no-one's actually reading these at this point, so let's just assume I said something witty about the bag.
389. Leo Rockway
Neat bag! Do want!
Marshall Caudill
390. MCaudill
I just hope it's sturdy enough to survive being used to beat back all my acquisitive geek friends.
392. LibrarianKas
395. margaret Rutledge
looks useful
396. snoweel
Looks like a nice bag. This one seems to be popular.
Jeremy Guebert
397. jeremyguebert
The fact that it's called the Bag of Holding is just about as appealing as the fact that I could use a laptop bag...
399. Tamsen
Oh, I've wanted one of these for *ages*, just to say that I have such a thing.
Blake Reitz
400. brreitz
I'm in, but I can't promise that I won't drop in into a portable hole first chance I get. I never could.
Liviania Smith
403. Liviania
Very cute - and helpful for school.
404. Jon Meltzer
Can I put my Wand of Cancellation in it?
406. *** Dave
But can one reach BagWorld within it?
Luis Milan
408. LuisMilan
I'm such a Munchkin, I need 2 of these to fill up with treasure!
Gry Heidi Nordhagen
409. Alvrodul
This would hold a lot of books without falling apart. Now, if there were also an antigravity unit installed, so that I could also carry all this weight around...
Louis Richards
410. lummer5000
Despite the fact that it says that it's a Bag of Holding, how can we be sure it isn't a Bag of Devouring?
Julia Dvorin
412. quixhobbit
My question is, what would happen if you put one of these inside another Bag of Holding? Would the world implode?
415. nalattam
daddy like
Simon MacDonald
416. macdonst
I gotta get one of these just to see how many people notice the d20 on the logo.
417. ChrisSF
Great bag!
421. Jocelyn R.
I need a bag like this!
423. slin1
Perfect for my first year of grad school!
Tudza White
424. tudzax1
Will it surpass my MegaTokyo YakPak I wonder?
SP Kelly
425. SPKelly
My briefcase is dying and I need a new one.
426. kfish
@ubxs113: I think you'd need a bag of holding +4 for the complete WOT series... 17" laptops just can't compete for size.
427. winknugget
I need the people at graduate school to know how nerdy I am via this messenger bag.(or the Earthbound themed one I bought 2 days ago.)
428. gbm
I have nice new laptop all picked out, ready for purchase, if only I had the right bag of holding....
429. Shoopadoosi
431. gwensdad2003
And who doesn't need more storage! I do!
Grant Stone
432. grant_stone
If I get this, I'm totally going back to level 12 of that dungeon.
Shane Fatzinger
433. Ashenkhar
I can't wait for The Gathering Storm!
434. chrixi'an
Terrific bag!
435. MzClovis
Oh, this is terrific! Would love to have it!
Gordon Williams
436. Gwyd
But will it fit my 17" Macbook?
440. Kelaine
David Edgar
442. gilmae
How many slots is that? Bigger than the Gigantique?
443. srhall79
I'd been thinking about getting one of these for a while now.
445. Wyndhammer
I would love this bag! I've seen a couple people with them, and they are awesome.
446. debraji
this is my third and last try. comments are not sticking.
Daniel Ross
447. Nentuaby
Hmmm, will we have to sign a disclaimer against Tor's liability in the case of Bags of Devouring?
448. marchon2884
hmmm....I have stuff to put in bags. Count me in.
449. sarach
I need this to organize my life!
450. requiemau
happy anniversary
452. DonnaBL
Perfect bag for the laptop and books!
Eldwin Truong
456. eltzjy
Yay, then I can carry more stuff.
Patrick Regan
457. tazo85
Because you can always combine nerdiness and practicality.
458. C.Rebman
This could come in handy.
459. daephin
My old bag isn't much good for holding stuff anymore.
Mun Kew
461. munkew
I just got a new 17" laptop that needs to be held!
465. nulaura
thank you for picking me!
Michelle Mulford
466. DervishJ
This is so much fun! Happy Anniversary!
467. Andy fan
This looks very nice.
468. Medic3
Aww...I wanted a Portable Hole.
470. angie camp
bags bags bags
471. Jodran Monkey Man
OOOHhhhh! o.0 I WANT!
472. Trilliumgrl
More bag.... never a bad thing.
474. trilliumgrl
More bag.... never a bad thing.
475. jenn chlebus
477. digitalbeachbum
Left holding the bag!
479. Chixie
Please, bag, sir.
Clifton Royston
481. CliftonR
Yes please. (Does it come with holy water to bless it?)
Sheryl Anderson
482. ivanova
You can never have too many bags, and I could really use a laptop bag. I had a laptop case once, but it got peed on by an un-neutered male cat. Suffice to say that he was neutered asap and that bag is no longer in use. (I was always planning to neuter him, he just grew up a little faster than expected.)
