Jun 10 2009 4:42pm

Web Round-Up: Contests, Giveaways, & Freebies Edition

  • adds Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom for Sale - SOLD! to its free library. (via A Dribble of Ink)
  • The first season of Veronica Mars is online for free through June 29, when it will be replaced by season two.
  • Un:Bound is giving away a copy of Hunter’s Prayer, an urban fantasy/thiller by Lillith Saintcrow. NB: She never says if it’s only open to UK residents or if other countries can join in the fun. Ends this Friday, June 12.
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Reviews is giving away copies of three anthologies: Ages of Wonder, stories that take place throughout time, not just in the standard future or past settings; Other Earths, tales of alternate history; and Swordplay, which focuses on all the incarnations of that beautiful weapon. Ends June 12, North America only.
  • Slice of SciFi is giving away two copies of The Strain, Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hagan’s vampire thriller. Ends June 15, North America.
  • Like cherry blossoms / Haiku contests are fleeting / Win The Warded Man

And if anyone knows of contests and giveaways in other countries, please post them here!

1. dwndrgn
BSCReview ( giving away 5 signed copies of Esselmont's Night of Knives.
2. Mulluane
Every Sunday I post a decently sized list of Giveaways on Old Bat's Belfry. with a focus on SFF.

These are contests from all over the world :>)
Ken Scholes
3. kenscholes
I have a contest up on my blog ( giving away ARCs of CANTICLE, the second volume in The Psalms of Isaak (forthcoming from Tor in October.)
Blue Tyson
4. BlueTyson
Speaking of US only :-

"The WB can only be viewed in the United States."

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