Jun 20 2009 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Oceansize” and “Scoop Volante”

Oceansize and Scoop Volante

Oceansize: When oil fights back. A cool SF adventure story. The setting steals the show. I never thought I’d love the look of an oil rig so much.

Scoop Volante: Photographing aliens. Pure slapstick fun.

Romain Jouandeau, Adrien Chartie, Gilles Mazières, Fabien Thareau.

Oceansize from Oceansize Team on Vimeo.

Scoop Volante
Axelle Chériet, Marc Bouyer, Anthony Vivien, Max Loubaresse

Scoop Volante from Pix'Elle on Vimeo.

Scoop Volante | Espoir de l'animation 2009 from Vivien Anthony on Vimeo.

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Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Holy. Crap. Oceansize had me on the edge of my seat, even knowing there was no way Mr. Dreadlocks would make it "to da choppa", I still was hoping. What is it about black liquid creeping along that makes it just so utterly scary? IE, X-Files, Species II, etc.

Scoop Volante was very cute too. I love how the alien's innate ability to hide in plain sight even extends to its "moon ship".

Thank as always, Irene.
2. swmdilla
Where can i get one of those aliens? Very clever. Oceansize me was pretty awsome, I would not think a 6 min movie would have me so invested. Thanks!
3. Jared Fiorino
Great stuff! Oceansize is really cool!
4. Randall Ensley

Loved Oceansize. Would like to see some outer space stuff in the same style. The Oceansize team did a great job! The scale of the patform employees' workplace was creative.

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