Chris Taylor
483. Sidereal
I'm not sure it will hold all my dice. Maybe all my
nadav shner
486. nadav1
Oh yes, perfect for my geeky urges
Kelsey Ehler
487. kelsini
Now I'll have something I can call a bag of holding and be all official about it.
488. Vorbis
this is really pretty =) i love it
490. the luckiest
Susan Wilson
492. lawizard
Would be great to carry school books and papers in.
493. hrvojem
would really like this one :)
494. skyhawkafm
i want it
496. LawyerKevin
497. BradW3
That bag would sure be a nice score. Congrats on the anniversary, Tor!
498. alvanman
Jen Medalline
499. medalline
A bag that would actually hold my laptop and other stuff. Neat.
500. Kells
I'd like to win this please
501. kibrika
Oh my, the comment lists get longer and longer. But a new bag...
502. Zenobia
Feed my bag addiction, FEED IT!!!!!!!!!
Andy Leighton
503. andyl
Wow over 500 comments - I have no chance.
Pepijn Vemer
504. Artsapat
This bag will do very nicely for most of my books. But I have to stick with #1: is it large enough for WOT?
Catherine Flick
505. liedra
Haha, I like #1. That's a very important question for a bag of holding! :D This would be perfect for work and gaming though!
506. Karen Babcock
Gratuitous comment!
507. overwatch
Bag of holding... The only real cure for encumbrance.
508. Pookie
How many Souls can you fit in that thing? I need to know.
Adam Parsons
511. Belement
ooo.. I like bags too.. and need to replace my backpack too.. :P
512. bethanyfig
Diaperbag mwahahahaha
516. disembodiedspirit
A bag to hold the world of books
Twila Price
517. anderyn
I've been accused of carrying one before, so this would be very cool.
Melissa Walters
518. ladytwinoaks
Happy Anniversary!! Can this bag of holding even contain my mother-in-law?
Tex Anne
520. TexAnne
I want to see if it'll contain a sweater's worth of yarn.
521. acmefibres
... and is the fabric tough enough that metal sock-knitting needles can't poke through? The porcupine look is cool, but oh so dangerous to innocent bystanders.
522. Abhishek
Contest entry! :)
Evil Loanword
524. Illogician
Given that I tend to destroy my bags by overloading them... and I do need a new bag.

Happy Birthday!
Joseph Fontenot
525. Joezilla
I will name it Bill and love it forever.
528. pjz
always one of my favorite items...
Douglas Warren
529. BukaHobbit
Now, if it were only a teabag of holding, then it would be perfect.
532. Ben Harrison
Would love to win this one!!
533. rmbellovin
Looks extremely convenient.
534. J.C. Stoner
My other bag broke last night. This would be a perfect replacement.
John Lampe
535. johnslampe
Looks like a courier bag, but if it holds all that stuff, i'm in!
Rich Gold
536. richg25
Thanks for the chance to participate!
Trevin Matlock
537. Trevin
Congrats on the anniversary. To Tor and to NASA.
539. Djspawny
with the new MBA comming i think i will need it ! :D plz pick me
540. Kristen Pauline
Yay, messenger bag!
Len Steele
542. Loonier
If I win the bag, guess it'll mean I'll actually have to buy a notebook, or netbook, or somethin'...
Jon Throop
543. Throopish
Jesus! I'm a giant D&D nerd and my heart about stopped when I saw this.
wendy isicson
544. wi4
tired of carrying around all those mana bottles, i could really use this extra dimensions this bag has to offer :)
545. rocklily
oooh, very nice!
546. Lightblindedfool
Enter me, please (maybe I should rephrase)
Kimberly Woods
547. Calli
This is exactly what I need to proclaim my geekery to the world. (That, and it'd actually have room for my laptop and accessories, unlike my current case.)
549. Michael Habif
gimme gimme gimme
Christopher Pressley
550. fishbulb42
Finally, one big enough to hold my laptop! And anything else I felt an urge to put in there, presumably.
Heath Herel
552. ctfifer
Equipped: +1 on geek cred saving throw.
553. Sirith
That's a cool bag!
Janice Hodghead
554. bastjan
Always dreamed of access to another dimension.
Ryan Barry
555. evol262
Ooh, can we get a portable hole, too?
556. goldendelicious
Looks like a nice bag.
Skipper Pickle
557. azuay
i'll need two of these to hold my SF library....
558. goldendelicious
Looks like a nice bag.
559. Blake Ellis
E-mail address is blakebellis at gmail . com
562. eaj...
Still searching for The Perfect Bag...
563. apt2501
Yes, please
564. Pysul
Wow this one is popular.
567. jeromel
Sounds good, seems roomy enough for my needs..
568. Deemanboy
Awesome! I hope I win!
569. Alex C Telander
Here's hoping, happy Moon day everyone!

Alex C. Telander
BookBanter: Author Interview and Book Review Podcast
570. melbatoast
Yes, but can I put my Kender Spoon of Command in it?
571. Kathy Walsh
Endlessly useful!
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