Jul 9 2009 2:14pm

Spectrum 17 poster art geekery

Spectrum 17, Paolo Rivera

Arnie Fenner sent me the Spectrum 17 Call for Entries poster. Paolo Rivera has created a spit-take inducing art & video game spoof. Click on the image above to get a better view. I still think The Drop Shadow (or maybe the Braying Mantis) is one of my favorites but the twitblogoacebooksphere seems to have Ric “Lens” Flare as the frontrunner.

Adam Baker
1. Adam Baker
"Darth Mahl" tops!
Holly Bird
2. HollyBird
This is hilarious and I'm sending the link to my fellow designers. So many to choose from! But Darth Mahl, Magnum D.P.I. and Self-Healing Matt FTW!

Oh, and The Drop Shadow and Crop Cop and...
Melissa Ann Singer
3. masinger
I think I like Crop Cop the best, but many of these are very clever and wonderful.

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