Jul 21 2009 5:21pm

Behold: The Makers Tile Game, version 1.0!

When we announced the serialization of Makers, by Cory Doctorow, I mentioned that we’d also be putting up a game based on the illustrated tiles created by Idiots’Books to go along with each installment of the serialization. Well, after working closely with Malloc Media, the first iteration of the game is finally ready for your amusement and enjoyment.

I’m pleased to announce the 2 x 2 version of the Makers Tile Game, with which—in the spirit of Lester and Perry’s New Work as depicted in Makers—you can re-arrange and rotate the tiles that Matthew and Robbi of Idiots’Books have created, to compose new and interesting combinations. As the serialization progresses, and more tiles are unveiled, the grid of tiles in the game will grow to reflect the larger quantity of tiles available, eventually reaching a whopping 9 x 9 tile grid, which will feature all 81 planned tiles by the time that the serialization is complete. The next version of the game, the 3 x 3 iteration, will include a function for users to be able to save their unique combinations of tiles as an image file on their desktops, so that you can keep or share the results here, on the Idiots’Books site, or wherever you want to put up your own take on the Makers Tiles.

So go! Play! Iterate! Enjoy!

Dan Sparks
2. RedHanded
It will be pretty awesome once you get like 40 tiles on here.
3. martyh
Is it just me? Or is it just IE v.8? Or? When I open the game page, I can't scroll to the bottom of the page (there is no scroll bar, and my mouse scroller button doesn't work) so the bottom portion of the bottom two tiles are cut off.

Thanks for your attention.
- martyh
4. seth e.
Woohoo! This is awesome.

Can I make one interface suggestion, though? it would be great if the user could turn off the heavy red outline on the active tile, for instance by clicking away from the game board. As it is, you never get to see the whole thing in all its uninterrupted glory. It'll be less noticeable when it's like 6x6, but still.

Nonetheless, totally fun.

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